Working thru it…

Working thru it…

Posted on November 26, 2021 at 4:02 pm by デスブリンガー

The first week in a new place is always the toughest for some. Some remember the times in a prior place and think that they can move in and do what they did before. Here though, it is not that case. This is where the big boys land and the big boys do their work. The guys here are the best of the best, and this week, he has to get his shit together.

[Cole is standing inside of a gym and he is looking around. Cole notices DB inside of a Smith Machine doing squats. He tilts his head toward him and grins.]
Cole: I know last week that JJR did a number on my man, now he made a few comments about me and why I talk for him.
Cole: I hope David this week doesn’t feel the same way, but if he does let me elaborate a bit. See, that man inside the Smith Machine speaks no English. He is from Japan. We crossed paths a while back when I was touring there. Let me explain more..
Cole: See, the big old man he took out trained me Yeats ago. We ran together for a few Yeats til he ended my career. Well for the most part ended it. I went into a hole and took a long time to recover and not just get my head back into it, but my body.
[He makes his way toward DB as he exists the Smith Machine. DB grabs a towel and wipes sweat from his face. DB grabs a bottle of body armour and takes a long drink. Cole hands him something as DB gives a slight bow as he walks away and makes his way to the treadmills. DB hops on the first one and begins to jog. Cole shrugs.]
Cole: He is a animal. Last week was tuff for him, he takes losing bad. He was trained by some wild fucking people. They took a loss as a weakness. He hates weakness. We don’t talk a hell of alot, but we know what each other wants to gain.
Cole: So, this week David..I almost feel for ya. See, he is getting his feet wet here. He knows what is at stake for his rise here.
[DB picks the pace of his jog up more. Sweat drips more so down his face. His hair is matted to his face as he stares straight ahead.]
Cole: See David, I’m not gonna stand here and tell you he is gonna beat the shit out of you. You’ll find that out first hand. I’m not gonna scream and yell and raise a bunch of bullshit because there is no need to do that.
Cole: What that man can do is destroy anyone and anything that gets in his way
 My man is a wild one, he is a tuff one. And come the next few days, you will see.
[DB stops the treadmill and walks up to Cole. He looks into the camera. His dark eyes pierce through. ]


[Cole stands there and grins]
Cole: Man, he might not say much and I have no idea what he says, but damn does it sound line he is a fucking badass. Man I love this guy.
Cole: David, see ya soon my man…
[Cole puts his arm around DB as the scene fades out]