Who the fuck would have thought

Who the fuck would have thought

Posted on December 1, 2023 at 1:42 pm by Zach Kostoff

Well fuck me sideways..



(The words ring out as the camera comes into focus. Zach is shown in a place that HOW should know all so well…his dad’s gym. Standing next to the Hammer Smith machine, he lowers his phone and shakes his head.)


Zach: I mean this could be a whole hell of a lot worse I guess? Pretty sure Mike doesn’t like this idea, but I mean his daddy put the card together.


Zach: Maybe it is some fucked up joke? A Best and a Kostoff teaming together? Who in the fuck would have thought this one?


(Removing a 45, he leans against the machine.)


Zach: I faced off with Jatt and Dan before. Yea I lost to them but, too be fair also I didn’t have the best wrestler to step into a HOW ring on my side either.


Zach: Say what you want about Mike, but the truth is he is one of the baddest mother fuckers to ever step into a ring. I can tell folks first hand, my dad who hated everyone…always said Mike was one of the all time greats.


(Letting out a sigh he pushes off of the machine.)


Zach: Now, before Jatt gets his make believe titles all lathered up, this is by no means a form of kissing ass. It is the truth. My dad also said Jatt was good, fucking amazing is a another way he put it, but the wars that Mike and him had..well they were epic.


Zach: But enough of the past bullshit. This week will be one hell of a fight, match, whatever the fuck you want to call it. Shit, I’m actually liking this match up.


(He starts to walk off and makes his way up to the front desk. He nods at the front desk person and makes his way to the office next to the front desk. Closing the door behind him, he makes his way to the desk and sits down behind it.)


Zach: Look, I’m not going to waste time and shit on these long winded promos about a match. You don’t need to see my everyday life and what I do. Just know I am ready for the match. Just know that the idea of a Best and a Kostoff being champs is fucking outstanding.


(He looks into the camera as is closes in on his face.)


Zach: Know this Jatt and Dan…the whole “Awe shucks” act is over with from me. The idea of getting into the ring and fucking fighting anyone and everyone that wants to go, is what I want now. I fully get that being the nice guy is bullshit.


Zach: Like my old man would say, time to get violent and happy.


Zach: Not so sure whatelse can be said about the match but…


(He smiles.)


Zach: See you in the ring mother fuckers


(His grin stays as the camera pulls back and fades to black.)