The Wall.

The Wall.

Posted on December 16, 2022 at 11:53 pm by Xander Azula

Well here we are, Mike.

We’ve reached the end of the road, and look where we’re at now…a wall.

Not the first time you’ve been here, huh Mike? You started your career hitting it over and over again, not quite sure how to break through in the business.

When you finally took it down brick by brick, your legend grew…until you hit yet another wall.

And another.

Until one day, you hit one wall too many.

That’s what ICONIC last year was for you, Michael…that was the wall you couldn’t budge, the moment you had to walk away from everything and reassess your life.

You thought you were home free from your lowest point when you settled into that role of CEO, but like a thorn in your side, I want to remind you of that disappointment…because it won’t be the last time, Mikey.

Not as long as I’m around, still standing, still breathing.

This is the wall you just can’t break through, Mike…even with all your promises of murdering me, something you’ve tried to drum into people’s heads.

You could tell people all day that the sky is pink, but one look around is all they need to see how full of shit you are…and this is no different.

At the end of the day, all you have to go on is your word…and your word means nothing.

Your failed promises as a World Champion, as a CEO, as a father…they all build up to nearly two years of empty words and idle threats.

And it’s all led up to this…one more promise you can’t keep.

So congrats, Mike…you’ve proven precisely nothing, and that wall still stands.

Because the secret’s out, Mike…behind all this murder talk is a man who’s been sitting in his CEO office, twiddling his thumbs, trying to find something to do with his life.

One more rodeo for the ol’ cowboy, huh? Nah…one more for the clown.

Enjoying the laughs he gets from his petty jokes, never expecting anyone to actually call him out or step up to him…knowing he’s one bad gag away from being put out of his misery.

Meanwhile, I have been quietly breaking down the wall of preconceptions over the past year. Just look at everything I’ve built for myself.

The great and powerful Kostoff fell to the Fist of Eris. The self-proclaimed Queen of Epicness Bobbinette Carey learned the hard way not to underestimate me.

Scott Stevens and Brian Hollywood discovered just what I’m capable of inside that cage, and Kyle McRae found out firsthand the depths of my rage.

Hall of Famers, legends, and outsiders alike know who I am. I’ve earned that level of respect.

And now, I have you. One more legend of the gilded cage to destroy…one more Hall of Famer to humiliate before the year runs out.

Everything you dealt with this time last year is coming back around to bite you in the ass, and the wall that is Mike Best is about to come crumbling down.

Brick by brick, kick by kick.

Every punch you take to that dome of yours is gonna bring you back to when you could barely hack it in this business, to when you were struggling…to when you wanted to quit.

For good measure, I will bring you back around to that same level of suffering you felt just a year ago, remind you what it’s like to be barely hanging on…and unlike March to Glory, you won’t even be able to ride off into the sunset when I’m through.

I need you to bring those memories back into your mind, Mike…because they’re about to be repeated, tenfold, by the very man you once held dominion over.

Whether you choose to admit it or not, this is no longer your world…it’s mine.

The only man that has stood in my way will be brought to his knees at ICONIC, and he will face a cold, hard reality.

You promised so many things going into this fight, but what you receive will be the final ass whoopin’ you need before you hobble back into retirement for good.

Everyone has moments they look back on with regret, that they dread having to revisit.

For retail workers it’s the beginning of Christmas season, for cooks it’s when the customer rolls in at closing time…and for you, it will be ICONIC.

And then, you can sit in your precious office and twiddle your thumbs some more, and finish your days out accordingly.