Who is driving this thing?!

Who is driving this thing?!

Posted on November 18, 2023 at 10:59 pm by Bobbinette Carey

A queen is a queen from the coronation until her death. There have been great queens in history who ruled for a long time. The problem is that there are so few of us that the whispers of it going on for far too long. Yes the crown called it “queen Victoria syndrome” What is the Queen Victoria Syndrome? A long-reigning monarch being seen as out of touch with their people.


I’m starting to wonder…. As wrestlers we have a limited shelf life. Women’s much shorter than men’s… but I came back… years later as I look at my 40s and my life… I came back. My knees crackle and pop like rice crispys. My body tells me that this was a mistake. My mind tells me we missed it so we risk it.


I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. I’ve had a break for a few months off, but my body hasn’t.


I finally get back in control. I’ve stopped making waves and have focused on trying to get my head right. Yet something still seems off.


Have you ever felt lost in  room where you should find comfort? But you struggle to even know where to turn?


What am I if not the Queen? Do I fade to obscurity? Why did I come back in the first place? Did it even make a difference?




We see the Parma heights home of Bobbinette Carey and family. We haven’t seen this place in a while, it’s because it wasn’t “Netties” home. The view switches to the inside, walls have been painted bright vibrant colors no longer all white walls, the kitchen red with black appliances


We see Bobbinette Carey “classic” wearing a modest light pink cardigan with black slacks and a button up blouse. Her hair is pulled back into a tight bun with no makeup on her face, just a bun. She sees artwork on the fridge of her home. There’s a photo of Mimi trick or treating with her older sister. The sound of clanking on the ground was heard rushing towards her. She turned around to be greeted by Duke, her pitbull who jumped on her, licking her face and wagging his tail. She smiled, petting him and nuzzling his muzzle. She breathed a sigh of relief. She hears noise from the upstairs and footsteps walking out. Her face got serious as she saw someone walk out. It was none other than the eldest daughter Majandra. She stopped dead in her tracks seeing her absent mother. 


Majandra: What are you doing here?


Majandra stands defensively with her arms crossed tightly against her body. Bobbinette looks a little taken back by her attitude.


Bobbinette: It’s my home. I was finally able to come home.


Majandra look less than impressed. Bobbinette looks relieved at finally being home.


Majandra: Months later you show up?! You signed the paperwork! You left us alone!


She sounds upset. Bobbinette looks at her daughter and walks towards her.


Bobbinette: I wasn’t in control…


Majandra: What does that even mean? You were fine enough to go around with JPDs dad. And you were fine to wrestle but not take care of your responsibilities? Mother of the year everyone! She just abandons her kids and expects to come back like everything is fine!


Bobbinette: No, honey, that’s not what happened. I … I was fighting with…


She trails off trying to figure out how to word it to her.


Majandra: your new moniker the sluttier you who was a better wrestler.


Bobbinette puts her hand to her head.


Bobbinette: I… she.. it wasn’t me. I’m in charge again.


Majandra: What about when you’re not? What about when “she” decides to take over again? You’ll just abandon her again!!


Majandra looks deeply hurt and triggered by the actions.


Bobbinette: I am so sorry. I never meant to … either of you …


Bobbinette’s face fell as she realized the effect of the battle she fought with in, had on her family.


Majandra: I am not letting you hurt Mimi. You want to come back into this house, you need to get your shit together. You signed the paperwork saying I was allowed to be guardian.


Bobbinette looked at her holding the side of her head, her head pulsing in pain.


Bobbinette: I what? No, I wouldn’t.. I.. Maj I… I’m sorry. 


Majandra: You don’t have to be sorry but you do have to leave which is fine because you have to go wrestle again somewhere don’t you ma? Wrestling will always be more important than family.


Bobbinette looks hurt by the harsh words of her daughter as she does retreat towards the door.


Majandra: You’re not coming near Mimi till you can prove you’re okay. SO go wrestle the new guy.


Bobbinette continues to look confused. 


Bobbinette: This was a mistake… I love you both… you’re right and you’re looking out for your sister..


Majandra: My mother is an addict. It’s wrestling over us and always has been. 


Bobbinette holds back tears as she exits the home quickly. Her heart in her ears as it feels like she was chased out of her own home. She feels her eyes swell as she holds her head again. Blinking her eyes as she falls to her knees feeling searing pain in her head. She holds her head tightly as her eyes open she lets go of her head and looks around. She gets to her feet and sees the door to the house and sneers. Slowly dusting off her pants she realizes what she is wearing.


Nettie: What the… oh no no no..


She gags at the cardigan she’s wearing, throwing it off into the lawn. Nettie sees the limo and gets in it immediately. She quickly looks into a mirror at her reflection.


Nettie: Well that was dumb.


Bobbinette: You made Majandra the guardian?


Nettie: Kids tie us down and hold us down. They prevent us from the full potential we have… the kids will be there but you had no issue screwing up things with Terrence!


Bobbinette: That’s because it’s gross and it’s my vagina you’re using.


Nettie: Prude ass school marm.. we have a match. You lost to Sektor….so maybe I need to take control of this again. Not to mention you ruined things with my man.


Bobbinette gags rolling her eyes.


Nettie: New kid, new match. Poor kid doesn’t know what we do here. Weird name though… Maybe after we beat him we can recruit him.


Bobbinette raises an eyebrow.


Bobbinette: For what?


Nettie: My plans! This new guy means a blank slate. We need that cause we are barely treading water solo.


Bobbinette shrugs her shoulders not seeming to care about the statement.


Nettie: You got out, quit being hurt when things don’t go your way.


Bobbinette: Do whatever you want.


Nettie nods excitedly as Bobbinette fades away leaving Nettie to her own reflection. Nettie looks around the limo finding a cell phone and dials a number.


Nettie: Silver fox!


The phone hangs up abruptly. She dials back quickly. It goes straight to voicemail.


Nettie: You sent me to voicemail!? I’m back and this is how you treat me? Baby I’m sorry… I want you with me at Chaos. I miss my silver fox and I have plans..I have a match. I want you there. 


Nettie hangs up the phone and sighs loudly.


Nettie: First I go to chaos then I get my man back. Malakai Delirio, poor kid. Nettie is behind the wheel which means I’ll kick his face in then piss on his body.


She says laughing sadistically. Nettie seems beyond excited about the devious plan she had concocted. She grabs a bottle of champagne in the mini fridge and pops it celebrating her own return.




For fuck sake why is it always me? Did I ask for this? Did anyone check and see if I was busy or if I was okay for this? Nope. I guess I’ll go fuck myself then…


Like has anyone checked in with me? Scotty? Conor? Nope? Great deal! Appreciate it so fucking much. Y’all are a great village…so done with that bullshit.


But no, the new kid on the block Malakai Delirio. I don’t even want to hear him complain about having to face me. When the hell did I become the curtain jerker for the new kids? Why am I all of a sudden the opening measurement? 


It shows several things at one time. The first being can you hold your own in the ring? I mean you got a match here, sure. You obviously can wrestle but can you go full force? Do you have any discernible wrestling abilities? Are you worth the money you’re being paid?


You’re facing a female, you going to be bitching about everything I’m sure. I’m fat I’m female and I am your match. So let’s look beyond that I’m an amazing wrestler I am part of History here you get the chance the honor know the privilege to be in the ring with me. You won’t see it as that because you’re a cocky young arrogant ass kid. But you look back someday and tell your family that you got a chance to step in the ring with greatness and didn’t realize what opportunity you had when you had it. There’s so many names that have walked through the doors that I can’t even remember but can say they were in the ring with me.


Honestly you should count yourself lucky. To get to face a Hall of famer when you are so fresh in this company? It’s like being gifted a prize chance. You don’t even have to win you just have to prove you can hold your own against a veteran of this company. And you could walk away with a smile knowing you at least tried, you’re welcome.