There is No God: Just ME

There is No God: Just ME

Posted on April 19, 2021 at 7:24 pm by Steve Harrison


As I leaned against a fallen kiosk with Miracle Enterprise products scattered on the floor, I had an epiphany.

I am obsessed with money.

You would think I would feel dirty with realizing that, but that isn’t the case.  I would love it if we didn’t all have to scatter like roach’s competing for the last dollar, but the world is not perfect…it is downright shitty.  I have known this since I was a toddler so when people call me a conman or phony I just shrug because it is not my fault they haven’t evolved since childhood.

HOFC is for the people who are awake.  I don’t mean spiritually.  I mean it is for those who understand the reality of the world.  So when I eye gouge you, it is not because you like a different color then me, it is because I want to inflict pain on you and leave you a broken mess inside a cage.

Now compare what I just said to my opponent, Xerox Zoology, and you might think he has chosen the wrong division to compete in.   Living in a world where you believe some chaotic deity will listen to your words is the equivalent to a grown man still having an imaginary friend.

Look… we all loved the stories about Zeus, Hades, and Hercules.  Most of us grew out of it since it is constantly knocked in our brains that it is just Mythology.  I guess you fancy yourself a free thinker, not one to be held back by the norms of society.  Truth is you are just a lonely lost peasant who will do anything for attention.

You didn’t get the attention when you dressed in your mom’s clothes (makeup included).

You didn’t get the attention when you cut yourself.

You didn’t get the attention when you brought your first man home to meet your family.

You didn’t get the attention when you brought your first BLACK man home.

Derp I know…Hail Eris!

Now you are just like those you hated that spoke of mainstream beliefs because now you are also obsessed with something with no proof of existence.

Oops, did I just insult our HOW Christians too?

The only true realistic religion is money and the GOD of that is Lee Best right now.

If Eris existed, the discord she loves so much would not be fucked up all the time.

Oh, different discord?  I don’t care, does anyone care about the machinations of this guy?

I am going to damage your neck so badly you will catch yourself asking for Gods forgiveness and denouncing your half-baked masturbation session with Eris.  You will be just another fraud barking from a high place because you are afraid of life and especially afraid of death.  I will make it easy on you because after nobody responds to your pleas, I will give you your first loan so you can start a business far, far away from the wrestling ring.

Make Cat Clothes.

Do voice overs for Hentai Tentacle Porn.

I really don’t give a shit what you do I just don’t want your suicide blamed on me.  Not because I would feel guilty but because I don’t want to be bothered by your lot ever again after this Saturday.

Where do you get off demanding Mike Best?

What have you accomplished other then having Mike knee you so hard that you have become more mentally immature?  Dare I say…retarded?


I said it, come at me twitter fingers.

Now you stroll back in like anyone in HOW missed you and you get a match against me.  Trust me, you should not be thanking Lee Best for giving you this match.  You should be swearing at Eris for your bad luck.   Get your life in order, for after I cripple you, you will just be another footnote in this company’s history.  I am a fucking ceiling you have not even earned the right to see yet, Xander.  Lee puts people against me who he wants humbled.

I am normally someone a wrestler avoids. It has gotten to the point I have to force people to face me.  You might not be a wrestler I care about facing but you can rest assure I will damage you so badly that you will never forget this beautiful bald head of mine.

Please bring me your best because I have caught myself yawning these days.

The Best Alliance stays the best because of ME.

Prove me wrong.