This Post Isn’t A Sandbag For Once

This Post Isn’t A Sandbag For Once

Posted on July 14, 2023 at 8:36 pm by Darin Zion

In before 11:59!  It’s a fuckin’ miracle!

Are you happy, Mike?

Of course not!  I’ve probably disrupted your nightly shit.  I can feel those seething fingers of your waiting to take 15 minutes to hammer out the response after I post my last one because I’m not worth ounce of your efforts.

I didn’t need you to waste four posts reminding me of my place.  I didn’t want a handicap.  I wanted a fuckin’ massacre level event.

I’m an over analyzer; beating myself up over my own failures in HOW.  Let’s be honest; when I came back in 2019—I told you I wasn’t feeling like I had any wheels or steam coming back to HOW.

I knew my own stigma.  Whoops another L for you to write a doctoral thesis on!  Once again, I proved you fuckin’ wrong.

I’m not proud of anything I’ve done.  Hell, I hate that I only gained TWO TAG TEAM TITLES with failed Brian Hollywood experiments.  I don’t even talk about those accomplishments because it’s embarrassing.  It’s not worthwhile to keep stagnating in the past.

I stepped into the Octagon expecting an ass whooping straight back to reality.  So far, I’m unimpressed.  I knew this was the last chance I fight any HOW Hall of Famer.  You handed it out like fuckin’ candy.

I’m disappointed.  I gave you the golden opportunity to yeet me into oblivion.  You’ve spent YEARS begging for the opportunity.  I declared open season and laid it all out on the table, hoping you’d dig deep into the well.  Hell, I exploited my weakness I never talked about publicly about being one of those piss babies that used to crawl to your DAD when you murdered me verbally.

All you’ve done is recycled the same old shit you’ve used against Brian Hollywood, Scott Stevens, and Scottywood when they entered these hallowed grounds, thinking you’d get under my skin.

What’s your next trick?  The Zion Predictability Check List? Prove to the world once again I’m unimaginative at this stage of the game?

It’d be like you to rip off the corpse of Max Kael.  The last time we both faced off in singles action; you needed your ex-best friend to save your ass and your HOW World Heavyweight Championship.

I got the visual count on you in two minutes, but your selective memory’s blinding you.

I heard time travel’s worked well against me…

I bet your new pal John Sektor helped you locate the old Zion compound to “study my fucked up brain.”  That’ll put butts in seats.

You gonna prove to me you can out sandbag me?   Deliver the final blow at 11:59 to prove you’re a more eloquent speaker?  How hypocritical…cheap palor tricks like your chants of “FUCK PRIME” and TEN-X shilling.

Show the world how distracted you are Mike.  Let them see how much of an insignificant pissant the name Darin Zion means to you.  Between Stevens conversion therapy sessions, the PRIME Tantrums, Stabber, and XPRO launching this week; I know I fall last on your priorities list.

You’ve clearly shown me that with TWO UNNCESSARY POSTS.

Your ego will get the best of you this week, Mike Best.  Unless you do something fuckin’ criminal in your last post; you lost your one chance to yeet me from HOW.

You’ve spent more time on your victory dance, you herpes infested freak. Your cockiness will be your downfall.  You’ve opted to mince words and take too many risks.

It takes one lucky shot to win.   It’s a 1/970,000 chance of an opportunity.  It’s probably a smaller chance when you factor in the Darin Zion effect.

I’m gonna burst that over inflated head of yours Andrew Taint. I’m not rushing into HOFC with warm messages, kind words, positivity, or hugs and kisses you attention whore. No more “please like me guys.”

It’s old cycling through the same make or break story 97 times.  I don’t wanna be a saint anymore.

There is no REAL LOVE message this week.  Something’s gotta change.

Time to fight like a savage.  I want my retribution against you.

I’ll smash your jaw constantly against the cold, steel structure of the cage.  Whatever happens this week; I still get the BEST outcome of your blood on my hands. I either leave a winner or get my eyes opened.

Just don’t pull a Tyler and throw a hissy if a miracle happens.

Finish strong and maybe I’ll CTRL+C, CTRL+V you a seize fire on Monday…