Posted on July 25, 2023 at 12:39 pm by Conor Fuse

You wanna call that a screw-up? It was putting additional emphasis on YOUR loss and what I’ve had to sit through for three painful years DUE TO YOU. I didn’t know you scored my work. Thought it was a creative thing to try.

And it wasn’t the whole 750. Did you miss the part where I pondered about the rest of the roster being done with you?

Enjoy Mike Island ya fucking castaway.

Regardless, I’ll bite for shits and gigs. If that “was a mistake” it wouldn’t be the first I’ve made. Like when I faced you at Rumble at the Rock, threw out a fire promo and then followed it up with something less interesting.

Because I “over-thought”.

But it also wouldn’t be the first mistake I’ve overcome. You wanna chat about another L on your record. Wanna talk about something that you only scratch the surface on and never actually discussed in-depth until we’re going to THIS VERY SECOND?

You said Conor Fuse has never defeated Mike Best.

That’s false. I beat you.


Sure, you can swing this whatever way you’d like but the bottom line is I won that night. I beat five others, too. I took back #97 after losing it to you two months earlier. I learned from my mistake and evolved.

You walked into a tournament Outta Shit (said this in round 1 but it might’ve gone over your head) and you only have your dad to thank for what took place after. See, of course nothing is predetermined in wrestling but he knew the second you walked into that arena you didn’t have it. One look into your eyes and the fire was missing. The day before? 100%. The day after? Likely. But on December 27, 2021, Mike Best stumbled into the locker room with zero fucks to give.

So your daddy booked the only outcome you’d be able to accept.

A match and subsequent loss to your best friend.

7 minutes and 50 seconds is because of me, Mike. If your buddy didn’t get to you…

I would’ve.

Tell me I’m wrong.

We know who left with #97. It wasn’t the be-all-end-all trash talking god, either. It was the kid who made a mistake three months prior. Who sucked it up and looked at himself in the mirror. Who was determined, NO MATTER WHAT, he’d seek revenge on Mike for taking his moment away. The spotlight. The thing he worked so hard to get.

You might’ve found success at a younger age. You could be a 97-time world champion for all I care. My lack of top accomplishments fueled me to hammer through a 7-man tournament and previously beat SRK.


I didn’t beat Sutler.

I emasculated that pencil dick mamma’s boy with his daddy’s move.

Wonder what I’m gonna do to you. What finisher does Lee deploy?

Here’s factual information we both know. #97Red ain’t a Best Tournament. This time pops can’t save you. It’s a one-on-one match, in your world, sure. But this isn’t a tournament he can manipulate. If you walk into Australia half in the bag or whatever the fuck you have going on…

This card ain’t subject to change.

You can downplay me all you’d like, say I slip up here and there, put me in the same category with the rest of them.


Conor Fuse has beaten you once.

Now I’m gonna beat you definitively.

Maybe a stomp to the head, maybe 10 superkicks, one for every title reign you’ve had.

Or I could Weapon Get that knee. I’d love stealing it from you. After all, I wanna be you, right?

If I steal your knee, I won’t stop there. I also steal your spot. Title. Position. Role. I kick you down, I boot you out but, ultimately, I do everyone else in this company a favour.

I shut you up.

In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion. I’m gonna break Mike Best’s jaw.

Go out with Stronk this weekend, hit a nice porterhouse. Enjoy whatever you shove down your throat because after August 6th you’ll be performing your promos in fucking sign language.

I’m going to eviscerate your skull. I’m going to disconnect your maxilla from your mandible. In the crowd, everyone’s mouths will be hanging because they are in shock. Yours will merely hang because of simple dislocation.

In the end, you have losses, Mike. Even to me.

How’s that for a fucking promo?