The Thirst is Real for Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

The Thirst is Real for Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Posted on February 3, 2023 at 11:13 pm by Scott Stevens

Previously in the trials and tribulations of Scott Stevens……

Location: Chicago, Illinois: The Best Arena

Date: January 29, 2023

As Aceldama turns around he sees his opponent kneeling on the ground and as he gets closer Stevens springs up and hits his finisher.

Joe Hoffman: TOXIC STING!

Benny Newell: FUCK!

Stevens has trouble getting to him feet after the cutter, but when he does he has rage in his eyes as he does the slit throat motion before quickly going to Aceldama. He places Ace between his legs and lift him into the air and holds before spiking him onto the concrete.

Joe Hoffman: GAME CHANGER!

Aceldama goes limp and Stevens stares at Ace with pure hatred before making the cover.

Benny Newell: Lee dammit!





Benny Newell: What the fuck?!?!?!?

Joe Hoffman: No idea Benny. Ace didn’t kick out because Stevens was pulled off of him.

Stevens immediately shoots a look behind him and he sees……

Joe Hoffman: Holy sh……

Dan smirks at his fellow Texas brethren before delivering a sickening superkick to the face of Stevens and Scott hits the ground with a loud thump. Dan Ryan isn’t quite done as he picks Scott up and places him over his shoulders and delivers a burning hammer onto the concrete.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan just nailed his HEADLINER finish onto the concrete…….that has to be it!!!

Dan pops to his feet and looks over at Aceldama and makes his way over towards him.

Benny Newell: Uh oh.

Instead of another burning hammer, Dan grabs Ace and drags him towards Stevens and places him on top of the Demi-God of HOW.

Dan Ryan: COUNT!

Dan shouts at Hortega who does as he’s told.




Hortega signals for the bell.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Brian McVay: And your winner by pinfall….he is… THE AGENT OF CHAOS…. ACEL-DAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

The Chicago crowd goes wild for Ace winning his first match back in twelve years.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama may have gotten the victory but he doesn’t look like a winner tonight.

Benny Newell: Hoffman, it doesn’t matter if you win by and inch or a mile. Winning is winning.

Joe Hoffman: Regardless, Ace picks up his first win in over twelve years with the help of another Lee Best iron clad contracted employee…..Dan Ryan.

We see EPU and EMTs coming over to the carnage as Dan Ryan casually leaves the scene as we cut to a commercial break

Back to our regular programming…………

Location: San Antonio, Texas: Stevens Household

Date: January 31, 2023

As the scene opens up, we hear yelling throughout the Stevens Household as it is a rare day off for Scott Stevens and the rest of the Stevens Dynasty members so the patriarch of the family, Cary Stevens, thought it would be a nice gesture to recharge the batteries and have a fun relaxing night of games!

“Come on! You cheated!”

Scott Stevens Jr. yells at his older brother as he gets whooped in Street Fighter in the lavish man cave of the Stevens Dynasty.

“No, you’re just terrible.”

Scott’s brother Jackson replies and they continue to bicker with one another until Scott yells out what parents dread hearing.


Junior yells to his father who casually puts his phone down and looks their way.


Stevens asks his sons and Junior points to Jackson.

“He cheated! He shoved me to preventing me from beating him.”

Junior tattles on his older sibling while Jackson chuckles, Scott sighs, and the middle child, a daughter by the name of Faith, yells at both of them that she is trying to study for a major test before slamming her books and heading back upstairs.

“You going to do something about this?!?!?!?”

Scott yells at his father, who just stares at his namesake before shaking his head.

“Son, what do you think I should do? How should I punish him?”

Scott asks his son and Junior takes a moment to think.

“Ground him, take away his keys to his car and his phone. Have his girlfriend show her boobs to me. I don’t know do something because cheating is wrong!”

Scott commands and Papa Stevens chuckles a bit.

“What is so funny father?!?!?”

Junior asks sternly as his eyes narrow and his face begins to turn redder.

“Cheating is wrong?”

Scott asks his son who nods.

“Ok, it may be wrong, but it does happen so you need to anticipate it happening. It doesn’t matter if it’s playing a video game, poker, or even stepping in between the ropes and competing inside the Golden Circle because it has happened to me recently. I mean how many title matches and other matches as of late have I had that have ended cleanly?”

Scott asks his youngest son who takes a moment to think.

“You’re taking too long because the  answer you are looking for is they all have ended with some kind of underhanded tactic or interference, but do you hear me bitch and complain about it?”

Scott tells his son as he shakes his head no.

“Instead of complaining about it like I use to when I was younger I just use it has a learning experience heading into my next match up, but it also shows….”

Scott points to his oldest.

“That if you had to resort to cheating you were losing and were about to be beat.”

Jackson nods his head in agreement.

“Now Jackson, did you learn something before you had to push your brother out of the way?”

Scott asks as Jackson begins to grudgingly speak.


Senior’s ears pop up.


He asks his son who looks away for a moment before turning back to his father.

“That I knew Scotty was going to spam the Hadoken with Ryu and then follow it up with his uppercut attack.”

Jackson informs his dad who leans back on the couch.

“So…….if you knew he was going to do it you should’ve planned better to prevent it. You know when Ryu shoots his fireball he has a few seconds delay to react to another attack and that was your opportunity to strike. However, instead of counterattacking you probably stayed across the screen and were in defensive mode and Scotty was able to weaken you that way by chipping away at your life bar as you blocked.”

Scott tells his son who simply nods in agreement.

“And what happened was he would get close and deliver a big shot with the uppercut and he repeated this until he almost had you beat. Am I correct?”

Stevens asks and Jackson nods.

“So you knew your brother’s plan of attack and you did nothing about it. You nonchalantly didn’t think he could beat you so you didn’t take him seriously. Your cockiness and arrogance played a major lesson here son. You didn’t see a potential threat because you considered the competition lessor.”

Stevens says to his oldest as he points to his youngest.

“You thought it would be a walk in the park despite all the warning signs in front of you and you had to resort to cheating. I’m sure it felt good to get the win, but back in your mind you know you got away with one when you should’ve lost. Just like my little buddy, your uncle Jace, has the same arrogance and cockiness that you had. He didn’t take the Alabama Gang seriously because they were from MVW despite my warnings to not take them lightly and what happened he did exactly what you did. He underestimated them and instead that he was wrong like a man he wanted to be a pussy and take the low road by throwing me under the bus and walking out on the match so he can make all the excuses he can come up with that it was my fault we lost the match and the championships.”

Stevens informs his son as he motions for him to get closer.

“Now, was I the one who walked out?”

Stevens asks and Jackson shakes his head.

“I did my job to the best of my ability after my so called tag partner abandoned me and it’s very difficult to beat a well-oiled machine no matter where they call their home wrestling promotion. So even though I lost the match after I tried to fight on despite the odds stacked against me it ultimately came down to numbers.”

Stevens shrugs.

“But hey there is a lesson learned from it though.”

Stevens says as he leaves the statement linger.

“Which was?”

Jackson asks which causes Stevens to crack a smirk.

“The lesson learned was…..FUCK JACE PARKER DAVIDSON!”

Stevens shouts emphatically as the children laugh.

“The thing is son, it doesn’t matter how good you are or how good you think you are because on any given night you can be beaten by a hungrier and more prepared individual. It’s happened many times throughout HOW and ya’ll have witnessed it personally throughout my career. So instead of beating the dead horse, how about we pivot and play a different game?”

Stevens asks his kids as they both nod in agreement. Scott pries himself off of the couch and makes his way over to a bookshelf littered with various books and games.

“Let’s see what we can play.”

Scott says to himself as he peruses the selections in front of him before stopping on one and a grin starts to form on his face.

“Found one!”

He informs his children as they make their way over to the gaming table with anticipation of what game they are about to play and Stevens places it on the table.

“Hungry, Hungry Hippos?’ Seriously dad?”

Junior asks and Senior nods.


Stevens responds as he opens the box and begins to set up the game for them to play.

“Why this one?”

Jackson asks and Scott stops and chuckles.

“Because my tag match this Sunday involves three people with inflated bodies, inflated egos, and inflated mouths. Just like the hippos here.”

Stevens points to the hippos of the game.

“You aren’t going to try and wrestle a hippo at the zoo to train are you/”

Scotty asks his dad who shakes his head.

“Son, I’ll be doing that enough on Sunday when I take Dan Ryan and Stronk. Throw Bobbinette into the mix and it might be a three on one handicap match so I’m preparing for all contingences.”

Stevens informs his kids as they take a seat and they begin to play the game.



It seems that’s become the name I have inherited when people associate things with me and it has become very prevalent that everyone that I have faced recently has called me that, but it’s funny that one of my opponents wants to call me this word, but a speck of dust has more intelligence that the former STRONK GODSON.

Calling me an idiot is calling the pot kettle black Stronk.

It’s not my fault you haven’t figured out who killed your prized Mongo.

Hint. Hint.

It may have been that snake oil salesman you called a manger.

It’s not my fault you were outsmarted and lost your STRONKUMMS Empire to your supposed best friend and tag team partner.

However with your business savvy, I can easily see why it happened.

The most laughable thing about you, you big dumb goof, is that Conor Fuse almost killed you with a fifty pound weight to the head. The funny thing about it was that it actually hurt you when you promoted STRONKUMMS as making you invincible to lesser Alpha Males, but clearly that was false advertisement. As it appears you are nothing but a Beta and your overinflated body and ego were brought back down to Earth following your near death experience. Hell, people better start smashing soup cans in the grocery store to get a discount off of damaged good since STRONKUMMS is in the toilet.

You can call me an idiot Stronk, but my long term success not just in HOW but this overall business wasn’t made from cutting corners, but working my ass off and maybe just maybe when you find your enlightenment in this renaissance to re-create the Godly STRONK you will learn that you didn’t need to cut corners in the first place and you had the natural gifts you wanted all this time in you.

I’M BACK!!!!!

In the saddle again!


That’s not how it goes, my bad Dan Ryan.

Dan, are you trying to get my attention?

I mean, for someone that is so disgusted with me and that doesn’t want anything to do with me has been trying to get my attention hard for the last two weeks. I mean you purposely mentioned me in your return segment before you started pretending to dry heave and then you attacked me for whatever reason when I was about to be declared victorious over Aceldama.

What is it buddy?

What do you need my attention so bad for?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but no one wants a cheap knock off of the real thing. You can claim I’m the armpit of Texas wrestling and no one knows me and doesn’t care about me, but the truth is Dan, you want to be me so bad and you can’t stand it.

Are you mad that I went to your home turf of DEFIANCE Wrestling and in such a short I became such a success that I have a Hall of Fame resume that I can be inducted as a singles competitor, a tag team, or a stable? It should be no surprise that everything my family touches turns to gold and that we dominant the competition. When I was in DEFIANCE I was DEFIANCE! My family was DEFIANCE and I know that eats you up inside that you say harsh things about me. You criticize my loyalty to HIM and you think HE doesn’t care about me. Here is some advice Daniel to avoid so you don’t get in trouble again.


It’s that simple.

I mean you would think someone with a high wrestling IQ like yourself would know this, but apparently you’re just as dumb if not dumber than Stronk. There are only a handful of people in this world Lee Best trusts and they all end in Best and the other is I. An intelligent person would know this because GOD’s actions speak louder than words and he has rewarded me bountifully.

You see Dan, if you would’ve followed my blueprint you would’ve had massive success in HOW, but you couldn’t do that right. If you did, you wouldn’t have gotten fired for cheating and cutting corners because when I got caught for the same thing I was suspended for six months, but I also won a rival promotion’s championship, destroyed a man’s credibility as a supposed bad ass, and made that company toxic to the wrestling industry. In one fell swoop, I took the heart and soul of not just a man, not just a wrestling promotion, but the entire wrestling industry.

Good times.

You may think I suck and don’t want to hear what I say, but you are trying to use me to regain some semblance of relativity in HOW through me and that’s never happened to you and its uncharted waters for you. I mean when you came into HOW along for Eric Dane, Lindsay Troy, and High Flyer it was a major deal…..correction, it was a MAJOR-FUCKING-DEAL. Four of the biggest names in all of wrestling to step into HOW and compete had the industry buzzing, but you all shit the bed. You, the man who made a career out of busting egos had his busted for the world to see when he couldn’t get over the hump of defeating his biggest fan and his biggest fan’s best friend. It happens to us all Dan. Sometimes the ocean of HOW is too red for PRIME colors. You may think I may suck, but you would copy and paste my career in a heartbeat and if you say otherwise you are a fucking liar just like the last few years of your life has been.

Oh and another thing, HE took it on faith to trust I would never do it again and I haven’t. However, when it came to you he put it in your contract to have everything you say or do checked out before he allows you to run with it.

Who does HE truly trust, eh Dan?

Now if that psycho partner of mine can get her shit straight the odds shift in our favor and we will have our hands raised high in victory.

How’s that for a Headline, Dan?