What NOT to do When You’re Already Expecting It

What NOT to do When You’re Already Expecting It

Posted on April 21, 2021 at 12:01 am by Brian Hollywood

I honestly must be a glutton for punishment.  Truly I am.  I never seem to know when to quit.  Yet here we are again…


Brian Hollywood versus Mike Best.


I think I’ve lost count how many times we’ve faced off alone since HOW reopened its doors.  I’ve lost every single one of those bouts but it seems like I always get further along in a match against him despite the result.  Most people would find that discouraging in a loosing effort.  Not me, though.  If I get further and further in lasting against Mike I just find that…progress.  I know, fucked up isn’t it?


However, last time I made a supposed god, bleed.  I know, hardly much to boast about.  Truth is I’m getting better despite what people might think…including Mike himself.  I’m starting to wonder if the guy will ever lose the HOFC Championship..but I’ll be fucking damned if I don’t try it myself…sometimes I’m still surprising myself.


Honestly, though, I’m starting to figure out what works and what doesn’t work against Mike.  Your mom, gay jokes and especially dick jokes don’t work against him.  Its agonizing to even try.  Doesn’t even make Mike budge…if you catch my drift…I know…fucking terrible.


In all seriousness, Mike…I’m starting to wonder if you’re getting tired.  You had to find the motivation to put Dan Ryan down which may have direct or indirectly been a problem with me a couple weeks ago…and then you had to re-evaluate yourself after a harder fought match against Scottywood that you wouldn’t likely admit was close..but you got creative in defeating him and I give you credit for pulling off that barbed wire knee you sent straight into Scottywood’s skull.  It’s got me wondering just what you’re going to do to me.  I mean, how many times have we faced off against each other now?


You’re getting tired of seeing me across that ring against you…whether it’s in the ring or on the USS Octane, I know you’re over it.  But I also know that I’m a punchline you’ll never get tired of facing.  Consider for a second, however, that I am.  It may have taken awhile for me to admit it’s hard to get around you..but I think I’m the one man in HOW that can say I not only enjoy fighting you in that ring, but I genuinely enjoy trying to figure you out.  The kicker is I can’t…but the secret is always leaving the option open to finding a way because there’s ALWAYS a fucking way.


Two close bouts back to back and I can’t help but to think you’re just fatigued.  You don’t want to be second fiddle.  You don’t want to be second best.  You’re too prideful to let that happen.  But you’re running out of steam and I’m going to be there when you do.  I know nobody is expecting the upset of the century when it comes to me even remotely having a chance at beating you…but I’ve defied the odds before.  Maybe…just maybe a win against you…just ONE chance at defeating you may be all I need to finally elevate me back up to the top of the mountain.  You’re not the only one who wants to win..but perhaps I just want to win badly more than you do.  Perhaps winning is something that just doesn’t inspire you anymore..but for a guy like me who is desperate for a win gives me a bit more meaning to fight you.


Call it whatever the fuck you want to, Mike, but I’ve been dying to beat you for quite some time now…I do hold a couple wins over you…but that was some time ago.  You’ve gotten better.  Much better…which makes you dangerous.


It also makes me just as dangerous.  (Insert laughter at that statement here.)  I may be a joke to you…but I’ve always tried bringing out my best against you.  You truly are the measuring stick when it comes to success here in HOW…but sometimes even the measuring stick needs to be..how do I say it?….remeasured. 


I’m going to give you another great, close contest again…one that you’ll probably try to brush under the rug.  I’m just going to keep coming at you and I just won’t fucking stop.


HOW is full of surprises and perhaps this one will result in me knocking your ass out!  A man has to try, though, right?  There’s that one bullet in the chamber and perhaps this is the one that puts you…..