Warning Shots

Warning Shots

Posted on July 7, 2023 at 9:42 am by Scott McKlayn

“I do not care so much what I am to others as I care what I am to myself.”
― Michel de Montaigne

It had only been a short time since the sensational social media siblings of Raziel and Alexandria Reynolds had decided to storm the doors of High Octane Wrestling, the duo created a buzz with their decision but quietly along with them came their close friend Scott McKlayn.

While most of the general press and dirt sheets focused on the debut of the wealthy trust fund babies the keen eyed wrestling fans eyes quickly opened at the sight of McKlayn in the ring. Physically imposing and technically sound he impressed week one in his debut. Still it was the loss Raziel took against HOW hall of famer Bobbinette Carey that took front in center on the newsfeed after the two in ring debuts. Despite this HOW proved they did not let the media attention control their booking as Scott was given an HOTv title shot in his following match, his defeat once again was drowned out by the echoes of Raziel picking up his first win.

Some may make the assumption that this would cause a problem between the duo of Raziel and Scott.

They would be wrong.

Scott intended on cementing himself as a legend in the ring, as clearing up his father’s legacy and carving out one of his own in the wrestling industry. Despite all this he knew he had more than one skeleton in his closet and things were heating up to a degree that being out of the spotlight was more than beneficial for the man. Skeletons that seemed to multiply week after week.

“WHY ARE YOU JUST NOW TELLING ME!,” The voice of Alexandria was a bit of a loud whisper as she tried to contain herself as she spoke to Scott McKlayn in the back of a limo. She was dressed in a long black silk dress as she prepared for a meet and greet to push their ‘brand’ for the upcoming High Octane events.

The anger and shock in her voice was matched by the look of dread on her face. Scott tried to hush her a bit as he spoke to her in a low voice.

“You were kind of busy, your always pretty damn busy Lexie,” he explained “You had your plate full with mine and Raziel’s title matches so I figured I could work it myself, but so far it’s been radio silence,”

“Scott, for god’s sake I appreciate you no trying to pile more on my plate but when you find a dead body and get some creepy phone calls threatening to frame you for it, i think that merits a face to face meeting,”

Scott sighed “Look he didn’t exactly threaten to frame I just..,”

“JUST WHAT SCOTT,” Her voice raised and he motioned for her to hush again

“I was worried for your security, I didn’t want you involved because I thought it might be to dangerous,”

She rolls her eyes and huffs “That is some macho bullshit, if anyone has the means to provide protection here I think we both know its me,”

Scott’s teeth grind at her words. He took a minute and spoke through gritted teeth “I am sure your money can buy a lot of things, but let’s not forget it was ME who took care of the problem you and Raziel had a few months back. Taking care of that problem is what got us in this mess,”

She replied with another sigh before speaking “That came out wrong, this is just crazy. Look, we need to be careful and..,”

As she speaks the window to the front opens as the limo comes to a stop and the driver speaks to them “Miss Reynolds we have arrived,”

“Thank you Carl,” She replied “Give us just a minute,”

“Yes ma’am,” she then turned her attention back to Scott “look we really need to figure this out, it’s starting to get scary but there is nothing we can do about it right now. Let me handle this press and tonight we will meet up in our spot to come up with a plan,”

“Fine,” He replied and she leans in to give him a kiss

“Take care ok, I can’t lose you,”

He smirks a bit as he replies “Growing fond of me are you?,”

She rolls her eyes “Don’t get the big head, now I got to go,”

He nods as she slides out of the vehicle heading to the waiting horde of press leaving Scott alone with his thoughts. He had an entire afternoon to figure out what to do about this issue before having to meet up with Lexie to discuss the bigger issue at hand with their little stalker. Still as urgent of an issue as it was, as dangerous to him and those he cared for as this Stranger was, whenever he would try to figure out the next step his mind would drift back to his upcoming match in HOW.

Scott was determined to make a legacy and yet he currently was sitting at a meager 1-1, and was booked this week in a meaningless triple threat match to open the show. The promoter wanted a hot match to warm the crowd up. The two other men in the match were interesting choices, Kostoff was the man Scott had beaten in his debut match and Dan Ryan.

Dan Ryan was an interesting name, Dan Ryan was an opportunity for Scott. The man sits right up under Solex in the rankings. An impressive record of 6-0, defeating a name like this would be a nice notch in the belt for Scott. An impressive leap up the proverbial ladder of success for the newcomer. It was a win like this, a chance to pin a big name like Ryan would be something he could hang his hat on to keep his name relevant within the halls of HOW. The near 300 pound 6 foot 7 beast that is Dan Ryan would be a win that would help to cement the name of Scott McKlayn in the minds of the fans that fill the arena each and every week for HOW.

These were the thoughts he struggled with in the last moments of the day as he killed his time waiting to meet up with Lexie. As the time passed away he came no closer to thinking of a solution or even a first step in the bigger problem, the stranger who was willing to kill innocents as they threatened to bring Scott to justice for ‘what’ he had done.

“Their Spot” was actually the center of a giant hedge maze in the back of the Reynolds estate. A large fountain that was extremely romantic under the moonlight, It was one of the few blind spots in the security system so it was the perfect spot for us to meet up and sneak into her room. The hedge maze was also extremely complex and took a while to traverse, it was one of those things that proved just how rich her family was to afford something so extravagant yet so utterly useless. It took him about 15 minutes to navigate to the meeting point but once he made it through the maze what he saw was the embodiment of all his fears.


Laying on the ground in front of the fountain with her hands and feet bound with nylon ropes, an open wound on her forehead from where she had been bludgeoned with some sort of blunt object. He rushed to check on her, after he made sure she was breathing he quickly turned around. Glancing in every direction to make sure they were still alone, before he could do much more his phone began to ring. He knew what it was, who it was. At least to some degree, his body began to tremble with rage as he slowly glanced down at his phone to see the same scrambled up name that had been haunting his thoughts for over a month now. Slowly he answered.

“What the FUCK!,” Scott screamed into the phone “What the hell is wrong with you, you fucking mad man,”

A low chuckle came across the phone as a reply “I am not the mad man Scott, I am simply the bringer of justice. You are the truly evil one, a true demon spawn who needs to be dealt with. This is simply what happens when you think you have ANY power to stop me, it doesn’t matter how much money your little princess has, it doesn’t matter the darkness in your soul, I will bring you to justice,”

“If you think I did something so evil, if you have some sort of way to bring me to justice then why haven’t you!,”

“I’m having fun,”

With that the line goes dead as the “stranger” hangs up on his end. Scott takes a few moments seething before the voice of Lexie is heard.

“Scott.. Scott..,” she coughs a bit, her voice weak and still groggy. He turns to help her up to a sitting position as she comes too.

“Are you ok?,” He questions, taking off his shirt to try to help stop the blood.

“I think.. Where did he go? Did you get him?,”

Scott shakes his head no as he tries his best to untie the ropes “No, he was gone before I got here. What did he look like? Did you see him?,”

“No, I mean I was coming through the maze and then something hit me hard on my head, that’s the last thing I remember. I heard you on the phone though, it was him wasn’t it?,”

“Yea, he was here in your fucking yard. We aren’t safe, I think I should go to the cops,”

“No,” She demands, her voice getting closer to normal as the grogginess wears off “We can’t, I can tell my father I was attacked. He will think it was some sort of stalker or something, even let the press know. It will up our security and get cameras on us. What we did though, that can’t come out. We can figure this out,”

“I can’t let them hurt you,”

“Then you can stay with me,” She insisted. “I will just suggest you be brought in as security, please give me time we can figure this out. I can’t have you going to prison, I ..,”

She pauses a moment as if she is struggling to find the right words, finally she smirks “I would be hard pressed to find a guy with a body like you, who can also teach my dopey little brother how to wrestle. We have kind of committed to that wrestling thing pretty hard, come on help me up,”

He sighs a bit as he finishes untying her and helps her up. “Ok we do it your way for now, but If anything else happens to you…,”

“It will be fine,”

Her words were weak but it was her arrogance that worried Scott the most. This stranger had killed a man already and now proved he could get to her at her home, whoever it was posed a serious threat, one that Scott had to figure out how to deal with as soon as possible. Still somehow he had to do that while putting on a front and preparing for a match at HOW, because it seemed this stranger only took serious action when he felt Scott was trying to be the aggressor. So for now, everything had to be business as usual…