Tulsa King; The Return

Tulsa King; The Return

Posted on April 7, 2023 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Jesus tits last week was rough…there is no fucking sugarcoating anything on that one.  I had no excuses.  I would make no excuses.  I wasn’t about that life anymore.  It was time to own up to my mistakes and my transgressions.  Bobbinette Carey kicked my fucking ass last week and I wasn’t ready for it.  Chalk that up and then at the end of the night, I get my ass beat down for extra measure courtesy by The Final Alliances Christopher America and Evan Ward.  Could the night get any worse for Brian Hollywood?  Sure I lost the “qualifying” War Games match which means I’m presumably out of the War Games match.  But am I, really?  Yea, I dropped the fucking ball last week…but I fucking REFUSE to accept I missed the big PPV.  I know what I’m fucking worth around here and one has to think I still have chance to still get into the big match.  At least, I’ll hold out hope for it.  But one thing that will definitely NOT happen is Brian Hollywood missing yet another PPV.  Those fucking days are as good as gone!  You’ll have to kill me, end my career to cause me to miss another PPV around here.  I’m fucking OVER it!  But judging how last week ended for me…one thing was clear…my message was received loud and clear by The Final Alliance.  Taking out Brian Hollywood was what was best for business for the Alliance because they ALL know they can’t take any chances against Hollywood.  Wonder why that is?  Oh I don’t know…but you can bet I had a few obvious theories of my own.  This is different ground going forward for yours, truly.  I got the message and you can bet I’m gonna fuckin return one this week at Chaos because if there is one thing Brian Hollywood loves doing more than ANYTHING in HOW, it’s sticking it to whatever “Alliance” happens to be around at the time and you can surely bet that my return will all but foreshadow that very notion.  But this week, it was about damage control and getting my skin back in the game.  Trust me…nothing motivates me more than fighting any version of an Alliance.  Call it a hobby of mine in an already occupational hazard..




Tulsa, Oklahoma.


There isn’t any place like it.  Or is there?


Tulsa was many things..but it wasn’t a popular tourist attraction.  Why was that?  Was it because it wasn’t that “big” of a town?  Was it because Tulsa was just surrounded by nothing but land sight seeing for days?  Who knows…but one thing was for certain, nothing big happened in the quiet town of Tulsa.


You’re kidding me, right?


Tulsa was anything but quiet.  At least if you knew where to go to the right places, at least.  It didn’t get any bigger than cowboy in Oklahoma.  Ok..maybe in Texas, perhaps, but Oklahoma was easily a very fucking close second.


It was really nice to be here.


Maybe it was the folks around here.  Nice people.  They really know how to throw a festival.  Seriously, you could name the capital party town and they would live up to that name.  That was because folk around here were respected.  They were respected because they knew how to work and how to connect with each other.  This entire nation needs to be more like Tulsa.


I’m from Los Angeles, California, and was born in Chicago, Illinois, and even in those big cities, respect was NOTHING compared to what it is around here.  I won’t lie…I took the chance to come here a couple days earlier than when I needed to be here just because every time I’ve been here, the folks here know how to leave an impression on you.  Here lately, I felt like the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma was beating within my very soul.  All I wanted to do was respect those around me which always pushed me to be a bigger and better person.


Yes, that was something that still felt strange and still not at all at home with Brian Hollywood.  Yet he was trying to make up for lost time and he was trying to make up for all the mistakes that he had made over the years.  You have to start somewhere and for yours truly, he was really trying to make every moment count.


Anyone who knows me knows that I haven’t always been very generous.  People will tell you that when it came to yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, all he cared about was himself.  Sure…there was some sentiment of that that was still true even today.  However, the one thing I’m doing differently is at least giving a shit and trying to make someone’s day a brighter one.


God damn it….that still feels weird to say…I won’t even lie.


It’s going to take time.  I know that.


Brian Hollywood did know that.  Still, though, he felt awkward about it.  For so long, Hollywood wasn’t about anyone but himself.  He didn’t know how to show the world he genuinely cared.  Perhaps because he thought the world didn’t give a solitary fuck about him.  I mean, in most instances, it was actually true.   But in the present, Brian Hollywood knew that he had to start SOMEWHERE…..so why not here?


This Sunday, Chaos will be LIVE here in Tulsa, Oklahoma!  What better place than to right the ship for yours truly?  I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.  I’ve been trying to clean up my act…I really have.  I know things aren’t going to be easy for me anymore…at least the path that I want to follow…and perhaps that’s what makes the whole thing so challenging.


I realize that this Sunday, I’m going to be entering one hell of a fight.  But you know what?  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Because this Sunday, I get to team up with Zach Kostoff to take on the likes of The Final Alliances Aceldama and Evan Ward.


Zach, let me first say I am honored to be able to team up with you this Sunday.  Your father and I have had a very interesting and enriched history.  We’ve been on the same side of the aisle and on opposite sides of the ring as well.  However, I have always treasured each and every one of our fights…no matter if we were allies or enemies.  But we also have a great track record of working together when we have been on the same side of the aisle.  There is a good track record there to show that when we’ve been on the same side, we’ve wrecked anyone and anything around us.  Our history even dips beyond HOW as well.  We found together in PWX and that history goes back so far it’s ridiculous to think how early Brian Hollywood and Chris Kostoff were together in the ring before.  Allies.  And I think that’s what means the most even today…fast forward to today and you’ll find that Brian Hollywood and Chris Kostoff has been more allied than enemies.  And that means bad news for The Final Alliance.


Zach, you have nothing to worry about in our match this Sunday against The Final Alliance.  I am honored to be able to call you my partner this Sunday.  It’s absolutely crazy that here I get the opportunity to wrestle with one of my greatest allies sons.  I guess some things are just synonymous in pro wrestling.  Hollywood and a Kostoff fighting against the GOD of HOW Lee Best and his Alliance.  Zach, your father has always been public enemy number one with Lee Best and I have always been public enemy number one when it comes to fighting against A version of a Lee Alliance.


Perhaps maybe that’s why I know that you and I will be just fine this week against the likes of Aceldama and Evan Ward.  History has always provided a way of repeating itself and that’s why I know you and I will do whatever it takes to stick it to the Final Alliance and continue to be defiant and find a way to secure that win.


As anything that involved Brian Hollywood, there was still history that needed to be recognized as well.  


Evan Ward.  Where do I even begin?  At one time, I called you my brother.  Together in Ground Zero, we embodied everything it meant to be a pro wrestler and to be proud to go down to that ring every week.  However, this week, that isn’t the case…is it?


Brian Hollywood knew Evan Ward better than perhaps anyone else in High Octane Wrestling at the present time.  Last time Hollywood had the opportunity to see Ward, it was together in Ground Zero.


Evan…I know a long time has passed since you and I fought side by side.  But even before I am scheduled to do battle against you, at least I have known you long enough to call you a brother.  But right now…I have had the pain of having to call you an enemy.  Why?  What ever happened to the so called great and irrcorruptible Evan Ward?


I thought you could never be bribed, never be brainwashed.  How could I ever be so wrong?


I guess Lee Best really can corrupt all, can’t he?  I mean, he did after all have me on his side at one point, didn’t he?  I guess he really is a man to not be trifled with when he wants something, is he?


But if there is one thing that has always been an obvious track record, it has been when I have been pitted against Lee’s most fearsome fighting Alliance.  It’s also within this Alliance that I’m always able to find the one weakness and expose it the greatest way I know how.  You have to know HOW to be able to expose such a weakness.  If there is one thing always so synonymous with fighting against an Alliance it’s knowing how to take it down.  Lee’s repeated and constant mistakes have been to pit his Alliances against me.  I’m afraid they haven’t exactly had the best track records against me.  Who knows…maybe deep down, Lee has always wanted to re-recruit me to the cause and fight on his side.  But let me make something devastatingly clear to you, Evan.  Every time Lee tries to make a point and tries to test me against any of his allies, they have always found themselves on the downside. Why do you suppose that is?


If there is one weakness Lee has always had, it’s that he runs and looks for the same formula every fucking time.  He looks for the best to represent him.  Why wouldn’t he, though?  If I were him, I would be imploring the same things, honestly too!


Brian Hollywood knew exactly what he was talking about.  He was no stranger to any of the Best Alliances or ANY version of Alliances the GOD of HOW had in his employ.  Perhaps that was just the fate of things.  Lee had a MONSTER when he had Brian Hollywood on his side.  Perhaps that’s why he had him on his side because he knew he was the equalizer.  But things definitely were different now, weren’t they?


Lee can never make up his mind, can he?  He makes the same mistakes over and over again.  He thinks his current team of employs can take me on.  But he constantly runs into the same mistake….he keeps underestimating yours truly.  He has forgotten the kind of asset I can be.  He has forgotten that I know what it takes to be in the Best Alliance of whatever kind.  I know the formula and I know how to disrupt it.  Maybe that’s why he ordered you and America to send me a message last week.


Don’t worry, Evan, I’m not mad.


I’m just fucking PISSED to be taken advantage of each and every week!  Lee knows he made a tactical error against me and yet he cannot ever understand the mistake he constantly finds himself in when it comes to taking me on personally.  He knows that he can’t afford to have any missteps against me and he knows that I KNOW how to exploit those missteps.


The wildcard in all of this is Aceldama.  What Lee has done to employ his services after all these years I will never know…at least right now.  But what I do know..is that when there is a Hollywood and a Kostoff standing in the way, Lee will ALWAYS be threatened in some way!


Evan….you and America’s beatdown of me this week has left me thinking of my future in HOW.  So I’d like to thank you for reminding me what is important in HOW right now and reminding me of what an ass beating against myself means moving forward.  If you want to keep me out of the way, you’re going to have to end my career and you’re going to have to keep me permanently on the sidelines.


I’m afraid as long as there is a Hollywood AND a Kostoff in HOW…that there will be no Lee Alliance that will be allowed to run roughshot in HOW.  That is just the state of things and I’m afraid that is just how the state of affairs will be moving forward.  So Evan and Aceldama…I hope you guys show up for a fight because it’s going to take a lot more than a beatdown to put Brian Hollywood and Zach Kostoff on the wayside.


Just remember….you guys were the ones to declare war….so just know that Kostoff and I will see this to the very fucking end…no matter what it is we will have to do in order to END the Final Alliance here in HOW!






The scene opens up just outside the private airstrip of Brian Hollywood and The Chair’s personal hangar.  Brian Hollywood and Buck Wringley sit outside the hangar without the threat of Hollywood being arrested.  This wasn’t surprising to Hollywood whatsoever…especially what he has come to learn in knowing that he had a brother.  Perhaps what was even shocking to Hollywood was knowing that Buck knew that Hollywood had a brother but didn’t bother to mention this to Hollywood.


Brian Hollywood: “So what the fuck gives, Buck?  You seemingly KNEW that I had a brother out there!  Why the fuck didn’t you decide you felt you needed to divulge this information to me?!”


Buck Wringley: “Look, Bri, I didn’t wanna keep that info from ya!  But Gerald wanted to keep it in play!”


Brian Hollywood: “Of course..why am I not surprised!  What made you feel like you could keep that tactical information from me, Buck?!  Surely you knew that I would find out about it one way or another!”


Buck knew Hollywood had every right to be upset about it.  However, he knew that he had to take that tactical advantage.


Buck Wringley: “Look, Bri….I didn’t wanna keeep ya from that infermation!  I tried to tell Gerald…but ya know how he can get!  You sided with THE enemy, Bri!  What did ya think was gonna happen?!”


Brian Hollywood: “Don’t play that fucking card with me, Buck!  You and I both know I was going to find out sooner or later!  But now we have a SERIOUS problem moving forward!  You know I’ve spent a lot of time with The Chair lately so you and I both know what I’ve been up the last several months!   But I think what takes the cake is that you never fucking gave me the benefit of the god damn doubt!”


Buck Wringley: “Ya know how Gerald can be, Bri!  Ya also know how The Chair can be!  There was no tellin what The Chair was gonna do while you were with him!”


Hollywood absolutely had no reason to believe Buck whatsoever.  I mean, he had that right.  He had spent so long with The Chair and he hardly had any contact with Buck or Gerald.  But there was A LOT of Hollywood that didn’t feel sorry about it.  Perhaps there was a lot of it that caused Hollywood to develop a big time relationship with The Chair.  And Hollywood did develop a relationship with The Chair.  Perhaps it was a bigger one than Gerald or Buck had ever realized…all while discovering Hollywood had a long lost brother out there.


Brian Hollywood: “Maybe you could have been a better friend and warned me that I had a brother out there in this world!  Maybe you’ll one day realize why I developed the relationship I did with The Chair.”


Buck Wringley: “Surely you don’t mean that….”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh I do, Buck!  But I have done this BY MYSELF!  And I’ll have you know…moving forward…I’ll find out more information with or without your help.”


Buck shakes his head knowing Hollywood becomes increasingly more and more defiant as he spends more and more time with The Chair.  But what Buck didn’t realize is that Hollywood had really been following up on finding more answers on his Italian Mafia Family connection.  Even here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hollywood had found out just how much more history had meant to his family as the scene slowly fades to black as Hollywood was becoming more and more determined to continue this mission alone as the scene fades out.