The Road to MTG-Part Two

The Road to MTG-Part Two

Posted on March 24, 2024 at 8:16 pm by Drew Mitchell

The camera zoomed in on the intimate staging area, where a single spotlight illuminated the trio seated opposite each other. Drew Mitchell, with his tousled hair and a look of eager intensity in his eyes, leaned forward in his chair, elbows resting on his knees. Next to him, Sunny O’Callahan exuded a casual rock ‘n’ roll vibe, her frizzy blonde hair framing her face as she sipped Southern Comfort from a glass, the clink of ice cubes punctuating the silence before the storm. Across from them sat Blaire Moise, her black hair a sleek contrast against her vibrant top, a handheld microphone gripped like a baton of professionalism.

Blaire Moise: Alright, HOW fans, March to Glory is coming up and I’m sure you’ve heard my interview with the LSD champion Jace Parker Davidson.  Tonight I’m here with one of his challengers for the LSD title… a promising rookie who’s been shaking up the High Octane Wrestling scene over the past few months, Drew Mitchell, along with his mentor, the enigmatic Sunny O’Callahan.

She turned to Drew, her expression inquisitive yet composed.

Blaire: Drew, your journey into the world of professional wrestling is as raw and fascinating as your presence in the ring. Tell us, how did it all begin for you?

Drew’s voice, tinged with a British accent, rolled out like a thunderclap across the room.

Drew Mitchell: Started back when I was just sixteen, didn’t I?

His eyes sparkled with the recollection.

Drew: Brighton, England—my hometown. It’s where I cut me teeth in the local wrestling clubs. Four years of that, scrapping and learning the ropes.

Blaire: Four years.

Blaire nodded her head for emphasis as she captured the essence of his early struggle on her features.

Blaire: And then, May 2023 happened. That’s when you met Sunny.

Drew: Oi… right you are, Blaire.

Sunny O’Callahan: Blaire, I was in Brighton with Joe Bergman at the time.  It was after March to Glory and Joe decided to stay in the UK for awhile.  We were watching a UK pro wrestling show.  Joe was talking to Simon Wilson.  I was talking with Drew.

A slight smile played at the corner of his Drew’s mouth, betraying a hint of the untamed spirit within.

Drew: Aye, that’s when everything changed.

Drew glanced over at Sunny, who gave a knowing nod in return.

Blaire: So the stage was set and the story began to unfold.  Drew, you were quite enamored with Sunny, weren’t you?

Drew leaned back in his chair, a confident smirk teasing the edges of his lips as he addressed Blaire’s next inquiry.

Drew: Enamored? Yeah, that’s one way to put it.

He ran a hand through his hair, stealing a glance at Sunny.

Drew: When I first laid eyes on Sunny, I thought, ‘Blimey, she’s fit.’ Thought I’d fancy a tumble, truth be told.

Sunny’s laughter cut through the tension like a knife through butter, her frizzy blonde curls bouncing with each chuckle. She took a sip from her Southern Comfort before setting the glass down with purpose.

Sunny: Fancy a tumble, was it?

She shook her head, amusement clear in her voice.

Sunny: Well, Blaire.  I saw something a little different.  I saw a young lad with raw talent spilling out of him when he stepped into the ring. That’s what caught my eye.

The room seemed to tighten around them, their dynamic a dance of wills and desires—a wrestler’s fight for recognition paralleled by a manager’s keen eye for potential.

Blaire: So what happened next?

Sunny: I left my business card with him and returned to the States.

Drew straightened up, rolling his shoulders back as if preparing to grapple with destiny itself.

Drew: I couldn’t shake the feeling that the States were calling me. So, I rang Sunny up a few weeks later-

Sunny interrupted him with a mock scowl.

Sunny: Middle of the bloody night.

Drew merely grinned wider.

Drew: Right, right. But you answered, didn’t you? Next thing you know, she’s got me on a plane across the pond, chasing the American dream in X-Pro.

His voice carried a reverence for the moment, a pivotal point where determination became action.

Drew: But in that moment, stepping off the plane, feeling the warm sun on my face…it was all about the dream. Wrestling is not just what I do; it’s who I am. And with Sunny in me corner, there’s no telling how far I’ll go.

Sunny nodded, pride evident in her posture, as Drew’s words filled the space between them—a young wrestler’s commitment intertwining with a manager’s guiding hand.

Turning towards Drew, Blaire continued.

Blaire: Drew, you’ve had some success here in HOW so far in your brief career. You’ve got two wins over HOW Hall of Famer Scott Stevens and a win over Hall of Famer Evan Ward.  How does that boost your confidence going into March to Glory?

Drew’s posture straightened, the British lilt in his voice carrying a note of pride.

Drew: Yeah, Blaire, those wins were massive for me. Scott Stevens is a legend here in HOW, and Evan Ward? Tough as nails. But it’s like, every time I step through those ropes, I feel myself getting better, stronger.

Drew glanced over at Sunny with a nod of respect and gratitude.

Drew: Wouldn’t be here without this one, though. Sunny’s been my compass.

Sunny flashed a wry smile, her Southern Comfort-laced breath mingling with the studio air.

Sunny: Don’t sell yourself short, kid. It’s your hard graft that’s gotten you this far.

Drew: True, but having someone who believes in you, who pushes you to go further… that’s special. You’ve taught me about seizing every single moment, every opportunity. And come March to Glory, that’s exactly what I plan to do.

Blaire: Confidence is key.

Blaire’s gaze shifted between the wrestler and his mentor.

Drew: Oi, absolutely.

Drew’s eyes burning with intensity.

Drew: I’ve learned from every match, picked up something new from each opponent.

Blaire: Sounds like March to Glory can’t come soon enough for you, Drew.

Drew: Got that right.

Drew’s expression turned into a half-smirk.

Drew: I’m not just aiming to show up; I’m looking to win.

Sunny: Let me tell ya, Blaire.  Drew’s matches in the LBI showed how much he’s grown in just the short time he’s been here.  He put in a shift against John Sektor and Sektor is pure class. He didn’t win that one but the way he handled Darin Zion and Brian Hollywood? You’d think the lad’s been in the ring for decades!

Drew sat up a notch taller. The bright studio lights shimmered off his wide grin, showcasing a set of pearly whites that glistened with the promise of future glories.

Drew: I’ve been working my arse off, and it would be brilliant to see it all payoff.

Blaire Moise, poised and polished, her straight black hair framing her face like a velvet curtain, captured the moment with a nod, her professionalism never faltering.

Blaire: Speaking of paying off, there’s no denying your charisma, Drew, both in and out of the ring. But let’s touch on something a bit more… personal. Your, shall we say, enthusiastic approach to wooing the ladies?

Drew’s smile faltered, replaced by a sheepish grimace, while Sunny’s hand shot up to her forehead, covering her eyes in a dramatic facepalm. Her frizzy blonde curls bounced with the motion, echoing her exasperation.

Drew: Ah, Blaire…

He chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

Drew: …I might have been a bit too forward once or twice, haven’t I?

Blaire: Just once or twice?

Blaire arched an eyebrow, the memory of Drew’s cringe-worthy pickup lines directed at her flashing through her mind like a blooper reel.

Drew: Alright, alright.  I’ve learned a lesson or two about keeping it professional. Especially after our… memorable encounter.

(Drew hit on Blaire.  Blaire kneed him in the groin.  Sunny rolled her eyes.)

Sunny peered over at Drew with a mix of admonishment and amusement.

Sunny: Blaire, the lad has a good heart, but… yeah… the skirt-chasing has led to some awkward moments… very awkward moments that.

Drew: Look, I won’t deny that I enjoy the company of women. It’s part of who I am… a lad who appreciates what life has to offer.

He paused for a moment, gauging the reactions of Sunny and Blaire. Sunny’s expression was unreadable, while Blaire tapped her pen against her notepad, waiting for him to continue.

Blaire: Like Victoria McGill.

Drew: Victoria McGill, I love her fire and passion in the ring… and admittedly, outside of it too.

Another small smirk played on his lips before he sobered up.

Blaire: Except there was a little… complication?

Drew: Yeah, things got a little complicated because I had already slept with her mother Dawn McGill.  It wasn’t my finest hour, and I take full responsibility for the mess I made.

His hands gripped the armrests, knuckles white as he wrestled with the admission. The room hung on his next words, thick with the tension of confessions laid bare.

Sunny: Okay.  Blaire, I’m sure you remember I didn’t exactly get off to the greatest of starts either.

Blaire: That’s an understatement.

Sunny: I know.  I came into HOW a little bit ‘hot’ and I paid a price for it.  I ran down Dawn McGill with an SUV.  Drew’s just a little too… exuberant… when it comes to women.  Thankfully, after the McGill incident I saw the light… I did my penance for what I’d done… Joe Bergman came along and gave me a chance to prove myself… and here I am.  The manager of the man who’s on a record-setting MVW title run.  The manager of a tag team called the Alabama Gang who last year defeated two of the men in this LSD title match… Scott Stevens and Jace Parker Davidson for the HOTv Tag Team titles at the PWA 1 supershow.  And now, the manager of a young man…

She pointed to Drew.

Sunny: …who’s slowly finding his way as a young professional wrestler.  Yeah, Drew’s had his moments. But-

Now it’s Drew’s turn to step in.

Drew: However…

Drew’s eyes locked onto the lens of the camera,

Drew: …that’s not where me story ends. Wrestling is my true love, my calling. Every morning I’m up before the sun, running, training, learning from the best. I’m committed to this path. I respect the craft and those who’ve built it. My focus is on becoming a better wrestler, every single day.

There was intensity in Drew’s eyes.  His hands relaxed, his body language speaking volumes of the shift within.

Drew: March to Glory isn’t just another match for me.  It’s a testament to my growth. I’ve honed my skills and sharpened my instincts. I’ve faced defeat and tasted victory. And I’m ready to climb higher, to show the world the mettle I’m made of.

Blaire nodded slowly, the camera capturing the resolve etched across Drew’s features. She shifted in her seat, her eyes flitting between her two guests.

Blaire: Sunny, you’ve mentioned the subject of Drew’s… let’s call it social exuberance. How do you manage that aspect of his career?

The golden curl across Sunny’s forehead seemed to shimmer as she leaned into the spotlight, her voice carrying the sing-song lilt of her Irish heritage softened by Californian waves.

Sunny: Drew here, is quite the charmer, no doubt. A real Casanova of the canvas. I even fell to his charms.

Drew shot Sunny a look, half sheepish, half brash… the expression of a rogue caught red-handed but unrepentant.

He mouthed ‘twice.’

Sunny: So yeah, we had our moments early on…

Sunny cast a glance at Drew sharp enough to cut through the tension.

Sunny: …but I saw more in him than just a pretty face and a quick wit. This lad has the fire, the drive. And if he’s to become the champion I know he can be, he’s got to channel that energy into the ring, not just the after-parties and chasing birds.

Drew smiled and nodded.  He knew.

Sunny: Don’t get me wrong, Drew’s got charm by the bucket, but now it’s time for discipline to take center stage. He’s got the potential to be really good, and I’d hate to see that squandered over a few flings.  Right Drew?

Drew: Understood.  There’s a time and place for everything, and right now, my time is all about wrestling.

Sunny: March to Glory is just the beginning. We’re aiming for the top, aren’t we?

Drew: Nothing less.  March to Glory isn’t just a match.  It’s where I prove that all this…

He gestured between himself and Sunny, encompassing their shared journey,

Drew: …isn’t for nothing.

The camera zoomed in as Blaire Moise, microphone in hand, turned to her guests with a poised smile.

Blaire: Now, let’s talk MVW.  There’s been some chatter about your beginnings, Drew, and I’d like to set the record straight.  In my interview with Jace Parker Davidson, he mentioned you got your start there… is that true?”

Drew Mitchell shifted his weight from one foot to another, his tall, muscular frame filling out the screen. The British lilt in his voice was unmistakable as he opened his mouth to respond, but it was Sunny O’Callahan who interjected first, her frizzy blonde curl bouncing as she shook her head.

Sunny:  Let’s clear the air, Blaire.

She took a casual sip of her Southern Comfort before continuing.

Sunny: While I appreciate some of Jace’s comments towards me and the fact that he didn’t just come out and bury Drew… he’s got his wires crossed.  When I brought Drew over here, yes, MVW was a possibility.  And it’s true, Drew did train at Bergman’s Barn for a week with Dawn McGill.  But Drew never wrestled at MVW.  It was Lee Best who offered Drew an opportunity… he’s a man who recognizes opportunity and he learned from the past.

She talked with a half-cocked smile on her face that spoke volumes of insider knowledge.

Sunny: Adam Ellis slipped through HOW’s fingers and went to PRIME.  Lee wasn’t about to let lightning strike the same place twice.

Drew stood beside her, arms crossed over his chest, nodding in agreement, his youthful confidence unwavering as Sunny continued to build his cachet.

Sunny: Lee saw what Drew brings to the table and he made sure to lock it down with X-Pro. He offered Drew a contract. It’s an affirmation of his potential.

Blaire nodded, her eyes flicking between Sunny and Drew as the interview unfolded. She was adept at capturing these moments, creating the kind of tension that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Blaire: Speaking of Adam Ellis, there was a lot of controversy over Adam Ellis going over to PRIME Wrestling.  The competition between both companies is pretty heated as you know.  Drew, did you give any thought to stepping into PRIME’s ring?

The question hung in the air, a challenge wrapped in curiosity. Drew’s expression remained composed, his British accent lending an extra layer of poise to his response.

Drew: PRIME may have its charms, but it’s a different… ‘playground’ …than HOW.  Adam Ellis chose to play on PRIME’s playground and he seems very happy there.  I chose to sign with HOW and I’m here to leave my mark here on HOW’s playground.

Drew’s stance was unyielding, the subtext clear: he was not a man easily swayed from his chosen path.

Blaire nodded, her face the epitome of professionalism as she sensed the firm line drawn in the sand.

Blaire: Loyalty and conviction, those are qualities that can take you far in this business.

Sunny: You know, Blaire, from what I’ve heard, PRIME is like a wild night out in Santa Monica… flashy, loud, and everyone’s looking to make a splash.

She took a slow sip, letting her words settle before continuing.

Sunny: But HOW, now, that’s more like a gritty dive bar where the whiskey’s strong and the fight’s just getting started.

A sly grin played on her lips, her Irish roots coloring her mischief.

Sunny: Different strokes for different folks, isn’t that right?

Drew nodded as if Sunny had just revealed the secret playbook hidden beneath the ring. There was a sense of camaraderie between mentor and protege, a shared understanding that they were exactly where they needed to be.  He leaned in, his eyes a blaze of ambition that matched the intensity of the arena’s spotlights.

Drew: Listen, Blaire, being in this place called HOW isn’t just some chance for advancement– it’s where I rightfully belong.

The young wrestler’s gaze swept across the bustling backstage area, taking in the chaos of the wrestling world he’d plunged into headfirst.

Drew: This is the forge where I’ll temper myself into a legend. All that matters to me is proving my worth in that ring, under those lights, with these fans bearing witness.

Sunny nodded approvingly, her lips curving into a smile that was equal parts pride and mischief. Like a beacon, her presence seemed to ground Drew’s restless energy.

Blaire: Well, you’ve certainly given us a lot to look forward to, Drew. And Sunny, it’s always a pleasure getting insights from one of the sharpest minds in the business.

Sunny: Thank you, Blaire.

Sunny tipped an imaginary hat with a glint of playful defiance in her eyes.

Drew: Cheers.


Later that night…
The camera slowly panned over the idyllic suburban neighborhood of St. Louis, showcasing picture-perfect houses with neatly trimmed lawns and perfectly aligned mailboxes. Inside the Decker house, Brinsley’s room was a stark contrast to the polished exterior. The posters on her walls were not of pop stars or movie heartthrobs like most teenage girls, but instead featured her favorite male and female golfers. Trophies and awards from various tournaments dotted the shelves and her prized golf clubs stood tall in one corner, worn and weathered from hours spent on the course.

Brinsley herself sat cross-legged on her bed, dressed for comfort in an oversized t-shirt and mismatched socks. She watched intently as Drew Mitchell gave an interview on HOTv with Blaire Moise. Just as the interview was wrapping up, there was a knock on Brinsley’s bedroom door. She let out an exasperated sigh before turning towards the door as her mother called out through the closed wood.

Brinsley’s Mother: Brin?

Brinsley exhaled and turned her head back toward the door as her mother calls out through the closed door.

Brinsley: Yes, Mother.

Brinsley: Lights out.  You’ve got an early tee time tomorrow.

Brinsley: I know!

Brinsley responded with annoyance evident in her voice.

Brinsley: I’m going to bed now.

Begrudgingly, she turned off the television with the remote control and switched off the lights in her room. As she drifted off to sleep, a mix of excitement and nerves swirled in Brinsley’s mind for what tomorrow would bring – another day on the golf course, pursuing her passion with determination and drive… and wondering when the next time she would encounter the enigma named Drew Mitchell.