The Road So Far Pt. 2

The Road So Far Pt. 2

Posted on February 17, 2024 at 7:39 pm by Noah Hanson

Can’t say that I am shocked or anything like that, losing in my first match back after over two years away from the business is what can be expected sometimes. I mean I am probably the rustiest I have ever been in my career and losing to Evan Ward is not my desired outcome it for the most part expected. If I was ten years younger maybe I would have had higher expectations but this loss falls just where I figured. I mean I nearly shocked the world and that would have been a nice big shit burger for all the haters out there but I have to stay the course and let things go the way they are because that is just the way things have to be for the time being.

It felt good to get back in the ring, to look around and see the fans and to be honest it didn’t matter if they were cheering or booing me I was there soaking it all in and I loved every moment of it. See part of me needed to get back into the ring, part of me needed to feel the mat and the ropes, something about the energy of the crowd, basking in the glow of it all it felt great to be right there at that moment. I can see why I love this business because I felt like I was complete again, I felt like the missing part of me had finally been returned to me. I mean maybe if I tell myself that enough maybe I’ll believe but for now I just need to keep moving forward, I need to absorb the impact and move forward there is nothing else to do now.

There is one thing that is kinda is eating at me just a little and that is the fact that my two old running buddies from my old days have yet to even acknowledge that I am in HOW. Not sure how I should feel about that, not sure if they are keeping their distance for some odd reason or if they don’t want anything to do with me. I wouldn’t blame them either way. They were made a joke the last time I was here just because of me. So if they don’t wanna have that happen again it might be a good idea to distance themselves form me. It would be good for their careers if they weren’t ridiculed again. I really have tried to let all the vices and problems I have had in the past stay there. I don’t want to be the person I was back then full of hate, willing to burn bridges and to hell with everything else. I guess that is why I still have a therapist, I mean the problems aren’t going to go away over night, there is no miracle cure to fix all my issues. My therapist thinks I need to face my issues, my demons by going right to the root cause of the issues and that is my fear of losing, my fear of seeing someone like Mike Best and wanting to not get any where near him.

Well that is where this is going, this isn’t about anything else but facing my fear, facing my issues and confronting them once and for all. See that is the only way I can truly walk away from all of this is by finally itching that one scratch that I have not been able to reach. See and it won’t matter if I beat Mike or not this is all about taking the fight to him, this is about not letting him make the first move. Sure he’ll run his mouth that is his calling card, his mouth is like a fucking seven eleven because that damn mouth runs twenty four seven. So see this isn’t about coming to HOW and taking over, winning titles or even the legacy of Noah Hanson. This is about cutting the cord and releasing myself from something that keeps pulling me back time and time again. I mean fighting Silent Witness this week is just another step towards getting what I need, what I want. You can call me a druggie trying to get a fix if you want because I need my fix of the Best drug around so that I can finally get out and never look back. See I have figured out my problem and now I am going to do everything I can to finally fix it.

Don’t worry Witness this doesn’t mean I am looking past you or anything like that, all this means is that I just want one person and while I know a lot about and we have met in the ring before this isn’t about you. I just want Mike and that is all I want. Call me crazy, maybe I have tunnel vision, maybe I have a death wish. Call it whatever the fuck you wanna call it because I am using each and every match before Mike as building blocks, honing my skills, getting my body used to taking falls again. See I haven’t been getting hit during the time away, so I need to train my body to take those hits again, my body needs to be able to handle fans and shit like that, shit that I have to be able to face it all and get past it for my own survival.

See the way I look at this match with Witness is another step on my ladder to returning to the person I used to be. Now don’t make the mistake of reading what I just said as I am trying to step over Witness because I’m not. Witness is one tough son of a bitch and this is one of the toughest stretches of matches that I have had to start in a fed. I mean you look at my first three matches back and I will have faced three HOW legends and there is a very good chance that I could come out the group phase win-less and that is something I have not really had happen to me in a very long time. I mean I am talking the days of Wrestling Midwest when I would have lost three matches in a row. Now back then I would have probably been pulling my hair out and blowing a gasket or something. See those days are like a lifetime away, a younger, arrogant, brash Noah Hanson that didn’t care about anything but looking good and winning titles and it really didn’t matter how it happened. Back then I didn’t care about anything but my image, I wanted to be the top dog and there was nothing that was going to stop me from getting there. Thing is I should have mellowed out years ago and it probably cost me a few friends and burnt down a few bridges in the process. There is nothing I can do about that, the past is the past and it needs to stay there but Witness you are my next rung on my ladder to getting my career back on the right track.

Witness we tangled a few times the last time I was here and I know how talented you are and that I wanna tell you something. I respect you, you’ve been through hell, fought just everyone there is in this place and you keep coming back for more and you usually stand tall when the dust has settled. Now I know I lost against Ward but this is just the start of things to come. I am going to do everything I can to get the upper-hand and maybe spoil this part of the LBI. I would love to stand right here and declare that I am going to walk out as the winner but you have to understand something Witness and that is this old body can only do so much, so while my confidence in my abilities is high my body has failed me more often than not lately. I don’t know what else I can do, I meditate, I do yoga but there is only so far you can stretch and old rubber-band before it breaks and that is how I feel. I would love to have a happier story to tell all my adoring fans but there is really not that much to tell these days. The mind is willing but the body isn’t always up to the task. But who knows Witness maybe just like Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs I can bring some Midwest magic to the show and pull off a huge upset. And don’t worry about a handshake or any of that nonsense that I did last week. I should have known better because you are all alike. No honor, no code just a whole place full of soulless degenerates. So we are just gonna skip past all that bullshit and just move on to the main feature and fight like we both want to.

The thing is even when I was hot, even when I was in my so called “Prime” it was never good enough against the elite of HOW. Losing time and again to the top tier stars is something I am all to familiar with, losing to Mike Best, Tara and JPD and the like is something I grew accustomed to. Any other fed in the world I had my fair share of success, winning titles and being in the limelight. In HOW I was always a joke, always looked at as not worthy of being in the place to begin with and yet I keep coming back. Like in my head somewhere if I keep coming back somehow it will earn all their respect but in all reality it just makes me look more and more pathetic I guess. But I needed to do it, like a junkie trying to get his fix, getting over that hump in HOW had become my vice, my addiction. I would fall over and over, get to my feet and tell myself the next match is where I turned it all around and I got really talented at lying to myself.

See I would crawl of bed, grab some pain meds and a bottle of mountain dew and then look at myself in the mirror. I would stare at myself for what seemed like an eternity, searching for the reasons why I would continue to put myself through this again and again. Most times I would just stand there and laugh because I had no answer to those questions. I really wanted to be able to find an answer but it was always a fruitless endeavor. As I look over the LBI I can’t help but wonder why I fell for it again. I don’t need this is what I keep telling myself but then another voice chimes in telling me I may not want this but I NEED this. I need to do this one more time, regardless of the outcome, what the fans think or if anyone in the locker room cares. I have to do this. I need to do this. So Witness you might be looking at this match and just thinking you might get some easy points after this but it won’t be I can assure you of that. I will bring the fight to you and I will use every trick and dirty tactic I can think of because nothing is off limits in this place. There is nothing that is taboo, I mean I got plastered by a cinder block once so I guess we can throw everything else out the window right? Hand shakes and tipping the cap to the winner is probably the taboo things at this point. It might have taken me a while to figure it out but I think I have finally figured it all all out…


Whether it be single or collectively doesn’t fucking matter, this old man just wants all of you to realize one thing and that is the old Noah is gone, this is the Noah you got when you dropped that letter at my doorstep…




These all apply now, not all this places doin’ but you people certainly never helped the matter…


See I know Witness is great, how many times do I have to I to say it? I hear Witness and all I see is someone that likes to be a big fish in his private lake. You’re never willing to go far and really test your mettle against other places best talent. See I was never afraid to go somewhere and challenge myself against the best in the world and even coming to HOW over and over and being fruitless each and every time has help me grow as a competitor. You?? All you wanna do is sit here in HOW and be a legend here and that is all great and everything I am sure I would give you a fucking middle finger and a golf clap if I gave a shit.

I traveled the country, traveled the world to meet new fans, to meet other wrestlers. And Win, lose or draw I wanted to see how I would do against other companies best. Something you are obliviously not willing to do, not scared obviously but unwilling to cut your own damn cord. I would shake my head and be disappointed in all of you because you’re all the same, all of you are all alike. None of you have the balls to do what I’VE done and that is go out there and test myself. Tournaments of every shape, size and color hell I have even done a deathcore tournament in the past. But again keep looking for the approval of these degenerates, keep looking for the King of HOW , surely sitting in his perch over looking the arena like Caesar and you’re waiting for him to give you his thumbs up seal of approval.

Wrestling Midwest

PrimeTime Central

Global Wrestling

Boardwalk Wrestling

Fight One

See even back in the days of PrimeTime I was out there putting my name out there against people like Seymour Almasy and Brick. See I was willing to do that but you go ahead keep striving to be very best in this place. Maybe you’ll get “EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH” and get a nice plaque to show off at yer house…maybe Lee will acknowledge you with some cool gold plated ring and a nice little send off and a reach around. Meanwhile I will still have my eye on my target regardless of what you do to me. And to be honest with all the eyes being lost in this place how has OSHA not shut this place down…

All I really need to is to stay out of sight of your only good eye…

Date: 8\25\2023

City: Shaker Heights, OH

Place: Remnants of the house of Hanson

Time: 10:45 am

Noah Fun Fact #99: Noah once met legendary singer Tom Petty and been to his house in the past

Last Video on Youtube: “While my guitar gently weeps” by Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Prince and Steve Winwood

The scene opens with Noah and Karen surveying the rubble that was once their home. Noah knelt down and grabbed a picture frame and then tossed it down angrily. Karen looked concerned at her husband as he mumbled something under his breathe. She could see the pain, the hurt in his eyes and she wished there was something she could do to take it all away but all she could do was just be there.

“You ok?” Karen asked.

Noah picked up another piece of something that resembling charcoal then it did anything of importance. “Does it look like I’m ok? Everything that I have built, everything that I’ve created is nothing more than soot and ash now. I can’t start over, I’m to old for that and I don’t have the patience to deal with these new day creeps on the net.”

“Have you though about talking to someone again?” Karen asked.

“Oh you think I need to see my shrink, you think I’m a fucking whackjob again?” Noah barked.

“Well…” Karen started to talk before Noah cuts her off.

Noah smirks and shakes his head. “See I thought if there was one person that would understand it would be you. I mean we both have our own skeletons and we both have leaned on each other in the past but for you to call me out over this is a real eye opener.”

“Babe…” Karen put her hand on Noah’s shoulder. “That’s exactly why I am saying you need to talk about all this and not keep it bottled up.”

“Hmbph.” Noah muttered. “I need to take a drive. Wait for the insurance rep and call me when he gets here.”

Date: 2/10/2024

Place: Kansas City, Kansas

Where: Office of Samuel Bare

Time: 2:45 pm

Noah is shown sitting on a couch, you know not some fake crap, really nice leather, probably imported from Europe.

“Noah you said this was important, you almost sounded scared.” Dr. Bare “What’s on your mind?”

“I’ve tried all the stuff you taught me doc when it started happening and non of it’s working.” Noah frantically replied almost shaking as he sat there. “I don’t know if I can do it!”

“Do what Noah?” Dr. Bare asked.

“I don’t want to go back to HOW!” Noah yelled. “But he made me, I can see it in his eyes…he is mocking me…chicken this, chicken that. KFC I can still see it in my head, he is just as crazy as anyone else in that place…”

“Wait…” Dr. Bare asked. “Are you talking about Mike Best?”

Noah’s eyes widened and then pointed a finger at the doc. “You shut your whore mouth!”

“Why are we talking about him again?” Dr. Bare asked. “And that also means we are talking about HOW again.”

Noah gasped and looked like he is close to fainting and then rolls to the ground in the fetal position. “Please don’t make me go back there….”

“All that progress and we are back to the beginning. I don’t know if I can fix it this time…