When the Queen met her king..

When the Queen met her king..

Posted on April 24, 2024 at 9:56 pm by Bobbinette Carey

The journey of life takes us down different roads.

Sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination. Sometimes you realize the destination wasn’t important after all.

But what happens when the road your on leads to a dead end? You’re back on the road you’ve taken before hoping for a different destination. Sounds like the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over hoping for different results. 

Maybe that’s why we do it. We are all insane and enjoy the results not being how we thought it would be.


October 9th 2023

Mauritania, Africa

Bobbinette had walked through different parts of Africa in her journey, this faithful day would take her to a new part of Africa. Her clothing is no longer the American label type she had been known for. Her hair was held back by a pink headband. She encountered a new village through her walk about. She was on the coast line walking between the beach and a village seeing a little outdoor market she walked through looking at the wares. She looked at the fabric of one of the head dresses inspecting it. Behind her a voice breaks her concentration.

“Not your color.” He states bringing attention to himself she raises an eyebrow looking over her shoulder at him. He walks down the aisle to a teal colored headdress and points directly at it not looking back at her.

Q2½eww we“I’m more of a pink person thank you very much.” Bobbinette finally looks over at the person and sees an attractive tall black man dressed in African garb and shrugs her shoulders though her eyes size up the gentleman.

“Close minded American… a little disappointing.” He says making a clicking tongue with his mouth. Bobbinette scoffs with annoyance.

“Wow you are a terrible salesman.” She retorts.

“You’re not buying anything. You’re window shopping. You wouldn’t be bold enough to actually wear your heritage. You’re not comfortable as a black woman.” The man says walking towards her looking her over. Bobbinette’s stance turns rigid as she looks away uncomfortably. “Besides, I am not a salesman.” He says walking past her.

“You just randomly approach people at a store and bash their style and make assumptions about their heritage?” Bobbinette sounds annoyed and part angry though there’s still a smirk across her mouth.

“As is my right… I would not expect an entertainer to take constructive criticism so offensively.” He has his back turned to her as he looks at other cloths a road from her. Bobbinette scoffs into a laugh.

“Your right? Who died and made you king?” She laughs. He turns around looking her in the eye his face now solom

“My father.” He said flatly. At this time Bobbinette looks around the whole as the whole area has gone quiet.

“Yeah right. You’re the king of this place. And I’m the queen of-” She sees a photo of the man she was speaking with on the wall with an older man standing by his side. This photo is adorned with the country flag around it. Bobbinette’s expression goes blank as it takes a second to process the last few minutes of her interaction. Her smile fades as she approaches him cautiously. 

“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to… It was a joke- -” She stumbles over her words. Her face looks anxious.

“Americans joke, always with the jokes. Not everything is a joke. Yet here you are mocking me, in my kingdom in front of my own subjects.” His words seem to bite. Bobbinette for the first time in a long time was uncomfortable, out of her element.

“I am sorry your highness.” She bows her head to the man who she realizes is now king. She sees him raise a hand and doesn’t flintch. His hand touches under her chin raising her eyes to his. 

“It was ignorance which is simply not being educated about something. Miss Carey I would like to educate you.” He says looking her into the eyes.

“Your highness, I thank you for the invitation… but- -” She takes a step back, breaking eye contact. Her hand touches her arm as she stands nervously.

“Careful, you have already offended me once in the past five minutes. Refusing the king to learn about a country you’re in…” He shrugs his shoulders with a half smile on his face.

Bobbinette runs her hands through her hair laughing weakly. She’s uncomfortable, visibly and nervous.

“Well.. I guess it’s never too late to learn about a place I am in…I just can’t promise I’ll be me the whole time.” She says as her nose wrinkles. The king nods his head.

“Ah yes… in Africa we say that a person has two lions inside them. Each fighting for control. You have two lionesses and have walked between two paths much of your life.” He says as he turns back around to the fabric.

“So… you’re a fan?” Bobbinette raises a curious eyebrow.

“The programing reaches through Africa. One of the few black talents in the entertainment business. Yet someone who denies her own blackness is fascinating. I never thought I’d have the opportunity. Word has gotten around about your journey here and I may have had some eyes to see if you were headed this way.” The king admits. Bobbinette raises an eyebrow squinting trying to size up the situation she has found herself in. Finally she sighs and nods.

“Okay, your highness. I guess when in Rome… or Africa.” She says walking back towards him. 


Chicago IL,

Africa embassy


Bobbinette walks through the doors of the gated residence. It looks like a brown stone as she enters with sweat dripping down her face as she has on running gear and glasses with a dark hoodie set. She gets through the door seeing her security team standing there with the King awaiting her return. For a building in Chicago it looks far more regal and decorated with the markings of home. She removes her ear buds from her ears as she puts them in her pocket looking at them.

Bobbinette: Husband…

King: You left your team wife.

Bobbinette nods her head agreeing with the statement.

Bobbinette: Yeah about that… it’s Chicago.

The king crosses his arms.

King: We’ve talked about this, you’re a queen.

Bobbinette nods with a smile.

Bobbinette: In Chicago I have always been a queen. It’s a second home, it always has been. 

She walks up to the king and kisses him. He sighs, relenting into his wife.

Bobbinette: Husband I am in more danger in the ring than I am in Chicago going for a run.

The king shakes his head walking to the sitting room. She follows behind him.

The King: Yes, I knew you would be returning to the ring. I thought that after you faced the bleach demon it was done. I was not aware they were going to make this a regular occurrence.

Bobbinette laughs a little.

Bobbinette: I whipped her. She was a pound of flesh and an example to be made. So that pissed off some of the Mayo militia honey. So I get to wrestle a guy who eats people.

Bobbinette shudders. The king raises an eyebrow looking horrified.

The King: My beloved queen. Were that man to attempt to put his snow pig teeth on you. I would have our men rip every tooth out of his mouth! Without sedation!

The king sounds angered by this as he balls his fist. Bobbinette takes his hand and kisses it softly holding the hand close to her as she looks him into the eyes.

Bobbinette: You know when you use the king voice it does… something. I appreciate how protective you are.

The king takes his hand back and puts his hands on her shoulders.

The king: Woman-

Bobbinette: That is wife, beloved or my queen to you sir.

She corrects. He sighs.

The king: I married an American… the mouth…

He trails off as he attempts to gather his thoughts. He kisses her forehead, pulling her in for an embrace.

The king: This Milk monkey… he is just another one of these yeast maggots. I do not trust this situation.

Bobbinette nods her head, closing her eyes as he sways back and forth with her.

Bobbinette: Husband, I have diplomatic immunity now. Not that HOW had many rules or cared about the laws to begin with. Drugs are part of the social Norms in the locker room. The talent does what it wants on most nights. Ward has changed and become more… unhinged if only he would have died when he should have.

She sighs as she turns around remaining in the king’s arms, her back pressed into him.

Bobbinette: The dead never stays dead here… he was in a wheelchair. He was brain dead… or something. I would worry he is a zombie or something. Which would explain the whole Hannibal lecter thing…

The king sways holding onto her as he half listens to her.

Bobbinette: You’re holding me even when I’m sweaty and gross.

Bobbinette makes a face as he kisses her cheek.

The king: I had a feeling you would be working out. So I already thought ahead and a bath is already being drawn for us now.

Bobbinette smiles as she pulls his arms tighter around her.

Bobbinette: I appreciate you. You know what I need and anticipate my desires. The most selfless man… I’m lucky.

The king kisses her neck and chuckles.

The king: My motives are ulterior, I admit..

Bobbinette pulls the king with her as she walks through the town house the guards make themselves scares as they head up the steps towards two large white French doors. The doors open showing a giant Jacuzzi sized bathtub loaded with bubbles and rose petals. Bobbinette sees dozens of flowers around the bathroom and let’s go of the kings hands.

Bobbinette: Husband….

Her smile fades as he looks at her with a look of guilt.

The king: I am sorry beloved I have to return to the kingdom. Some matters came up.

Bobbinette sighs and nods her head.

Bobbinette: I see… Such is the life of the king. I understand it. When do you leave?

She pouts as she accepts the news of his return to Africa. She unzips her hoodie having a modest tank top under it.

The King: In the morning. You will join me at home once this…unseasoned urchin is dealt with?

Bobbinette nods, kissing him. The king touches his face marveling at his wife.

Bobbinette: I will remove a tooth of his myself and bring it to my king as a trophy of another colonizer delt with. The reputation run of the queen has only started in HOW. But for now… we should take advantage of the bath.

The king chuckles as the two go into the bathroom slamming the door behind them.