Warning Shot

Warning Shot

Posted on February 10, 2024 at 7:23 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Evansville, Indiana: Ford Center

Date: January 23, 2024

The scene opens to the inside of the Ford Center, and we see the daughter of Scott Stevens, Emma, dressed in wrestling attire, and nervously pacing back and forth mumbling to herself. Her gear consists of the style of the women from the Orient, and her platinum blonde hair done in braids and exposing her shaved side as an homage to her favorite wrestler suddenly comes to a stop when a large shadow steps in front of her.

“What’s wrong?”

The familiar voice of her father breaks the silence as Scott sees his daughter chewing at her thumbnail.

“I’m nervous.”

Emma replies as her father simply chuckles.

“I can see that, but isn’t this what you been waiting for?”

Scott asks and Emma shakes her head.

“Sooooooooooo……..what’s wrong?”

Scott asks as a concerned father and Emma sighs.

“I don’t know…..what if I mess up? What if they don’t like me? What if…..”

Emma begins to ramble before Scott grabs his daughter by the shoulders to calm her.

“Who cares?”

Scott replies and his daughter looks shocked by the statement.


She replies as if she misheard her father who simply nods.

“That’s right.”

Emma looks at her father confused.

“But I thought you always cared what people thought about you?”

Scott chuckles and shakes his head.

“Emma, that is part of the Scott Stevens character, but Scott Stevens the person could care less. Even as we speak, I have people that say I’m a joke, I’m worthless, I’m this, and I’m that. Those same people that say these things say them from the comfort of their own soft as fuck companies or they try to say it with a straight face knowing I’m not afraid to step up to them. I have been in this profession a long time and I have done a lot of things and made a lot of money. Besides, if I wasn’t worth a fuck, none of it would’ve happened.”

Stevens explains to his daughter before cracking a smirk.


Emma starts, but is immediately cut off.

“But what? You get booed? Who gives a fuck. It’s not like I wasn’t booed in my career. Hell, I’ve been booed the majority of my career and I used their hate to fuel me and make them hate me even more. Now, if you are worried about losing you need to get over that. No wrestler ever goes undefeated, ever. Hell, outside of Kostoff, I think I lead HOW in losses if we check the records, but I still stand a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest to step in the ring.”

The statement seems to calm Emma’s nerves a little.

“Emma, you are the daughter of not only myself, but your mother, Lisa Barbosa-Stevens. Two, Hall of Fame wrestlers from two legendary wrestling families.”

Scott pauses for a moment before continuing.

“I know that can be a huge burden because you are expected to be a Stevens or a Barbosa, but I say fuck that.”

Emma looks up at her father confused.

“What are you saying?”

Emma asks cautiously and her father smiles.

“You want to be a Stevens? Great. You want to be a Barbosa? Awesome. You want to be both? Super. You want to say fuck it, and just be EMMA? Then do it!”

Scott says emphatically before collecting himself a placing his hands on his daughter’s cheeks and kissing her on top of her head.

“Because at the end of the day, you have to forge your own path and whatever path you forge, you will make us all proud.”

Scott reassures his daughter who smiles back with confidence.

“Thanks dad, I needed that.”

Emma’s music hits and she slowly turns and heads towards gorilla before looking back at her father one more time before making her way through the curtain.

“What was that about?”

Scott’s wife and Emma’s manager, Lisa asks as she comes into view.

“Pep talk to calm her nerves.”

Lisa arches a brow.

“Nerves? Since when is she nervous?”

Lisa asks and Scott nods.

“Well, I better get out there.”

Lisa informs her husband, but Scott grabs her arm and pulls her back before planting a passionate kiss on her and smacking her on the butt to send her on her way.

“She’ll be fine!”

Lisa shouts as she scampers off to catch up to her daughter.

“I know.”

Scott mumbles to himself as he moves towards a corner to watch his daughter’s first ever professional match.

Location: San Antonio, Texas: Stevens Household

Date: February 5, 2024

Inside the Stevens household, we see Scott and his wife, Lisa, watching Chaos 54 on HOTv.

“Interesting night so far.”

Lisa says to her husband as she leans places her head onto his chest.

“Indeed, it has been.”

Scott replies after the couple have watched Silent Witness tear through Scottywood and witness two massive upsets as Hugo Scorpio defeated Teddy Palmer and Jackson Cooley beats The Last Man in Wrestling. John Sektor and Drew Mitchell put on a star-studded match up for the HOTv championship.

“The world title match is left, correct?”

Lisa asks and Scott replies through gritted teeth.


The reply gets Lisa’s attention.

“Now what?”

She asks and Scott lets out a sigh.

“It should be me in there.”

Scott informs, but his places her hand on his right cheek and pulls his face towards her.

“I know, but there is nothing you could do about it.”

Stevens nods in agreement.

“I know, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Scott replies as Bryan McVay hypes up the Main Event of the evening. The couple continue to watch as challenger and champion make their way out for the match.

“This should be good.”

Lisa responds as Townsend and Best faceoff, but Scott doesn’t answer as he just stares at the television. As the couple watch the match, Lisa pops off of her husband’s chest to a seated position as Townsend hit the muscle buster and locked in the single leg crab of DOOM, but Scott remained in his seat and watches patiently before flicking his tongue over his teeth as Mike rakes the eyes of the official.

“Cheating bastard.”

Lisa blurts out as Scott shifts his eyes her way before turning them back to the screen. They continue to watch as Townsend tries to fight, but Michael lays him out with a second knee to the face and watch in hashtag, predictable fashion, as Mike’s hand is raised in victory.

“Townsend almost beat him. He was so close.”

Lisa says aloud and Stevens shakes his head.

“No, he wasn’t.”

Scott replies coldly as he gets up off of the couch and turns to leave the living room when his wife’s words cause him to turn around.

“What the hell?!?!?!?”

They both watch as Mike is beaten down by a hooded assailant. Scott gains interest in the attack and sits back down on the couch. However, he lets out a sigh as soon as the attacker reveals himself to be the returning Noah Hanson.

“How disappointing.”

Stevens says before getting back off of the couch and exiting the living room.

Location: San Antonio, Texas: Stevens Household

Date: February 6, 2024

Buzz. Buzz.

Buzz. Buzz.


The sound of buzzing and illumination over Scott Stevens’ face causes him to awaken from his slumber.

“What the hell….”

Stevens mumbles to himself as he sees the time on the clock reads 2:00 AM before reaching for his phone to silence the buzzing before placing it onto his chest with the screen downward to avoid the light waking up his wife. Scott wipes the sleep from his eyes before he grabs the phone and hits the screen and narrows his eyes when he sees the name who has texted him this early in the morning, Lee Best. Scott unlocks the screen and opens up the messages.

Hey Dickhead!
I know you’re still in your feelings because I haven’t heard from you since contract negotiations.
Fuck off and get over it.
You have a match against Mamba this week.
Show up or continue playing with the Evil Empire.
Your choice.

Stevens places the phone back on the nightstand and turns over and goes back to sleep.


In my lifetime there has been only a handful of times when I was truly happy.

Marrying my lovely wife.

The birth of my children.

HOW World title victories.

HOW Hall of Fame induction.

Watching the shitshow that was Chaos 54.

And what a shit show it was. The Final Alliance was supposed to be flying high in victory, instead they went down in a blaze of failure.

First round draft pick, Teddy Palmer making Hugo Scorpio look like “Main Event” level talent and the Last Man in Wrestling just got beat by Lindsay Troy in a PRIME Blue suit if she was a man. Not very “heroic or manly” of you Solex to let down the boss. Maybe, if you would’ve laid off of the STRONKumms, you would’ve found your balls and beaten Cooley and showed everyone why you’re the supposed favorite to win our group. However, you two are looking like JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf at this point.

Congrats on the main event by the way. You do know your son and 97 Red won’t be seen on television until March and the challenger won’t show up until his fat ass fucking feels like it.

Good job there Q-Ball.



You hyped up this big mystery like a major player was coming back.

Mario Maurako.

Paul Paras.

Conor Fuse.

Cecilworth Farthington.

Hell, even the resurrected, Max Kael, would’ve been more interesting than the supposed “Story Driven Character” who’s only story is driven by the losses his character will face in the very near future starting with Evan Ward as he kicks the shit out of his eleven herbs and spices because that’s truly, finger licking good.

You want me to get over it?


I will because Chaos 54 showed you made some very bad decisions and if I have to win this fucking tournament to get what I should’ve received on the very first show of the new year then so be it because nothing, or no one will stop me not even my opponent this week, James Ranger, better known as, Black Mamba.

Why are you back Mamba?

Got the itch to return and thought you might ride the lightning bolt to March 2 Glory and strike gold?

Why are you back?

Is it to a poor attempt at a Vote 4 Stevens campaign to try and secure votes for the Hall of Fame on the next voting ballot?


It’s been almost two years since you have returned to disappoint us with your presence inside of a HOW ring, and no one knows better than this disappoint than yours truly because you and I were supposed to win Tag Team gold and you let me down.

I tried being patient.

I tried being forgiving.

I tried being reasonable.

However, sometimes the excuses have to end and when I ended our partnership you slithered back into obscurity where you belonged until now.

Consider this a professional courtesy Mamba when I tell you not to show up this Monday and forfeit the match.

I’m not playing with you because something precious was taken from me by Mike Best with help from Jatt fucking Starr and I want it back and if you interfere, I will hurt you like you’ve never been hurt before and you’ve endured a lot in your HOW career.

You’ve been Bottomlined.

You’ve been crucified.

You’ve been skinned.

You’ve had your name taken away from you.

You have my respect James and you’ve always had it because like me you been shit on by HOW and you knock the bullshit off and keep on going, but they did that to you because it was a game for them and I’m not playing games here. You need to realize that if you show up for our match, I am going beat you worse than Ethan Cavanaugh did when he was beating Christopher America on a daily basis. When you look up at me with swollen eyes and broken orbital bones begging me to stop as the blood spews from your lips just know I’ll severe the snake’s head and put you down, but not as an act of mercy, but as a glimpse of what is to come in the LBI.

You’ve been warned.