TickTock Dog Sea Clock

TickTock Dog Sea Clock

Posted on January 25, 2021 at 8:50 pm by Devin DeSean

Devin is standing in the same place as the feed goes live again, looking at the old clock on the wall.

“It is amazing how many people around our age have trouble telling time on non-Digital clocks. I am not sure how old you are, but I imagine you are a fellow millennial! “

Devin is handed a notecard as he instructed someone to do before the feed went live.

“OH NO! You Sweet Thing! I did not realize this wasn’t actually my round 2 match yet. I just received word that HOW is also working with sponsoring for the ASPCA! Look at that sweet thing right here! “

Yapping can be heard as Devin steps out of screen for a moment.

“This poor neglected Chihuahua was rescued from some vile person from right here in North Chicago!”

Looking at the card again, he looks up unsure about what he read.

“So, you are telling me this little yappy dog is named Joan Fanney Dornapoo…OK, moving on. Joan Faney Dornapoo has been neglected and treated cruelly by a file Chicagoan. She was found wandering the around Wrigleyville covered in booze, vomit, and other things that Pretty Boy would rather not speak about…..”

He pauses and pets the dog some and looks into her eyes.

“ Joan Fanney Dornapoo! You have had a rough life…..you know what…I can’t ignore this. It is very clear that this dog resembles Johnny Dorn…besides he isn’t a female. This poon dog was lost and scared, mistreated most, if not all of its life. Sweet Joan did not deserve that life. You know what, someone tell the ASPCA that I will adopt sweet Joan Fanney Dornapoo and take her to live in Toronto with me!”

Devin is handed a small minty fresh dog treat.

“Here you go Joan, that breath is kinda rank….Now as for my opponent Johnny Dorn. Watching and listening to you in your match against Warstein, then thinking about the story of Joan. You have most likely lived a similar life. The way you talk, it is clear you have not received proper education or upbringing. I guess I shouldn’t expect that you being from Chicago and all……YAPP! YAP!..YAPP!!”

Devin quiets Joan down.

“I know Joan, you feel bad for Johnny and that was rude of me, you know what its like living the sad life in Wrigleyville. Too cold, or too hot, cruel, and unforgiving. You will enjoy Toronto, there are some GOOD people there. Now, back to you Dorn. There is something that you are ready to prove, I saw that fire when it was someone from the south side of Chicago!”

“Your performance was solid; you beat some that was your lesser, while being a lesser of me! Let me explain that last bit to you, wouldn’t want you to continue being lost like poor Joan was! I am caring enough to show you both a better path. “

Devin holds his hand up as high as he can reach.

“ Up here is where Pretty Boy Devin DeSean is….now lower right here is you, and then down here at the lowest part was your South Sider opponent. So, you managed to beat someone that is worst then you, but put you in the spot to face the ever evolving and sought-after Handsome son of New York, Pretty Boy Devin DeSean! And just in case you didn’t know, Joan is right between me and you. ”

Devin hands off Joan and continues.

“ Dorn, you faced off against something familiar in the first round. North side vs South side is easy, you knew what you were facing. You have never faced someone so multi-faceted like Pretty Boy. While we may be in similar points of our Rookie career. While you are training how to play solitaire, I’ve been taken through a clinic in the World Series of Poker! “

“There is nothing about you that is shocking, or different, or even something to worry about. Now, don’t confuse that as I’m looking past you to Dan Ryan! Ohh…LORD HAVE MERCY! Pretty Boy knows you are dead in the water if you are dream about the island when you’re still far out at sea. I have time to prep for Dan, but first I need to traverse the Dorn Sea. Please steady the wobbling of your knees. It’s rocking me to sleep from the waves your creating! “

He is handed Joan back, and they both focus on the clock.

“Dorn….Tick…Tock, even the dog sees the clock! “