Two sides of the same Coin

Two sides of the same Coin

Posted on October 21, 2022 at 2:37 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

Jace & Samantha’s New Mansion
Denver, Colorado
Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

Inside of the large mansion that was recently purchased by the LSD Champion, here in Denver, Colorado, we find the man himself seated in a plush white chair. He is leaned back but has his hands folded together upon his lap. He sits there stoically as he watches various people hard at work inside of the seven bedroom and ten-bathroom mansion.

Movers, installers, and just about any labored work position you can think of, we’re making their way in and out of the home. Each person was hard at work on their given task. The last few days were a bit of a blur since arriving here in Denver on Monday morning. He and Samantha had gone on a bit of a shopping spree in an effort to fill the empty spaces of the new property. There was a lot of work to be done if they expected it to be ready by October 31st to host their first Halloween party.

Some of the fanciest and most expensive furniture that money could buy was carried inside piece by piece or put together in areas that both Jace and Samantha had assigned. Jace watched closely as two men carefully began to bring his 219-inch flat screen television into the home and walk it over towards the designated wall. The two men started the process of mounting the oversized television on the wall. Everything was coming together nicely in Jace’s life outside of the ring.

Inside of the ring things have been a bit bumpy as of late with a string of losses to talent both inside out and outside of HOW. Although, after snapping his losing streak Sunday night on Chaos 013 you’d think Jace would be happy.

You’d think he’d be over the moon about everything in his life turning around for the better. But even a mansion that costs more than seven million dollars and a budding relationship with a woman like Samantha Tolson wasn’t enough to make Jace Parker Davidson smile.

At the moment he wasn’t happy, he was conflicted.

Sunday night was good but in the grand scheme of things it was meaningless. October 30th he would be locked inside of Alcatraz prison defending the LSD Championship in the kitchen and chow hall area against HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey.

That is the match that had the high stakes and would be important to everyone watching, pinning Bobbinette Carey in a tag team match on Chaos was nice. However, who is going to remember that if Carey walks out of Alcatraz as the new LSD Champion? Jace had yet to even mention to Samantha that in about a week’s time he would be headed to an abandoned prison to prepare to do battle against the only female competitor on the HOW roster. Would Samantha have any kind of strong feelings against him fighting a woman inside of a dirty prison?

Given their training sessions together and her repeated threats to suplex him out of his boots, he was probably safe on that account.

The problem was just how much information was safe to break to her? His stomach was in knots all over the thought of telling Samantha about how all of this started because he kicked Carey in the vagina and made fun of abortion rights. That doesn’t look good no matter what kind of light he shines on it. And if he thought telling her that juicy little nugget would make her look at him differently, then what about the whole STRONKUMMS LLC business? How would Samantha react to the fact that Jace had a major role in selling below quality frozen meat that was injected with steroids?

Or that there was a liquid-based energy drink using said steroid coated meat with generous amounts of cocaine added to it?

Jace slowly raised himself up out of the seat slowly and decided to walk throughout the mansion as he wrestled with these thoughts. He made his way up to the second floor of the home and moved his way along the long hallway. He knew Samantha was in the master bedroom busy with putting together her ‘special hidden feature’ to the room, much like the one she had in her Vegas home.

Jace moved into a walk-in closet with large wooden cabinets with glass adorning the wood finished doors. Wooden shelves with racks attached to them filled the space making it sort of a maze to traverse through. This was more of a living area than it was a closet, but it was a space that would allow both Jace and Samantha to hang and store both of their combined wardrobes with plenty of room to spare.

He reached out and placed his hand over the cool, smooth glass on one of the doors.

Samantha had a strong sense of fairness and had an even stronger code when it came to matters inside of the ring. Would she drop him like a bad habit if she found out he was selling both steroids and cocaine to innocent people? So much so that it almost completely funded this very mansion that they were both in the process of moving into?

STRONKUMMS LLC aside, if all of that would disgust her then surely the admittance of attempted murder would send her over the edge.

Jace was basically a criminal walking free amongst regular civilians because his crime was done under the guise of professional wrestling. When you signed with HOW you basically had clauses in your contract that would not hold HOW, Lee Best, or your murderer responsible for you losing your life. All these other companies out there, all these idiots barking up all the trees about how they are such bad asses or the best to ever do it, have no fucking clue.

Jace and Abdullah Choi launched a premeditated homicide attempt on HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey.

The kicker is that in the court of public opinion, both Choi and Jace would be applauded for their efforts in ridding the world of the loud, obnoxious, black woman. Remember the scene at the end of season three of The Boys where the villain gets cheered for basically murdering a loud-mouthed protester using laser beams from his eyes?

Yeah, Jace is basically a real-life version of Homelander in this situation.

Jace removed his hand from the glass and exited the walk-in closet. He journeyed his way throughout the mansion and back down to the first floor. He traveled through the different rooms until he reached a side door and exited through it. He walked out into the five-car heated garage then out to the fountain that sits in front of the main entrance of the mansion.

Jace stared at the mansion before him, and his mind drifted to images of life after professional wrestling. Thoughts of him and Samantha living exclusively in this place with pets, his son, and even children of their own. Friends and family members all living, laughing, and loving in perfect harmony. Everything that he had wanted with Tara when they were married but never had. It was all within his reach.

Or was it?

Is the Jace Parker Davidson in his thoughts, in his fantasized future a man that he is capable of being? Or will he forever be the #Villain? Will he ever turn the other cheek from being the guy that manipulates everyone around him? The guy that once lit another human being on fire out of spite alone. The man that beat his own stepfather within an inch of his life and paid good money to have a fellow wrestler, a mother of children to be eliminated because what?

That she was smitten with his business partner and muscle?

Which side of the coin was the REAL Jace Parker Davidson, and could he afford to let Samantha Tolson watch that coin flip through the air before it lands on good or evil?

In his mind there was only one logical solution.

Take out Bobbinette, and then that evil side of the coin.

End it once and for all inside Alcatraz then bury both of the bodies deep somewhere that they could never be found.

For the good of Samantha.

For the good of friends and family.

For the good of any future children that they would have.

And for the little shred of humanity that he had left in his soul.


Queen of Epicness.

It’s a term that’s been like fingernails scratching across a chalkboard from the moment I heard it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I knew it would only be a matter of time before Carey and I crossed paths due to the whole King vs. Queen thing. The same exact thing happened with Lindsey Troy since she fashioned herself as The Queen of the Ring while on the HOW roster.

And look at what happened to her.

I pushed the bottom of my boot through the back of her skull so many times that she literally couldn’t take it anymore. She expected Lee Best to just rig the game to the point she wouldn’t ever lose a match to me again. And if she didn’t get her way, if she wasn’t lauded over as the multiple time Hall of Famer that she prides herself on being. Then she would take her ball and go home never to return again.

She was shown the door thanks to me and I didn’t even have a grudge against her at the time.

So, what do you think I am going to do to you, Bobbinette? Trust me when I said before I am going to wipe you from existence here in High Octane Wrestling. That Hall of Fame ring you have locked away somewhere safe? You’ll need to pawn that thing off for enough money to fill up the gas tank of whatever used car you can penny pinch your way into owning. No more weekly, nonsensical multiple segments on a given show where you talk about a whole lot of nothing at all. No more leeching off of people better than you, hoping they will let you piggyback your way to relevance.

The curse that is Bobbinette Carey will be lifted from HOW courtesy of these two hands.

You take yourself so seriously that it’s become a joke, Bob. I call myself the King of Everything because I’m a dominant wrestler and the squared circle along with HOW is my Kingdom. The name of my theme music is Kingdom. It’s all very pretty decoration on an extremely valuable once in a lifetime gift that is my talent.

You on the other hand?

You live your own bullshit. You swear up and down you’re not just black but you’re Polish and fuck knows whatever else on any given day of the week. You claim that you actually come from royalty and it’s not just some gimmick. You walk to the ring with a crown placed on top of your head and act like you belong placed on top of a pedestal.

I bet somewhere in one of your little hidey-holes that wasn’t burnt down to the ground that you have an entire collection of crowns and tiaras. Just waiting for you to accessorize some fucked up outfit due to your poor taste in fashion.

That’s right, bitch. No one has forgotten the Missy Elliot garbage bag you used to wear to the ring.

Everything is loud, obnoxious, and extra with you. So, of course you’re going to be dramatic about every goddamn thing. That’s because you’re still stuck in the era of professional wrestling where the squeakiest wheel gets the grease.

Times have changed and you refuse to evolve.

This is why we ‘ATTEMPTED’ to murder you. And for about five minutes you were actually upset about it. Then you shook your head and decided to use it as an excuse to have weekly bonding exercises between yourself, Conor Fuse, and Scottywood.

After all, what is Bobbinette Carey without an entourage?

But now that the cat is out of the bag and the obvious truth has been revealed. You want to sit there on your ass and talk about how I wasn’t smart enough to plan your demise? You’re really going to try and rub in my face that I didn’t finish you off personally?

Let me let you in on a fact that has seemingly gone right over your head, like ever so important fact that winning matches is the only way you get to claim you’re one of the best to ever do this.

I wasn’t actually trying to murder you.

Be real, Carey. If I wanted to murder you then I wouldn’t have paid a waiter, an Uber driver, among others to do the job for me. I would have walked right up to you myself and put a bullet between your eyes.

What Abdullah Choi and I did was send you obvious signs to back the fuck up off of STRONK.

Signs that you chose to ignore and act like they didn’t exist. I warned you time and time again, but did you listen? Of course not, you kept pushing and pushing no matter how much myself or Choi stood in the way of you getting close to STRONK. From sending the half of a cow to him, to finding ways to fall into his arms or make bedroom eyes at him. You kept trying to sniff his balls like the creepy fucking stalker that you are.

You fucked around, Carey, so you had to found out.

STRONK Daddy came to his senses just in time before you could work your way into his heart and his wallet. We suckered you in so that STRONK could break both your heart and your well-being. You can babble about how Choi and I have lied about MONGO or how STRONK is just this innocent soul that we are taking advantage of with our evil ways. Fucking Christ, Carey, this isn’t High School anymore. You’re nowhere near being the naive little virgin that continues to give the star Quarterback of the football team multiple chances after he slaps you around and cheats on you.

STRONK did what he did because that’s what STRONK wanted to do.

Newsflash, bitch. He’s just not that into you.

And now? I get exactly what I want. I get you one on one in Alcatraz. You get a shot at my LSD Championship belt and I get to show you just what happens then I put serious effort into trying to murder you. The Mom Squad has been obliterated, Conor Fuse and Scottywood will have their own hands full. There will be no one left to come to your rescue, Carey.

Darkwing isn’t leaving Club Bounce to drag your half dead carcass to safety. Chris Kostoff isn’t going to rise from the dead a second time just because you told him that he’s ‘invited to the BBQ’ that’ll never happen.

Just you all by yourself with nothing but your own abilities. On your own two feet having to fight your own battles for a change.

Your career and very existence has been sentenced to death.

And the bottom of my boot is going to be your last meal.

I’m going to make sure you consume every single bite.


Jace & Samantha’s New Mansion
Denver, Colorado
Wednesday, October 19th, 2022
Later That Evening

The sun has long set here in Denver, Colorado. All the hustle and bustle from earlier had quieted down immensely. All the movers and workers had long since left the mansion for the day and that left Jace and Samantha some much needed alone time. The two of them found themselves cozied up in their theater room of the mansion. They were seated on the big cushy loveseat that they had picked out together on Monday.

There was a blanket covering their bottom halves and they both were focused on the gigantic television that was now successfully mounted on the wall. They were watching the movie Bullet Train together. Jace had his arm wrapped around Samantha and she held a bowl of popcorn in one arm while her eyes remained glued to the screen.

Everything was perfect at the moment. All the worries from earlier in the day just melted away to the back of Jace’s mind whenever he was this close to Samantha. Seven million plus was the price tag of inner peace and for Jace it was worth every single penny. He turned away from the television screen for a moment to kiss Samantha on the side of the head before returning his attention back towards the movie. His hand began to slide from her shoulder to down her back and points beyond but before anything good could happen the sound of phone ringing could be heard coming from his pocket.

Jace pulled his hand from Samantha’s backside and gathered his phone from his pocket. He raised it into the air to look at the screen which displayed the word ‘unknown’ where the name and number usually appear. He raised his eyebrow before turning to Samantha and spoke softly.

“I’ll be right back; I’m going to see who this is and what they want.” Jace leaned in for a quick peck on her cheek.

Samantha smiled slightly but remained focused on the television screen as her free hand collected a healthy scoop of popcorn kernels. Jace pulled back the blanket and walked out of the theater room. Once he was out of earshot of Samantha and the movie, he accepted the call and raised the phone up to his ear.

“Hello?” Jace greeted the mystery caller.

“I’ve got some bad news for you and you’re not going to like it.” Came the voice of the lawyer that Jace had personally picked out to defend him in his trial against his stepfather Dennis Brown.

Jace’s face scrunched in anger as he lowered his head. He had only hired this man because his mother pleaded with him not to allow his sister Bailey to defend him in a case against her own biological father.

“What kind of bad news?” Jace replied in a low growl.

“It’s about the trial.” The lawyer started.

“What about it?” Jace crossed his free arm over his chest.

“Dennis and his lawyer have found a way to convince the Judge to move the trial up to tomorrow morning.” The lawyer revealed this to his client.

“What?!” Jace shouted but then immediately lowered his voice again. “There is no way I’m going to be able to make it to New York by tomorrow morning. I’m here in my new place in Denver and it’s almost midnight.”

“You have every right to be upset about that but there is worse news.” The lawyer sighed.

“Worse news than this?!” Jace once again raised his voice.

“Because of the trial being pushed up to tomorrow morning, I’m not going to be able to be there to defend you against Mr. Brown and his attorney.” The lawyer said in the most apologetic tone that he could provide.

“So, basically I’m fucked?” Jace began pacing back and forth across the floor while keeping a look out for Samantha using the corner of his eye.

“I wouldn’t say you’re fucked but the best advice I can give you is that you need to get to the airport immediately and find a way to get here to New York.” The lawyer explained bluntly. “Once you’re here, give me a call and hopefully by then I will have been able to pull some strings to help you out. I’m really sorry, Jace, but this is the best I can do.”

“Yeah, that’s for nothing I guess.” Jace lowered the phone and ended the call.

He pressed his fist against his forehead and tried to think quickly over just how would pull his ass from the fire in this situation. Should he grab his keys and just make a break for the airport while Samantha was distracted or was it finally time to reveal all of the skeletons in his closet? He raised his head towards the ceiling and hissed through clenched teeth.