Posted on January 20, 2022 at 3:24 am by Scott Stevens

A new year brings new beginnings…….

Isn’t that what all people say when January 1st rolls around?

However, in my case it applies.


For me, it was the year of the fool.

I had lost myself and was trying everything and anything to stay relevant in a sea full of sharks. I had been conned by Mike Best into putting up the custody of my youngest son up for grabs the year before for a shot at the HOFC championship.

I lost the match and my son.


For me, it was the year of hitting rock bottom.

I suffered a career threatening back injury in November when Dan Ryan powerbombed me out of the ring and I hit the security guardrail and I broke numerous vertebrae. If it couldn’t get any worse, Lee Best fired me from HOW before I could even make it out of the arena. That injury kept me out the remainder of the 2020 year and half of the 2021.


For me, it was the year of unpredictability in the land of High Octane.

I thought my career as a professional wrestler in High Octane Wrestling was over until I received a phone call from Lee Best about seven months ago. I thought that phone call was going to have a new wrestling contract attached at the end….it did with a catch. Seven months ago, I was manipulated by Lee Best into accepted a retirement match with his son with the caveat of retiring one of my nemesis for good and not looking like a chump by regaining custody of my kid.

I lost and was thus retired from actively competing inside a HOW ring and appearing on HOTv in any capacity. I was pushed back to my duties as wrestling historian, statistician, and producer. Some say it difficult to let go especially if you didn’t go out on your own terms, but I was ok with it. I was retired by the best. There is no shame in that.

After my time as an active competitor in HOW expired, I got a call from my good friend, Ray McAvay, to sign with Missouri Valley Wrestling as a freelancer and I have been traveling with my wife; the Women’s champion, my brother and cousin. Traveling throughout the Heartland of America competing in more intimate settings like my father used to do back in the territory days.

I was perfectly happy and content with my current arrangements until I received THE phone call from……

Michael Oliver Best.

You know the man who has survived being killed, eyes ripped out, decapitated and God knows what else, but apparently he heals faster than Wolverine because he doesn’t have a scratch on him. Maybe Harrison can call him to get his secret about his knee?

Anyways, I got the phone call asking me to come back at Rumble at the Rock to officiate the LSD and World championship matches. When he asked me to come back I declined because I am a man of my word and I was going to honor my retirement and go through the trials that Michael Lee Best wanted. However, Michael Oliver Best couldn’t take the chance and he needed reassurance that shenanigans wouldn’t happen in his title matches. He knew I wasn’t going to be a pushover and I held HOW and the championships with high prestige that’s why I was the only choice to enforce the rules in those matches.

Since then, I was Mr. Best’s handpicked official when he needed to make sure things went by the book. I have to thank Mr. Best for every opportunity he has given to me because he knew having me wasting in the back unseen is not good for business because my experience and talents can be used in many different ways than just wrestling or being the Punchline of a Lee Best joke.

I thank Mr. Best for being named the 2021 HOW Official of the Year. I couldn’t have won it without him.

However, as much as I have to thank Mr. Best for the vast new opportunities he has opened for me, I really have to thank the HOW roster. Strange I know, but if it wasn’t for their lack of active participation or giving a fuck about opportunities they may never receive again I was called into action by Mr. Best not as a referee, but as an active wrestler for the first time in six months and I walked out of Lethal Lottery as the number one contender to the world title.

Thank you HOW roster.

I couldn’t have done it without you.


Scott Stevens.


Who would’ve thought that I would be inducted into the most prestigious Hall of Fame?

With that, will 2022 be the year of redemption for myself?

That is the question.


Location: Chicago, Illinois: Stevens Apartment
January 5, 2022: Time: 5:30 am






The sound of buzzing is heard along with the sound of sheets rumbling in a darkened room. The face of Scott Stevens is revealed in an illumination of light from his smart phone as he looks at the time and shakes his head.

“It’s five-thirty in the moaning.”

Stevens says to himself as the text message keep coming in. He eventually sits upright in his bed and wipes the sleep from his eyes before focusing on the barrage of messages he has received. The messages are from the boss, Michael Oliver Best, and Stevens starts to reply.

“I’m awake now. Lol.”

Stevens replies as he reads the first message and texts his response.

As Scott waits for Michael’s reply he lets out a big yawn. The phone buzzes and the message comes through and the Texan reads it to himself.

“I need you for the tag tournament if you are available.”

The text informs Stevens and Scott immediately types that he’s available to compete in the tournament. As Scott receives a reply back a puzzled look comes over his face.


Stevens appears to have misread the message and re-reads it aloud.

“Good. You are teaming up with Black Mamba.”

Stevens begins to push the screen rather quickly and the message he sends back is asking why he is teaming up with Black Mamba, and Scott quickly gets two replies back. The first says that the randomizer paired us together, and the second asked, if that was a problem? Stevens lets out a sigh and sends a final reply.


The boss tells his favorite employee that is good to hear and that our opponents will be revealed tomorrow. Stevens places his phone on the night stand before going back to bed.


You see, I shouldn’t even be in this tournament, but I’m having to step up to the plate once again because teams that were supposed to be in it originally decided to bail at the last minute. The supposed tag team that was going to win it all bailed faster than they did when they went to UTAH when the Little Gamer Boy won the World title when it was supposed to be them who would emerge victorious at ICONIC and it was a given they were going to become the NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!

Give me a fucking break.

After being throw out of the ICONIC tournament quicker than Clay Byrd off of the USS Octane they broke up the Best Friends…..or is it the eMpire…..or the Group of Death??? I can’t keep track of them all, but they took their balls and went home. Cecilworth retired for the fiftieth time, and Mike Best is trying to find his balls that his best friend holds for him since he loses them every seven minutes and fifty seconds apparently.

So I guess we will see them after the 24 daily period.

I’ve been brought to not only replace Mike and Farthington, but I’ve also been brought in because where are teams from PRIME at? Anyone seen them? I’m asking because I haven’t and apparently neither has the boss. I mean was Red and Ted too busy to come back and fail once again at trying to win the Tag titles? Probably. Was the Bruvs too busy to come back and become the champs once again because they are better off beating old folks for their social security checks? Classic. Hell, Lindsay Troy boasted they were on equal footing with HOW as PRIME will be our primary competition. Please, the only equality you have is when Steve Solex slaps you across the face with his right hand before he slaps you across the face with his left.

Apparently you can’t have a woman do a man’s job because if she could she’d have a team ready to go.

Don’t even get me started on the eGG Bandits. We all know I was brought in because they are a few days away from posing with their favorite cereal, Golden Flakes.

Regardless of why I am in the tournament, the point is I am in and I am facing two individuals that are in rare form to kick some ass. Clay Byrd is chomping at the fucking bit to rebound from his loss to Conor Fuse at ICONIC. Let me rephrase, Clay Byrd is chomping at the bit to win some gold…..finally. Don’t get me wrong, Clay is a hell of a talent and tough as nails. He is from Texas after all. However, since he has come into HOW he has come up short on everything. Every title opportunity he’s lost. Every number one contendership matches he wins is a stepping stone for continued disappointment because he can’t overcome and win the big one. Clay doesn’t want to be known as the guy who is good enough to become a number one contender, but falls short in title matches. He wants to become a champion just like I do once again. 2022 can be our year of redemption as we both make the great state of Texas proud by becoming champions. I’ll become tag champion once again while Clay avenges his loss at ICONIC by beating Conor Fuse and becoming the HOW 2k22 video game champion.

As tough as Clay Byrd is, his partner is even tougher. Say what you want about Steve Solex; he’s not mentally stable, he’s a sociopath, he’s psychotic, he’s the number one dad. The main things you need to remember about him is that he is a Hall of Famer, and the first ever HOTv champion. Hell, he is also the first and last LPW World champion. He kicked my ass on more than one occasion. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever beaten Steve Solex. The Army veteran showed everyone in this era of HOW what he’s capable of. He’s capable of turning his back on his friends, namely Joe Bergman. He’s not afraid to slap around a woman. Hi Lindz. He’s not afraid to put his job security on the line if it means beating the shit out of another person and it gets them fired. The only reason Bobby Dean is around is because he was chosen by Jiles to be his partner, but we all know he’ll be gone soon enough.

As you can see I have a tough task ahead of me.

If I was teaming with anyone else I know I would have a good chance at advancing to the next round but I don’t trust Black Mamba. Don’t get me wrong, James Ranger is a hell of a talent. You have to be for surviving in HOW as long as he has, but I don’t trust him because the last time he was in HOW we were a tag team. However, his ego and pride cost us matches against the Hollywood Bruvs and Andy Murray and Perfection. When I questioned his actions he told me I was a nobody and to follow his lead to victory instead of questioning him. I swallowed my pride and did exactly what he told me to do and he still cost us matches and our implosion of our team ended when I spiked his head into the mat with a piledriver and picking up a victory. So am I going to have eyes in the back of my head? You bet your ass I will because I’m expecting to be stabbed in the back as a form of payback from the last time we were in the ring together. I will show up to Refueled and I will do my job because I’m a professional and no one does their job better than me, but I am going to be extra cautious around Mamba. I can’t allow my guard to go down one instant because I want to become a champion and no snake in the grass, Clay Pigeons, or Major Pain in My Ass are going to prevent me from calling myself champion once more.

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Stevens Apartment
January 6, 2022: Time: 9:30 pm

Stevens is shown to be getting ready for a late night workout when his phone begins to ring. The Texan walks over to his night stand and picks up his phone and sees that it from a blocked number. Stevens clicks the red button.

“Sorry pal, but if I don’t have your number I’m not answering.”

Stevens says as he tossing the phone on the bed when it starts ringing again. Stevens looks at the Caller I.D. and it reads Blocked on the screen. Stevens lets out a sigh as he reaches down to pick his phone back up and answers it.


Stevens asks as he hears a familiar voice on the other end.

“Mamba? Is this you?”

The Texan questions before nodding.

“I can be there tomorrow.”

Stevens states before hanging up.

“This will be interesting.”

He says to himself before exiting his apartment.