The Road So Far Pt. 6

The Road So Far Pt. 6

Posted on April 10, 2024 at 3:38 pm by Noah Hanson

Who would’ve thought that Noah FUCKING Hanson would be the one to walk out of March 2 Glory as next challenger to John Sektor and his HOtv title? Not me that is for god damn sure, I was just as shocked as anyone else in the building. I thought that Brian was gonna take me out back and put me down for the very last time and truth be told he nearly did. Sometimes the finale is really the best chapter of any movie or book. But is it time for the finale? I don’t think so, not  just yet, I can see this going for a while longer. The more matches I have the better I feel mentally and that is something I never thought I was gonna be able to say again. I looked down at Hollywood at the end of the match and he was not my opponent but once again my brother. He has always been family to me, given him some space the last few years, him and Zion to be honest. I didn’t wanna bother them with my problems or my attitude, which at times can be abrasive at best.


But when Hollywood came to me and said we need to take out Palmer so that it can just be a showcase between the two brothers and may the best man win. There is no one in the wrestling business right now that I would want to fight in the match. I would love to talk to Zion and I know that kid will come and knock on my door at some point and time. Will I open the door and welcome someone that I have shared so much of this business with? Of course I will, he’s still family, I just want him to come to me and talk to me. I want him to come to me and talk to me and explain to me where he has been? Why hasn’t he talked to me? Why hasn’t he checked in on his old friend? See I have always been a good friend, have gone and checked on him many times, even when he was part of the Final Alliance or whatever it is being called these days. So Darin I guess it is up to you now brother, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and make a decision. You need to decide what is more important to you? Getting Daddy Bests’ attention or family, your family, the family that has ALWAYS had your back or the group of leeches that are using you to their advantage.


So you need to look at yourself and you need to do some soul searching and see if you can finally see what Hollywood and myself have seen in you for a long time. You need to look at your own value and see what we have been telling you for years. That you are incredibly talented and that you don’t need that bag of dicks, people that are not looking out for you. They will never have your back Darin, not like me and Hollywood have always had. So I wanna see you at Chaos and I want to see you face to FUCKING face.No letterman jacket, no bullshit, no comedy crap just you and me Darin and we are gonna hash all this out. I want you to understand something Darin, I want you to really let this sink in. YOU DON’T NEED THEM! Now am I saying you need to come and jump into our waiting arms? FUCK NO! Your pals Noah and Brian are not looking to reform Sex and Money let’s get that outta of the way real right now. I don’t want any part of that right now. I just want you to see the value in yourself, you have to at some point and walk away. Those pieces of shit don’t deserve you, they look at you as trash. They look at you as dead weight, like an errand boy at best. Like I said we are not looking to get the band back together, this is more like two friends looking out for the third and trying to get you back on the right track.


So I guess as far as this goes the ball is your court buddy boy.


Now my other topic is the Gold Standard John Sektor, the man that swept his part of the LBI, the man that is the HOtv title champ, a man that has held that belt for over one hundred and fifty days. He has beaten a laundry list of people that have been put in front of him. So do I piss down my leg at the mere sight of someone that has been so dominant for so long? Hell no! Do you think that I have not been in big matches, title matches against people just like this dude? Come on now, you are talking to Noah GOD DAMN Hanson, I don’t sweat anyone in this business. Now is it a challenge? Fuck yeah it is, am I gonna shit the bed after coming off one of the biggest wins in my last five years? I hope the fuck not. I look at Sektor as someone that is gonna be coming off a little bit of a letdown. Hear me out turds, calm down HOW cocksuckers and listen up real good. Sektor is coming off a huge disappointment at March 2 Glory. He came out of his bracket and swept it all and then came into the final four match and lost. So yeah he has his title but he has to be reflecting on the loss. Maybe he is gonna be ripe for the picking. Now do I want to be a seven day title holder like a certain someone or do you need a champion that you can all look at and relate to in some form?


I don’t see many people looking at John and thinking they relate to this goof. I mean he is the visual definition of a meathead, someone that sits in the gym and just pounds the weights all fucking day. See I am all about cardio these days cause I need to be able to do longer matches. That match with Hollywood nearly emptied the gas tank, I was almost seeing those white stars that you see when you are almost ready to black out. Yeah that was me, I was pretty confident that I was gonna die in the ring. I thought for sure that I was gonna be meeting my maker but then Hollywood pulled me back. When they say don’t go into the light, I was really close to just letting go and I could have been totally content if that was really my time to go then I would have gleefully embraced the end for me. So thank you Brian for pulling me back and now Sektor I am coming for you. Now make no mistake, this is NOT about the title. I know that this is a title match and I know the stakes but this is just another step that I am taking to moving closer to my ultimate goal. And don’t take this the wrong way but Mr. Sektor I don’t want you, I want Mike Best. This is just like Major League 2 where Vaughn doesn’t care about the batter in front of him; he wants Parkman and Mike is MY Parkman. But again this isn’t slighting you in the least, this is just me looking at my main goal and wanting it so bad I can taste it.


Facing someone as elite as John Sektor is something that should have me a little concerned, should even have me a little worried. But that isn’t me, that isn’t how I was built. This is gonna be a fight, we all know that. I look forward to fighting Sektor, I want to go to war with someone that I know is gonna hit me with everything he has, even though he might be going through a lot of self doubt at the moment but please try to power through all that and focus on me. I can’t wait to prove myself against someone as talented and as decorated as Mr. Sektor. Just remember win or lose this doesn’t sway me from my personal endgame and that is Mike Best. Listen to me and listen to me good I am gonna hit you with everything I can. Now if I walk out with the belt then I will be the happiest man alive at that time but you have to understand that it puts me a really big step closer to my overall goal. I want Mike Best, I don’t care how I have to do it and mother fucker you had better start looking in your rear view mirror cause this old fuck is tracking you like a heat-seaking meat missile and make no mistake I am coming for you.


Be proud of what you did at March 2 Glory any person would be. You swept your bracket, you made it to the finals and while you didn’t come out on top you still have your title…for now…


Calm down big guy, I like to mess with people, get in their heads a little and see if I can’t get them to be a little off their game. I can imagine that is going to be a little hard to do with you. I bet you are someone that is hard to rattle, someone that doesn’t shake that easy. So are you going to bring your very best or do you look at this old, weathered, has-been as some might call and maybe you don’t go as hard as you should. Maybe you don’t train as hard as you did for the pay per view. Maybe you don’t look over some of the tape. Go ahead and overlook me, I wouldn’t blame you to be honest. People have been doubting me for years, people have been looking down on me for as long as I can remember. And I love every FUCKING minute of it, I love it when I can throw a middle finger in the air at every FUCKING hater out there.


In HOW there is usually a whole arena full of people that can’t stand me, either they hate me cause I come from a “Fisher Price” company or they hate the fact that I have had more success in and out of the ring then all of the so called stars here put together. Maybe they hate me cause I am willing to do whatever it takes to get myself closer to the ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR Mike Best. Can any of you truly understand the passion I have to go after my goal with reckless abandon and unbridled aggression? Do you? No…of course not you’re all too busy with your bloodlust, your thirst for carnage and mayhem is nearly unmatched in this business. You people disgust me, you make me want to scrub my body with a wire brush after each show because you people are just so dirty, so filthy. And it goes all the way to the back, walking past the staff and some of the other wrestlers make me want to gargle with hand sanitizer.


And don’t ever try to bunch me in with people around here cause I am nothing like you people. Yeah I know people claim I have issues but at least I am willing to try and get myself right. Most of you people would just rather bathe in the hatred and rinse yourself clean in the blood of the tormented. That is the type of people this place has brought to the shows. Dirty…trash … .filth…unkempt…slovenly…they make my skin crawl. And I know there are people that cheer for me when I am around, those are MY fans and I encourage each and every one of them to get their shots updated BEFORE they come to a HOW show. For their protection, safety first…unlike the HOW owner, I try to keep my fans safe.


Sektor, the Gold Standard, I can see why you’re called that. You are the personification of excellence, the man if he was a drink would be on the top shelf, the best of the best not named Mike Best. Second fiddle doesn’t seem to fit you, doesn’t seem like it describes you but yet here we are. You have talked about wanting the belt back, the desire and passion seem to be there but does the body have what is needed after March 2 Glory? I guess that is something I will find out first hand.


So Sektor go ahead and get that body prepped. Do all the training you think you will need. Hit the gym as hard as you can, give the weights hell. Run all you want, get that body in tip top condition.


Say your prayers….


You’re gonna need them…


Take plenty of vitamins…


Want the body to be in peak form…


Because I don’t want any FUCKING excuses when I walk out with the belt. I want you at your very best mentally and physically so that when I make this statement and when I look at the camera, holding the belt. I want one person and one person alone to hear what I am gonna say….












And don’t worry guys I’ll try to not go on to much longer, I know how some of you hate my long winded statements. So if that has been a thorn in some of ya’lls side, well my apologies. I hate to offend all of you internet trolls that seem to think you know every GODDAMN thing that is going on in this business. But how many of you so-called experts will have seen this coming? How many of you will have had the vision to forecast that Noah Hanson, the forgotten star, the ladykiller, the man that death has forsaken would be capable of beating the man that is really second only to the Son of God? None of you were willing to place that bet I would wager. See, that is where all you differ from me, I am willing to go all in on myself. I am willing to wager everything as long as it gets me closer to my endgame.


Being the best is all fun and games until it starts to hurt…


Where: Kansas City, Kansas

Date: 4/8/2024

Place: The Ladykiller Gym on the grounds of the Hanson Estate

Time: 2:45 pm

Mood: Excited

Noah Fun Fact #12: Noah is a regular competitor at the Pebble Beach Pro AM

Last Song on Youtube: “Dead Don’t Die” by Shinedown


We are brought to the regal settings of the Hanson Estate. The wind is blowing ever so gently, we can hear music blaring from inside the gym. “Don’t Bring Me Down” by ELO is the song of choice at the moment as Noah is shown hitting the heavy bag, peppering the bag with lefts and rights. His body is dripping in sweat, muscles tense with each strike of the bag, his trainer pushing against the bag.


“Come on man HARDER!” he yelled at Noah. “Do you know that they all still think you’re a joke right?”


Noah snarled at the comment and hit a furious series of punches and then stopped and hit the bag hard enough to make his trainer stagger holding the bag.


“What are you looking at me for?!” the trainer yelled. “Do you think the “Gold Standard” is gonna wait for you to hit him again? The man, the place has no damn respect for you, you listen to the playback of the announcers they think you are a FUCKING JOKE! So when are you gonna show these pieces of shit just how serious you are?”


“That’s a great question babe?” Karen said as she walked in and walked over to her husband, kissed him on the cheek and then walked over to the fridge, opened it and pulled a bottle of water out. “I mean I thought we were done with all this, thought you had sacrificed enough, gave enough of your body to this business, to this damn company. You earned the right to sit on our porch with Daisey, a beer and just let the residual checks keep coming in.”


“Take five Mark…” An exhausted Noah said to his trainer as he grabbed a towel and wiped his face down and then grabbed his wife by the hand and walked outside with her. “What’s wrong?”


Karen jerks her hand from her husbands and then starts walking up the steps of the elevated driving range that is now finished behind the gym. She makes her way to one of the benches and sits down. “I really thought we were done with all this, thought it was time for us to be a family.”


Noah’s head slouched slightly as he sat next to his wife. “I know I said that.”


“Then why are we back in HOW of all places?” Karen barked, the disdain for the House that Best built evident. “There are plenty of other companies that you could have worked for, if you just wanted to go one more time, you could have gone anywhere but HOW.”


“I know…” Noah said with a sigh.


“Do you want to die in the ring?” Karen asked. “Is that what this is really about, dying a warrior’s death in the ring?”


“No…” Noah replied calmly. “…of course not…”


“For the love of God tell me why we are back in the one place that hates you?” Karen begged, her voice almost cracking with emotion. “I can’t be strong enough for the both of us, I can’t put you back together again. I’m not strong enough…”


“You don’t understand…” Noah replied, his voice trailing off.


“Then explain it to me.” Karen asked, putting her hand on her husband’s leg. “Help me understand.”


Noah looked deep into his wife’s eyes, he can see that she is terrified, scared for her husband. His head drops slightly. “I have to do this, I have to run one more time, regardless of what happens. I have to see this through, but I need you with me, I can’t do this without you at my side. I’M not strong enough anymore without you at my side.”


Noah stood up and looked out into the distance. “I have to see this through to the end, I have to fight Mike to the bitter end, it doesn’t matter about the outcome or a title or anything else. For my own sanity I have to fight this battle but with you with me I know I can see this all the way through.”


Karen got up from the bench and grabbed her husband by the hand. “Then we’ll see this through together…”


“Things might get crazy, maybe even crazier then the times in Wrestling Midwest.” Noah warned. “Think you can handle it?”


“I’ve already seen you get busted by a cinder block.” Karen reminded her husband. “I am sure we gonna see way crazier shit than that.”


Noah nodded and rolled his eyes at the thought of putting himself through the grind again. “Then I guess we need to really hit this hard huh?”


“Go hard or go home…” Karen said with a kiss on the cheek. “You better get back to training…”


Noah watched as Karen walked down the steps, Noah turned back to looking off into the distance.


“This could very well be an ominous message for the rest of HOW….”