What a Loser

What a Loser

Posted on July 8, 2021 at 7:09 pm by Steve Harrison


Oh, for fucks sake, I have to respond to this?

I mean, just pick a promo, they are all the same.

I find your ‘insults,’ and I say that lightly, to be repetitive nonsense.  Your attempt at catching me before hand was smart but extremely lacking in foresight.  Did you honestly think I was going to be angered by another man saying my dick was small?

Are we in High School?

Are you scoping my dick in the shower after gym class?

Hell man, you need to do a Dooze and Don’ts on a ‘you might be gay if,” for yourself.  I can help you crawl out of the closet and accept yourself that is fine because I don’t care about how you look or who you bang.  I care about making it, so I don’t have to listen to your drivel anymore.

Is this all you have?

It is the same exact promo except now you name drop Mike Best and Lee Best and put an invitation out to my bro 4th Wahl to gobble up what remains I leave after I eviscerate you in the cage.

I will give you credit for replacing Cancer Jiles mentions to dick jokes, you got me there, genius.

I find it amusingly sad that you continually ask me to learn from your mistakes when you put out more mistakes CURRENTLY then Jatt Starr has ridiculous nicknames.  You are obsessed with the past, you are obsessed with childish jokes, and you are obsessed with trying to get the BEST out of me.  Look man, it was stupid the first time but deciding to call me lazy after you have now cut three promos with less authenticity then women’s dialogue written by Incels is not going to get any admiration from me.

You are the James Harden of wrestling defense, bud.  I just went by you and you just shrugged it off and walked up the court claiming you did all you could.  You are a weak-minded man child falling over your own feet claiming someone tripped you.  You have been tripping yourself all week and if you want me to finish it off with assaulting your neck and putting you back in the hospital just say so and we can commence with the party.  I am certain that is the only time anyone gives you any attention these days.

I am thrilled you have good memories of your father, Dooze.  I am certain that will help you when we fight inside a cage.

That is sarcasm, nobody cares about another story about you as a child since you still act like a child.

I don’t care about your age when it comes to this match.  I have lost to people older than me.  I have never said your age is the reason I will win this match.  Age will be the reason you cannot get up when your brain smacks against your skull again and you black out for which could possibly be the last time.

One day I am not allowed to mention how slow you are and then the next you admit I am faster.  Please take some ginkgo biloba because your memory is horrible.  That might be an age thing as well, you dried up dirty sponge.  You just can’t take any more information into that dull brain of yours huh…felt like I needed to explain that to you because every day has seemed like a day you contradict yourself.

You may as well just walk into the cage and dive headfirst into it because you are doing far more damage to yourself then I ever could.

I am aware of who Lee Best is and what happens when you don’t compete up to his standards.  You say I could be Zion or even worse…the even worse is you, right?

Kicked out.

Begged for his job back.

Getting absolutely demolished per usual.

Asking if he can get some more lemon pledge.

Don’t worry, if I ever disappear and let my teammates down, I will make sure to stay gone.

You can’t even do that right.

HOFC hasn’t been kind to me the last two times out so I am very focused on this match and while you stare at my bulge I will be kicking, punching, and kneeing you back into oblivion.

Anything you build that you believe is good will be torn down by me because you are here to just sustain my appetite for victory, Dooze.

Sayonara loser.