Who Is To Blame?

Who Is To Blame?

Posted on September 16, 2022 at 5:49 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Loft of Bobbinette Carey
Date: September 14, 2022 Time: 2:00 PM


As the image comes into view we see the cold steel doors of the elevator slowly open as the Demi-God of HOW slowly steps out and starts walking down a long hallway dressed in his typical attire of black slacks, shoes, and button up shirt with 97 Red vest, spectacles, and glistening golden championship around the waist completing the ensemble. As always, he has the Book of Best held firmly in his hands as he makes his way down the walkway. The Texan reaches the end of the corridor and he stops in front of a faded white colored door that has been singed and yellow caution tape plastered all across the front. Scott looks down at the Holy Book of HOW and kisses it.

“Dear GOD, give me the strength to open this door.”

Stevens asks in prayer before kissing the book once again and approaches the scorched door. He reaches through the caution tape and places a hand on the door knob and gives it a firm twist before muscling it open. The smell of smoke it’s the Texan hard and Scott just breathes it in.

“Like a fine Cuban cigar.”

Scott says to himself as he steps through the tape and makes his way inside the former home of Bobbinette Carey. As he shuts the door behind him he takes a look at the surroundings. The once white walls are blackened; the giant living room window has been broken and boarded up. Scott proceeds forward and each step the sound of broken glass is heard and with each step he takes notice of the destruction; furniture, electronic supplies and personal effects all burnt to a crisp and unsalvageable. Scott continues his pilgrimage into Bobbinette’s bedroom and sees lamps broken on the floor along with dresser drawers and clothing littering the floor as well. The black canopy bed was turned over and the mattress was sprawled on the floor next to it.

The Texan surveys the scene before making his way back towards the living room. Once out of the bedroom, he walks through the living room and towards the kitchen. The Texan makes his way over to the bar and picks up the stool that once had a purple leather top that is now black. Stevens wipes off the soot and places the stool upright and takes a seat. Scott reaches into his vest pocket and pulls out a 97 Red colored handkerchief and spreads it out on the bar before placing the Book of Best on top of it. Stevens brings his hands together and lowers his head.

“Dear GOD, give me the strength to help Bobbinette Carey find her arsonist.”

As if his prayers are answered, the Book of Best flies open thanks to a gust of wind from the hole in the kitchen window that was poorly boarded up. The book opens up to the section on the Book of Bitches: The Whores of HOW.


Stevens mumbles to himself as he looks through the section.

A Mouth is a Mouth…..it can’t be Kirsta.”

Stevens turns the pages.

Pass the Red Queen Around….I doubt Tara had a hand in this.”

Stevens continues to flip through the pages.

The Least Elecktra-fying Women in HOW…..not her.”

Stevens shakes his head and continues to flip through the sacred texts.

I Came in Like a Wrecking Ball but Couldn’t Live Up to the Hype……not Beckman.”

Stevens continues to flip pages in frustration.

All Sizzle and No Steak…..Carmen Jennings was jealous, but why now?’

Stevens asks himself before turning the page.

Tim Shipley’s Nightmare……I don’t think Dawn cares about Bobbinette to be honest.”

Stevens mutters as he flips the pages some more and moves passed entries on Gia Van Zant, Juri, Valerie Belmont, and Valora before stopping in the section titled……

The Whore of Epicness.

“Why am I not surprised.”

Stevens oozes confidence with his statement as he scans the section about Bobbinette Carey.

“Fire can be the symbol and metaphor for many things. It can be for warmth or for protection. It can be that hunger inside that drives us to do great things…..or bad things.”

A sly grin forms over the Texan’s face before he holds up a finger.

“Fire can be beautiful as it is deadly, and when people want the slate wiped clean there is no better way than a towering inferno.”

Stevens informs before slowly lifting his head from the Book.

“Is this why you did all this Carey?”

Stevens looks around the loft as he insinuates that Carey had a hand in setting fire to her own loft.

“You felt your career was not burning brightly anymore to the point it wasn’t a blaze of glory, but more of a fading ember and you thought you would rise from the ashes like Golden Phoenix Wrestling on the PWA network with this little stunt now that all eyes are once again on “The Queen.””

Stevens shakes his head in disgust.

“But I shouldn’t be surprised because this has been your M-O since you’ve stepped foot in the Golden Circle of HOW. You’ve used anyone and everyone to make sure your stay relevant and on top.”

Stevens points to the Book of Best.

“If this was that other Book, the one with the God my son denounced, the Yahweh God. It would have a section called The Book of Revelations and in it mentions Whore of Babylon.”

Stevens pauses briefly.

“How does it go?”

He says to himself before snapping his fingers.

“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:


Stevens slowly turns his head back towards the book and flips a few pages where we see an image of Carey and Kostoff.

“The Book of Revelations also states that she shall rise when the Beast walks the Earth to bear false prophecies.”

Stevens taps on the image.

“Didn’t you always say you were like a sister to Kostoff?”

Stevens asks rhetorically.

“I mean when the Monster of HOW was causing death and destruction you were reaping the rewards; War Games victor, World and Tag champion, and Hall of Famer. You even were part of infamous teams such as Team Epic, The Knights of Epicness, and others as you opposed the early incarnations and followers of the House of Best, but at what cost?”

Stevens asks as he slowly takes off his 97 Red shades and reveals his left emerald eye, and his blood filled right eye with the cross like scar that aligns with it.

“Shane Reynolds.

Scott Woodson.

Mario Maurako.


David Black.

Paul Paras.

Kirsta Lewis.


Black Mamba.

And now, Conor Fuse.”

Stevens lists all the people that have had or currently have an association with Bobbinette Carey.

“Every person mentioned you’ve betrayed at some point and if Conor is wise he’ll remove your claws from himself before you suck him dry of the remaining relevancy he still has.”

Stevens acknowledges their current alliance and issues a warning to his rival.

“I got to give credit where credit is due because you’ve played in this man’s game for a very long time and you’ve succeeded where most have failed in HOW. However, your entire Hall of Fame career has been based on jealousy, treachery and deception.”

Stevens informs as he closes the Book.

“I mean, you used a loophole in War Games to crown yourself champion after Shane did most of the heavy lifting. You used Kirsta Lewis to help you win the tag titles. You used your teams and stables to keep the up and coming stars of HOW near you so they wouldn’t outshine you in the ring. Does the name David Black ring any bells? Hell, you use your Hall of Fame vote to purposely keep out deserving candidates, mostly women because you want the sole distinction of being the only woman in the Hall of Fame. I wonder if Black Mamba is over the fact you lied to his face or that you do everything possible to keep someone like Tara Davidson from being a possible candidate.”

Stevens shrugs.

“But you see Carey, my eyes have been opened for the first time in a long time by our GOD.”

Stevens points towards the ceiling.

“He has helped me see through the purple haze of epic bullshit that you’ve been spreading with this Sherlock Holmes mystery theatre you have going on. You have been drowning in the sea of relevancy and with Kostoff gone and Scottywood about to be retired permanently you have no one else to help you keep your head above water so you latched on to Conor Fuse like the succubus that you are and are draining the life from him. I have seen through the multiverse Carey and when the black sedan of reality hits you head on it will be a thong wearing fatty that takes responsibility for it but not the one you think. The thong wearing fatty won’t be a blonde Samoan who did it for a rock, but that thong wearing fatty will be you.”

Stevens points towards the camera.

“While you have everyone falling for your spells of sorrow and sympathy, I have been keeping myself relevant by spreading HIS word Carey.”

A sinister grin as formed over the Texan’s face as he slowly puts back on his shades.

“My words have inspired others and I take full responsibility for it. My son is on his way to becoming a double champion. My words encouraged Jace to become something he had forgotten long ago. I sparked a new fire in Christopher America to where he won’t under estimate his opponents again. Hell, my gospel is so powerful that I have whole wrestling companies and networks preventing me from even appearing on them. My enlightenment has even inspired my own family as it drives them to retain the championships they have or become a champion once more. HE has also blessed me once more Carey and gave me the strength to become a champion once more when I won the MVW Heartland championship for a second time.”

Stevens informs as he taps the belt around his waist proudly.

“I’m not trying to buy my so called friends with useless shares of Gamestop that don’t add up to anything because it’s not enough to be valuable. Hell, I became one of the many owners of the Green Bay Packers a decade ago for the low price of two hundred and fifty dollars, but that doesn’t mean I’m on the Board of Directors or in the War Room making draft and personnel decisions. All I got for my ownership stake was a simply certificate that says Green Bay Packers, Inc. that I could frame and hang on my wall and boast about it. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

Stevens reiterates with a shrug.

“You are lost Carey, you have been for a long time and I can help you find the path to enlightenment if you choose to follow the Way of Best and join the House of Best.”

Stevens smiles as he picks up the Book of Best.

“You can rewrite your history from the negative to a positive just like me. You can be chosen for a higher purpose just like I was and have all your sins and shortcomings washed away. More importantly Carey, you too can become a champion once again and relish in the royalties that a Queen such as yourself knows so well instead of living at the bottom like you have been in recent memory. However, this is only possible by accepting Lee Best as your Lord and Savior.”

Stevens informs as he extends an outreached hand.

“I know you have issues with the House of Best and that’s understandable because I’ve had issues with them for a decade until recently when I saw the light and realized the errors of my way.”

Stevens nods.

“If I had embraced 97 Red long ago I wouldn’t have went through the pain and suffering that I had went through I would’ve had more success and more accolades just like you are looking for now. The difference between now and then is that I find more joy in not physical and material possessions…”

Stevens points to his MVW Heartland championship.

“I find more joy in spreading HIS Word and showing people that the Golden Circle of HOW is the right place to be.”

Stevens smirks.

“You see Carey, sometimes we fall into despair and our actions lead us towards a downward spiral we can’t escape from I know better than anyone.”

The Texan points to himself.

“I was homeless and living in the basement of the Best Arena living off of leftovers from catering and the dumpsters out behind the arena.”

Stevens says with disgust in his tone.

“But like I said, it happens to the best of us and sometimes we need a helping hand and GOD helped me just like he can help you, but you have to want to be helped Carey. You have to take full responsibility for the atrocities you have committed and reach out and take my hand and embrace the House of Best and only then will your soul be set free.”

Stevens motions for her to take his hand.

“But if you don’t then I will have to make an example out of you and trust me Carey you don’t want me to make an example of you especially since you still consider Scottywood a close and dear friend. I don’t want to use you as a preview of what he has coming up in his match with me at Rumble at the Rock.”

Stevens informs his opponent for Chaos and places the Book of Best under his arm while he folds the handkerchief up and places it back into his pocket. Stevens takes one more look around the loft before making his way towards the front door. Stevens opens it and as quietly as he entered he exits without a sound as the image fades.