Violent Voyeurism

Violent Voyeurism

Posted on October 27, 2021 at 6:17 pm by High Flyer

Yeah. Yeah. We’ve all seen Indiana Jones 3.

They only found the grail cause they walked across an invisible path, with faith as their guide.

I hoped you’d walk HOW’s path, with ME as your guide.

Instead, you’re choosing to discard the gray cup, toss away your claims of immortality, just to… what, go be a dad? Live a suburban life listening to Jimmy Buffet records in a Norman Rockwell painting? Tend to your wounded prey…

You’re not even a wrestler anymore. You’re a husband. You’re a future father. You’re on the way out. You’re no longer thinking about your time in the ring, but the time you spend in the ring is an obstacle to what you WANT. A talented big man, crushed by his own spirit. After Rumble at the Rock, you’re out of this sport, and good fucking riddance.

Listen, say what you will, be who you are. But I’m a wrestler. I’m a fighter. I’m a killer.

I just wanted what’s best for you.

You’re looking for a way out. And Dawn is the excuse.

I don’t want you to think I have bad intentions.

Let me help you. Let me finish the job that Sunny started.

She’ll be there to watch. I think it’s kind of our thing.


You know, as I grow older in my age, I’m looking for talent. For the next generation of wrestlers.

I saw Conor before anyone else did. He trounced me, and he showed me something that no one else saw, even as he beat me in easy mode.

He was a future HOW Champion, and I knew..

That’s what I felt when I first faced off against Rah. I didn’t think he was there yet, but the raw talent? The skill? That charisma.

I could start a promotion ‘round him.

So here I am, begging RAH to stay, to fight, to become a Champion.

See, Rah thinks Dawn is helping him. He thinks Dawn is making him a better man. I think she’s making Rah SOFT. To that end, i stepped in. I attempted to right the ship, to make Rah see the TRUE light. That Rah could be so much more than he is.

Hell, Rah even thinks I was trying to hurt him by punishing Dawn. By agreeing with Sunny and her reckless endeavor to destroy the love of Rah’s life. But see… I thought to myself … Could Rah be one of the greatest world champions of all time?

I guess we’ll never find out.

Because of Dawn.

Because Sunny didn’t finish the job.

Enjoy your retirement. Here’s your gold watch. Lemme smash your face to pieces with it.