This whole year there is one person to blame…

This whole year there is one person to blame…

Posted on December 2, 2022 at 9:11 pm by Bobbinette Carey

Nov 29th 

The Best Arena

We see Bobbinette Carey with her bags walking into her locker room as she flips on the light switch.  He eyes immediately shoot over to a six pack of Revolution’s Anti-Hero IPA. Cautiously she walks further into the locker room, then spotting a barbed wire hockey stick in the corner. Dropping her gear bag, she looks around, and then knocks on the bathroom door before entering.

Bobbinette: Scooter, did you bill this to my room?

But there’s no one in the bathroom. She grabs her cell out of her pocket and dials the contact marked “Scooter”.  It doesn’t even ring and goes to voicemail… which tells her it is full and then hangs up.

Bobbinette: Ugh…

She walks out of the locker room with the barbed wire hockey stick in hand as she looks completely confused.  Looking up and down the hall she sees no one before heading down towards Scotty’s locker room.  As she gets there she spots Ben Reeves and Frankie the Cameraman coming out of it.

Bobbinette: Hey, where’s Scooter?

She says with a smile as Fankie’s eyes start swelling up. Ben shakes his head and just stares at Carey as Frankie darts back into the locker room crying.

Ben: To quote Scotty, what the fuck Carey?  You know what it took just to get him here to collect his and Scotty’s belongings?  He’s taking the loss hard enough, he doesn’t need you of all people…

Bobbinette: What loss, did LEGO sell out of the Transformer Optimus Prime before he could get it?

Bobbinette says, shrugging her shoulders as Ben looks completely shocked at her lack of compassion.

Ben: Fucking no Carey… Scotty!

Bobbinette waves her hand, showing him the hockey stick while cutting him off.

Bobbinette: Yes, that’s who I’m talking about. I’m just looking for Scooter, his hockey stick and beer are in my locker room. So tell him to come get it, cause it’s not extra storage for him.

She jokes as Ben looks completely shocked by the words she’s saying.

Ben: Bobbie, he’s not here… he’s gone… they… they said there wasn’t enough DNA evidence to even identify him.  But he’s gone, Carey.

Bobbinette scoffs patting Ben on the shoulder.

Bobbinette: That is crazy! Of course he got out in time. If he didn’t, then how did I get this?

She asks, holding up a Scotty’s trademark barbed wire hockey stick. Ben shakes his head in confusion.

Ben: His body was incinerated… the coroner and the fire chief declared him… he’s gone. So I don’t know how you got it, maybe someone gave you a “gift” to fuck with you… there are plenty of sick and twisted fucks here in HOW.

Bobbinette scoffs, shaking off his words.

Bobbinette: In HOW we don’t give gifts we send messages and warnings. This is just your grandfather being mad at me. But seriously… tell him he isn’t funny. When you find him, tell him he’s being a jerk.

She walks away, heading back to her locker room looking less than amused. While Ben just stands there, shaking his head again in shock at the conversation the two of them had. Finally he moves as he goes to comfort his emotionally distraught father.


It’s the holiday season…my body aches. I hear snap crackles and pops as I stand everyday… I know there’s the forced positivity of the people telling me to be thankful at least I can still walk; or at least I still have my eyesight or it could be worse. All that shit. But I am pretty sure this is rock bottom…

Wait, I’ve lost to Brian Hollywood… and Xander Azula. I keep blacking out in matches. I’m hurting people.

You’re hurting people?

Wait… who…?

Really Carey? I die and you forget me? Some friend… you’re taking credit for my work.

What are you doing in my head?

Well I died and I knew you couldn’t go the extra mile and kill Jace so… I helped.

Okay, wait what?

Your match was right after mine. You think I was about to go to hell? No, so I jumped into you.


Fucking gross Carey!

So you’re saying you’ve been possessing my body?

You thought you had that in you all this time? We both know you aren’t that type of person

I wrestle I… wait… you mean to tell me, you’re really… gone?

Fuckin eh… Carey get with the program. Yes I’m dead. And you’re going to need to listen to me if you’re going to beat Harrison.

Well, as of late you’ve cost me a bunch of matches…

You sucked before I helped. At least this time we are getting shit done. You’re doing it the hardcore way.

This is all on you anyways. So you’re hiding out in what? My soul or my brain?

…Yes … also why the fuck were you dreaming about me in a bed room?

I mean it was more so in the studio apartment. I didn’t get to show you…

Well I’ve seen it. Waste of money and no beer….

So is that why there was a hockey stick and beer in my locker room?

If I’m stuck eating that “pho” shit and those weird ass salads; I’m drinking.

I didn’t agree to this!

And yet I’m still here…

I’m ignoring you now.

Maybe you should listen, you’re 18th ranked, dead fucking last of the whole roster… and two of those people above you are dead.  So maybe the dead people know something.

Wait is STRONK dead?

Maybe… how the fuck would I know?!  I was just assuming the other was Zion.  Figured Lee finally murdered his ass.  As for STRONK, you need to get your head out of your pants and fucking forget about him Carey!  He is no longer in HOW, so he might as well be dead.

…I mean we are in my head so clearly my head isn’t in my pants.


Chicago Illinois

Warehouse district 

We see the old factory turned into Carey’s new living studio/wrestling gym. Inside the ring is the queen of epicness in workout leggings in bright pink with a matching tank sports top. Her legs are on the top rope as She’s doing sit ups. Her hair sweated down to the side of her face. Bobbinette finally gets to a number then sets her head down doing a headstand. Unlocking her legs from the turnbuckle, her feet going forward into a summersault as she stands up. With a tired face her fingers fumble, before they grabs a towel wiping her face free of the sweat that was covering it. After a long sigh her eyes lit up seeing her hydro flask with water. Making a quick jog she grabbed the bottle gulping it down quickly. She belched loudly as the door opened from the loft. Her daughter holding a camera in her hand looks annoyed.

Majandra: I’m not your answer to Frankie.

The girl protests as she lifts the camera on her shoulder, setting it up. Bobbinette shrugs her shoulders.

Bobbinette: Listen Green Horn. Pay your dues. That means don’t talk back to the vets. Even if I am your mother.

Majandra rolls her eyes as Bobbinette sets down her hydro flask. Bobbinette leans on the ring ropes as Majandra gives her the thumbs up they are rolling.

Bobbinette: As the end of the year comes to a close I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. And one thing has been obvious to me, all my disappointment stems from you Steve Harrison. I didn’t care about you. I didn’t need to know you! You were a non-entity to me. You weren’t in my orbit until you became what prevented me from getting into War Games.

Her face sours at the mention of the words. She starts pacing in the ring back and forth.

Bobbinette: Before you became an annoyance, before that loss to you, I was doing just fine. I had some losses and some wins but you were the start of my downfall. The *Miracle Man

Bobbinette sneers, making air quotes with her fingers.

Bobbinette: I scoffed at that name and made a mockery of it. Now it makes a mockery of me. I feel like that might be karma…

Stretching her neck around the faint sound of popping could be heard as she continues. Slowly raising an index finger with a smirk.

Bobbinette: But then STRONK beat you. I bought him half a cow to show my appreciation and that’s when it all started. 

Slowly nodding as her smile weakens before looking directly at the camera.

Bobbinette: Again this all ties back to being your fault! All roads to my unhappiness start and end with you. This year has sucked because of you! If you would have let me beat you at War Games I would have never given him half a cow. I would have never even toyed with the idea of a possibility of being close with someone in that way. But no, you couldn’t let the veteran have their moment… you selfish individual. 

Her words pour out like venom. Full conviction in her voice.

Bobbinette: And because of you and your “Highwaymen” not even letting me be part of the group pre War Games; in case I would have beaten you, nope I was iced out.  Connor ended up being on my side… out of everyone else. Thought about trying to bring me in. But no, you and your buddies played keep away. I’m not bitter about it. I’m just reflecting…

A light chuckle escapes her lips.

Bobbinette: Steve, it makes sense that it’s you and me on the final Chaos of the year. YOU have been the person who has caused me the most harm this year. Think about it Steve, STRONK is dead because of you! Everything that has been miserable has all led back to you being a selfish prick. If I would have won that title do you think I would have sent STRONK the cow? I wouldn’t have pissed off Jace then. Do you think Jace would have been putting a target on my back and done everything he did if you wouldn’t have been as selfish? No, he wouldn’t have had my apartment burned down, there would not have been an attempted murder on my life. None of that would have happened, but you caused all of that to happen. This is all your fault and then you get rewarded by facing my friend at ICONIC? I wish you went through half of the misery I have gone through because of you. I hope your next year is as miserable as my 2022 was. I hope you feel the loss, the suffering, the pain and the grief that I experienced this year because you deserve that 10 times!

After taking a bunch of deep breaths to regain her composure, she continues.

Bobbinette: You have revelled and benefited from my suffering. You’re not the good guy that you portray yourself as. Quit lying. My misfortune has been your greatest achievement. That’s not a good guy to me, that sounds like someone who manipulates the odds in his favor. So please spare me any lecture you would try to give me. I see the true villain you are, I see the problems you have caused me this year and I hope that 2023 is worse for you. This is probably my last match of the year. You know what? I’m okay with that, I’m going to let my body and mind heal.  I’m not responsible for any of the things I do anymore in the ring. I’m more aggressive than I’ve ever been. Honestly, I don’t like that side of me. I don’t like that I am okay with causing pain over getting a victory; that is not what wrestling is. But again, this all stems back to being your fault, you’re the one who should feel the brunt of my pain, you’re the one who should be punished for all of the things that have happened to me.  While you and The highwayman eat, drink and be merry. Whatever, this is all your fault and I hope your conscience weighs on you for it because you deserve that type of pain. So we’re going to ring in Chaos and my final match will be closing the chapter of 2022 and working on a New Year’s resolution to not let people like you get in my way in 2023. In fact a healthy New Year’s resolution might be to destroy The Highwaymen in 2023. Who knows what the year might bring? But I do know that it’s going to go out with a bang Steve, see you at Chaos.

She motions for the camera to stop rolling as her daughter looks a little nervous at her.

Majandra: Do you really blame him?

Bobbinette looks in shock.

Bobbinette: How could you not?

Majandra sets the camera down on a table knocking over about a dozen empty beer cans. Majandra looks confused at her mother who shrugs her shoulders.

Majandra: Who’s drinking in your factory?

She inquired with a confused and curious look.

Bobbinette: Scooter probably…

Majandra looks at her mom, sadness appears on the girl’s face and compassion for her mother’s loss.

Majandra: Mom that’s not- 

Bobbinette raises her hand to silence her daughter.

Bobbinette: Yes I do blame Steve harrison. This is all because of him. So this is a great way to end the year with having him be the final person I face this year.

Majandra: What about ICONIC?

Bobbinette: I’ll be there for Conor. Shoot I may even offer to put on a Ref shirt to make sure it’s fair.

Bobbinette chuckles as she does a drop down and slides out of the ring. Majandra starts throwing away the empty cans.

Bobbinette: This return didn’t go as planned but that doesn’t mean that 2023 won’t be my year. Don’t worry I know that I’m going to end the match with Harrison with a bang.

A large smile spreads across the queen of Epicness’ face. Majandra walks closer to her mother but is stopped by the smell.

Majandra: Did you run out of your body wash or something?

Bobbinette looks confused raising her arms sniffing each armpit.

Bobbinette: No? 

Majandra: You just smell.. not your normal coconut scent.

Bobbinette snaps her finger and points at her daughter.

Bobbinette: I need to grab a shower… hey you should probably spend some time in Ohio… this week’s chaos may not be suitable for younger audiences. I’m going to go get cleaned up and we can go.

Bobbinette joggs up the steps to her studio as Majandra looks on at her mother disappearing into the apartment, leaving her there by herself to clean up the mess.