Time is Neutral Chaotic

Time is Neutral Chaotic

Posted on August 10, 2022 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Time is categorical to everyone on this earth.  It is the one constant in this world that doesn’t discriminate, doesn’t favor any one person.  In fact, time is the least racist concept known to man.  There is no discriminating as the flow of time is the same for everyone.  However, it effects us all differently in which case it may operate differently for some of us.  Time has been my friend and it’s been my enemy.  But the worst thing to have one thing of, it’s time.  If you’ve found yourself staring at a clock, or have nothing but reflection…that is the utmost dangerous thing to have staring at you in a corner.  I thought time was my friend…like a companion on the same journey such as yourself.  But all I’ve learned late in my career is just how bad a lot of time can be for one person.  I, too, can view it with the same lenses as everyone else.  This time, though, it feels different to me.  Time CAN discriminate and it’s been building and building and building on me.  I feel like I’ve been backed up into a corner and about to get ambushed in a three on one assault.  I know that doesn’t make any sense to anyone, but it does to me and after I explain it…perhaps I won’t be the only one who really actually does experience it.  Never in a million years did I think I would find common ground with certain individuals…but even I can say that I can still be surprised from time to time…but it was still always leading to the same place, just a longer destination.  So I ask myself again…is time an ally…or an enemy? Can it possibly be in the middle?  I was definitely going to find that out sooner than I maybe wanted to..”




Well would you look at that…here we are and yours truly did exactly what he said he was going to…and that is to be at Dead or Alive.  Gone are the days of mincing words together just to “show up.”  I said I was going to be at Dead or Alive and I fucking meant it!  But we have an interesting scenario here, don’t we?  Apparently after Xander Azula and myself beat Stronk and America, that was enough to get us added into the HOW Tag Team Championship match.


Oh boy.  Jumping with extreme enthusiasm.


No…you should really be here to see it.  Stoked as fuck.


/sarcastic statement.


No…the truth is I told you all that I didn’t give a fuck what I had to do…I was going to get onto this fucking PPV and that’s exactly what I did.  Did a couple things go against what I expected?  You bet sure as fuck it did!  I have alternative narrative here, but I’m certainly not going to fucking entertain you lack wits and give you the pleasure of revealing my plans because that would straight up spoil the fun.  So with that said, let me tell you how this is going to go do–


A sound is heard in the background as Hollywood turns behind him.  He’s obviously in a room, but we can’t tell exactly where he’s at or who he’s talking with as whispering can be heard between Hollywood and the unknown man.  However, judging by the build and the anonymous covering of his face, it was heavily possible that it could be The Chair.  The two men nod before Hollywood continues.


You have to forgive me…I’ve been taking a lot of precautions the last few months.  I’ve been invested in a lot of things outside of a HOW ring as of late and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit stressed out about it.  But I digress.


Hollywood shrugs his shoulders as you could detect the little fucks he really gave.  He almost looked like a stone wall was hiding behind his eyes.  We were slowly finding out what has happened to Hollywood the last couple months that he was mainly off of HOW TV and being on the run hasn’t done him any favors.  Despite that we witnessed something that rocked Hollywood’s conscious the previous week to the very core.  A conscious that would normally give Hollywood a morality check..but there was none in what we saw transpire last week, but happen two months ago and now it makes sense as it’s been hard to really gauge Hollywood on his emotions as of late.  If it’s any indication, though, is that Hollywood has been channeling hate more than any other emotion which should be concerning to anyone.


Heh.  You know me…I’m a man who takes precautions when he needs to.  That’s one thing about myself that will never change.  But what has changed you ask?  It’s what I’ve been doing in that ring since I came back to HOW on a regular basis.  I’ve been undefeated since coming back and I know that shocks practically every last one of you motherfuckers in this company.  But I said I was going to do something, and god damn it…that’s exactly what the fuck I’m doing!  I had the premise right…just wasn’t tapping into the right well so to speak.  Hatred is a wonderful thing.  You truly don’t know what you’re going to get with a man who has done nothing but hate everything around him as of late.


You can bet I’m going to take that hate forward come time for Dead or Alive.  We’ve got ourselves a good ole shoot em up, Salon type of fight coming up for the HOW Tag Team Championships.


Now, as I’ve stated….it’s no secret that here lately, I’ve despised everything involved with tag teams.  You just can’t trust anyone these days.  You know?  Hell, in fact, it takes more effort to have to rely on someone and take the time in putting trust into someone, that it’s not even worth it.  Now before you all condemn me for my thinking that you always do and will always inevitably do, let me explain something..


I never liked Xander Azula.  That and the man holds a recent victory over me.  But that happened in a time that feels like forever ago.  Time is a funny thing, you know?  Time isn’t always on our side and when it’s not…you have to be ready to act quickly on your feet.  I feel like being on the run these last several months has helped me to be able to do just that.  Time has changed me and I’m not the same man that Xander beat a few months ago.  No, I’m BETTER!  I have a renowned focus and I’ve been channeling nothing else the last couple months since.


You all know my stance on teaming up, so why waste my time doing so now?  Again…time has a funny way of communicating with us in our every day lives.  My stance didn’t change, only the way I’m looking at the big picture, has.  Xander and I have come to a mutual decision, an agreement if you will, and we both recognize that we got thrown together in this mess.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted to add more HOW gold to my resume.


That’s the secret key, you know?  My beliefs may be in place, but when it comes to obtaining HOW gold, I can’t say no.  I mean, if Xander and I are able to pull this win off, it would put me only one tag team title win behind the legendary HOW Tag Team Specialist himself, Mario Maurako.  Another tag team title victory may not mean much to some people, but to have a chance to etch my name in respect to what Mario has done would truly be a great accolade to have under my belt.  This, by no means, replaces my long term goals in what is arguably being called my last run, my last hurrah as it were rumored, will take its place.


Hollywood displays a slight and rare smile.


Everyone in this company though?


Hollywood’s smile immediately fades as we begin to see his hatred side coming out, naturally too.


Every last one of you motherfuckers have done nothing but to discredit me at every turn.  I once sat atop of the HOW mountain with EVERY SINGLE god damn title in my possession at one point.  You know, something that is actually super rare to pull off.  Where was the credit?  Where was the admiration?  I’ll tell you where…




Does that anger me?  You god damn bet it does!  But is it because I’m genuinely not liked anywhere in HOW backstage?  I don’t give a fuck about that.  Never have, never will.  But to disrespect what I’ve done in this company and write me off?  Now THAT pisses me off more than anything fucking else…and I’m already running around with enough hate in my heart.


Hollywood pauses for a moment as he doesn’t go into detail about that little tidbit.  Hollywood wasn’t ready to be forthcoming with that information, as traumatic as some of it was.


I told all you motherfuckers what I was going to do a couple weeks ago against Stronk and Christopher America.  The Board, as it were.  But all I got was a write off.  It pissed me off then and it still pisses me off now despite the fact that Xander and I got the tag team victory.  There are a couple things Xander and I have to iron out…especially since it involves one of the men in this match.


This may not be an ordinary wrestling match for the HOW Tag Team Championships and honestly, I’m perfectly fine with that.  Even if it was, I would have said and done the same god damn thing I was going to say.  Xander and I are very capable of winning this match and walking out of Dead or Alive with the HOW Tag Team Championships around our waists.  But let me point out here that I, for one, am glad the match is a Salon Fight.  It means I get to do MORE damage and inflict more pain on people than I would have been allowed to do in a normal, traditional wrestling match.  That puts a rare smile on my face and I rarely smile these days anymore…


Call it a rough transition of some of the things I’ve done these last couple months.  But the fact remains…time has a way of molding you a certain way.  It’s molded me in ways I never imagined it would.


Hollywood looks away from the camera as the statement gets attention to the man in the same room with him right now.


Anyways….at Dead or Alive, I continue my campaign to put fear behind my name when you step foot in that ring with me.  The Board has already witnessed it and The BFF’s and the Highwaymen will witness the same thing because when I’m focused on something…truly focused on something…I tear everything else down around me without giving any fuck in this world.  Stronk was angry he lost to Xander and myself last week after America was made to look like a pussy and didn’t even show up.  Of course, we all saw what happened to him for not being apart of that match.  No doubt the motherfucker will use that as an excuse any chance he fucking gets.  But the fact remains, Stronk…your anger is your ultimate enemy and I have no problem exposing that again.  When you get angry, you make mistakes, and Xander and I exploited that in high fashion.


Hollywood’s attention all of a sudden gets distracted by the man in the room.  At this point, we can now tell that it’s The Chair who appears to be in preparation to leave quickly.  Hollywood nods before he turns back to the camera one more time.


Well, times up for now folks.  But Come time for Dead or Alive, I will continue to show why I’m still elite and will continue the momentum moving forward because nothing sets me off more than being able to use and channel my hatred to my liking.  I’ll see all of you soon.