WHAT in World is Better than STEVENSPEDIA? NOTHING!

WHAT in World is Better than STEVENSPEDIA? NOTHING!

Posted on March 4, 2020 at 6:56 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: HOW Headquarters
March 2, 2020, 11:30 AM

Clicky. Clack.

Clicky. Clack.

The sound of fingers hitting a keyboard.

Clicky. Clack.

Clicky. Clack.

The sound of fingers hitting a keyboard.

As we follow the sound, we see a bunch of bees buzzing around the office hive of HOW Headquarters in downtown, Chicago. The bees are buzzing around making copies, chatting with their fellow bees in the cubicle next to them. All the bees are doing what they are ordered to do. As we make our way through the aisles toward the last cubicle on the left we see a sight we have never seen before, Scott Stevens, in a cubicle.

Not as luxurious as you think is it?

When I accepted this position I was sold I would be able to do it at home and travel with the company while making over six figures. As you can see that isn’t true as I have to been in Chicago and work Monday through Friday in this cubicle prison and get my yard time on Saturdays when I am at the arena or travel with the company and my conjugal visits on Sunday when I return to Texas before having to do this shit all over again. I was promoted to a backstage position and given lots of responsibility for less than sixty thousand a year.  Lee said my pay his based on me not being a full time wrestler anymore. He pointed it out that I’’ like an emergency goalie in hockey and I’m on standby if needed, but it seems to me he’s been needing me more and more lately and this was his way to use me without fucking paying me.

However, there is no one to blame but myself for my situation, and for the foreseeable future I am stuck in this hell hole doing things that I love do for a shitty price and being on Lee’s beck and call whenever he wants to throw me into wrestling match whenever he feels like it.


The sound of a sigh coming from Stevens’ mouth is heard as he Texan wipes to his eyes to battle the fatigue that is already setting in. As the Texan’s hands slowly remove from his face we see the battle wounds from his match against the Hollywood Bruvs in the form of a shiner under the left eye courtesy of Kendrix’s Bellend finisher.

What is on the agenda for today?

Stevens is currently typing up content for the website with a, “This Day in HOW History” piece with the two major highlights being two men who have fallen into the abyss just as he has in Darin Zion and Brian Hollywood as the former Sex and Money stars win the ICON and LSD championships from Ray McAvay and Ryan McKenna.

“How the mighty have fallen.”

Stevens says to himself and he couldn’t have been more right because there was a time when Zion, Hollywood, and himself were competing at the top of the card on a regular basis.

Where are they now?

Brian Hollywood is trying to find himself and literally starting over by going to the Five Time Academy to rework on his wrestling training and competing in opening and lower mid-card matches. Very far cry from the man who held every championship when HOW went on hiatus in 2016 and the man who was almost the champion again in the HOW World Title Tournament.

Darin Zion went from World title challenger to basically being told you aren’t good enough to compete in a HOW ring and sent back to the independent scene. And yes, Zion is the current MVW Men’s Champion, but let’s been honest for a minute. How much is that on Zion or how much on that is McAvay bringing in a marketable name and making him the champion when Zion’s talents over the lesser MVW wrestlers because he’s been on the big stage before?

Then there is me.

What needs to be said that already hasn’t?

As Stevens types up his article for the website he hears his iPhone buzz and vibrate on the desk. The Texan stops typing to reach over and grab his phone to see he has a text message from Jack Dawson. Stevens opens the message and his tired expression quickly changes as his brow narrows and a breath of frustration escapes his nose as he reads the message.

“Scott. Don’t know if the interview will be up on time. It’s been difficult trying to get the eGG Bandits in the same place. Jiles always tells me he’s good with whenever, Bobby Dean’s phone is disconnected and I can’t find Doozer’s information. Do you have it?”

Stevens begins to punch rapidly on the screen.

“Call Cathy Evan in HR. She should have it.”

Stevens presses send and tosses the phone back on his desk.

“This is that bullshit I have to deal with on a daily basis.”

Stevens says to himself as he rubs his hands through his hair and pulls on it slightly before putting the finishing touches on his article.



With the article submitted, Stevens opens another tab on his browser and goes to the High Octane Television website and goes back to watching the matches “Modern Era” of HOW trying to finish off the year 2009 so he can progress to the next. As Stevens watches show number fifty from that year, slowly a head peaks into the opening of his cubicle.


The bald man with a five o’clock shadow yells causing the Texan to jump in his seat slightly.

“Hey Simon.”

Stevens replies after turning to see who wanted his attention.

“What you working on?”

The thin, but athletically built man asks as he walks into his cubicle drinking a protein shake.

“Same thing as yesterday. Trying to finish the stats from the 2009 year shows so I can move on and get the other shows done faster. 2009 drags because there are so many shows.”

Stevens says as Simon makes the annoying slurping sound with his straw to signal that it his empty and he disposes of the empty contents in Stevens’ trash can.

“Well just wanted to see if you wanted to come to lunch with us.”

Simon asks and Stevens makes the mistake of asking.

“Where you going?”

Simon is checking is phone as the Texan asks, and says not even eyeing the former World Champion.

“We are going to stop by the Starbucks on the corner and get some Unicorn Frappuccinos before heading down to MOD Pizza and getting a slice of avocado and kale pizza.”

Simon replies and the Stevens’ stomach starts to turn in disgust.

“Man, that sounds delicious, but unfortunately I can’t. Have to clean up a mess Jack Dawson got himself into with the eGG Bandits.”

Stevens replies.

“Yeah, you don’t want to get into it with the wET Bandits.”

Simon says halfway paying attention as he exits the cubicle and the Texan shakes his head before turning around in his chair to get back to work.

Later that day……

“And then POW!”

A thin, pale man with red hair and black, horn rimmed glasses shouts as he smashes his fist into his open palm and the group around him in the employee’s lounge beginning to giggle like a back of hyenas.

“That’s why our resident MEGA-Star has that shiner under his eye because of Kendrix’s knee. The bad ass from Texas got BRUV’D UP!”

The jackals laugh at their leader’s attempt at humor, but stop abruptly when the door swings open and the man of the water cooler talk walks inside. The Texan looks at the group and the avoid eye contact and start random conversations about the XFL and Netflix shows. Stevens parts through the uncertain tension and makes his way to the refrigerator. The Texan takes a long time looking in the ice box trying to find something before slamming the door.

“Where are they?”

Stevens asks in frustration and the man in the horn rimmed glasses replies.

“Where’s what?”

Stevens slowly turns around.

“You know what, my six pack of Dr. Peppers. I brought them in this morning and now they are not in here.”

Stevens says and the man in glasses smirks and replies.

“Oh those. Yeah sorry about that, but it was Andrew’s birthday today and we forgot to bring sodas so we thought we would use yours. You don’t mind, do you?”

The man asks as Stevens walks up to him and easily towers over the man.

“Not at all…..Adam.”

Stevens says in a sarcastic tone as he flips his badge on his shirt before turning to leave the lounge and Adam makes the mistake of opening his mouth again.

“You better walk away.”

Adam says under his breath causing the jackals to laugh again and Stevens stops and turns around.

“What did you say?”

Stevens asks as he approaches Adam.


Adam quickly responds.

“No. No. You said something or these idiots wouldn’t be cackling like a bunch of morons right now.”

Stevens says as he stands now in front of Adam.

“Now, what did you say?”

Stevens asks and Adam responds.

“That you better walk away.”

Stevens slides his tongue over teeth.

“Oh you think this is a joke?”

Stevens asks looking at Adam and his cronies.

“You think I want to be here?”

Stevens asks and Adam apparently put his big britches on this morning.

“I don’t think you working here is a joke. I think you are a joke.”

Adam says poking Stevens in his chest.

“I mean that performance you put on against the Bruvs proves how bad you really are. My second favorite wrestler gave you a nice shiner there.”

Adam says as he taps his face.

“Plus, I don’t like how you make us look bad by working so hard. I mean you been employee of the month two months in a row. You need to share the wealth bro before my first favorite wrestler really embarrasses you.”

Adam states and Stevens asks curiously.

“Who’s your favorite wrestler?”

Adam smirks and replies.

“Andy Murray.”

Stevens nods.

“I can help you out with that employee of the month thing.”

Stevens says before slapping the taste out of Adams mouth sending his glasses flying across the lounge. Stevens takes a few steps back and delivers a running knee to the face of Adam.

“Does Kendrix throw a knee like that?”

Stevens asks as he grabs Adam by his carrot top.

“I forgot, Kendrix does it with both. My bad.”

Stevens says as he places Adam between his legs and lifts him high into the air and executes a sickening powerbomb through the lounge table.

“I bet Andy Murray can’t perform a powerbomb like that, can he?”

Stevens asks the unconscious Adam. The jackals part like the Red Sea as Stevens steps over Adam and goes over to the lounge phone. The Texan hits a button on the phone and places the phone against his ear.

“Hey Bert, it’s Stevens.”


“Good. Good. How’s MVW and McAvay been?”


“That’s awesome. I’m calling because we had an accident in the break room and a table broke……don’t yell at me! It wasn’t my fault.”



Stevens hangs up the phone and the Red Sea parts again as he steps over Adam once again and exits the door before quickly popping his head back in.

“If ya’ll need me for anything I’ll be in my cubicle.”

Stevens states as he exits for a final time and Adam’s “friends” check on him.


I’ll say it.

Fuck Cayle Murray.

Fuck Andy Murray.

Can you tell I despise the Murray brothers?

You see, everyone tends to be star struck whenever Andy Murray is around and I told blame them. The man is a living legend and arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all time. Everywhere the man goes he dominates and he’s dominated from a very young age by blazing through the British independent scene before moving to the States and catching every major American promotion’s eye and turning into a bidding war for his services. GCW was the company that gained his services and he proceeded to the “King of GCW” after defeating LeStatt Knight and taking that company to the next level. After dominating the World title scene and destroying every company record they had he would continue to move from place to place like OCW, LoC, Wrestle UTA, among others and dominate.

You see, people can claim they are the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots, but does anyone know Jatt Starr outside HOW? What about Doozer outside of DREAM? Eugene Dewey or Eric Dane outside of DEFIANCE?

I don’t think so.

Andy Murray wins world titles where ever he goes. He has been named Wrestler of the Year in countless wrestling promotions and he been nominated in numerous Hall of Fames.

All of those accomplishments screams Greatness Personified.

However, just because you may be the greatest ever doesn’t excuse you from being the biggest DICK on the planet.

Did I really reveal my hand on the Twitter machine when I responded to Andy Murray’s snide comments about me? Or did I bait him?

You see, Andy Murray has all the talent in the fucking world and yes, I, Scott Stevens, am jealous of it. I came from a wrestling family, but just like him had to bust my ass to make it anywhere and he made it look easy. Everywhere he goes he’s an instant success while I have to prove myself time and time again so I am I little jealous of that, but that doesn’t harbor bias when I recognize talent. I’m not going to take away anything from Andy Murray when it comes to an in-ring performance.

My reminder to Andy about me spiking his head into the canvas was a reminder of our personal issues behind the scenes. Big Murr and Little Murr can spin however they like but everyone who was in DEFIANCE at the time of the UTA invasion they were called Big Dick and Little Prick behind the scenes.

If I’m lying, please correct me all mighty Murr.

The truth is, the Murray Brothers where having issues with the higher ups in DEFIANCE Wrestling and that explains some of the booking.

The Andy Murray that I faced on DEFIANCE TV was not the same Andy Murray that puts on five star classics or is winning championships. The Andy Murray I faced was the self-absorbed guy, money hungry tyrant, piece of shit who took his ball and went home after his contract expired and made it difficult to work with the entire time he was there. That is why when you watch our match we were beating the hell out of each other and I did what I did because fuck Andy Murray.

Cayle Murray is just as bad if not worse. A talented guy, but riding his big brother’s coattails and living off of his scraps. Cayle Murray was the DEFIANCE champion during the UTA invasion and he dropped the title to another DEFIANCE wrestler. Tell me what kind of shady shit is that? Cayle refused to drop the title to me or any other UTA guy. That’s why when Murr talked his shit off his brother owning me he’s leaving out details. A compromise was made and Cayle agreed to work with me, but the first title defense ended in a draw and the second I lost with two seconds left in the match. May I remind you that was my first loss ever in DEFIANCE. Little Murray arranged I had to lose to him if I wanted another shot at the title. Cayle dropped his title to a guy a bitch slap around on a daily basis. He purposely sabotaged and devalued a company’s World title because he wasn’t happy. Fuck Cayle Murray.

Now Andy’s come full circle and stepping into the land of High Octane. A place he should’ve been a part of years ago. The man probably would’ve been in the Hall of Fame as well as winning multiple championships and people would say he’s better than Mike Best and Jatt Starr.

However, he got complacent.

He got greedy.

He got to the point he didn’t need to scratch that itch anymore until what he was found in a cardboard box somewhere begging for change? Going to the local malls, subways, and other places selling autographs and pictures for twenty bucks a pop?

I’m looking forward to stepping into the ring with you again Andy because I want to face the real you not that piece of shit I faced years ago. I want to test my skills against one of the absolute best and if I get beat than I get beat no excuses.

I don’t make excuses, that’s your partner’s job.

Perfection is one loss away from quitting and never to be seen from again and that’s a fact and you unfortunately know it.

My advice to you is you better make your partner is ready because he’s been talking a lot of shit for someone who hasn’t stepped foot in the ring yet. I don’t know about you but James Ranger was hungry last show. We will have the kinks worked out of our tag team, but he was on fire until the miscommunication where the Bruvs to advantage. This is the hungriest I’ve ever seen Black Mamba and that should have you two worried because if he single-handedly was dominating the Bruvs for a short period you don’t think he can do that to you?

As far as I’m concerned, we are going to bring the fight to you and we hope you’re ready.