The road to a career

The road to a career

Posted on April 19, 2023 at 3:49 pm by Zach Kostoff

The scene comes to view slowly. The sun is high in the sky as a few small clouds begin to kick up. This time of year is typically a little more wet in Florida, but this year has been brutal. The heat of the day makes it feel like you are walking in soup. A small crack is heard as you see Zach walking in his yard. His long hair is tied back into a ponytail and wearing just a pair of shorts, the kid slowly walks his yard. Kneeling down to pick up a blade of grass, he let’s out a sigh.


Zach: Another week and a another tag match. I mean, it could be worse right?


He smiles and rises.


Zach: I will say that this week is a cool experience. Jace and I are being put into a tag team match. I only know of him from what my dad told me about him and watching video clips of him.


Zach: Jace is good, shit he is great. My dad always spoke highly of him. Not sure they ever worked together but my old man always said he was one of the baddest mother fuckers he ever knew.


Looking at the blade of grass, he shrugs and lets it fall from his fingers as he begins to make his way into his house.


Zach: I know that over the last few weeks, things have been different here in HOW. People have been turned on. People have been left out to dry. I get it, I do. Agenda’s come up and people like to be able to use others to get what they want. When those folks have filled a void, they get pushes away and shit on.


Zach: And that is what is seeming to be going on here. I know Jace would rather not have me as a tag team partner. I know that taking this alliance shit isn’t what he wants to do. Now, I have not spoken with him, but it would make sense. Dude has always been one to run with packs, and when this pack tossed him, I’m sure he wants his own revenge.


He makes his way into his kitchen and grabs a Ghost out of his fridge. Cracking the tab open he takes a long drink of the Mango energy drink and sets the can down on his counter.


Zach: Jace, let me make this clear for ya man. I’m going into this match wanting to get this win as bad as you want it. I have no love for these clowns and trust me, after my last match, I want another win.


Zach: You see, right now I am trying to blaze my own path, my own way here in HOW. I refuse to be “Kostoff’s son”.


He leans into the camera. His blue eyes narrow as he tilts his head.


Zach: I’m Zach mother fucking Kostoff. I am my own fucking man. Benny can eat a bag of dicks. Lee can eat a bag of dicks.


Zach: Every fucking person in those locker rooms can each eat a bag of dicks. I am my own fucking man, and this week I am gonna fucking show everyone that.


Zach: Be ready mother fuckers, I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna raise hell. And this week, we are gonna win again. I am gonna have my hand raised again because unlike my fucking old man, I give a fuck about wins.


He shakes his head and closes his eyes. Taking in a long breath he slowly lets it out.


Zach: Alliance, or whatever name Lee gave you guys, I hope that you are ready. I do. I know you are thinking I have no right to be in the ring against you chuckle-fucks, but I am not some dopey ass kid. You saw this already once, and you are gonna see it again.


Zach: I’m not gonna stoop to some bullshit kid game with you idiots, except for this…


Zach: I’m ready for a good fight. I’m ready to get dirty. Maybe that will make you boys laugh? Maybe you will think twice as too who I am? Maybe it means shit? Just know this, I have a fighter in my blood. This awe shucks is only for show. You want a brawl? I’ll brawl with you mother fuckers. You want to wrestle I’ll do that as well. I’m not scared of you boys, not at all.


He lets out a small laugh. He looks down at his floor and sighs.


Zach: Maybe I do have more of my dad’s attitude than I thought I did?


Zach: Either way, see you boys soon.


He shrugs his shoulders and head off down his hallway, he begins to laugh some more as the scene fades to darkness