The Roar of the Crowd

The Roar of the Crowd

Posted on May 22, 2024 at 10:01 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: The Best Arena

Date: May 17, 2024

The scene opens up to inside the Best Arena as we see Scott Stevens come through the curtain after a victorious night in the Windy City over Steve Solex and Christopher America as he heads towards the backstage area towards his locker room.


We see agent/producer, Jack Dawson, sprinting towards the Texan.

“What do you need Jack?”

Scott asks as the agent is trying to catch his breath.

“You have a phone call.”

Jack responds as he catches his breath.

“A phone call?”

Scott seems confused as ti why he would be getting a phone call this way.

“Something about a tree and your house.”

Jack replies as he hands Scott the cell phone causing the Texan to raise a brow as he reaches for it and places it against his ear.


Scott asks as his facials turn from confused before he……


The message Scott received causes him to explode in anger.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Stevens says to the person on the other end of the phone before hanging up and handing it back to Jack.

“When it rains it pours.”

Scott mutters to himself as he sprints towards his locker room to collect his things.

Location: Houston, Texas: Stevens Household

Date: May 18, 2024

The scene opens up to a sunny and humid afternoon, two days after a tornado appeared in the greater Houston area and decimated the surrounding areas causing massive power outages and significant wind damage in the process as well. The storm came through late Thursday and continued into the early part of Friday morning. However, the residents at 555 Champions Blvd didn’t get memo until Friday night. A black SUV slowly comes down the road towards the end of the cul-de-sac. The vehicle turns left into a driveway and suddenly stops in front of a beat up and severely damaged iron gate.

“What the…..”

The sultry voice of Lisa Stevens breaks the silence as she observes the gate which causes her husband to exit the vehicle. Scott makes his way to the gate and looks at it and he tugs a bit on it before heading back to the car. Lisa watches her husband open the door and reach inside and turn off the SUV.

“What’s up?”

She asks and he simply replies.

“Too much damage to the gate, I can’t pull it open all the way to fit the car through so we are walking.”

Scott informs his wife before shutting the door and making his way towards the passenger side door and opening it letting out his wife.

“Shall we?”

Scott asks as he holds out his hand.

“I thought you would never ask.”

Lisa replies as she takes her husband’s hand and the two make their way towards the severely twisted gate and make their way inside. The two make the trek up the long and lonely concrete driveway until the silence is broken.

“Are you fucking serious?!?!?!?”

Lisa shrieks aloud as they come upon the damage done to the house.

“There is a fucking tree in the house.”

She says horrified with wide eyes and mouth wide open in pure shock.

“Luckily no one was here when this happened and we are far apart from our neighbors that this tree didn’t hurt them as well.”

Scott places a comforting hand on his wife’s shoulder as he leads the way to the massive opening caused by their once prized pine tree. The tree caused significant damage as he went all the way through and lays from the front yard all the way to the backyard.

“You always wanted a sun roof.”

Stevens says to Lisa who immediately shoots him a look.

“Very funny.”

She replies as she cautiously walks through the house and surveys the damaged caused by the tree. Broken glass from various things such as the television, vases, and picture frames litter the carpet while the couch, love seat, and recliner have been shredded by the branches of the tree.



These sounds are heard under the heavy feet of Scott Stevens as he heads towards the back of the house.

“I’m going to head upstairs and see what I can salvage.”

Lisa informs Scott who nods who continues his journey to his office on the other side of the house. Scott makes his way towards his man cave/office and his mouth immediately drops when he sees the damage incurred. Accolades earned and procured through the years are lay destroyed in front of his eyes. Football jerseys of David Carr from the Houston Texans inaugural season and of their greatest defensive player J.J. Watt lay torn at his feet while a jersey of Oiler great Warren Moon lays thrown across the backyard. Stevens continues to look around and sees both versions of the LPW world title damaged. Version one’s strap is torn in half and the second version’s center plate is heavily dented. Stevens makes his way through his office looking for something in particular, but doesn’t stop to pick up tattered boxing gloves signed by Mike Tyson or even Muhammad Ali. He continues to scour the room and doesn’t see what he is looking for so he continues to head towards the hole where the wall used to be. Stevens exits the house and enters the backyard and the Texan sees more and more sports memorabilia and wrestling paraphernalia scattered across the lawn. Scott brings his hand up to shade his eyes from the sun as he surveys the land and starts making his way over towards something in the distance.

“There they are.”

Scott mutters to himself as he stops and sees the HOW World and ICON championships around some pictures. Scott reaches down and begins to pick up the items when he attention is diverted by the sound of his wife’s voice.

“Now what?”

Lisa asks as she appears with a bag full of items and what appears to be a photo album under her arm.

“We rebuild.”

Scott replies as the items picked up come into focus and in one hand he has a picture with him, Lisa and the kids while the other has the Stevens Dynasty when they were much younger. A smile forms over the Texan’s face as he turns towards his wife and places his arm over her shoulders and they head towards the front.


Hello Darin.

How are you doing?

I’m just asking because it’s been almost a week since you carried my worthless carcass to the finish line and we haven’t heard from you.

Is it my stench?

That’s my bad Darin.

I forgot to put on my deodorant this morning.

I apologize to you and the rest of the Final Alliance for being lumped with such a waste of space as myself that may have forsaken you in HIS eyes.

I truly am sorry and if there is anything I can do to compensate this travesty of injustice, please let me know and I will comply with whatever you desire.



You can wish oh wish among the billions of twinkling stars in the sky, but you’ll never become a Best even if that’s your Real Love’s Heart’s desire.

You are so desperate to make HIM happy and he doesn’t give two shits about you amigo. Trust me, I was singing his praises long before you decided to go all in on the adoption front.


Lee Best would never adopt you.

Mike Best wouldn’t adopt you.

Mike wouldn’t even piss on you to put you out if you were on fire.

Gay Mike Best wouldn’t even adopt you.

Hell, Lee Best would adopt me before he adopted you because the difference between us is that I’m a winner.

The first thing that will come out of your mouth is that you won the match, but I still won because it was a team effort.

The difference is, I win when it fucking counts while you win when Steve Solex is too hung over and shows up to the match at thirty percent. I hope you enjoy this win because you needed a win like this. A victory over Hall of Famers like Steve Solex and Christopher America is truly something to achieve. However, while you NEEDED this victory I didn’t care if I won or lost because a tag match on Chaos is not my focus. War Games is my focus Darin, and there I will become the last War Games champion as well as the undisputed world champion. I know I’m going in as an underdog and no one is giving me a chance, but just like Usyk did to Fury I’m going to make everyone in that match uncomfortable and I will walk out as the sole victor, leaving no doubt who is the cream of the crop in HOW.

I am looking forward to our match not because I get to face the great and powerful, Darin Zion, but I’m going to use every second of it as a training exercise because what I see Friday from you is probably not what I will see at War Games. I need to see if some experimental moves I’ve been working on work or not. If they do, they’ll be added to the repertoire. If not, back to the drawing board. Last week, I noticed something different about you in that you were desperate to get that victory and desperation is an ugly color on you Darin. It doesn’t match those pinks and purples to well especially the sequin 97 Red of your Final Alliance jacket. You used your entire resume of finishers to put away Steve Solex. I was very surprised that you brought out the Sixth Star because that’s the move you usually would save for big matches or pay-per-views since you know that it was a guaranteed victory when it was delivered.

I’m starting to realize that you resorted to using it on Chaos on free television to secure that victory means you were at your wits end. You couldn’t take losing anymore so you needed one more victory, one more cheer from the crowd to make you feel alive once again.

You are an addict, Darin.

Some people abuse booze, pills, or something stronger, but you get high off of the roar of the crowd. You think if you can win enough matches that will secure the thing you’ve been wanting your entire HOW career, and that’s the Hall of Fame. Well, my friend, just like Gabriel told John Constantine you can’t buy your way into the Hall of Fame with good deeds because your good deeds are simply not good enough. It’s the Hall of Fame for a reason and being mediocre isn’t going to change anything. You can beat me this Friday and a thousand more times afterwards, but it will not change the fact that you aren’t good enough. If you were good enough, you would’ve won the world title by now, but apparently you can’t even do that right.

You’re fucked.

Christopher America told you to embrace being mediocre and enjoy the mid-card, and you should because there is nothing wrong with it. You are this era’s Evan Ward and Silent Witness: Great in the under card, but always coming up short in the Main Event and gimmick creation.

See you Friday.