Well… That happened

Well… That happened

Posted on May 22, 2024 at 9:04 pm by Bobbinette Carey

Dearest gentle readers, our countryside has been a flutter with gossip; while our “Queen” has been away. As per usual Our great king has been running our blessed Kingdom. He has been dining with dignitaries, and making sure our seasons and fields are prosperous. Forsaking her queenly duties she has been more concerned about her “career” in America than actually helping lead this country. Could the king have made a mistake by marrying an outsider? This author thinks that the king could have chosen any eligible woman in this country yet he chose her…whether I won’t question if it was for her appearance or for bridging a gap between our relationship with Americans. One might speculate it was a publicity stunt no more suited than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey. This temporary sling will soon be ended when the king’s eyes have been opened realizing an outsider was never the right choice. One can only hope the king’s eyes are opened before it’s too late.

Mama Tongo




We see the now familiar castle which Bobbinette Carey and her king reside in. They aren’t being classically royal in the sense of sitting upon a throne and seeing people. But instead we find the couple on a couch together. They king sitting facing the TV with a pillow over his lap and Bobbinette’s head resting comfortably. He Stokes her hair as he smiles looking down at her. She closes her eyes smiling as the two sit in silence.


The king: It is almost time…


He says as his smile fades. She shakes her head no.


The king: we changed your cell phone number to avoid unpleasant calls,but you cannot hide away from the world…


His voice sounds soft and reassuring. She cuddles, turning onto her side looking up at him.


Bobbinette: I did that for months.


The king: You’ve already done that, my queen you don’t hide from any weaker being.


She pouts, sighing as she forces herself to sit up.


Bobbinette: I was promised a break.


The king: You had a week of respite my love. You have to go back to the states. As much as it displeases me that these events keep needing you… you have signed a contract and if we do not hold ourselves to the importance of a contract we are no better than these dandruff monsters.


She turns and kisses him smiling.


Bobbinette: My king is as smart as he is handsome.


The king: My queen’s flattery will not delay the necessity of you to board the plane soon.


She stands up looking like she’s attempting not to throw a fit.


Bobbinette: It’s a singles match. Against a singular person that I can’t find the energy or words to insult.


He raises an eyebrow at him.


Bobbinette: Missing boy band fourth brother of mmmbop group?


She shakes her head.


Bobbinette: eh… no.


The king raises an index finger.


The King: Beloved be careful… the last time you wrestled a singles match keeps calling your old phone…


Bobbinette shudders in disgust.


Bobbinette: The difference is Ward actually is someone in HOW. He isn’t… Ward has been around for years.


The king raises an eyebrow.


The king: Complimenting him now? Should I be worried about your relationship with him?


He teases.


Bobbinette: If the guards weren’t here I would do something to you… fine I’ll shave it for my match this week.


She warns. He laughs waving his hand. She leans down and kisses him before exiting their private living quarters. Her smile fades as she walks back in quickly.


Bobbinette: Dear while I’m gone, any chance we could get to the bottom of those “mama Tongo.” Papers that go out all the time?


The king nods in silence as she blows a kiss and leaves the room again. She looks through her new phone seeing a message.


Bobbinette: How did he get this number?


She says with a growl as She walks down the halls with her guards forming behind her.


Bobbinette: I mean maybe Evan could sauteed Noah or something.


She says with a thought. She shakes her head quickly, shuddering.


Bobbinette: Nope… Never mind.. not opening that can of worms. I’ll handle Noah myself.


Her guards don’t agree or say anything. The guards face forward awaiting orders.


Bobbinette: Seriously… I wouldn’t want to be across from me in the ring. I’m irritated, I had to leave home and I have to deal with a new kid who is trying to do something… with Mike. I hope Mike asks him to the prom or whatever the hell it is Noah is trying to get done. Let’s just go get this over with….


The more she talks the more annoyed her face twists and contorts to. She exits the castle to an awaiting car with diplomatic flags on it as the camera fades out.




Noah Hanson… normally I’d like to welcome people here but seeing how you were friends with Zion and Hollywood I don’t have much hope for you….


I mean the names of the people that you considered friends… you can’t be as dire for Mike best when you are friends with curtain jerkers. It doesn’t speak much to the hopes of your future or where you’re going to go at all when those are the people you hang out with or used to hang out with.


I mean I’ve heard of you and pretty much every time I hear anything about you it’s you talking about Mike best.

Oh my God what a fangirl infatuation you have it’s disgusting. “I beat mike! Mike best Mike best Mike best you” have no personality aside from your obsession with Mike best. Like it’s mean girls and you are 100% Kady obsessed with the plastics in mean girls.


Noah no one gives a fuck about your past. No one even cares about you “beating” Mike. But you hold onto that buddy…


This is your first match against me. I don’t care what you think about me, honestly if I could I would be in Africa enjoying my time with my husband but no instead I am having to deal with you. War games is coming up and you know what comes to mind when I think of your name? Nothing. You’re not impressive, you don’t stand out… you came here for what reason? Because oh wait…Mike. You need to get a better song because man is that got old quick.


But you beat Mike, your purpose in life has finally been fulfilled! You have something to hang your hat on congratulations! Now go away… quit wasting everyone else’s time. Kthnxbai