Who is the real monster?

Who is the real monster?

Posted on November 10, 2022 at 10:27 pm by Bobbinette Carey


1818 Mary Shelly wrote the modern Prometheus or Frankenstein. The story has been jumbled and changed as women’s words often are. People think of Frankenstein as the monster’s name and still call the monster Frankenstein… but Dr. Frankenstein was the man who made the creature. Which poses a deeper look that man has been the true monster all this time. Sure, the monster did bad things but it was created and molded to be this thing. So who is to blame? The creator or the being? Who is the true villain of the tale? Can you blame a monster when that was what they were created for? 


STRONK was just one of the newer monsters Lee had in his gallery. However, not his first nor his last. Like a child with a new toy, it’s favored until something shiny catches his eyes or he remembers an old toy that he once loved… Sektor, Jatt, Jace, Mario, even Scooter… they have all been his favorite toys until he gets bored and discards them. 


Some things you can count on. Like the rising of the tide, the setting of the sun, the leaves turning brown as summer fades into fall, men blaming me for their own shortcomings, Jatt Starr returning to Lee Best’s safety. All of these things are inevitable, almost like it’s written in the stars. Simon Sparrow, Jatt Starr.. whoever… he knows the truth: without Lee Best he is nothing. The Jatt Starr we have seen in these past months is a man without purpose. He is guided by having Lee in his corner. Lee Best is and will always be his Northern Star, his way home. 


Jatt Starr simping for Lee Best harder than any man has ever simped for me. Not going to lie, I am a bit jealous of the pull he’s got. Lee Has been able to manipulate men so well that they forgive him for all his wrong doing and go back to him. 


Honestly, it’s impressive what Lee is able to do to some men. Sure, people say I’m great at manipulating men and getting them to do what I want. That isn’t what I do though, I’m just me. I’m compassionate and genuine and sincere… the opposite of Lee Best. 


But the weaker minded are manipulated, corrupted individuals like Jatt… perfect example. He’s a lost sheep without Lee. Of course Jatt blames me for Conor, almost to the level David Noble did. Why? Because admitting that Jatt wasn’t a good friend to Conor isn’t something he’s ready to do. I’ve noticed a going theme in HOW; it’s much easier to blame me for things than own up to your own shortcomings. 


Now before anyone thinks I’m jumping to conclusions… David Noble blamed me for Conor and his friendship ending. Jatt Starr blamed me for Conor taking my side. Jatt Starr blamed me for stealing a victory from him. Jace Parker Davidson blamed me for distracting STRONK. Shelley Green blamed Conor and I for killing mongo. It’s a recurrencing theme of just blame me. Why?? Because it’s easy to make me a scapegoat. I’m just waiting till I’m blamed for what happened with Stronk. Of course I will be. Because the weak “men” here need someone to blame.


It doesn’t bother me like it used to. In fact, it was becoming something of a superpower. Dealing with incels and other toxic beings was a part of life. Especially in this business, half the locker room was either a douche bag or a chauvinistic dick. The other half is so lost and unsure of their next step they band together to try and be the “good guys.” It’s laughable. The world isn’t black and white there is more than good and bad. That’s where I fit in… the middle. Go ahead make your mixed joke… 


You can’t deal in absolutes where nothing is absolute anymore. My circle of trust has gotten smaller and smaller over the years. Now the only person here who I know has my back is someone who might not be okay after what he had to do, but I still trust him. The question is, is this my fault too? Conor destroying STRONK… Maybe I am no better than Dr. Frankenstein for setting it into motion. But I do know that I will take responsibility when the time comes for my crimes….will you?




Rumble at The Rock

ST Mary’s medical center


The lights shine in her eyes. They assess her body looking her over. Everything feels like a haze as they speak. It’s like she’s under water hearing them try to talk to her. The words don’t connect to her brain. The adrenaline had worn off at this time. She saw the suture kit, as well as the yellow plastic dish with shards of glass they removed from her back. Her hands were treated for the 2nd degree burns. As she sat there she felt numb.


She didn’t win the LSD title. It wasn’t about the title. She didn’t care about the belt she cared about ending JPD. The image of the knife in her hand, the sound of it ripping into his flesh. If it wasn’t for that girl he would be dead. Some of the match was a blur to her; she just could remember snippets. She had the match won but that girl… how did she get in? How was that allowed? If she wouldn’t have interfered she would be the LSD champ and JPD would be gone from this world. She was ready to take this man’s life, to make this world safer. Yet the only comfort is the scars she left behind on him. Granted they were nowhere near as much as the mental scars he left on her. This was not over, just a pause she thought.


People had died… that’s what she heard whispers of. Scooter was rumored to be dead. She refused to accept that idea. It’s Scooter , he can’t be dead. So in her mind he isn’t dead. Then STRONK was rumored to be dead as well… at Conor’s hands. Conor wonbthe match but she knew what that type of ending does to people…


She signed herself out of the hospital AMA. The paperwork was extensive and she saw the word concussion. She wanted to get home to Ohio and she would follow up there. As she left the hospital she had a sinking feeling in her stomach seeing a van labeled coroner go past. She grabbed her phone feeling the pain in her bandaged hands. The morphine wore off too quickly she thought as she got into her limo. She attempted to call “Scooter” voice mailbox full. Her next call was to “gamer dude” Conor Fuse. The call wouldn’t go through. She threw her phone across the limo passing out from either exhaustion or the concussion. One thing was certain it was good she had the week off.




Parma Ohio


Home of Bobbinette Carey


An abnormally sunny Day we see Bobbinette Carey, her hands bandaged as she walked out of her house with two white boxes in her hands. The boxes appeared to be hat sized boxes with blue ribbons wrapped around it. She herself was wearing a blue sundress with her curly hair flowing freely around her face. She walked down the street to a house that she was familiar with knocking on the door. She set the box down and took a step back. The door opens to Leah with crutches as she looks surprised to see Bobbinette at her door. 


Bobbinette: Look I am stopping here first cause Mimi has been with you while I’ve been gone. 


Leah goes to speak as Bobbinette continues.


Bobbinette: I can’t tell you how sorry I am about what happened with Stronk… but he’s dead. I never wanted anything to happen to either of you and it’s all my fault and I’m so sorry it did and I get if you two don’t ever speak to me again.


From behind Leah, Michelle opens the door wider. Bobbinette finds herself rushing with her words anxiously.


Bobbinette: You two are the only people who ever made me feel normal and you’re my only friends outside of wrestling and I brought cheesecake cause… golden girls. Cheesecake says what words don’t. And I need you guys and I get if you guys don’t want to be friends and… that’s about as much as I got. And since you’re here too this is yours.


Bobbinette says quickly, putting the other cheese cake down and backing up. The two look at each other with straight faces then back at Bobbinette. Bobbinette couldn’t feel more left out even if they cussed her out. She backed up in silence. It was deafening to her. As she finally turns around and starts to walk away as she hears the golden girls song playing behind her. Bobbinette whips her head around quickly seeing Michelle playing the song on her phone as the two women smile. Bobbinettes eyes water as she runs back to her friends hugging them tightly as she has tears of joy and relief on her face.


Leah: He’s dead. He can’t hurt us.


Leah says crying in the group hug.


Michelle: It was our idea Anyways…


Michelle whispers as the tallest one leaning down for the group hug. Bobbinette breathes a sigh of relief.


Leah: You should have invited Conor over… he’d probably be Rose.


Bobbinette: He’s a more mean girls, but I’d peg him as Sophia…


The three friends let go of the hug as Bobbinette hands Michelle the one cheesecakes and grabs the other one as they head into Leah’s house. 


Bobbinette: I got these from Michelangelos.


They both “oooo” as they walk through the multi level home towards a large kitchen island in a beautiful kitchen. Michelle the forks and hands them out. They sit down at the bar stool chairs as Leah opens one of the cheese cakes. The cheesecake is a tiramisu cheesecake beautifully decorated. They start picking at the cheesecake as Bobbinette sits there looking at them.


Bobbinette: He’s not okay..


They look up from the cheesecake to Bobbinette.


Leah: Which, he?


Michelle: STRONK? Good riddance..


Bobbinette: No… not him. He… it wasn’t his fault. 


The demeanor of the mom squad changes hearing these words. Bobbinette automatically notices and clears her throat.


Bobbinette: It doesn’t change anything. But I mean Conor. I’m worried about him.


Leah: Good thing you can keep a closer eye on him in the ring.


Michelle: yeah team bff’s against that Scott guy and.. Simon Star.


Michelle laughs, aware of what she said.


Leah: Yes the line of never ending Scott’s and Jatt Sparrow.


Bobbinette purses her lips together in an attempt to not laugh.


Bobbinette: Neither of you are right….Jatt… he…is he still forced to identify as a female thing? Or are we acting like that didn’t happen?


The mom Squad shrugs their shoulders as they go back to the cheesecake. Bobbinette doesn’t eat but looks in deep thought.


Bobbinette: I wonder if Jatt realizes the only reason he’s with Lee is because Sektor isn’t around anymore?


Bobbinette gets up and starts pacing the kitchen while the mom squad listen.


Bobbinette: So… like Jatt was my tag partner before rumble and… we’ve never been friends. But oddly enough I was going to try and find him backstage to talk to him about Conor. 


Leah: Eww….


Leah makes a gagging noise.


Bobbinette: I know. But I figured he knew Conor longer and I was going to try and use him to help with trying to make sure Conor is okay. But… Jatt, being a predictable corporate ass kisser, went crawling Back graciously to Daddy.


Bobbinette sighs as she picks up Leah’s crutch and leans over with it pacing with this. She pauses her thoughts as she looks over to Leah.


Bobbinette: Jesus you’re short.


Michelle: I looked like Tiny Tim!


Michelle commented.


Bobbinette: Oh my god yes!


They started laughing at this as Leah looked annoyed.


Bobbinette: But Jatt… he’s happy to be home, he’s safe. He’s got more people who have his back. Safety in numbers and being with the boss has advantages. It’s why he did it. 


Leah: You can’t be bought though.


Bobbinette smiles with a nod.


Bobbinette: I’m one of few people that has never been alongside Lee Best. I think that right there is a get out of hell free pass. I have annoyed Lee Best for almost 20 years and it’s still fun.


She chuckled.


Bobbinette: since the next few shows are going to be in Chicago, I’ve got my warehouse that I’ve had work done on..


Michelle: You bought a warehouse?


They Look confused as they stab at the cheesecake. She nods her head.


Bobbinette: yeah I used the insurance claim from my loft… I bought an abandoned old meat factory and turned it into a gym… bare bones place to work out and the old office I turned into an apartment for me to stay in while I’m in Chicago. I have an extra office for a guest room. I told Conor about it and hopefully he uses the guest room. That place changes people…


Bobbinette looks nervously at her friends.


Leah: Yeah… speaking of changing people. How are you stabby mc nasty?


Bobbinette: I’m fine. So Great Scott…he’s pretty wild…


Michelle: deflecting! You’re not so subtle about the subject. You could care less about Great Scott, he’s not who you want to go after in the match anyway. It’s all about this weird , rivalry thing you have with Jatt. You’ve had this issue since you came back and didn’t you get a restraining order against him last year?


Bobbinette shrugs her shoulders before walking over to the cheesecake and taking her first bite.


Bobbinette: I have a concussion. Who can remember? Jatt has always made bad decisions… he thinks they are smart but they are bad decisions. That is who he is. He blamed me for stealing the win against Sektor. The pin I got and the pin he never got I’m sure he’s bitter about it.


Leah: So we aren’t going to talk about Rumble at the Rock?


Bobbinette rolls her eyes.


Bobbinette: We just did. I have a concussion and my hands are bandaged. 


Michelle: Can we talk about the weird mom dad issue? You’re like a mom to people.


Bobbinette scoffs.


Bobbinette: More like I’m a big sister… and I mean yes the maternal compassion is missing from h o w it’s never really been a thing. With a few females around and even fewer females tolerated. It would explain all the issues that these men have with females is mommy issues in the deep mental dives.


Leah: Why don’t you just become the den mom of HOW?


Bobbinette laughs rolling her eyes.


Bobbinette: What?


Michelle: She may be onto something… what if you… do the mom thing. Scold them, punish them when they are bad. Change the behavior and hug them when they do good things.


Bobbinette squints in confusion.


Bobbinette: Wait what? I am not hugging people in HOW..


Leah: But stabbing them is fine?


Bobbinette sighs heavily, rolling her eyes.


Bobbinette: Mommy is disappointed in the behavior that  they display so the only way to change that is making them submit?


Michelle: That kind of sounds sexual.


They all start laughing. Bobbinette shudders making a face.


Bobbinette: Great Scott…


She sighs.


Bobbinette: He’s…


Leah: So… speaking of Scott’s… Scottywood.


Bobbinette quickly shakes her head not looking at them.


Bobbinette: No… he’s.. Scooter isn’t gone..he’s just. 


Her voice starts to crack


Bobbinette: But another Scott um… great Scott wasn’t he the first guy to take the PWA contact? Where he could go wherever he wants and what not be bound to one place. Isn’t there a football term for that?


Leah: Free agent.


Michelle and Bobbinette look at her curiously.


Leah: I played fantasy football before.


They nod and keep the conversation moving.


Bobbinette: He’s already held a title in HOW so it means Lee sees him as profitable. Lee looks to the dollar signs. I look to the fact I have not just a partner but a friend in my corner.


Michelle: What’s the thing about the bear?


Bobbinette: No clue… I’ve been busy trying to figure out who was trying to kill me and who burned down my apartment and who was behind all of my misery and that was Jace… who should be thankful for every breath of air he breathes because he is only alive because I did not kill him I came close to it. Yes he’s strutting around with the title, but I did far more damage to him than he did to me and those scars will forever remind him of what battle we had. I didn’t care about the title. I never gave a damn about the belt I wanted to make him suffer. And if one of those wounds ends up getting infected because the knife that I stabbed him with was an old knife from a jail and it might have tetanus then that’s just happy thoughts for me…


Bobbinette says taking a deep breath as if she finally emotionally purged what she had been holding back.


Michelle: There it is…


Michelle pats her on the back.


Leah: How did that feel?


Bobbinette: Better… he keeps himself safe. So I’ll bide my time. It isn’t over. But Jatt is this week and I’ve known this man for far too long…. He’s blaming me though when Cecilworth Farthington was attacking somebody to get Conor’s attention who was it? Was it Jatt? No, it was me. Who kept speaking positively of Conor in his absence? Me. That is what I did the whole time. Jatt was being his fairweather self and that is why Conor has been at my side. Because I don’t bail when things get bad. Neither is Conor that is what friendship is. You guys showed me that you’re in it till the end with me. I missed you guys. 


Leah hugs Bobbinette on the side as she relaxes her shoulders.


Michelle: We missed you too 


Bobbinette: You may be onto something with the mothering idea… though. I’ll be back later. I have an idea… you guys are always helping me. I can’t thank you enough.


Bobbinette sets her fork down, hugging them both. They wave as she leaves Leah’s house abrupt and heads to her own home.