War Games Season

War Games Season

Posted on April 1, 2022 at 6:58 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Houston, Texas: Zoo
April 1, 2022: Time: 9:30 am

“Mommy. Mommy. Hurry up!”

A kid shouts as the image comes into focus and we see a boy about ten years of age sprinting across the crowded parking lot as a mildly attractive, blonde woman power walks behind him.

“Slow down Edward!”

The mother shouts to her son, but he simply turns around and waves her to hurry up on this crisp, sunny morning. As the mom finally reaches her son, we see that are standing outside of the Houston Zoo.

“Come on. Come on.”

Edward impatiently tells his mom as she goes through her emails looking for their tickets as they walk up to the entrance to make their way into the park. Edward’s mom finds the email and the attendant scans her phone.

“Have a nice day.”

The attendant greets them as Edward and his mom enter the zoo.

“Where to first?”

The mom asks, but Edward doesn’t reply as he immediately takes off.


The mom yells, but Edward is already gone as the youngster makes a run for it. After a good five or so minutes, Edward comes to a stop by the aviary section of the zoo which is next to the big cat section. The kid puts his hands behind his head as he tries to catch his breath and looks around to see which way he wants to go when he sees something odd in the distance. This is acknowledged by his confused look on his face and his head being slightly tilted trying to figure out what he’s looking at. As he goes to take a look we see someone in the distance hiding behind a bush looking straight ahead. As we get closer we see that someone is Scott Stevens.

“What are you saying? What are you planning?”

The Texan mumbles to himself as he looks forward and over his shoulder we see a lion, a peacock, a bald eagle, and a king vulture.

“What you doing mister?”

The question startles Scott who quickly turns around and sees Edward standing there. Scott grabs the boy’s arm and pulls him down.


Stevens says and motions with his index finger across his lips.

“They’ll hear you.”

Stevens whispers to Edward who appears confused.


The boy asks puzzled.

“The Board.”

The Texan replies quietly as he slowly raises his head and sees that the animals are looking the other way.

“Whew…..that was close.”

Scott says to Edward as he wipes the sweat from his forehead. Edward looks to be more confused than ever, but he repeats his first question.

“What are you doing?”

Stevens turns his attention to the boy.

“I’m on Safari. What else would I be doing?”

Stevens replies as he rolls his eyes in annoyance as if being dressed like Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park wasn’t the obvious giveaway. Scott raises his head up and looks once more towards “The Board” before nodding.

“The coast is clear. Time to go.”

Stevens slowly crawls passed the bush before slowly rising to his feet and dusting himself off before unzipping one of the pockets on his tactical vest and reaching inside and pulling out a map of the Houston Zoo.

“Where are you?”

Scott mumbles to himself as he gazes at the map.

“What are you looking for?”

The boy asks with curiosity in his tone.

“I’m looking for STRONKs.”

Stevens replies and the boy looks even more confused than before he met Scott.

“What do they look like?”

The boy asks and Scott lowers the map and thinks for a second.

“Short. About three hundred pounds. Ill tempered and violent because it only has one testicle left.”

Stevens informs Edward who shrugs.

“Maybe I can help you find this…..STRONK….”

Edward’s reply stop Scott who looks at the boy as he slowly folds the map back up and puts it back into his pocket.

“Sure, why not. I mean if something happens I can always push you in front of me while I escape.”

Scott mumbles under his breath.

“What was that?”

The kid asks not fully hearing everything.

“I said, welcome to the team!”

Scott feigns excitement as he extends his hand.

“What’s your name kid?”


The kid replies and shakes Scott’s hand.

“Nice to meet you Edward. I’m Scott.”

With the pleasantries over the tandem begin to walk through the big cat section of the zoo.

“How old are you kid?”

Stevens asks before ducking behind a trash can and peering around the side.

“I’m ten and what are you doing?”

Edward asks and Stevens shoots him a look.

“Ducking and weaving. What else?”

Stevens shakes his head.

“And why are you doing this?”

Stevens takes a final look around the trash can before getting to his feet and walking again.

“To catch STRONK by surprise. If he catches your scent or you try to come at him head on is very dangerous because he’s very fast despite his size and he’s stronger than a gorilla.”

Stevens informs the boy whose eyes get wide.

“You said you were ten?”

Edward nods.

“I have a son who is your age.”

“Why isn’t he here hunting STRONKs with you?”

The question stops the Texan in his tracks and he lets out a sigh.

“I lost him in a custody battle a few years ago and now he lives out of state with his new family, the Solexes. Ever since Steve and Clay got hitched they always wanted a son who can achieve more than them and little Scotty already has because he’s a Stevens a heart.”

Scott says proudly and a little choked up before continuing to walk.

“I’m sure you will see him soon.”

Edward says in reassurance and Scott nods in agreement.

“I know I will……”

Stevens stops mid-statement when he sees a cage with a cougar inside. He makes his way over to the enclosure and begins to tap on the glass. The cougar ignores him at first, but gets agitated when Stevens begins to pound on it.


Scott shouts loudly as the cougar roars and takes a swipe at the glass.


Scott shouts obnoxiously as he throws up the double shocker hand sign before turning back to the main path.

“What was that? Didn’t you say we have to be quiet?

The boy asks and Scott chuckles.

“I was just saying hi to my boy Shasta is all.”

Stevens replies before jumping over one of the benches and looking around underneath before getting to his feet.

“I thought I saw a STRONK, but it looked more like a Fourth Wahl.”

Stevens says to Edward as he dusts himself off as Edward looks and sees a very obese man wearing a Chicago White Sox jersey with a Joe Dirt-esque beard walk by.

“So that’s what a STRONK looks like?”

The boy asks and Stevens shakes his hand side to side.

“Sort of. That big but more muscular.”

Scott replies and the boy nods. Stevens motions to Edward to start moving and when they walk they pass by a cackling hyena.

“I don’t know what is so funny Arthur. You have no contract and PRIME doesn’t want you plus you’re barely relevant in being a DEFIANT.”

Stevens says aloud as he passes the jackal. The Texan and Edward continue to walk, but stop at a beverage vendor and Scott buys two waters.

“Damn it’s hot.”

Scott twists open the top and downs the entire bottle before he buys another. Stevens wipes the sweat from his brow before slowly sipping the newly bought water bottle. As the two continue to walk, Edward stops Scott.

“Is that STRONK?”

Edward asks as he points towards a group of alligators.

“Unfortunately no. Close though.”

Edward looks disappointed and Scott comforts him.

“Don’t be disappointed Eddster, it’s the closest we’ve come. You see, that’s a Jeff Roberts; short, powerful, fast, deadly, but stealthy. STRONK isn’t stealthy he’s loud and obnoxious. If he was a female we would call STRONK a Lindsay Troy.”

Stevens informs Edward who nods.

“But we must continue on as we have not found the illusive STRONK.”

The two continue to walk and passed two Rhinos; a large one and a smaller one.

“Sektor and Adam training as usual.”

Stevens mumbles to himself as he heads back further into the zoo. As the two continue their trek, Stevens stops in front of an outing that has an injured wolf inside of it.

“You see that Eddie?’

Stevens asks as he points to the wolf.

“That’s an animal with noble character.”

Stevens informs Edward.

“How come?”

The kid asks curiously.

“Well, wolves have a bad reputation just like people, but wolves just like people are deserve a chance just like Noble here. Just because you’re hurt or have hurt people doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a second chance or a chance at redemption to make amends.”

Stevens turns to Edward.

“Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you truly find what you want out of life.”

Scott gives his pearls of wisdom and Edward simply shrugs.


Edward replies as he waves bye to the wolf and he follows Stevens down the path. They walk passed a food vender and stop and get some food. Stevens gets himself a hotdog and Dr. Pepper while Edward orders a slice of pizza and a coke.

“Why are you doing this?”

The young man asks as he takes a bite of pizza.

“To study my opponent in his natural habitat before we go into combat.”

Stevens replies as he takes a bite of his food.

“I don’t understand.”

The boy responds and Scott looks around and points towards a fox.

“You see that fox?”

Stevens asks and Edward nods.

“Would you consider that animal lethal or a threat?”

Edward looks at the fox and takes a moment to think.

“No, I wouldn’t.”

Edward says and Stevens shakes his head in disappointment.

“And that’s why you’d lose. You see, the fox is a cunning and sly animal. Sure, it looks cute and cuddly, but if even given a chance, it would slit your jugular and watch you bleed out before it devours you for dinner.”

Edward’s eye is wide.

“We have a guy like that in my profession, and his name is Conor Fuse.”

Edward looks towards the fox.

“Is this Conor very dangerous?”

Edward asks with a hint of trembling in his tone.

“Extremely, he’s the top guy. I’ve personally tried to take him down multiple times and he’s always seemed to be one step ahead, but recently he’s slowed down a step and it’s only a matter of time before I take what belongs to me.”

Stevens informs as he takes a sip of soda.

“Which is?”

Stevens smirks.

“The world Edward. The world.”

Edward looks more confused than normal, but shrugs and finishes his pizza. The two get up from the table and throw away their trash.

“We haven’t checked this way but if STRONK isn’t there I don’t think we will ever find him.”

Stevens tells his companion as they head towards the last uncharted area of the zoo. As they walk they pass up giraffes, elephants, camels, but nothing captures the Texan’s eye until……

“There he is!”

Scott says with exuberance as he points to the hippopotamus habitat.

“STRONK is a hippo?”

Edward asks rhetorically.

“I know, I should have known sooner, but I was too blind to see it.”

Stevens replies as he heads up the path leading to the habitat. Once they reach the habitat, Scott takes off his vest and throws it to the side. He begins to roll up his shirtsleeves.

“Thanks for the help kid.”

Stevens thanks Edward and as a sign of gratitude, he takes off his hat and places it on Edward’s head as a symbolic passing of the torch.

“Get going kid. You don’t want to see what’s next.”

Stevens approaches the hippo enclosure, hops the fence, and stands in front of a hippo preparing to do something.


Stevens yells as he jumps on top of the hippo and the last image seen is Stevens wrestling with a hippo and security running towards the enclosure.


A new season is in bloom, but it isn’t wedding season, but we are all springing forward to it. It is hunting season, but there will be no turkeys involved when the battle takes place. It is High Octane Wrestling favorite time of the year because War Games season has begun. The only April showers will be from the tears of all the disappointed wrestlers who don’t make it into the cages and fight for the prestige of every singles championship if that were to occur. I have been involved many times in War Games as a competitor, but I’ve only had the opportunity to captain a team twice and both times my teams were victorious. Refueled 92 begins the audition process for teams that will possibly want to draft you on their team if it is not full already.

You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t seen what’s going on. Possible teams include Steve Harrison, Steve Solex, Clay Byrd, and a possible returning, Joe Bergman since those four names have been appearing all over HOW news as of late. Can’t overlook possible returns from Hall of Famers in the board. Sure, some claim they are retired, but that doesn’t mean that Mike Best, Cecilworth Farthington, Christopher America and Jace Parker Davidson can’t compete again or choose another representative for their teams. You have possible teams looking for other members like Noble Gaming, Devil’s Advocates, and Scottywood and Bobbinette Carey.

This is why these matches this Sunday are very important for the selection process because we do not know how many teams there will be or how many people involved because the classic format is two teams with four wrestlers apiece. However, that can change and has changed throughout the years, but you cannot bet on that. The only thing you can bet on is to make sure you are looking like a stud when it is all said and done. Making sure whoever chooses you doesn’t regret that decision.

This brings me to you….STRONK GODSON.

My opponent for Refueled 92.

On paper, STRONK is a legitimate threat; he is strong, he is explosive, and looks like a living, breathing Incredible Hulk. The same can be said about past HOW wrestlers, more importantly a certain Hall of Famer, but you aren’t Rhys Townsend. You are just a mindless beast that is going to be put down, and you are going to be put down HARD. You can call me weak and this, but I am one of the strongest men in HOW history. Even at my age I can still throw your ass around the ring like a fucking ragdoll with ease. By some chance you do happen to be stronger than me, then what? You think you can out wrestle me? You see STRONK, I normally don’t have to break out the chain wrestling because I’ve made a living overpowering and bludgeoning people into submission for the majority of my career just like you, but I can go hold for hold with a John Sektor or a Cecilworth Farthington if need be. Can you? STRONK, you are one-dimensional and I respect that because that is your bread and butter, but if you expect to advance in HOW or make it onto a War Games team you have to evolve and adapt because being a master of one style does not work for very long.

However, what do I know? I’m just a fuck boy and a little bitch that you’re going to sacrifice to the wrestling gods as you smear my blood across the 97 Red canvas. People are going to forget all about me after you have beaten me to death.

Am I right?

You can continue to badmouth me all you want, but we both know this is the biggest match of your short little wrestling career.  You thought facing Jeffrey James Roberts was a big deal, please. The only reason you got a shot at the HOTv title is that Michael Oliver Best was running out of victims to feed Roberts and like everyone else who stepped in his path they failed. Hell, you could not beat a convict with performance enhancing drugs that lost to Darin Zion whose only performance enhancing he does is when he pops a few blue pills before plowing his girlfriend. Seems like failure is the only consistent thing on your resume. I mean when the news broke on HOWrestling.com that you signed it said you were a disgraced bodybuilder but I had never heard of you until then. I tried Googling you, but I came up empty in my search. The only thing I found about disgraced body builders was Doug Whitmore, Sean’s Astin’s character from 50 First Dates. I guess you weren’t that big of a deal on the big muscles scene if a fictional character is a bigger deal than you.

STRONK, you are nothing more than a stepping-stone to my path back towards the world title. It doesn’t matter how much beef and poultry you eat because at the end of the night you will be counting the arena lights. I am going to humiliate you and as I do it, I’m going to have all eyes on me as they watch in awe and come knocking down my door to be their teammate for War Games.

You bitched about not being at March to Glory, but after Refueled, you’ll be bitching not to be placed on a War Games team.

See you soon.