This isn’t England…

This isn’t England…

Posted on March 9, 2023 at 10:29 pm by Bobbinette Carey

It is said that people have two sides: the side they show the world and the side of who they really are. That isn’t true for everyone. But the warring between ones self and inner turmoil is nothing new. The problems arise when the mind is not it’s own. The mind is often a sanctuary, a safe haven. But what do you do when the voices in your head aren’t your own? What do you do when you’re not in control anymore? What do you do when someone else is trying to take over the one place you should be safe? How do you maintain individuality when someone is trying to crush who you are? You need to maintain your own identity and not let trespassers put a tag on your own self worth. Are they there to help or are they there to destroy? How long can a mind last before it is broken beyond repair? 


The spirit can travel when you leave one body and your ungrateful friend would prefer that you die and leave them alone to their own devices.


Wait, what are you doing?


My monologue.. you’re interrupting..


The spirit is strong and weaker people are sometimes bothered by strong spirits to guíde them. Some people think they know what’s best for them but they ignore the spirits and the signs. They make stupid fucking mistakes cause they think they know it all and hate to be wrong. What happens when you finally have to put your foot down and take over? You have to save them from themselves weather they like it or not. Eventually in time they have to resign themselves to acceptance of what is best for themselves.



It’s international women’s month!




I did it last year. Why not? Today is actually women’s day!!


I’m not a fucking woman!


You’re Literally in my body! It’s my birthday month!!


I’m a man stuck in a female’s body! Fuck your birthday I’m dead I don’t get one of those anymore..


Sorry. Wait, We aren’t transgendered, stop it. About you being stuck… since you brought it up. I was thinking how about you take over a weaker minded person so we can try something different?


You really want to get rid of me. That’s fucked up Carey! After all I’ve done for you.


I’ve been on a losing streak. You’ve helped me lose, that is all you’ve done. Besides, I need to focus on Aceldama! I’ve been living in his head all this time rent free..


Horrible choice of words. I’m living in your head rent free.


You know I don’t mean literally!!


How the fuck should I know anymore? It’s not like I’m a mind reader.


Really? You’re literally –


Yep caught it right after I said it….



New York City

New York 

  • Moxie Hotel NYC





We see the New York city skyline from the rooftop of the moxie. The corner of the roof we see a table with one person at it and empty IPA beer cans one one half of the table and empty hurricane glasses with fruit on the other end. The occupant is none other than the queen of Epicness herself Bobbinette Carey. She’s wearing a pink Barbie core skater dress. She has a silver moto jacket on with a black infinity scarf. Her hair is pulled back into two chibi buns on the side of her head. She has on a pair of silver ballet flats that pop in matching her jacket. The rooftop seems pretty empty it is cold and in NYC in March after all.

Bobbinette: Spot the lie. Joe Bergman needed to cheat to win. That belt was mine and he knew it…. God for fuckin bid…

Bobbinette looks in the metallic napkin holder at her reflection. Her reflection looks less than amused back at her. 

Bobbinette reflection: Spot the Carey who got in the way of my victory.

Bobbinette shakes her head shoving the napkin holder.

Bobbinette: You don’t have a body, it’s my victory. Or would have been, but I haven’t seen one of those since you died.

Bobbinette says slurring with annoyance. She adjusts the napkin holder to continue the conversation as if it is like a phone and she’s talking to another person.

Bobbinette reflection: You were on a losing streak before that…

Bobbinette:  I mean I haven’t had the best record. But shit snacks… wait..

She looks around seeing the NYC skyline.

Bobbinette: Why are we not in England?

Bobbinette reflection: New England, close enough it still counts… besides hockey..

Bobbinette: They have soccer there. It’s the same thing…

Bobbinette reflection: No the fuck it’s fucking not. How dare you?! Where do you get off? Wait on the old guy you’ve been banging.

Bobbinette: Not your business…and you’re getting that mad over printing this out? 

Bobbinette reflection: Hockey and soccer are in no fucking way the same thing.

Bobbinette: But they are… they both have a goalie and nets… and yeah same thing.

Bobbinette reflection: I should leave and let Aceldama destroy you for this.

Bobbinette: Acehole is back. And… is this supposed to be my karma? What fresh hell is it that relics of the past won’t fade away. Last person standing… 

Bobbinette reflection: I’m happy I didn’t get on the plane, maybe I won’t and we will miss the whole show. He wins by a dq And you still lose. After the bullshit you were talking I should!!

Bobbinette scoffs at her reflection and continues.

Bobbinette: You mean to tell me for 13 years I’ve lived in his head rent free? That’s kind of hilarious. HE was the big scary beast. He had people shaking in their boots. And he was definitely the man to beat. He was on his A game, he was unstoppable…well almost unstoppable.

Bobbinette smiles, her cheeks starting to turn red.

Bobbinette: He did what a lot of people still do today. They underestimate me.

Bobbinette reflection: they don’t underestimate you, you’re old now. You don’t have the fire anymore, and you’re holding on to who you were not who you are. But if you let me actually do what I want to do.. I could do amazing things for both of our careers.

Bobbinette rolls her eyes.

Bobbinette: No, you’d try to kill him. He decided in his infinite wisdom to get retribution when it was his own fault I mean really? I’ve been in the Hall of Fame for how long? Do you think it’s just because of my cheery disposition?

Bobbinette reflection: I thought it was cause of you being on your knees. Wait, not CwA… never mind…

Bobbinette: No, it’s because I’m a threat but people. He learned what I have said for years is true. All it takes is one time. His own ignorance allowed me to capitalize and walk out with the belt. 

Bobbinette motions for the bartender.

Bobbinette: I want to close out my tab.

She says with a serious look on her face.

Bobbinette reflection: I’ve been working out and everything. 

Bobbinette: We are heading out so I don’t have jet lag.

She says glaring at the napkin holder. The reflection rolls her eyes.

Bobbinette reflection: I don’t need another tour of England and Europe and you talking about how you’re related to royalty. I’d rather not exist than go through that again!

Bobbinette: The truth is wrestling has changed and evolved. In truth it’s a whole different animal then it was when I won the belt. And aceldama is still himself. All that anger and venom he stored up for the past decade because ges mad at me? No he’s mad at himself! If anything, HOW has taught everyone size, appearance, gender, none of it matters.

The bartender brings her her credit card with a receipt. Bobbinette’s eyes wide. As she looks over the bill. She adds the tip to the bill and hands back her receipt. She stands up and braces herself with the table.

Bobbinette: Two people drinking in one body… that price tag… screw you scooter we are going now.

She says as she glares at the reflection and stumbles towards the elevator. Her cell phone starts to ring. Looking down at it she sees hearts and an eggplant emoji for the name. She looks at her reflection in the elevator door she hits ignore quickly.

Bobbinette reflection: Well, I now want to stab my eyes out, what the fuck. We will be the first person to bottom line ourselves.

Bobbinette sighs as her eyes squint from the lights as she enters the elevator.

Bobbinette: Oh grow up…we need to be ready for the last person standing. Here it could be life or death. This is HOW and you took over and have kept me from doing my normal match prep. But you, you keep being selfish.

The reflection on the doors looks shocked.

Bobbinette Reflection: That’s rich now I am selfish? Fuckin A if it wasn’t for me you think you would still be here?

Bobbinette: In the ring if you can’t hold your own you don’t belong. Maybe I’m out of gas but it would be nice to be able to figure that out myself. 

Bobbinette Reflection: You keep saying this… truth is maybe you should leave. I hate to break it to you, but your life? Is a mess. No one wants the you we have seen. You think you’d be prepared for a last person standing with Aceldama? He wants old Bobbinette Carey. She’s been dead for years and I tried to revive her but I got you. I tried to make the best out of it. But you’re more useless than my roasted body. He wants a challenge and you’re not up to it. Yeah we are getting on the plane but you won’t be making an appearance at all.

Bobbinette looks nervously at her reflection.

Bobbinette: I’m not going to let you just take over. 


Bobbinette Reflection: You think you can stop me? I’ve gotten stronger… you fucking know it. Upside you’re such a fucking disaster people like me as you more than the real you. 

Bobbinette balls her fist at her side.

Bobbinette: You’re not taking over. This is done, scooter. I’m done letting you “help”. I’m not weak minded or some puppet. Your games are done. You’re going to get the hell out of my brain and I’m going to show Aceldama that I am the monster now.


The elevator door dings open as there are people standing on the ground floor. She stumbled forward bumping into people with an annoyed look on her face. She exits the hotel waving her hand for a taxi. Getting in quickly she heads off towards laguardia as the taxi disappears into the busy traffic of NYC the city that never sleeps.