Well, let’s amp this up

Well, let’s amp this up

Posted on August 9, 2022 at 4:02 pm by Chris Kostoff

No need for a big intro. He is standing in his gym, shaking his head as he watches Lee run his man pleaser. He takes his cell phone and throws it against the Smith Machine. As the phone shatters, he spins around. By the veins bulging in his arms and across his scarred chest, you can tell he has been working out heavy. His eyes red in anger as he wipes sweat off his face.


Kostoff; Mother fucker you have made this personal since day fucking one. You have always had to make some cunt remark about my family. So serious eat a dick.


Kostoff: Mike will end me? Mother fucker please. His bitch ass couldn’t get it done at any point in time throughout his career. What makes you think Jr can do it now?


Kostoff: And your grandson? Oh send that little Mother fucker my way. You think he is evil? I’ll show you evil. You want to talk about digging up my dead wife?


He leans into the camera. Sweat drips from head and onto the camera screen.


Kostoff: Look mother fucker…this is what I will do come Sunday. I’ll beat you within a inch of your life. Your grand boy shows up, I’ll fucking rip his eye out, hold in down by your half dead carcass and skull fuck him using the blood from his skull as lube. I’ll make you watch in horror as there will be nothing you can do to stop me. Then as he lays there brained, I’m going to gut you like a fucking fish and dump you onto the grave. I’ll pick baby boy up and hold his head in the grave so he can cry good bye as I burry your sorry ass.


Kostoff: I got ya fuck face.


Kostoff: You said I made it personal? Well now we are taking this to a whole new level of anger.


Kostoff: See ya soon bitch..


Kostoff rears back and punches the camera out of the camera man’s hand. With the thud the glass shatters as the scene goes dark