Which Way Will He Go?

Which Way Will He Go?

Posted on March 2, 2024 at 6:45 pm by Drew Mitchell

(LAST WEEK: Chaos 57 in Baltimore, Maryland- Darin Zion vs. Drew Mitchell)
Darin Zion wraps his arm around Drew’s neck and pulls him into a rear headlock. Drew fights back and tries to fight out. It’s a battle of wills where only one would emerge victorious. Zion gets the upper hand…

Benny Newell: TOUGH LOVE!

…but Mitchell swiftly raises his arm, blocking the incoming attack and instead lifts Zion up with a powerful grip. With a fierce roar, he hurls Zion towards the ground, causing a thunderous impact that echoes throughout the arena. The crowd gasps in awe as they witness the devastating force of Mitchell’s strike.

Joe Hoffman: TENSHI CRASH!

Mitchell’s muscles ripple as he covers his opponent, his breath coming in heavy gasps, sweat pouring down his face.




The bell rings and the familiar tune of Status Quo’s “Rockin’ All Over The World” blares through the arena speakers. Mitchell jumps up in triumph, pumping his fist as the crowd roars with approval. Referee Joel Hortega raises his hand in victory, the sound of their cheers drowning out everything else. Mitchell’s heart races with adrenaline as he relishes in this moment of triumph.

Bryan McVay: And here is your winning, earning 3 points in the LBI, in 1 minute and 21 seconds, DRRRRREEWWWWW MMMMMIIIITCHEEEELLLLL!

The aftermath of Drew’s win over Darin Zion. Drew turns to a beaming Sunny next to him.

Drew Mitchell: Better?

Sunny nods.

Sunny O’Callahan: Better.

Sunny gently wraps her arm around Mitchell’s broad shoulders, offering comfort and support after their hard-won victory. They climb the ramp together, basking in the afterglow of their triumph.

Drew Mitchell: Is it okay to celebrate tonight?

Sunny laughs. Her blonde hair cascades down her back, catching the fading rays of the house lights as she makes her way to the back.

Sunny O’Callahan: I suppose.

Mitchell’s sweat-dampened face breaks into a grin, his eyes shining with pride and relief.

Drew Mitchell: Thank you.

Sunny O’Callahan: You’re welcome.

X-Golf Ellisville- Ellisville, Missouri
X-Golf Ellisville is an indoor golf center just outside St. Louis, Missouri. The exterior boasts a sleek and modern design, with floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing the lush green golf courses surrounding the building. Stepping inside, a visitor is immediately greeted by the refreshing blast of air conditioning and the soft glow of dimmed lights. The interior is just as impressive as the outside, with state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators lining the walls. Each simulator promises unparalleled accuracy and realism, making it a popular spot for golf enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Sunny pulls out a driver from her golf bag inside one of the bays, her outfit perfectly fitting the trendy vibe of the place – a pair of hip-hugging jeans and a low-cut top that could have been lifted from one of Grace Charis’ YouTube videos. She surveys her surroundings, taking in the vibrant energy and excitement radiating from the other players.

As she prepares to tee off, she sees Drew Mitchell out of the corner of her eye.  Drew sits in a nearby chair and sips on a cold beer while casually doing what Drew does- eyeing up the other ladies in attendance at X-Golf.  Dressed in a plain white t-shirt with a blue and red Bolton Wanderers FC scarf over his shoulders and a pair of jeans, Drew exudes confidence… especially after making quick work of Darin Zion two nights before in Baltimore… and charm which draws attention towards him from people around him.

Especially the ladies.

Now to be fair, Drew resisted going to X-Golf at the outset of the evening preferring to do a little bar-hopping.  However, Sunny reminded him that he had another match on Monday- this one against Brian Hollywood in the third and final match of the LBI preliminary round- and bar-hopping would have to wait a week.  When Drew still put of a fight about, Sunny brought out the big guns… the pair belonging to Paige Spiranac… aka X-Golf’s ‘ambassador’ Paige Spiranac, a pretty blonde with big boobs of which often figured prominently on her YouTube golf videos.

Of course, once Drew saw the video, he grabbed his coat and ran out the door to go along with Sunny to X-Golf.

Sunny focuses on her shot.  With a smooth swing and perfect aim, the slender Irish-born young woman sends the ball flying right down the middle of the course where it came to a stop some 180 yards down range.  A satisfying smile spreads across her face and she turns and is surprised to see Drew standing right there at the bay, applauding her impressive shot with a smirk on her face.

Drew Mitchell: Nice ball, lass.

Sunny O’Callahan: Little short of length.

She smiles back at Drew and her hands grip the golf club tightly once again as she continues to hit range balls at the golf simulator, her long blonde hair flying behind her with each powerful strike while she tries to chat nonchalantly with Drew about the ongoing tensions between herself and Dawn McGill that flared up over the weekend at MVW… their voices barely audible over the sound of balls clanging against the virtual course.

Sunny O’Callahan: Look Drew, things are tense between me and Dawn right now… especially after that incident with Redneck Bill Dickinson in Des Moines last week.

Sunny pauses for a moment to readjust her grip on the club.

Sunny O’Callahan: And to be honest, we’ve never really resolved our issues about the time I hit Dawn with my SUV back in 2021.  I mean… we kinda got to a decent place there for a while but because someone had to sleep with her… and then her daughter…

If Drew hears Sunny’s comments, he doesn’t show it.  His attention is diverted towards a young lady a few bays down the row from them.  A young brunette dressed in proper golf attire with her hair up in a ponytail under a cap.  She has an air of cool confidence as she effortlessly swings her club and sends the ball soaring through the air where the simulator finally brings it to a stop over two hundred and forty yards down range. She was a vision in her proper golf attire, her ponytail peeking out from under her cap. Drew finds himself mesmerized by her every move, his gaze following her as she walks around her bay.

Sensing his lack of interest, Sunny pauses and readjusts her grip on the club.

Sunny O’Callahan: …so it’s probably for the best that you and Victoria McGill broke things off…

Sunny, on the other hand, had her sights set on the hunky guy in the next bay. With a strategic bend over to pick up a “lost” golf ball, she made sure to give him a full view of her chest before returning to her conversation with Drew.

Sunny O’Callahan: …that’s another layer of tension that you don’t need to deal with right now.  Don’t you think?

Drew Mitchell: ……

But Drew’s attention is solely focused on the mysterious stranger down the way. He finds himself mesmerized by every move she made, his mind clouded with thoughts of her. Sunny continues to ramble on about Dawn and Victoria McGill’s drama, trying to impress the hunky guy with colorful details.

But for Drew, time stands still as he watches this unknown woman with admiration and curiosity. Who was she? And how had she captured his attention without even trying? As he sat there lost in his thoughts, he hardly registered any words coming from Sunny’s mouth. His gaze remained fixated on the captivating lady just a few bays down.

Drew even ignores a buzzing and slight vibration in his hand from his cell phone.  As the text message from Victoria McGill congratulating Drew on his impressive win against Darin Zion Monday night goes unread, Drew makes eye contact for the first time with the brunette.  He smiles and tries to unleash his charm on her from long distance.

She rolls her eyes and goes back to hitting golf balls.

Promo Time
Hey everyone.  Sunny here.  Drew’s still buzzing over his decisive win over Darin Zion last week so I’m here looking at film on Brian Hollywood… because Drew’s actually wrestling Hollywood this week, not last week like I mistakenly thought.  As I watch Brian Hollywood struggle to put away the very same Darin Zion Drew destroyed in less than two minutes last Monday, I can’t help but feel a twinge of pity for the once-great champion.  2023 was not a good year for Hollywood.  As Joe Hoffman said before the Hollywood-Zion match, ‘Brian Hollywood is coming off the worst year of his career. ‘

I remember when Hollywood was a force to be reckoned with in HOW.


Lee Best’s chosen one, a 2-time World Champion in the waning moments of HOW’s classic run.  You see, in 2016, things have changed. Mike Best and Jace Parker Davidson weren’t around… most of HOW’s most recognizable stars had departed by that point.  By 2016, Scott Stevens had held the title twice, and even Scottywood has finally claimed the top spot as did Reggie Rivid. Hollywood won the belt from Reggie Rivid, but he didn’t hold onto it for long because his War Games team flatlined at War Games 2016  and he dropped the belt to Ray McAvay.  I also seem to recall how Lee was so outraged by McAvay holding the title that he immediately booked him to defend against Hollywood at the next show. And true to form, Hollywood reclaimed his throne after Scott Stevens – who had no business being at ringside in the first place – turned on McAvay and helped him win back the title.

Not much different from when Joe Bergman defeated Great Scott for the HOTv and Lee Best moved heaven and earth to get the belt off him at March to Glory 2023.

Fast-forward to 2019, and the return of HOW and the Refueled era.  Brian Hollywood also came back and plowed through a stacked 26-person field in the HOW World Title tournament to reach the finals.  There, Brian went up against Halitosis for the title. Now, no offense to the man under the mask… Joe Bergman… but let’s call it like it is.  Halitosis was the worst wrestling gimmick ever in pro wrestling history and the way Hollywood lost to Halitosis in what was a very close match ultimately changed his career trajectory for the worse… much, in the same way, Joe Bergman changed my career trajectory and saved my wrestling career.

So now, here we are.  Big match in the LBI… well, big match for second place.  Let’s be realistic.  John Sektor has wins over both Hollywood and Drew which means he’s already clinched the group no matter what he does against Darin Zion next week.  Hollywood has shown glimpses of his former form but he struggled to put away Zion while Drew Mitchell didn’t have any problem with Zion.

This Monday’s Drew Mitchell versus Brian Hollywood match will be a story about trajectory… Brian’s is heading down… Drew’s is on the rise.

Brian Hollywood is a blue blood who’s way past his prime.  Drew Mitchell is blue-collar and a rising star.

Brian Hollywood’s career is setting like the fading sun at night… Drew Mitchell’s career is like the break of a new dawn, rising into the morning sky like the bright, yellow sun.

Brian Hollywood is trying his best to put things back together again after a run of bad results.  Drew Mitchell is slowly figuring things out.

Drew has youth on his side and he’s focused on one thing- getting better in the ring and bringing gold home with him.  Now, he knows competing for a World Title shot is out of the question at this point of the LBI.  But Drew’s still going to show up in Hershey, Pennsylvania… the home of all things ‘sweet’… Hershey candy… and he’s going to serve up a sweet candy confection on Brian Hollywood called the ‘Tenshi Crash’ that will flatten him out like a Hershey’s candy bar.

But I promise you this, Brian.   Drew Mitchell will treat you with the respect you deserve.  You’ve had a great pro wrestling career and the fact you continue to try to claw your way back up the ladder does serve as a source of inspiration to Drew.  You haven’t given up.  You haven’t walked out of HOW in a fit of anger because the wins weren’t coming.  No, you kept moving forward… trying to rediscover the magic that led you to not one, but two, HOW World titles in 2016… trying to find your way back.  It’s important that Drew understands there will be periods in his career where it just doesn’t happen for him… that he will struggle… that he will lose matches… that he will have to fight for his career, much in the way you continue to fight for your career.  This is something Drew can learn from.

Drew will have to be disciplined.  Drew will have to be on guard and ready for anything Brian Hollywood will throw at him.  He’ll have to beware of Hollywood’s ‘Executive Promise’ finisher and his ‘Paper Cut,’ front facelock cutter move.

Drew give Brian Hollywood the respect he deserves.  Drew will not take Brian lightly and he will be ready for the fight of his life when he faces Hollywood in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Monday night.

X-Golf Ellisville- Ellisville, Missouri… Later That Evening
The X-Golf Ellisville parking lot is illuminated by blinding floodlights that casts stark shadows between the rows of cars. Drew Mitchell strides confidently across the cracked asphalt expanse by himself… Sunny told him that she had a ‘ride home’ and not to wait for her.  Drew’s broad shoulders eases back and forth with athletic grace as he scans the lot searching for his car.

Then he spots her.

The golfer he’d watched all night long inside X-Golf.  She stands out like a beacon among the dull sea of vehicles in the parking lot, loading her golf clubs into the trunk of a sleek black sedan.  Her muscles flex purposefully as she places the clubs inside the trunk.

Drew can’t help but admire the focused determination that radiates from her.  He’s drawn to her by the proverbial moth to light.

Drew Mitchell: Oi!

He flashes a roguish smile as he closes the distance.

Drew Mitchell: Fancy meeting you here.

The woman straightens up, her icy blue eyes narrowing as they lock onto Drew. He doesn’t flinch under her intense gaze, feeling like he’s sizing up an opponent in the ring. But instead of a rush of adrenaline, he feels a sense of unease. She rolls her eyes at him and goes back to putting her golf equipment in her sleek black sedan’s trunk. Undeterred by her cold reception, Drew walks up to the young golfer as she shuts the trunk of her car.

Drew Mitchell: Oi!

He hopes for a different reaction and extends his hand to shake hers, but she looks at it as if it were contaminated.

Drew Mitchell: Drew Mitchell.

He introduces himself with a charming smile, trying to break through her tough exterior. But she remains stone-faced and unimpressed.

Brinsley: Brinsley.

Her curt response causes Drew to be taken aback.  He tries to recover.

Drew Mitchell: Hey, can we talk for a minute?

Brinsley brushes him off and opens the driver’s door to her car.

Brinsley: Not now, I have places to be.

Drew isn’t used to being brushed off like this, especially by someone so alluring.  In a moment of desperation, he decides to go for it and blurts out…

Drew Mitchell: You’re so beautiful!

Brinsley lets out a scoff and rolls her eyes once again, clearly not amused by Drew’s attempts at conversation.

Brinsley: Thanks for the compliment. Now if you’ll excuse me.

Drew Mitchell: But…

Brinsley: Look, I know who you are, Mr. Wrestling Star.

Brinsley’s sharp tone cuts through the air like the crack of a starting pistol.

Brinsley: I’ve heard all about your reputation with women.

Drew’s smile falters for a split second as Brinsley’s words hit him like a punch to the gut. He had hoped to impress her with his success in the wrestling world, but instead, it seems like she knows all about his exploits and is not impressed in the slightest.

Drew Mitchell: You have?

Brinsley: Oh.  Your adventures are legendary… great fodder for the news folks.  Let’s see… Dawn McGill? She’s twice your age, isn’t she? Her daughter Victoria?  Really?  Seems you’ve made quite the tag team with those two. And then screwing your manager Sunny a couple times… I mean, shall I go on?

As Brinsley gives him a knowing look and gets into her car, his confidence wanes. With a nod that is both acknowledgment and dismissal, she turns and moves with the grace of a practiced athlete towards her car. He hears the click of the door handle and the soft thud of the door closing, marking the end of their encounter…until the driver’s side window rolls down.

Brinsley: Look, I’m not going to be another notch on your championship belt.  I’m serious about my career. Golf is my life, not some game to be played on a whim.

He nods, taking a step back to give her space.

Drew Mitchell: I get it.  I’m not lookin’ for a quick pin. I’m genuinely interested in ya, Brinsley.

Brinsley: Discipline, Drew.

Drew Mitchell: What?

Brinsley’s voice was steady and commanding.

Brinsley: In golf, every swing counts. It’s about control, not just of the ball but of oneself. And if you want to make it in golf, truly make it, I need that same discipline in my life.

Drew blinks, unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of such blunt advice… well… other than the hundred or so times Sunny told him the exact same thing.

Brinsley: Your antics.  In golf parlance, they’re like wild shots scattering the course. They’ll cost you, maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday they will.

The weight of her words presses down on him, heavier than any barbell he’s ever lifted. For a moment, he sees himself through her eyes—a high-flyer teetering on the ropes, risking a fall with every needless stunt.

Drew Mitchell: Can I-

She interrupts him brusquely.

Brinsley: I’m sorry.

She takes a deep breath, her eyes narrowing with the precision of a golfer lining up a crucial putt.

Brinsley: I don’t have time for this.

Drew Mitchell: Thank you… um…

Drew’s accent thickens under the gravity of being dressed down by the young golfer.

Drew Mitchell: …I… I’ll take that on board. Sorry.

As Brinsley’s car engine purrs to life and the headlights cut through the dimming light, Drew watches her drive away, her silhouette shrinking into the distance. His mind replays their exchange, each word a strike landing with precision.

Drew remains, lost in his thoughts.  Tonight, there are no cheering crowds, no flashing lights… just the quiet realization that perhaps the biggest opponent he has to wrestle with is himself.

Sunny’s Apartment-Later on
As the night creeps in, Drew’s silhouette looms large against the stucco facade of Sunny’s apartment complex. Brinsley’s lingering words have spurred him into action and he seeks counsel from his mentor, Sunny O’Callahan. Urgency etched into his broad shoulders, he raps sharply on her door, each knock echoing with a wrestler’s determination.

The door cracks open. Sunny’s head, with her frizzy blonde hair cascading like a halo around her face, peeks out from behind the door.  A mischievous curl breaks free across her forehead as she greets Drew with her Irish eyes.

Sunny O’Callahan: Drew?

Drew Mitchell: Oi, Sunny.  Can I come in?”

But her voice carries a touch of sadness as she delivers sobering news.

Sunny O’Callahan:  Sorry, love. I’ve got company.

A man’s laugh filters through the gap in the doorway… coincidentally… nor not… the same man Sunny eyed at the golf simulator earlier in the evening.

Sunny O’Callahan: Shall we catch up at the gym tomorrow, alright?

Drew’s heart sinks like a leaden weight in his chest. He tries to hide his disappointment with a nod but finds himself momentarily lost for words. He turns away, feeling isolated and alone.

Back in the solitude of his own apartment, Drew flops onto the sofa, feeling like a king without his kingdom. Frustration gnaws at him and unrest swirls in his gut like a brewing storm. His gaze drifts until it lands on the blue glare of his phone screen.

He swipes at the device and sees a text message from Victoria… Tori… with words that tease and tempt.

Changed my mind, her message reads. Miss our time together… let’s hook up.

Drew’s thumb hovers over the keyboard, his mind a battleground where discipline clashes with desire. Tori’s allure is undeniable, her provocations a challenge he’s always eager to accept. His resolve flickers in the dim light of his apartment. Will he fall back into old habits, as the night deepens, Drew grapples with the choice that lies at his fingertips, each second ticking by with the weight of consequence.

A voice within tells him to stay home and ‘rest’ up for training in the morning.  It’s a reasoned whisper barely audible over the clamor of his conflicted and racing heart.  Images of the gym, the smell of sweat and the sound of leather on canvas fill his mind. The path to the championship belt is paved with sacrifice, each step demanding more than the last.

But another part of him, the raw and rowdy rookie that Sunny struggles to rein in, yearns for the fight outside the ring. Tori… a champion in her own right, siren, a challenge personified… offers Drew a different kind of sparring, one that has nothing to do with title belts or roaring crowds but everything to do with the primal dance between man and woman.  He imagines her there, long legs wrapped around him, the scent of her hair mingling with the night air. A tangle of limbs and longing, a physicality that demands no audience yet offers an intoxication no arena can match.

Then, Brinsley’s admonishments earlier come to the surface, still harsh and fresh in his memory.  He realizes Brinsley sees through him… sees the potential he might squander. Perhaps her words were a gauntlet thrown down, challenging him to be more than the sum of his appetites.

His chest tightens, each breath a struggle as if his lungs war against each other—one seeking the crisp air of the high road, the other the sultry breath of dalliance.

The phone’s screen dims, the message now a ghostly hue, a reflection of his internal conflict. In the dwindling light, he recognizes the precipice he stands upon. One choice leads towards the relentless pursuit of glory; the other, a descent into the same old patterns.

Which way will he go?