Posted on July 31, 2023 at 3:34 pm by Conor Fuse

I don’t have a brain?

What the fuck is wrong with YOU.

You beat the piss outta your own son and you knew it was him. It would’ve been one thing if you had no clue who was behind that mask but you were the mastermind.

Did you confuse TYLER for that hideous Stevens spawn you won custody of? Check the birth certificate on El Hombre next time.

According to you, you’re so badass and unstoppable it’s like nobody could ever lay a finger on you, right?

Then how’d you develop CTE because what you did to your son certainly conveys a man who’s unfit to continue.

My brain doesn’t work because I literally said you stumbled into a tournament with a title belt I took? BECAUSE NEWS FLASH I WON IT. You entered into that same tournament at 50%. It’s okay, you aren’t invincible.

You’re just a man.

Flesh and bones.

I will FINALLY exploit.

Like my Game Boy did to your son.

I’ll give you space for the post-match temper tantrum, too.

You are so god damn lucky I didn’t see your face DIRECTLY in front of me at ICONIC because I’d have defeated you in less than 7:50. That night I couldn’t be denied and CRUSHED the dreams of six others. Six of the very best.

That sounds like something of fucking substance to me.

I dunno, what do you think?

Yeah, I like video games. It’s a part of me, dipshit. That doesn’t mean I need to word-play trash talk in video game code every single sentence.

But hey that first time in HOFC you really ran circles around me, didn’t ya? Sooooooo many circles yet proceeded to watch Jack Harmen attack me before the match so you could coast with a simple offensive knee to an already TKO’ed kid.

That’s your Mike Best tough guy, everyone. Fucking freeloader.

You wanna be a REAL prizefighter? Don’t take the easy way out.

You can belittle me and bring down my thought process but Mike



The last time you walked into an arena with #97 I walked out with it.





The reign on the website explicitly says MIKE BEST —> CONOR FUSE.

So come get it back, Mike. Go through me first because you just gotta have it.

No ya don’t, ya fucking gearbox.

No Brett Favre retirement this time. Get the hell outta High Octane FOREVER.

This will be the greatest backtrack you’re ever gonna face. For the past two years you’ve been the most protected guy on this roster, with weaker than matches and opportunities to jump in and out whenever. For the past two years you’ve had more latex protecting you than an 18-year-old losing his virginity to the local red light hooker on discount.

Not that I’d know by experience.

I get it, Mike. Apparently you’ve…

Never hit an 0-for-16 slump.
Never gone stone cold from the arc.
Never thrown 4 INTs in a game.
Never been pulled from the net.

And yet I never did see your indestructible ass coming after me post ICONIC ‘21, did I?

A simple call to dad could’ve ensured a Best-Fuse rematch. Christ, look what Tyler got on XPRO because of his last name. What happened, too scared?

I would’ve been.

You’re not as tough as you make yourself sound. When you get tired High Octane is there to make sure your blows are absorbed. They give you time off or an easy opponent.

You know what they give Conor Fuse?

Christopher America.

I literally, honestly, figuratively cannot give any shit whatsoever about what you’ve done in the past or how great your record is. I am fully capable of defeating you, no matter what you’ve accomplished. I have carried this promotion. I bring 100% to EVERY match I’ve ever been a part of.

And it is good enough.

When I’m done with you #97Red is going to be an IN DEMAND annual event since it’ll be known as the show Mike Best got fed. The past does NOT dictate the future; your trash talk is old and contrived. After this weekend you’ll need to revise your HOFC thesis.

Your entire life you’ve run into people who hang off your every word. The roster bows to THE SON.

Next week they bow to Conor.

Because I don’t hang off your every word, Mike. In fact, I’ve barely listened to a thing you’ve fucking said.