Time is ticking

Time is ticking

Posted on June 21, 2024 at 5:53 am by Zach Kostoff

Dawn is creeping up and the morning sounds of birds is heard in the distance. A small feeling of electricity is in the air. Sitting in a screened porch is Zach. His hair is wet and hangs in his face. Drinking a bottle of water he closes his eyes for a moment. As the camera moves in he opens his eyes. Tired is about all you can tell in them. Maybe he is not sleeping due to the upcoming match? Maybe he has demons running through his head? Who knows? Running his hand through his hair he lifts his head to look at the sky


Zach: This is the biggest match in my short career I’ve been apart of. It means a lot really. The chance to get into War Games is massive.


Zach: Who knows how it will turn out? Does it matter?


His eyes go from tired to a look of vengeance.


Zach: See, the outcome of this match is meaningless really because no matter what is done, the guys that skin their knees and get their lips stretched out will win.


Zach: I get it, this sport is full of suck ups and bullshit artists that play fiddle fuck with fed heads to get a leg up. Or is some cases their ass up.


He shakes his head.


Zach: What a sad a pathetic display this place has turned in to. Yea everyone wants to get here but to do so and make a run up that food chain you are expected to bend the knee and kiss the ring or bend over and grab your ankles. That is more of what this false prophet that loves to be called God wants done.


Zach: I know, how dare I speak the truth? Do I want my career to fall even more so?


He laughs to himself as he takes another drink from his bottle of water.


Zach: Does it really look like I give a simple fuck about my career here? Honestly does it? I know some simply have to tell you and show you this production of their “story” so you can believe that they are something their character portrayed them out to be. Some probably sit up in their houses at night, trying to figure a way for their God to notice them and take a liking to them.


Zach: Some could say I did that, but did I? I’m still my own man. My old man was his own man, I think now that that is the reason why things always shook out the way they did and have done here.


Zach: You be yourself and go with it and you are looked at as lazy, you are not worth it here, but too be fair…the lazy and weak ones are the ones that circle up and join the crowd.


Taking the last drink of water from the bottle he sets it back on the table. Pushing back on the chair he stands up and stretches. Letting out a sigh he leans against the table.


Zach: Do I give a shit about this match? Maybe? Let’s be fair and honest. Winning would be cool as fuck. Winning at the meaning of sucking up to do so? Yea not in on it.


Zach: Let the cards fall, let the blood spill. At the end who wins, wins. I’m not gonna lose any sleep either way. After this weekend I’ll be back home, I’ll be able to lay in my bed and sleep. My life will still be the same and my mindset will not change at all.


Zach: I’ll see you mother fuckers real soon.


He cocks his head slightly to the side as he nods his head. His eyes narrow some. He lets out a small snort before he turns and walks away through his sliding glass door and into his house.


(Wow, pretty fair way of looking at it. The kid might be turning that corner. Doubt it but he is trying )


A small wind gust moves a few leaves on the pool deck as the scene fades back to darkness.