The Road So Far Pt. 11

The Road So Far Pt. 11

Posted on June 10, 2024 at 4:56 pm by Noah Hanson

Well, here we go people all you degenerates are finally gonna get some of yer crazy outta yer system. Wargames is a spectacle of epic proportions that is going to involve everyone on the roster. From top to bottom, the whole damn roster is gonna have to get involved even bottomfeeders like Zach Kostoff. To be honest, the last time I looked past a Kostoff I ate a cinder block. That won’t be happening this time, this is where everyone understands what I have planned for this place.


Mike is always the endgame, I have said that more times than I can count. This match though isn’t what I want, this is just to satisfy the bloodlust that has gone unchecked around here. I just don’t get it, I don’t understand the people’s desire for gore, carnage, and mayhem. Well, they should all be incredibly gleeful when they see this shit show.


Have I made a few enemies since I returned to HOW? Of course, there was never gonna be a time when I got here that I wasn’t gonna piss someone off. I relish the fact that I have pissed off some people. Most of you have gotten way too complacent, getting used to having Lee just shovel his shit right down yer fucking throat. You people are just too ignorant to see just how much you’ve had the wool pulled over yer eyes.


I grew wise to the ways that Lee Best did business years ago. I remembered how he treated me the last time I was here because I needed him to bear witness to what I planned to do to his boy. I feel sorry to a degree for people like Christopher America and my old friend Darin Zion.


America, the so-called patriotic star can’t see what Lee is doing to the man. America must be one of those “special” stars who can’t see what is right in front of them. Lee is nothing more than a glorified used car salesman. America you need to open up yer damn eyes and see Lee for what he is …FAKE. Nothing about Lee is genuine, nothing about that man, the man will talk you up, and behind his back is a knife waiting to be stuck right in the middle of yer back.


I know you’re a legend America, I know all about you. Hell, most of the people in this company all have the same damn resume except me and Kostoff. I just get how you can be so fucking blind, I just don’t get it but again yer another one that is just gonna have to have some sense beaten into them. Maybe a few shots from my fist will shake that brain back into place and you’ll remember just who you are. But then again maybe the reason you were drawn to Lee in the first place is because he is the type of person you gravitate towards.


This isn’t gonna be yer night, plain and simple. This is MY time to shine. I am tired of waiting for the so-called “God” to do what he should have done a long time ago. I should have gotten my chance a long time ago. I have said time and again that this was never about the title. I have also said that all I have ever wanted was to get my fucking hands on Mike Best. I have had to relive all the pain, torment, and embarrassment that I was subjected to by Mike and Jace. This was never about getting the title, this was never about a power play.


This story, this chapter in my book is all about turning the page on one of the darkest moments in my career. Beating Mike isn’t enough now, this has to end one way. It has to be this way, I have to take the title away from Mike, from Lee, from the alliance. It is the only way to get Mike’s full, undivided attention.


So you see my plan is all going the way I want. If Mike won’t come at me then I am going to take away his most prized possession. It’s also the most direct way to get Lee to finally see just what I can do when properly motivated. Maybe back then that was my issue, maybe the motivation wasn’t there like it is now. I just want to throw shit at Lee so bad, I want him to see just how bad he fucked up.


I guess there will be plenty of people looking to stop me from moving closer to my goal. I get it, this is a golden opportunity to become the king inside a castle. I hate to spoil everyone’s title aspirations but this is all mine.


I could be put on Evan Ward’s team. Wouldn’t that be a fucking hoot? Ol’ Noah could get the chance to ruin his chances at a title all while I chase down my elusive white rabbit. Ward might be a captain but if I end up on his team all he needs to do is stay the hell outta my way. You’ve had yer chances, you have shit the bed both times. Now what you need to do after another failed attempt is to take your cannibalistic ass to the back of the line and sit the fuck down and stay there.


I know there are just so many people that I will meet in this thing. Lexi Gold might get another chance at me. Maybe I’ll run into my old friend Darin Zion? I do miss my friend, I miss the three of us sitting down and just talking. Darin, please do me a favor and stay away from me during this match. Don’t get between me and my great, white whale. I am afraid of what I might do to you if you try to stop me. I’ve let you be you since I came back. I’ve waited for you to drop me a line, a text, carrier pigeon, fucking smoke signals. Something, anything but outside some stupid Twitter shit you’ve just been someone I’ve decided that needed to figure out your shit. Would I be there for you if you needed me? Sure.


Then we have a man who thinks he needs to be the soul of HOW. Brian Hollywood, the man is still someone that I would gladly go to war with if it came down to it. I know we are on similar paths. He wants to cleanse HOW, he thinks there is something redeemable. Where all I want to do is burn the house that Lee built to the fucking foundation. I want to see the look on Lee’s face when I take the belt from his walking shit stain of a son. I want him to understand that all he did was enable Mike.


Lee has done nothing but be a dealer for Mike, letting him have his fix. Day after day, month after month, year after year. Mike has his addiction fed to him by Daddy dearest. Mike admits that he lives a modest lifestyle all the while Daddy Warbucks sits on his gold throne giving everyone else a thumbs down.


I can’t wait to spoil their party, I lay in my bed and just think of ways to ruin their fucking fun. Hell, it makes my dick hard thinking about ruining their happiness. Fuck them! Fuck all of them! There is nothing that would make my cock harder than knowing that I ruined Lee’s big plan.


Don’t worry Hollywood, you can still get out your giant bottle of hand sanitizer and cleanse the rest of HOW. Just the way you wanted it, you can have the glory of cleaning up this shit hole. I’m no savior, I’m no hero, this isn’t some two-face kinda story where I’ve lived long enough to be the hero or see myself become the villain. This is just a story where I should’ve chosen one path instead of the one I chose.


Some call it a life lesson.


I call it destiny.


I call it fate.


All points in my career and my personal life have led me to this point. This is where I have to make a choice, what I choose to do will shape what happens next.


I look at this as probably my greatest career challenge. You look at this match and there are Hall of Famers all over the place. John Sektor, the gold standard, the man who put me to sleep the last time we met. I would love to have a rematch at some point but for now, this will do. I will gladly walk into this match and see if we can’t hammer out some of these issues. See I have a lot of respect for you Sektor, you’re a warrior, I can see it in yer eyes. You live for moments like this, it probably gets yer motor running to be in this deal.


See people like you and me live for matches like this. We are fighters, we want to go through the grind and we relish in moments just like this. I hope that we get a chance to lock back up. I wanna a second chance at that belt. But more importantly, I want another shot at you.


There is so much talent in this match, so many challenges, so much potential. I can’t wait to see where all this shakes out. Could I end up fighting Drew Mitchell? Sure and I would love every minute of it. The man is one of the hottest stars in HOW and it would be a true honor to be able to go to war with him. Don’t have anything bad to say about the man. The man is incredibly talented and was part of the reason we beat Mike Best and Teddy Palmer. So there is only one thing that is going to be between us. That is the issue, he is going to be standing in my way. I can’t have him blocking my path towards my goal. I can’t have him slowing me down on the road to my end game.


And there are gonna be plenty of shocks and surprises. If anything Lee is a showman. He is gonna pull all the stops out. He’s already got one in Jatt Starr, another Hall of Famer, and another legend here in HOW that is being brought in and aimed at slowing me down. You picked the wrong time to return Jatt. You should’ve just stayed under whatever rock you crawled out from under. This is no bueno, this isn’t where you get to come in and be some sorta roadblock. This is MY FUCKING TIME! MINE!


I know there are plenty of people who have kinda just not done a lot, talking about people like Hugo Scorpio and Shane Reynolds. People that appear to just be roster fillers at the moment. There are also gonna be the ones that are gonna shock everyone with what they do. We are probably even gonna get some shocking returns but this is gonna be MY show, MY time, and in the end MY title. Mike is gonna come out and probably throw all kinds of shit at everyone and he will probably dismiss me just like usually does.


I want Mike to look past me, I want everyone to just forget about me. I get it, people have looked past me and dismissed me my whole fucking career. Hell, even my friends have overlooked me. I’ve grown used to it because it drives me to fucking shove a shit burger right down their throat.


From Bobbinette Carey, Charles De Lancy maybe Scottywood shows up or maybe Teddy Palmer comes back from his injuries and returns. But there is one last person that needs to be addressed and that is a certain Texan, Scott Stevens.


The man claims that the line starts behind him and maybe he has a legitimate gripe but let me make myself clear. You get involved in MY business again and it’ll be real hard to chew a steak with yer jaw wired shut.


I understand that you think you’re being slighted by Lee but you know what file a fucking complaint with someone that gives a shit because I have been busting my fucking ass since I got back. Maybe you should be asking herself why you’re not doing anything more than teaming with Darin Zion. Maybe it’s because you’re too docile right now. Sure you went after me but maybe you should be looking at yourself in the mirror and then asking the question again.


You need to talk to Lee if yer not happy with where your career is. See thanks to Jace I have never been more fucking focused in my life. And even with you hitting me with yer Toxic Sting just proved to me that everything Jace told me was spot on. I have gone out there show after show with one goal in mind.


Mike fucking the Best.


I haven’t wavered from that for a minute, regardless of losing my first couple of matches and passing out to Sektor, my goal of fighting Mike Best has never lost its focus.


So you wanna bitch. and moan about who deserves that spot. Who should be fighting Mike? Cry me a fucking river you Texan twat. I’ve earned that right so you can fuck right off.


Oh and don’t think I’ve forgotten about Steve Solex, the way I see it the man is a wildcard in all this. He has the potential to throw a monkey wrench into all of this. I wonder if he would be considered a dark horse in all this or is he just another lame duck in all this? Guess only time will tell. Will he stay loyal to Sektor and the alliance or perhaps he goes into business for himself? See one can only prop up others for so long and that is exactly what Solex is doing, acting like a fucking crutch while the rest of the alliance simply treads water. So Solex, keep doing them favors. Cause they say keep your friends close and yer enemies closer. So why do you think Sektor and you are as close as you are? Because you’re a threat…


And for any of you dickless wonders out there that have an issue with me go fucking look up my Twitter account there is an open fucking challenge to anyone that wants some. You just gotta come here and get it. The thing is I don’t think people outside of HOW have the balls to come here even to fight me.


So when you bitches get the sand outta yer pussies and you manage to find a set of balls come to find me.


I ain’t hard to find…


Best Arena

Chaos 66

Chicago, IL

HOW Medical Room


Noah is shown walking into the medical room. The same medic from the last few times is shown looking at some paperwork and looks up, rolls his eyes, and sighs loudly.


“What can I do for you this time Noah?” HOW Medic BJ asked.


Noah points frantically at his jaw. “What do you think?”


BJ looks confused. “Uh, I didn’t see you get kicked by Lexi again.”


“Of course not fucking Stevens has been getting in my business and he nailed me with his fucking Toxic Sting move and that was after he blasted with a chair before that.” Noah angrily explained. “Can you look me over again?”


BJ sighed once again and walked over to Noah looked his jaw over and then took some vitals. “I don’t see any issues, your jaw looks fine and your stats all seem within normal range. So maybe just a little bit of overreacting or is it overacting? In your case, it very well be overacting.”


Noah smirked. “Well listen to the funny man. The mother fucking comedian.”


Noah hopped off the table, grabbed his things, and headed out of the medical area.


“Just remember you have to come back here and get a complete physical before the show over in England,” BJ explained. “None of you can have any medical issues that might cause some issues during the flight over. So we need to do a complete workup.”


Noah nodded. “Yes, Dad.”


Noah shot BJ a slightly angry look as he walked out of the medical area.


The next day

Kansas City, KS

The medical office of Dr. Wendy Wollet


HOW Medic BJ Honeydew is shown walking into the office and approaching the receptionist. The petite redhead behind the desk looked up at BJ. “Do you have an appointment?”


BJ leaned on the counter. “Sure under Honeydew.”


The receptionist typed a few times and nodded. “There it is. Lemme check to see if she is available.”The receptionist picked up the phone handle and pressed a button. “Yes doctor there is a man here to see you, Mr. Honeydew…” A few moments pass and then she hangs up. “She’ll be with you in a few moments.”


BJ walked over and sat down in one of the chairs, fumbled through the stack of magazines sitting on the coffee table, and then pulled his phone out. He tapped on the screen a few times, a door opened, and out walked Dr. Wollet. Her long, white coat flowed behind her like a superhero’s cape. She looked down towards BJ…


“Mr. Honeydew?” Dr. Wollet asked.


BJ nodded. She waved him towards her. BJ got up and walked to Dr. Wollet. “What can I do for you Mr. Honeydew?”


The two walked into her office and then she closed the door behind them.


“I’m gonna cut to the chase and save us both some time.” BJ started. “How long has Noah been dealing with split personalities?”


“I’m his doctor, the person charged with putting Humpty Dumpty back together.” Dr. Wollet explained. “See I put all the physical injuries together to the best of my abilities. A while ago back when Noah was in a place called Wrestling Midwest he wrestled in a match called the Blood Factory. He took a hell of a fall during the match. He went through the ring and bounced off the concrete. He suffered a concussion, and broken ribs but it wasn’t until a chair shot later that scrambled his egg.”


“How bad?” BJ asked.


“Well I am no psychologist but it probably wasn’t long after that cause he developed a different personality, one that was more slapstick than the normal, serious Noah.” Dr. Wollet explained. “But you need to talk to this person.”


Dr. Wollet opened the middle drawer of her desk and slid a professional card to BJ. “That’s his therapist.”


BJ grabbed the card and looked at it, put it in his pocket, then got up from the desk, shook Dr. Wollet’s hand, and excused himself.


The same day

The Hanson Estate (yeah it’s still called an estate)

Kansas City, KS


Noah is shown standing at the top of his elevated driving range. Lining up ball after ball, some balls going straight, some going left and some going right. Noah mumbles something to himself and pushes the driver back into its spot in the bag. He walks to a bench grabs a bottle of water, takes a long drink, and then sighs.


“What’s on your mind, big boy.” Karen as she joined her husband on the bench. “Are you feeling alright?


“I’ve felt a little off lately.” Noah dejectedly replied. “Feel like I am losing time, like I’m losing my mind, like something is coming over me.”


Karen put her hand on her husband’s knee. “We need to have you checked out again.”


“Do you think it’s back?” Noah asked, his head slumped slightly.


“I don’t know babe. We’ll let Dr. Wollet figure that out. I’ve already given her a call.” Karen replied cautiously. “We don’t wanna jump to any conclusions. You’re running yourself crazy, maybe this is your body to slow the hell down.”


Noah chuckled and took another drink of water. “When the hell have you ever known me to slow down? Go hard or go home or go home hard. Have I told you that sometimes I lose feeling in my feet and hands? Sometimes during matches.”


“What!?” Karen asked, shaken by the revelation.


“I’m sure it’s nothing, just old age right?” Noah joked nervously.


“Probably…” Karen nervously replied.


The same day

Offices of Dr. Seth Bare

Kansas City, KS


Dr. Bare is shown sitting at his desk. A knock is heard at the door….


“Come in…” Dr. Bare calmly replied, never looking up but seemingly deep in thought with whatever file he was looking over.


“Doctor?” His receptionist asked. “Karen Hanson is here to see you.”


“Show her in please.” Dr. Bare instructed.


A few moments passed and Karen Hanson walked, the two shook hands.


“What are you doing here? You don’t have any sessions scheduled. Is everything ok?” Dr. Bare asked.


“It’s not me,” Karen explained. “I think something is wrong with Noah.”


“What do you mean?” Dr. Bare asked.


“Lost time, blackouts, seems out of it at times,” Karen explained.


“Ok um let me look in my book, I would love to get him in before his flight to England.”Dr. Bare remarked as he checked his date book. I’ll see him on Wednesday. I’ll clear the second part of my day for him.”


“Thank you,” Karen said, as she graciously shook his hand. “I’m just so worried about him.”


“I’ll get to the bottom of this, I promise.” Dr. Bare said, trying to reassure Karen.


“I know you will…” Karen replied, faking a smile.


Karen got up and shook hands with Dr. Bare. Karen walked out of the off

ice and when Karen left Dr. Bare walked over to his filing cabinet and pulled out a file marked ‘, Noah Hanson’. He sat down and started going through the papers. “Oh, this is NOT good…”