The Road to Redemption- Part 1: Coping With A Loss

The Road to Redemption- Part 1: Coping With A Loss

Posted on March 8, 2023 at 2:50 pm by Aceldama

11th February 2010

*The scene opens in a locker room. The main event of Turmoil has just completed and Bobbinette Carey has just ended Aceldama’s 182 day reign as High Octane Wrestling’s Heavyweight champion. The faces of the locker room has been watching proceedings on a large screen but all have congregated by the entrance of the locker room door to welcome the new Heavyweight champion. Bobbinette makes her way into the room, the belt over her shoulder as a loud pop can be heard as many of her wrestling counterparts give her a cheer as she enters the room. There is a lot of commotion and many come over to either hug or shake her hand. However the atmosphere of the room is suddenly ended when a beaten Aceldama comes storming into the room*

Aceldama- I was robbed. All of you know I was robbed and that belt should still be with me!

*The rest of the locker room simply ignore Aceldama and all turn their backs to him as they circle around Bobbinette. This infuriates Aceldama who begins to pick up furniture and throw it around the room.*

Aceldama- You all think you can ignore me? I have been the most dominating champion in this company and I have beaten each and every one of you in this room.

*All of a sudden a voice comes from within the crowd, the voice is that of Bobbinette Carey*

Bobbinette Carey- You never beat me. Now I have your belt bitch.

Aceldama- You watch your mouth! Luck was on your side tonight, I am the most feared wrestler here, one chance and I will rip that belt right from your dead body.

Bobbinette Carey- Your not feared any more, I just proved your nothing but a human. And if you want this belt, come get it.

*Aceldama tries to charge at Bobbinette but the rest of the locker room stop him and push him back towards the door and in a group attempt they all force him outside and slam the door behind him. In the hallway Aceldama begins to pace in a blood red rage. He continues outside to throw furniture against the door*

Aceldama- That belt will come back to me Carey, I make that promise to you now!

*Aceldama begins to storm down the hallway and goes through a double door which brings him into the main foyer of the arena. Streams of fans are making their way out of the arena after the event. The press are also congregating in the foyer and notice Aceldama coming in and begin to make their way towards him. One reporter sticks a microphone in front of his face.*

Reporter- Aceldama, your long reign as world champion has just come to an end against Bobbinette Carey, you care to make a comment?

Aceldama- Get that microphone out of my face! I was robbed and everyone here know that.

Reporter- From what we saw it looked like a clean win to us….

*Aceldama becomes infuriated and grabs the microphone, throwing it away and charges at the reporter and punches him square in the face then proceeds to stand over him, shouting loud to ensure everyone can hear him*

Aceldama- Nobody can defeat me! What you saw tonight, will never happen again. Anyone who wishes to stand in my way will feel my wrath, that belt is coming back home to me and all you here will be witness to that.

*Security guards begin to charge towards Aceldama and proceed to grab him and push him through the crowd, making their way towards the main exit of the arena. As he is walking out Aceldama notices a small girl wearing a pink Bobbinette Carey t-shirt, holding her fathers hand, pointing at him*

Girl- Daddy, that’s the scary man Bobbinette beat.

Dad- He’s not scary darling, he is just an angry man.

Girl- Because Bobbinette beat him good?

Dad- Exactly princess.

*Aceldama stops and turns his head to the girl and her dad*

Aceldama- You proud of lying to your daughter? I assure you little one, I will be the topic of your nightmares this evening!

*The guards pull at Aceldama and continue to make their way out of the exit. Meanwhile the little girl is giggling to herself*

Girl- Your right daddy, he’s not scary, he’s funny!

*The guards get Aceldama outside and walk him towards a car where the window rolls down and from inside Lee Best pokes his head out*

Lee Best- Hitting a reporter? Really? I am going to be in a world of PR shit over this! Get your ass home, your suspended, I don’t want to see your ass until next week!

Aceldama- I want my rematch, and I want it next!

Lee Best- After that performance tonight? Not a fucking chance! You blew it. You underestimated her and she made you suffer. Your finished. Your aura as the dominant beast everyone fears is gone. You think you are the number one contender after that? Your going to climb that ladder once again to get another shot.

Aceldama- You might own this company, but for the last six months I AM this company!! I deserve the respect

Lee Best- All respect you ever had ended in that ring this evening, you want it back, do what all the others do, earn it

*Lee rolls up his window and the car drives away leaving Aceldama standing by the road with all the guards trying to calm him down. A police car makes his way through the crowds and parks right in front of him. An officer gets out of the drivers seat and from behind Aceldama the reporter he attacked is standing, with a bloodied piece of his shirt arm over his nose, pointing at Aceldama with the other. The officer proceeds to grab Aceldama and throws his head against the bonnet of the police car as he proceeds to put his hands behind his back and handcuff him. He smirks and begins to shout*

Aceldama- Carey, I will get my redemption, if it takes me years I will get what is mine!!


Tuesday 7th February 2023

Manchester Airport- Border Security

*The scene opens inside a holding room inside Manchester International Airport. Whilst the rest of the High Octane Wrestling crew are making their way to their respective hotels, Aceldama is left behind, sitting inside a small, grey walled room sitting in front of a large metal table. Two chairs sit in front of him empty. He stares around the empty room for a few minutes until the door behind him opens and a man and woman enter. The woman is holding a large pile of documents, looking through her thick glasses. They both take the seats opposite Aceldama and continue to look at the documents. The man turns to a device on the table and presses a button*

Woman- Interrogation of Wolfgang Bruggemann commenced 3:34pm on the 7th of February 2023.

Aceldama- Interrogation? What am I being accused of here?

Woman- Mr Bruggemann please only speak when spoken to. My name is Inspector Davies, and the person to my left is Chief Investigator Jones, I represent the Manchester Metropolitan Police and Chief investigator Jones is with Border Force.  Mr Bruggemann, can I first ask you about your purpose of visit to Manchester today?

Aceldama- I am a professional wrestler, I am to be at some small stadium for a show on Sunday night.

Inspector Davis- Can I ask if you know the name of the stadium?

Aceldama- What do I care the name, I just go where I am told, do the job, get paid, go home and start a new in some other place, what is this all about?

Inspector Davis- I will get to that in a second Mr Bruggemann, can you confirm your employers name?

Aceldama- High Octane Wrestling

Inspector Davis- So you would say you are here in a business sense?

Aceldama- Business, pleasure, cant it be both?

Inspector Davis- So the reason you have been refused entry to the United Kingdom at this stage is because upon inspection of your American passport it has been deemed fraudulent.

Aceldama- What do you mean fraudulent?

Inspector Davis- Mr Bruggemann, where did you get your document?

Aceldama- My employer got it for me, my other one was declared lost.

Inspector Davis- Which leads me to me second question, your American passport that you have just said was lost was put on a banning order with the Civil Aviation Authority, which means that you are on the no-fly list.

Aceldama- That was over thirteen years ago, and it was done without my knowledge.

Inspector Davis- Mr Bruggemann, we had the Home Office run an Intel report in relation to your recent travel itinery and they have confirmed your last known travel was from the Russian Federation, is this correct?

Aceldama- It is.

Inspector Davis- As you are aware Mr Bruggemann with the recent Ukraine War any person who has known to be in the Russian Federation in the last 12 months must undergo further checks, and we have completed those checks Mr Bruggemann. You were incarcerated for 12 years in Russia for crimes related to the KGB and for those reasons we must reject your working VISA to the UK. You will be sent back to the United States on the next non-stop flight, unless you wish to challenge this decision where you will put your case to a judge, where the next available date is this Friday, the tenth of March? Do you wish to challenge this decision?

Aceldama- Of course I wish to challenge this decision! Crimes related to the KGB? What sort of intel are you making up here? Speak to my employer Lee Best, he will clear all this up.

Inspector Davis- We have been unable to get in contact with this Lee Best, is this an alias name?

Aceldama- Alias? What the hell do you mean?

Inspector Davis- A stage name, not his actual name.

Aceldama- How would I know, I have always known him by Lee Best.

Inspector Davis- And you have been with your employer only since January is that correct?

Aceldama- Yes and no, I used to work for him back in 2009 until late 2010, when I went to Russia for personal reasons.

Inspector Davis- Do you mind sharing your reasons?

Aceldama- Not without a lawyer in front of me.

Inspector Davis- Well I think that is all for this interview, you will be held in custody until your hearing which will be resided by Judge Powell on Friday the 10th of March. Do you have any closing comments?

Aceldama- This is ridiculous. I am employed to wrestle, I do that. If I am told I need to go onto a plane and travel across the world to wrestle, I do that. And now you tell me I cannot do that because I spent time in Russia. Look, I don’t want to be here, but my business has brought me here. For thirteen years I have had one thing on my mind, redemption. To get revenge for a loss that practically ruined my career, changed everything about me, I was no longer feared, I had became human. Now I have that opportunity, and I would travel anywhere in the world for this one shot at redemption, to rewrite my history. This is what brings me here, and I will fight tooth and nail to set foot in that stadium and finish my story with a happy ending for myself.

Inspector Davis- Thank you for that Mr Bruggemann, you will now be taken to your custodial room awaiting hearing, when you arrive you can have one phone call, I advise you to use it wisely.


13TH February 2010

De Ja Vu Adult Nightclub, Chicago, Illinois

*The scene opens inside a busy strip club. It is dark however strobe lighting is blasting the room in multiple colours. Aceldama is seen sitting inside a private show room, leaning over a glass table snorting a line of cocaine. His eyes are glazed over and he looks like he is struggling to focus. In front of him three lap dancers are performing for him, all naked except for a thong each. They stop every so often to take a sniff of cocaine. Aceldama looks around him but his eyes fixate on only one of the girls. His eyes are looking evil and he gives a smirk. He stands up, stumbling into the table and walks over to the girls*

Aceldama- You two can leave, you, you stay.

*Two of the girls take their leave from the room, leaving through the curtain leaving Aceldama and the one remaining lap dancer. Aceldama begins to circle her, looking at her up and down. The girl becomes nervous and somewhat frightened by Aceldama’s actions, so she backs off slightly*

Lap Dancer- Solo shows will cost you extra honey.

*Aceldama stumbles over to the couch again and picks up his duffel bag and begins to rustle in it. He removes the contents of the bag onto the glass table. The contents consist of his wrestling attire including boots and bundles of cash. He picks up a few of them and throws it on the floor in front of the girl*

Aceldama- $20,000 there, its all yours, what does that get me?

Lap Dancer- Honey for that type of money you can do whatever you want to me!

Aceldama- That’s exactly what I was hoping you would say….

Lap Dancer- Why me though? Why not one of the other girls?

*Aceldama begins to circle her again, stroking the hair on the back of her head*

Aceldama- Because you remind me of somebody

Lap Dancer- Oh I see, an old girlfriend?

Aceldama- Oh no, she was never a friend, I would say more an enemy.

Lap Dancer- Oh you have fantasies about an enemy, kinky!

*Aceldama starts to remove his belt and stands behind the girl. Using the metal buckle he proceeds to lash her across the back several times. She falls forward into the glass table, smashing through it. Her arm has shards of glass in it. She looks up at Aceldama scared, she cowers*

Lap Dancer- What the hell?!

Aceldama- You agreed to this, you agreed that I could do anything to you.

Lap Dancer- I am calling security….

Aceldama- You will do none of the sort, I recorded you saying you would agree to let me do anything to you for cash, maybe next time you will follow up with some questions before jumping in. You asked why I picked you, because you remind me of someone, someone who has been in my head for a few days now, I just can’t seem to get her out of my head. She stole something from me, and in doing so probably took more than she initially thought. I am angry, angry at the situation, angry at myself for allowing it to happen, angry at the situation it has put me in. I used to be the best, I beat everyone, and then she comes in, and the image I once had, gone. I sat here this evening and when I saw you all I could see was her, and all I wanted to do is beat her to within an inch of her life but sadly I am barred from appearing anywhere she is for a while… you will do!!

*He begins to lash her again with his belt, getting more and more powerful with every striking blow*

Aceldama- You want my belt Carey!! You can take this belt!

*He gets on top of her and begins to pummel her with ferocious left and right fists, then stops and moves off her and proceeds to sit beside her. He looks over at her lifeless body and picks her head up and drapes it across his legs, beginning to stroke her hair again*

Aceldama- Oh Carey, you walked into my life and struck me like a dagger. You took this once beast, feared by all, and turned him into a human in mere minutes.  One day I will show you that the Aceldama who stood in front of you that night was a fraud, an imposter. When we meet again you will see Carey the true me, the real me. And then, and only then……will you know when people hear my name, they run.

*Aceldama stands up and picks up his belt, putting it back on around his waist. He all of a sudden stumbles, falling to one knee. He grabs at his chest and then slumps in front of the girl, passing out. At this stage the curtain of the private room flails open and two security guards come storming in*

Security guard- What the hell has happened here? Trixie looks like shit! Yo man, you do this….*he ticks Aceldama in the chest but Aceldama slumps forward. The guard goes onto his walkie talkie*

Security guard- Guys we have a dancer in here, badly beaten and a client who by the looks of things has either overdosed or has had a heart attack, can we have two ambulances here immediately!!

*The camera begins to fade to black on Aceldama’s image laying on the ground, his eyes shut*