Time for a Directional Change?

Time for a Directional Change?

Posted on June 17, 2022 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

Sitting on the sidelines for War Games was as worse as it could have gone for me.  Stop and ask yourself that one question.  We all clearly ask this question at some point.


Is this it?


Is this the moment where I really ponder hanging it all up?


Question seems to sound redundant, doesn’t it?


If you were in my shoes, you would ask yourself that question.  Time was active all around me…but it didn’t mold with me.  Not this time.  I’m a man who just doesn’t belong anymore.  That’s a really harsh way of putting it…but can you really blame me?


Now, War Games is in my rear view mirror.  Now a new beginning dawns.  So why don’t I feel excited about it?  There should have been a place on War Games for me…especially after the dirt sheets revealed a little dirty laundry for one former HOW individual.  To say I was robbed a place on the team would be an understatement. Of course I won’t get into it…wouldn’t want to give PR a bad name, would we?


No War Games is in my rear view…but it’s not out of my sights.  It never was and now I’m standing up and making a stand of said action.  If you thought I wasn’t pissed off enough yet, you’re about to.


I could talk about my plans of retiring.  I could just go ahead and do it.  I have all the power to make that happen…especially for myself…but I recognize that there is still an injustice going on deep at the very core of High Octane and it’s time to expose that and really focus the light onto it.


I could just enjoy what peace I had left in this industry for me…but I can’t.  It’s the same fucking bullshit night in and night out that keeps me awake at night.  I know people around me question my methods and my decisions…especially running around with a man who has largely been unknown to the masses, but a man who has a dangerous reputation.  I mean, who really knows how everything may pan out.


Joe Bergmann certainly does.


He knows what he did.  He cost me the HOW World Championship.  He could be to blame for my recent sufferings.  Well Joe…I haven’t forgotten…and maybe it has to take one more match against you to unlock what’s next for me.  I don’t know about you…but I’m ready to shed and put this feeling of stress and burden to rest.  Something better is coming…it just has one stop to make an adjustment against you for it to really be content.


Boy am I ready for it.


Are you?