This Is Not A Joke

This Is Not A Joke

Posted on November 12, 2021 at 3:46 pm by デスブリンガー

(When time comes, everyone has to pay up. Regardless of who they are or who they want us to think that they are. Inside of every man are 2 forces. One that hunts and the other that eats. The hunter is the one you need to keep the eyes on. For they are the ones that know how to survive. The one that eats, well they get fat off the hunter.)

(Flash to the present. The city is busy with traffic going through streets. Cole and DB are shown walking across the street as traffic halts at a light.)
Cole: Come on kid, that the best you got on me? A single name? Trying to make fun but not knowing who I am or what I am here for?
(DB stands at Cole’s shoulder and looks into the camera. He sneers as he leans down.)
DB: Duìyú yīgè wǒ yī wú suǒ zhī de rén, yǒu JJR de fāngshì tánlùn wǒ, nǐ biǎoxiàn chū bù zūnzhòng. Wǒ huì jiào nǐ zūnzhòng​​, wǒ huì yǐ yīzhǒng fēicháng tòngkǔ de fāngshì. Nǐ rènwéi wǒ ràng zhège rénwéi wǒ shuōhuà shì yīzhǒng wánxiào, yīzhǒng yóuxì? Hěn kuài nǐ jiù huì fāxiàn wǒ bùshì yīgè zāogāo de shìpín yóuxì zhōng de juésè. Wǒ shì yīgè nǐ yīnggāi dānxīn de rén.
Zhè bùshì kāiwánxiào, wǒ gěi nǐ dài lái de tòngkǔ huì ràng nǐ míngbái zhè yīdiǎn. Zhǔnbèi hǎo, rǔmà, xiàohuà, bù zūnzhòng jiéshù

(Cole stands back and smiles.)

Cole: That is more than you will ever get out of this kid!! Damn my man you got this silent one worked up!!

Cole: But, let's not dwell on my man for a moment, let's take a look into you JJR. See, I know your name, but to be fair you mean about as much to me as a squirt of piss.

(The two men continue to walk. The sun is beginning to set some as they turn the corner and head into a building. )

Cole: So, which part of your story is so true? The jail time? Yes I am sure you killed a man in jail, I mean of course you did. How else would you be walking the streets today? Come one son, the rest of this locker room may buy into this tuff guy, looking like the reject Nailz or worse yet Walon Mercy.

Cole: Both those guys were horrible.

(The two men cross into the building and stand and look around. Cole takes a step forward as DB looks at the ceiling.)

Cole: For a man, and I use that term real losely, to make fun or try to make fun of a man he knows nothing about is not just pathetic but weak as fuck.

Cole: I suppose I could go into some long drawn out dialog about how your weak use of literature is thrown to waste because you are a fucking water head. Or I could go on about you being a twat that has a half decent record because your opponents have been inferior to the man you are about to step into the ring with.

(DB walks to Cole's side as the two men stand in front of the camera. Cole leans into the camera and smirks.)

Cole: You see JJR, annoying fucks like you are everywhere in the world. What me and this man here have done is, we have fought against those men and have succeeded.

Cole: Downside to this man's success is it has been elsewhere and what he has done in other places means shit to here, let's be honest.

Cole: But, this week Nailz, you are gonna get into the ring with a man be not some bitch push over. He will fight you like a mother fucker. You might want to take a step back and understand that this is gonna be a fucking fight.

(DB leans in and grins. He pus his hair back out of his face and tilts his head.)

Cole: See? He doesn't speak a whole hell of alot but he gets the job done. Waylon, be ready boy...your fucking jokes end this week.

(Cole slaps DB on the back as the two men walk off into the empty building as the scene fades to darkness. )