Trust me your mom isn’t  proud of you

Trust me your mom isn’t proud of you

Posted on May 15, 2023 at 9:43 pm by Bobbinette Carey

It’s Mother’s Day and I can say for a fact that most mothers of the HOW wrestlers are ashamed and embarrassed that you’re their sons. The hours of Labor, the C-section scars the 9 months of pregnancy, and you are what they produced? Most of you are not worth losing the ability to sneeze without coughing. 

Now it’s war Games season so of course you forgot about Mom because you’re a terrible person. Thankfully my mother’s dead so I don’t have to worry about it. I can focus on what’s important.

I was never cut out to be a mother. The idea of it was not what I wanted but unfortunately, I shared this body with a Catholic prude who was raised on Goldie Hawn movies… so she married the first idiot who asked. I wasn’t in control then, if I would have had my way the fall she had down the steps when she was pregnant with the twins. If I had my way it would have been the end of it. But this body has birthed 3 beings. So we can consider me a mother… being the only woman in HOW I can cover the profound disappointment in all of you.

I will give your mothers credit for doing what women are supposed to do. Unfortunately, you’re the product of their failures. It’s not their eggs that are bad, it was the sperm that fertilized them. If only your mom’s made better choices you would be better people.


Many people especially in HOW, like to live in the gray area. There is no black and white, no Good and evil. But almost all of them have boundaries. Most of them set some sort of “moral compass” they hold themselves to, or a “code”. If you will. Most of them believe that their code is the right one. Most of the men here have a line that they won’t cross. Most of the men have one thing they won’t do, one thing they refuse to do. 

Being willing to cross that line is what makes someone truly dangerous. Yeah, sure, people die here. Yeah, there’s murders and whatever; but who’s really willing to play mind games? Who’s willing to hit somebody emotionally and do emotional terrorism and we know the answer to that…

When it comes to the HOW roster very few are willing to take that step, very few are ready to be that person. The ones not willing to? Those are the weak links. Those “people” are the ones that need to be weeded out.

Thankfully for me, I don’t suffer from the same compunction that afflicts most of the roster. I have no limitations on lengths I won’t go. That is the reason I love this season! War games, where I got the reputation of being a backstabbing underhanded conniving bitch. All of it is true, I won’t deny it. I know what I did and I’m proud of what I did. It made me legendary, it made me iconic, and it made people not trust me. I wouldn’t trust me either, because I know what I’m capable of.

I did something that not even the great Mike Best would do. I did something that none of these men who would murder and kill people and dice parts off bodies still wouldn’t do. Of course, she took all the credit for it.

 I broke Shane Reynolds, and I know what you’re thinking, you’re proud of that? You’re goddamn right I am! I convinced him to be on my team and then I took the belt because I was the fucking captain. My team, my title, mine! I was the first and last person to do that. 

The interesting thing is once you know what makes someone tick you then know what it takes to break them. When you find their weakness you find your power. But so many times  people won’t cross those lines because it’s not the “right thing to do.”

Fuck the right thing to do. Winning is what’s important. The problem with these weak men is they just get too emotional. They let their emotions control their actions. It’s rather pathetic you think that they’d be able to control them by now men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s but no, they’re run by their emotions and controlled by their mood swings. The inability to process Big boy feelings are too much for most of them. It’s laughable.


Life time (gym and spa)

Dallas Texas

Mother’s day 

We see  ‘Life time gym with a familiar occupant Nettie. The gym looks pretty empty with people minding their own business. Nettie is wearing a black sports bra top with flaming pink skeletons under a fishnet ribbing. Her top matches her leggings that meet her ankles adorned by purple Catwoman Puma sneakers. She’s working out in a leg press, sweat dripping from her face but her expression looks at ease.

Nettie: You’re sexy when you’re jealous. 

She teases. The voice continues on causing her to roll her eyes as she does her leg presses.

Nettie: Yes, I know STRONK is over 300lbs again. I’m not interested in him. I like a man with brains, you sexy silver fox.

She bites her bottom lip with a smile.

Nettie: I didn’t let you come with me because I need to focus. It’s leg day and war games is coming up. I can’t be chafing for the match because you’re here, can I? Now if you behave and when I get back to the States we will celebrate. I don’t have to win, I just have to make sure that some others… don’t. 

She giggles sinisterly.

Nettie: No I have full intentions of winning don’t get me wrong. But I also have full intentions of crippling, breaking, and hurting people in ways that will make me tingle.

Her shoulders shrug as she continues to do leg presses.

Nettie: Now I’ve allowed you to distract me enough. You’re not going to hear from me till after war games.

She gets ready to end the call as an eyebrow is raised.

Nettie: A surprise for me at the hotel? I love gold and sparkly… anyway distraction we’ll talk after war games.

She makes kissy noises and then hangs up the phone. She looks at her smartwatch and nods, stopping the leg press. She grabs a sip of water and cleans down the equipment.

Nettie: The men here could learn a lesson or two from a man like that.

She walks over to the leg curl machine setting the weights on it bouncing around as music plays in her earbuds. 

Nettie: instead we have Weak ass bitches. I should be feared and respected. Instead, I get admonished and judged. Some leader we have for this team. I would have taken out Jatt so he doesn’t make it to war games. The leadership on my team has definitely left a lot to be desired along with the members…

She sits on the machine gets into position and starts her reps. She doesn’t see someone walk up behind her machine.

Nettie: Busy please bother someone else.

Nettie’s workout is distracted by a familiar set of pigtailed girls charging her and then throwing their arms around Nettie. The little girl is none other than the 6-year-old daughter of Bobbinette Mimi (Maria). She’s in a pink frilly dress with a pair of white dress shoes with matching frilly socks. Nettie recoils in horror and shock for a moment before recognizing the girl.

Nettie: Mimi…

Nettie pats the little girl on the back awkwardly while her face looks disgusted at this interaction.

Mimi slowly lets go of the hug of Nettie and shakes her head.

Mimi: Happy Mother’s Day! We missed – you’re not…

Mimi looks confused backing away from Nettie. Nettie has a look of relief on her face for a second before she sees the eldest daughter with Mimi, Majandra. Majandra has on a black moto jacket with a black tank top with a pair of skinny jeans. Her large curly hair frizzed in the humidity.

Nettie: What are you thinking?

Nettie’s tone is scolding tone. Majandra squats down and gets eye-level with her sister.

Majandra: I’m going to talk to Mommy and we are going to watch you run the track 3 times… okay?

Mimi smiles and gives her sister a big hug whispering in her ear.

Mimi: That’s not Mommy.

Majandra looks confused at her sister as the little girl runs off to start running around the track of the gym. Majandra’s smile fades as she looks at Nettie.

Majandra: It’s Mother’s Day. She wanted to surprise her mother. A mother who in recent months really hasn’t cared about her. She tells me that you’re busy being a great wrestler.

Majandra has resentment in her voice. Nettie doesn’t seem moved or concerned with her emotions.

Nettie: I can’t play Mommy. This is War Game Season.

Nettie resumes her leg reps not letting the conversation detour her.

Majandra: You’re not even a captain! You’re the bottom of the barrel. You were the last person announced before the Mulligan match. 

Nettie: Please little girl, you’re the expert here, not me. Tell me all about this match and what it is.

Nettie says in a biting tone that causes Majandra to take a step back. The 20-year-old looks as if she lost her train of thought.

Majandra: Mimi wanted to spend Mother’s Day with you… and we thought. We could… I don’t know, maybe be a family and celebrate you?

Majandra looks down nervously after opening up to Nettie. Nettie’s ears perk up at the mention of celebrating herself.

Nettie: I love celebrating me. It’s something that isn’t done nearly enough in my opinion.

Majandra: I thought you’d be in Mexico already,… Wait, why aren’t you…

Nettie sees where she’s going and shakes her head.

Nettie: Because I don’t habla Espanol.

She says with her last two words sounding like an awful attempt to speak Spanish.

Nettie: War games can’t be in a tropic nice place with sandy beaches? No, of course not.

Majandra: Isn’t war supposed to be uncomfortable?

Nettie gets off of the machine she never got to use and walks over to a treadmill.

Nettie: Don’t talk to me about comfort. The match is more than just some war, our amenities could be better. Till you’ve been in one of them you don’t get to fucking judge me.

Nettie snaps, Majandra is uneasy at this side of her mother.

Majandra: I just meant-

Nettie: That I should suffer more? I’m on a team with an idiot.

Majandra: Only one?

Nettie glares at her.

Nettie: There’s proof of my DNA right there, you little smart ass. 

Majandra smiles weakly.

Majandra: Well Dad says it’s better to be a smartass than a dumbass.

Nettie rolls her eyes.

Nettie: I will allow you to celebrate me… one meal then you and the little one go home. Or drop her off with her father. He isn’t doing anything important.

Majandra looks confused.

Majandra: You said her father was a sperm donor.

Nettie nods.

Nettie: Yeah he was a donor, but not anonymous. He just didn’t know he did it because he was…more or less dead.

Nettie shrugs as she continues her jog.

Nettie: That was me… it was a Queen Petty move. I’m still proud of it. Anyways if you’re tired of playing big sister you can drop her off in Minnesota I believe he is.

Majandra’s eyes widen.

Majandra: Wait… home of Mario Maurako? You did not spawn with him, Mother!

Majandra looks emotionally scarred at the new development to her. Nettie cringes because apparently the girl didn’t get the memo about Nettie.

Nettie: Ugh… I’m not about to be chastised by a crotch goblin who is trying to distract me.

Majandra’s feelings look hurt.

Majandra: We just wanted to spend Mother’s Day with you.

 Nettie: Do you have any idea how focused I am on this? Do you know what this means to me? Do you think I want to go have some little brunch or something? When it’s War Game season? You can celebrate with me any other time! 

Majandra: What Mom, you’re going to win for Clay Byrd? Give him that War Games Captain victory? Cause it sure as hell isn’t for any of your other teammates. You tried to handicap Dan Ryan, and you and Jatt got into a bitch fight at the end of chaos.

Nettie: It doesn’t matter whose team I’m on. I just have to be the last one standing.

Nettie doesn’t make eye contact with Majandra at all.

Majandra: Even if that means fighting Conor?

Nettie scoffs as she jogs in place, sweat starting to drip from her forehead.

Nettie: He’s going to be more concerned with Jatt. I have a plan… weaken the final alliance. I have slowly been setting plans in place. Not winning the battle doesn’t mean you won’t win the war…

Majandra: So you’re going to lose.

Nettie: That’s your father’s DNA being that slow. I’ve been making deals and setting up insurance policies if you will.

Majandra: Like Mr. Woodson?

Nettie has a side smirk till she realizes who Majandra meant.

Nettie: Loserwood isn’t an issue. He’ll either be drunk in a stupor, or maybe get dragged back to hell.

Nettie shrugs her shoulders looking less than enthusiastic.

Nettie stops her treadmill glaring.

Nettie: It’s in the past, it doesn’t matter. What matters now is I am the sixth entrant and Jatt is right after me.

Majandra: So at this point, you’re on a mission to…–

Nettie: Show every single one of those bastards why snubbing me was a mistake.

Majandra: …so Brunch?

Mimi comes running back over to the two as Nettie grabs a towel and wipes down her face. Mimi hides behind Majandra’s leg.

Mimi: Sissy, we’re going home now.

Mimi says tugging at her sister’s jacket. Majandra looks confused and bends down to Mimi’s eye level.

Majandra: We are going to brunch with Mom like you wanted.

Mimi: No want to go home. It’s not Mommy.

Majandra looks confused and looks over at Nettie then back at the nervous little girl.

Majandra: Mommy’s just in War Game mode. We will have a huge party for her when she gets home.

Mimi nods her head smiling at her sister. She waves to Nettie.

Mimi: Tell Mommy I love her.

Nettie nods giving the kid the thumbs up as the girl practically drags her sister out of the gym. Nettie avoids her reflection and grabs another bottle of water.

Nettie: One of those two could be my legacy once I’m dead… distractions. Leg day and most of them skip legs. Look at their photos, the only one who looks like he works the legs is STRONK. Everyone else looks like they’ve got the Batman Beyond legs. Not this bitch. I can crack a walnut with these thighs. 

Nettie states with pride as she slaps the side of her leg. She’s got pride and at this point in her work out is exhausted. She walks away from the workout equipment. She walks to the locker room disappearing behind the doors.


Life time 

Spa & Gym (spa room)

Dallas Texas

We see a spa room with a massage table, aromatherapy air misters are spraying around the room with orange Himalayan salt lamps illuminating the room. Nettie walks into the room in a white bathrobe her hair pulled up into a clip. There is a person wearing a polo with “life time” on the pocket. 

Nettie: I need a full body massage.

Spa worker: Absolutely ma’am. 

They lift the sheet for Nettie to get on the table. He excuses himself to allow her to get situated. Nettie lays down face down on the massage table and disrobes replacing the robe with the sheet. Hearing a knock on the door she smiles trying to relax.

Nettie: I’m ready!

Nettie states putting her face on the headrest. The door opens and the person enters. Nettie takes a few cleansing breaths and wrinkles her face.

Nettie: You smell bad. I get it you probably rub on some grody people daily just get it done. I need legs and shoulders and my stress spots which are the back of my neck and I need to be more relaxed because I am too tense.

Nettie feels hands on her shoulders.

Nettie: I said I wanted deep tissue, you’re going to have to put more muscle into it.

The person uses their elbow into the shoulders of Nettie causing her to smile.

Nettie: There we go…

She breathes a sigh of relief.

Nettie: I am under an enormous amount of stress. My entire team is…less than.

She notices the masseur working heavier causing her to wince slightly.

Nettie: and then the jackets don’t get me started on the jackets. The participation trophy awards for idiots. And yet I fucking want one. Like I would have no problem laying down and taking a loss just to get the damn jacket. 

She states in a matter-of-fact tone.

Nettie: I would like to win but it’s not realistic. However taking someone’s title is.. maybe handicapping Dan Ryan and going to work on his hip just to pin him and take his title from him that’s not even on the table but who knows what can happen between now and then. I’m willing to push the envelope to get what I want.

The masseuse continues on the shoulders.

Nettie: I have been friends with enough people in this match to where I can safely say that those idiots won’t even bother with me. If I pin a few people: Loserwood and Darren Zion and whoever else then I guess they’re just casualties of War.

The masseuse stops working and exits quickly slamming the door behind them

Nettie: What the shit? You’re not getting a good tip for this.

She yelled at the closed door. There is another knock at the door causing Nettie to Sit up holding her sheet over herself.

Nettie: What?! 

The spa worker who walked her into the room smiles as he enters. 

Spa worker:  Ready for your massage Miss Carey?

Nettie: I’m ready for it to continue. And you smell better now. Thank God.

The employee looks confused at Nettie.

Spa worker: I am sorry..?

Nettie: You sure the hell are. 

Nettie sinks back down allowing the Spa worker to get the essential oils and aromatherapy oils for the massage.

Nettie: Yeah those would be helpful.

Nettie scoffs with annoyance. The worker starts at her shoulders as her face wrinkles.

Nettie: Harder…

The spa worker attempts to put more muscle into the massage causing her to be annoyed.

Nettie: No like you were doing when you first came in here.

Spa Worker: Ma’am… that wasn’t me.

It dawns on Nettie what happened.

Nettie: Whoever that was should get a tip… 

Nettie looks annoyed at the worker and gets up from the table.

Nettie: Those fingers were magic. You might want to find out who it was because they do a better job than you.

Nettie says walking out of the massage therapy room.

Nettie: I have to get to Mexico.

She says as she goes back to the locker room where we leave the Queen Bitch and the Life time gym and Spa.