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“Fare you well my honey

Fare you well my only true one

All the birds that were singing

Have flown except you alone

Going to leave this broke-down palace

On my hands and my knees, I will roll, roll, roll

Make myself a bed by the waterside

In my time, in my time, I will roll, roll, roll

In a bed, in a bed

By the waterside I will lay my head

Listen to the river sing sweet songs

To rock my soul,” ‘Brokedown Palace,’ By The Grateful Dead


The last few days the city of Kyiv has been a city of strife with Russian forces attempting to make inroads in the capital city again.  I sat in a warehouse bed and breakfast approximately 85 miles away in Kaniv where most forces have already done battle.  Russia had taken a hydro-power dam, but little skirmishes have continued between small forces.  I had been holed up in my sleeping quarters counting down the days till War Games…if I make it there in one piece that is.  I had spent my time watching Netflix and doing sit ups and pushups.  I had been offered a guard to go outside but I still felt as safe in Kaniv as a rat stuck in a den of snakes.  I was used to fighting in a wrestling ring not trying to fight off sniper rifles and people committing war crimes.

Ellis Jackson had it abundantly clear that his warehouse headquarters were where they were for easy water access to move items wherever he needed.  That meant Russia as well, he didn’t have a side, he just had opportunity and cash to grab.

These days that disgusted me.  The money grab, the grift, it was something I no longer felt was important to me.  I had my LSD Title which I proudly shined whenever Ellis began to annoy me with his quips about oligarchs unable to pay for their caged Lions now so he had to try to keep them alive with what little food he could come up with that wouldn’t hurt his bottom-line.  The lion looked as malnourished as JJR and seeing as they probably have the same diet and are both locked up it isn’t surprising.

As my opponent’s dodge Ukraine, I have entered and attempted to overcome the fear.  I figured if I could overcome this then a wrestling match would be no problem no matter where it is or the match type.





I stopped my push-ups and stood up.  I shook my arms to loosen them up and walked to the door.  I opened it up to see Oleg holding a plate of food.  I had only been here for a few days…I think but, in that time, Oleg had always delivered me food during my small workouts.  I would feel paranoid but NO, I knew there were cameras everywhere.  For watching the goods, I was told, as he thought that calling me a good would make me feel comfortable. 

He handed me the plate which looked like some sort of beef stew, and I just hoped that none of the exotic animals downstairs had died that day.  “Thanks,” I said as I wiped some sweat from my forehead with my free forearm. 

Oleg nodded but didn’t leave as he stared at me.  “Ellis zinks you should get some frrresh airrr.”

During the last few days, I have started to understand this accent a tad better, but it still made me want to rip my ears off.  I sat the food down on the only chair inside the room, a wicker rocking chair and then turned to look back at Oleg.  “Where should we go?  The closed bar with half the wall missing.  Oh…how about the sports store that has wolves living in it now?  Explain to me, where should I go, Oleg?”

Oleg squinted back at me with an expressionless face, “how long vill you kover, I zought you verrre tough wrrrestler.”

I bent down and took a bite of the stew and then whipped my head around as I finally comprehended what he had said.  “Did you call me a coward?” 

He nodded back at me.  I gritted my teeth and seethed through them wishing I could punch this man, but he was not small and had several weapons.  The longer I had been here the angrier I had become probably because I had been stuck in one place longer than I wished for.  It was difficult though.  I know I am supposed to put on a tough outer exterior but there is a difference between fighting inside a ring and fighting for one’s freedom.  I didn’t have to worry about the latter, but I could always be seen in the crosshairs if I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This whole place was a damn wrong place but hey…it’s for charity, right Lee?  You look like you were electrified by one of your dildos you douche bag.  What are you supposed to be Doc Brown after taking someone’s eye in an orgasmic fit?  Enough about tough men from far away.

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself and then looked back at Oleg, “Ok…I guess I could use some cardio.”





I used to like to state that I wasn’t afraid of anything.  I would like to think that was true but as time goes by you realize barking the loudest often means you are the scared the most.  You want to hide what is inside because if it gets out you could be labeled mentally soft and physically weak.

The more mature you get the more you realize that who cares what they think.  If you know yourself then those who come after you will never have an advantage.  I am a foolish man who has lost a lot in his life, and I am not just speaking about items.  I lost ten years in a damn fantasy world in my head with memories created by my father’s insane ideas.  I realize that I have a lot to catch up on, but I now know that there is more to life than power and money.

I thought I needed that to get my dad’s approval and now I know it is pointless.  He is a horrible human being and I have come to realize I don’t want to be that person.  I want to be The Miracle Man.  I want to build my friends up, not down but if you come at me, I will get down in the fucking mud to defend my friends and what I believe in. Wrestling is a dirty business, but it doesn’t have to be a timebomb ready to go off whenever Lee Best has shark week. 

The Board are vultures.

They will pick the bones after the people they pay do the hard work because they no longer have the skills or stamina to face the likes of Clay Byrd, Steve Solex, Conor Fuse or yours truly.  Yes, I gave the thumbs down icon a compliment because I can still respect his skills even if I can never fully trust him.  The Board believes money is the only way to get people to work for them but in the long run people like STRONK will realize this isn’t a family but a fascistic wrestling stable hellbent on keeping things running as usual and they don’t care who they must toss away to get there.

Jace Parker Davidson is a coward.  A man who would toss away a friend if Mike Best comes calling for him.  He knows that he doesn’t have to work hard now that Kneesus is giving him his blood and body for him to eat like the glutton he is.  It would be pathetic if it wasn’t so obvious.  This is just who Jace is, and he will do whatever they ask even when he was skipped over in the draft.  It is not personal, Jace…it is business and business seems to be better without you.  I would say it was a surprise, but we are talking about a group that will throw you in front of a fire if it could let them get away.  But hey…you like fire so burn baby burn.

I know you don’t care but I never liked you even when we were in The Best Alliance together.  I knew what you were then, and you haven’t changed one bit.  You are just a puppet that a member of the Best Family uses because you have no self-identity if you don’t have someone telling you what it is.  I hope I see you.  Don’t think I forgot that you defeated me, nonetheless I am not going to play friendly with you ever again.  I am not trying to hold together a despicable stable any longer so I can finally drop you on your head without worrying what someone might say.  Trust me, I know you enjoy talking out the side of your mouth about me.  I think it is jealousy, but it might just be that you are a pathetic try-hard like Arthur Pleasant who wants his better’s acceptance.  You are washed, Jace and I will do you one kind deed and leave you outside to dry out.  Hopefully the wind will fly you to another land because your shtick is done here and at War Games you will see why I am the LSD Champion, and you are just second fiddle to Mike Best’s obnoxious son.

I know what fear is now and it is not a group of whiney wrestlers.  It is having to duck and cover from rifles in a war.  Steve Solex is the true hero HOW needs.  He has fought for our freedoms and had the courage to live through areas like Ukraine before.  Christopher America is the anthesis of a troll on twitter with his sunglasses in the truck selfies being his identity.  His opinions scream out of his Cheeto stained mouth thinking that his beliefs are more important than anyone else’s.   Do not compare wrestling in a War Games match to actual battle.   I know saying that will fall on deaf ears because you don’t care.  Raise your parody American Flag with your ugly face in the center wherever you go but we know you will end up boot licking Putin when all is said and done.  I am certain you will suck the cancer from him and then meet your new roommate: Edward Snowden.  Good luck with the bathroom schedule you traitor.

I walk a path and I don’t even know how it will end but I have realized it is better to jump in then to put a bed sheet over my face.  Sometimes I need to be pushed, sometimes I need to be insulted, and sometimes I need to be told I am not tough.  I am aware I am not the greatest, but I am on the way to being so and won’t let small transgressions interrupt my focus any longer.  I will get what I lost back, and I will continue to gain more because I don’t deserve it…I am earning it.

Trust can only go so far but at War Games I will do my best to believe my teammates that are not part of The Highwaymen have my back and I will have theirs.  This is about leaving The Board powerless and after that it is every man for themselves.





“It safe, zerrre hasn’t been any fighting herrre in days.”

I peered out the warehouse door.  Oleg stood there with his Fort-227 Assault Rifle over his shoulder beckoning me outside.  There were only small noises inside the warehouse now as most of the exotic animals that had scared me did not have the energy to roar any longer.  I sighed and then took one step that turned into a jog till I got next to Oleg.  He looked at me when I stopped with an amused look on his face. 


“You rrrun like girrrl,” he said with as little sarcasm as possible, which irritated me greatly.  I was running scared, a great athlete like myself doesn’t always have perfect form.

“Fuck you, you got me out here so are you going to defend me from soldiers while I jog in this broke down city?”

He pointed to his assault rifle with a nod, “I vill defend you frrrom vild animals eating korrrpses.”

I looked around to see if there were any animals licking their chops at my amazing body.  I didn’t see anything and was not sure if he was serious or not.  These Eastern Europeans are deadpan annoying.  I began doing some stretches as I hadn’t moved from my room in days.  Everything was tight but just moving around made my body feel good even if mentally all I could think of is what my dead body would be like covered in bullet holes.  Sexy of course but still dead.  I stretched up and side eyed Oleg, “can you keep up?”

Oleg nodded, “I trrrained varrriorrr, jog is nothing.”

I shrugged and started jogging towards the small forest that was close to the old warehouse being used to store conflict goods.  The warehouse was on the outskirts of town but to me it seemed like a good place for soldiers to regroup for an offensive, so my eyes darted after any noise I heard.  I looked behind to see if Oleg was struggling but he was just ten feet behind me, his gun still at the ready.  It was impressive but a tad annoying as well because he seemed to be almost trying to embarrass me. 

“I guess you were not all talk, Oleg,” yelled back to him.

“Is zis all it takes to be wrrrestler?” he asked and then followed with a yawn as if he was bored of my cardio workout.

I groaned and shook my head and then stopped at a tree and leaned against it.  It had been several days since I had done any cardio and I will admit I do not enjoy running especially after all the joints Jack had fed me the last six months.  “Look,” I paused as I caught my breath and continued, “running doesn’t make a wrestler just like having a gun doesn’t make you a hero or a soldier.”

He cleared his throat and stared at me.

I waved my free left hand at him, “I am not saying you Oleg but people who want to pretend to be YOU just like people like JJR pretend to be wrestlers.  It takes a lot to be at the top of both of our professions.”

“I just trrrying to underrrstand what makes you champion.”

“Is that an insult or a real question?”

“Question, I interrrested in Amerrrica.”

I looked back at him trying to find any sign of sarcasm but as always, I came up empty.  I cleared my throat as I leaned down and touched my toes.  “It takes a lot of skill and heart to become a champion or successful as a wrestler.  I have learned over time that my stamina sometimes doesn’t measure up to my heart which is why if I am going to succeed in an Ironman match and then keep going, I need to get my lungs stronger than all my opponents.”

Oleg looked around the trees for any threats and then looked back at me with a nod, “zat makes sense.”

At this point I had run far enough from the warehouse down the river to see an abandoned mill.  I pointed to several vultures that seemed to be having a nice meal.  “I hate vultures.”

Oleg nodded and began walking towards the vultures, “Zey arrre eating soldier.”

I took a step and then what he said dawned on me.  “Wait…what?  Did you just say they are eating a dead soldier?”

“Da,” he continued, not at all surprised by what we were witnessing.

I sighed and shook my head and followed him knowing this was probably not the first time he has come across this in the past three months. “Not sure if my workout included running vultures away.  I was going to save that for War Games when I run Bobbinette Carey out of Ukraine.”

He didn’t care.  Her name meant less to him than it did to me.  I caught up to him at the body as the vultures flew off but only far enough away to be able to come back quickly after we were done.  He bent down and grabbed something and showed me.  “Found zese on bodies rrrecently.”

I squinted my eyes and automatically realized that what I was looking at was a gnome and not just any gnome the Travelocity gnome from the stupid commercials.  “What the hell is that doing here?”

He shrugged as it was just a toy to him, “looks like sniper rrrifle bullets, zis isnt firrrst time I have seen zis either.”

I paused and then put my finger up to talk but then thought better of it and put it down, “nevermind…this just kind of feels familiar.”

Oleg ignored me and then took his right foot and pushed the body towards the river and then kicked it into the water without any hesitation after fifty seconds of moving the body had gone by.  I watched in horror as the body made a splash and then floated slowly down the river.  He turned to me and pointed at the vultures who if I could understand them looked very angry at what just transpired.  “Vulturrres brrring disease.”

I nodded and then paused as something came over me, “you said you were interested in America?”


I smiled, “I might have a job you would be perfect for.”

With that I turned and began to talk back to the warehouse as Oleg nodded and walked next to me as we talked about the job and how Ellis could help him get into America.

It was coming together, and I promised myself that I would get back what I lost, and I have finally found someone who can do the dirty work without hesitancy. 

I will keep my LSD Title.

I will win War Games.

I will get Miracle Enterprise back on track.

I will get Rebecca Hines back.





It is called an Ironman match not Ironwoman for a reason.  It is not because I don’t believe women can wrestle, it is because this match is being headlined by STEVE HARRISON: an amazing man.

Bobbinette Carey is the person you run into who will start preaching to you about being discriminated against within the first five minutes of meeting her. 

It isn’t because she is annoying.

It isn’t because she only has empathy for herself.

It isn’t because she is using causes to further her agenda.

No, no, it is because she is a woman and worse yet black.  I hate having to even mention this nonsense, but she makes it an issue because it is all she talks about.  Juneteenth does not mean anything when we are inside a wrestling ring, not to mention it is after War Games is over so what the hell are you going on about? 

I am sure being omitted from War Games plans will just be an appetizer for when you are omitted from every family BBQ on June 19th.  Nobody wants you around and it isn’t because you will eat everything, but you will eat every conversation with your pretentious fake wokeness. 

You are not less just A LOT more irritating.

But let’s be honest you are a lot less of a wrestler then me these days.  I defend not only a title but my livelihood while you make unironic comparisons with someone I share a name with because you are scared to defend yourself against me.  Great story, I get the underlying jokes and insults and meh, two stars and that’s at the Tokyo Dome.

Time goes forward, Carey, so your past experiences at being good at this profession doesn’t help you in the present when I will be literally using my foot to cave in your throat.  You being unable to talk would be a victory for everyone.

I really don’t understand what you are getting at anyway.  Just because you were invited late to the party doesn’t mean anyone is holding you down.  You are lucky to even be invited since you most certainly won’t be celebrating it.  I don’t play games with my title, Carey, and I don’t give a shit about the party until I am done going thirty minutes and beating the oxygen out of those fat lungs of yours. 

Another example of you only caring about yourself not about any team you might fight with.  You just want to say you were there while I am out there actually fighting against the system.  You can bat your eyes at Lee and make empty threats, but The Highwaymen are here to do something about it while you just sign a petition and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

I am not messing around, Carey.  I have worked too hard to get to where I am for you to luck your way into a title match and touch my LSD Title.  I am going to hurt you because I must not because I take joy in it.  This business is ruthless, and you are just the new annoying gnat that has gotten in my path.  I am not stopping.  I will run you over and not think twice so I hope you have Scottywood on BFF stand by because you will need a blood infusion when I am done bludgeoning you.

To defeat a monster, you need someone with the desire to see real change, not a faux social justice warrior who fights for their own self-interest.  I will rid you from our space because trust me…this isn’t a safe space and I will go on to defend The Boys from the machine that makes all the decisions for us.

Bow down, Queen you are fighting the pupil of a KING and the only thing epic will be your unending downspin.




October 22nd, 2021


“Why should I trust you?”

Miracle Enterprise Apartment looked like it had been ransacked by homeless people but at a dusty living room table sat Steve Harrison and across from him was a short man with glasses.  The man looked around the area looking disgusted by where he currently was.  Harrison leans back in his chair with a red plastic solo cup in front of him and a filled ashtray of roaches with ashes scattered around his cup.  He takes a sip and then puts his hand up before the man can speak.

“Nah, Jack told me who you were and where he got your contact that makes you an enemy off the bat.”

The man nods, “I should ask why I should even waste my time with someone who seems to have given up?”

Steve laughs and takes another sip of his drink, “I guess you have a good point, but you are someone who could come in and make matters worse.  How do I know you aren’t still working with my father?”

“I am a doctor.”

“So were the people who messed with my memories and had me in a coma…not to mention who helped take Rebecca from US,” Harrison replies with his voice getting louder and his face becoming red.

The doctor fixes his glasses looking a little scared of Steve’s outburst.  “I was not a part of that and was fired after I questioned your father’s intentions.”

“And you are alive?”

“I am sure I have been watched but I am not here to fight against him but to help you.  Jack and Sandy have both told me you need to find the motivation to come back to the wrestling ring and that is what I am here for.”

The Man who lost his Miraculous Smile pauses and begins tapping the table with his right index finger.  “What could you possibly do in that regard?”

The doctor lugs a briefcase up to the table and opens it up.  He takes a folder out and places it in front of himself.  “This is a list of all the people I have helped rehabilitate from surgery and become better than ever.  In just a few weeks I could have you running at full speed.”

Steve shakes his head and reaches in his pocket.  He pulls out the vile he was given months ago from Sandy and holds it in his hand.  “What can you do about this?”

“What is it?”

Harrison smirks, “it is something I would like you to make more of.  It needs tests but it is something that could definitely help get me off my ass and leave my opponents not just humble but drooling in their own blood…also to make things right.”

The doctor looks confused, “what was that last bit?”

Steve stands up, “don’t worry about it.”  He walks over and hands the doc the vile, “we only have one sample, if you ruin this, I will not leave you a bad yelp review…I will leave you unable to read a yelp review.”

The doc gulped as he accepted the vile, “Uh…yea…well, we will need funds.”

“Tell me what you need and I will make it happen.  I don’t care if I go broke, if this works, I will get all my money back and then some.” Steve turns his back and walks back to his side of the table and picks up his solo cup.  He takes a sip and crumples the cup in his hand and tosses it on the table.

The doctor grabs his folder and puts it back into his briefcase.  He grabs the vile and puts it in his pocket.  “It will cost to reengineer this. I will contact you with additional info.”

Harrison points at the doctor’s pocket, “don’t think I won’t have eyes on you, this is more important than your health, doc.”

The doc nods, “it is Doctor Erman.”

The Man who is getting those Miracles back shrugs, “that just makes you sound more untrustworthy. Just get it done and we will get along just fine.”