This RP Isn’t Going to End Well

This RP Isn’t Going to End Well

Posted on July 16, 2020 at 5:52 am by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Stevens Apartment
July 16, 2020: Time: 2:30 pm

“What a beautiful day.”

A familiar voice is heard as the sun shines down on the Windy City. That familiar voice is Scott Stevens and the Texan is seen leaning on the railing of his balcony staring into downtown Chicago.

“Andrew, if I knew you were in town I would’ve invited you over to watch a Buffy and Angel marathon.”

Stevens says as he turns from his view on the city.

“Next time I guess.”

Scott says with shrug before taking a seat in one of the chairs.

“Andrew, it seems like some of the things I have said recently have gotten under your skin. Have made you angry it seems.”

Stevens leans forward a bit.


He says sternly before leaning back in his chair.

“I mean you call yourself the King, but you aren’t the King of Originality when it comes to the insults you’ve been constantly repeated over and over like a broken record.”

Stevens sighs before continuing.

“Let’s see……”

Stevens thinks for a second.

“You mentioned my shitty record since HOW returned like that hasn’t been mentioned before and bares no bearing on our match for the ICON title at Refueled because all I have to do is beat you. What else?”

Scott places his hand in his chin and gets into the thinking position.

“You’ve beaten the dead horse of my Return Letter news post into the ground. You do know when I released that news post it was a joke right?”

Stevens asks with a slight chuckle.

“If you thought I had any intention of that being taken seriously than humor escapes you.”

Scott replies with another chuckle.

“My favorite was when you called me the Lonesome Loser.”

Scott says with a huge smirk on his face.

“Wow. How original Andy. I mean what’s next? Are you going to bring out the Little River Band and have them play the song as I come out to the ring?”

Stevens asks with vast interest in his tone.

“I mean for being as great as you are in the ring you really aren’t all that clever at insulting me are you? It’s like you copied and pasted Mike Best’s lamest insults and tried to pass them off as something new that has been used or heard before.”

Stevens shakes his head.

“Andy, just raid Mike’s underwear drawer already and take a big whiff because we both know that’s where your mind is at anyways.”

Stevens tells Andy before stopping himself.

“Wait…..was that too childish? I can never tell because this isn’t going to end well for me, right Murr? You’re going to bloody me from pillar to post right?”

Stevens sighs and shakes his head once more.

“Andrew, you may be the greatest wrestler this profession has ever seen, but you are also the fastest to get butt-hurt the quickest when someone says something that might break that impregnable façade you’ve created for yourself. I mean I called you the luckiest man in HOW and you almost had a fucking stroke throwing the bitch fit like you did. I was just stating a fact that you lose and you’re still able to win championships.”

Stevens scratches his chin.

“Maybe I should have phrased it, “Andy Murray: Mr. Right Place, Right Time.”

Stevens says as he ponders.

“Regardless, you got fucking butt-hurt about it and went into this boring spiel about your five minutes in HOW about how you beat the shit out of people and outlasted these people and pinned this person and won this championship.”

Stevens mentions as he leans back in his chair.

“Impressive. It truly is but there are some holes in your story my friend. Ya’ll coming was a major headline, but it’s not like it hasn’t happened before when Eric Dane, Lindsay Troy, or anything other major name that hasn’t been in HOW before. You can call Joe Bergman a panderer, and I’ll call him my friend, but we both can call ourselves HOW World Champion. Can you?”

Stevens asks as he points towards the camera.

“I mean you did pin Cecilworth Farthington and leave Normandy with the ICON championship, technically. However, just cause you eliminated him doesn’t mean you defeated him because who won the match again? That’s right it was Mike’s team and Farthington was on the winning side meaning your elimination of him means nothing. Like I’ve said before, you may have the ICON title but you didn’t win it because if you won War Games you’d have a much different championship around your waist.”

Stevens says with a nod.

“Now, the funniest part of your rambling was when you said no one ever competed in two War Games matches in the same night.”

Stevens begins to chuckle.

“And you said I didn’t know the facts.”

Stevens smirks before continuing.

“Apparently you used the cliff notes version of Stevenspedia because if you truly looked hard enough you would’ve seen I did the same thing years ago. I was at the inaugural War Games event when it took place and unlike you who lost both matches I at least won one.”

Stevens calmly states.

“Since we are talking about facts and being honest with one another…..”

Stevens says as he looks sternly into the camera.

“Andy Murray, I don’t like you. Never have. That’s a fact. However, if you want me to be truly honest with you I think you are a fucking piece of shit. You can say I was on the 24K bandwagon and you are the furthest from the truth because I was on the Hollywood Bruvs bandwagon because I consider them friends. I couldn’t give two shits about you or that other douche bag you dragged out of his drunken stupor to play wrestler once again. If I can continue to be honest you don’t care for the Bruvs or that walking hangover, Perfection. You would sell all of them out if it meant to further yourself up the ladder of success. Hell, you’d sell your own brother out if it meant furthering your success.”

Scott mentions before slowly rising from his chair.

“You claim I’m clinging onto the past, but you seem to be clinging to it more than I am. You seem to be stuck in Brenton Cross’ 2017 time bubble because you keep bringing up our time in DEFIANCE when I beat you. You claim I haven’t evolved and adapted, but it seems neither have you because you keep harping on that one singular match back in 2017. You know why I haven’t bragged about it or talk about it much because that Andy Murray is not the Andy Murray that will stand across the ring from me at Refueled when we battle for the ICON championship now is it? You say that Andy Murray is the Scott Stevens of today and that is the furthest from the fucking truth. You know why?”

Stevens asks waiting for an answer he’ll never get.

“You quit, plain and simple.”

Stevens informs.

“You can make whatever excuses you want but the fact remains you fucking quit and I’ve never quit. Call me the Lonesome Loser. Make fun of my record, but the one thing you can’t call me is a quitter and you can’t make fun of my passion and drive to compete in that ring!”

Stevens states emphatically.

“Andrew, you think I liked sitting behind a desk watching from the sidelines? Fuck no! I was pissed the fuck off when I lost to Hollywood and had to watch from the sidelines. I may have looked like I want to be put out of my misery, but if my match with Max showed you anything it was that I was still hungry to compete against the best in HOW. I mean you’ve been cherry picking everything I say anyway to spin it to make me look foolish or discredit me.”

The Texan chuckles and shakes his head.

“I mean if you want to fact check your sources I’m your man because my glory days in HOW didn’t come against lesser competition because the same guys that are at the top of the card now I faced back then with a slew of other actively competing Hall of Famers such as John Sektor, Rhys Townsend, and others. The competition was as good if not potentially better. The thing about this era that makes it more memorable is that Santa brought Lee Best gifts he has been wanting for years.”

The Texan states as leans against the balcony railing.

“I know exactly where I am Andy with my career in HOW and it’s not sitting at no desk.”

Stevens says with a shake of his head.

“It’s competing in that ring against the likes of you. I know I’m in a rebuilding phase of my career, but that doesn’t mean this old dog has lost his bite.”

Stevens shakes his head no.

“Andy, bring your best and do your worst because I’m coming to beat the shit out of you and win back that championship you’re currently in possession of. You better not be overlooking me Andy because if you do your match at No Remorse against Dan Ryan won’t have that marquee feel without that ICON championship, and won’t that be an ego buster.”

Stevens smirks.

Scott Stevens. ICON Champion. Has a nice ring to it don’t you agree?”

Stevens asks before turning his attention back to downtown Chicago.