The Road So Far Pt. 10

The Road So Far Pt. 10

Posted on May 29, 2024 at 7:37 pm by Noah Hanson

Is it too much to ask for people to be original? People fighting me are always bringing up the 90s pop band Hanson. That’s one that just seems to get me irritated. Or people like to ask me when the ark is gonna be filled. Yep, real imagination ther guys. But the real classy ones are those that bring up KFC.


And then you have people like Lexi Gold, not much different than Mike Best. People that think it’s funny to poke fun at someone trying to make their lives better. People like you are just trash, afraid to adapt, afraid to take a cold, hard look at themselves in the mirror and break themselves down. Keep putting me down, keep mocking me, just makes the fire in me burn hotter and hotter.


Lexi, you’re behind the game, Mike already mocked my acting career, and he was more creative and imaginative about the way he did it. Why do you think I have this damn endorsement? Because of Mike and Jace and the bullshit, they put me through.


Lexi, you need to up yer game if yer gonna try to get under my skin. The funny thing about all of this is that you say that I am a narcissist and that I need to be in the spotlight. Really? You think that little of me, you think I’m that shallow? Funny, years ago I would have thanked you for the compliment because I have believed that the camera has always adored me. For the longest time, I craved the spotlight, I needed the spotlight parked right on me. I thought it was a mutual affair between the spotlight and me. The camera would seek me out sometimes and I would embrace it like a lost lover.


But as all relationships go there are good times and bad times. There were times when I cursed the spotlight when I would regret ever being as multi-talented as I am. Could you see Mike Best, Darin Zion or anyone else in this place being able to accomplish what I have? Sorry to all you fucking haters out there but God blessed me with a multitude of talents. I am truly sorry that none of you are as blessed as I am. Lexi, your words are like knives being thrown at me, dipped in hatred and reeking of jealousy.


You can’t see what I was trying to do for you, Lexi. You are blinded, you think that what I was doing was for some sorta deal for myself. I have said it from the beginning I was trying to get you to focus more on HOW. You think that all these other feds that you compete in can hold a candle to the meat grinder that this place is. There is a reason why you are where you are. You don’t have the balls to do what needs to be done.


Countless times I have gone out there and sacrificed so much. I have bled, I have ended careers and I have burnt bridges all in the pursuit of fame, fortune and titles. Are you willing to do the same, Lexi? Are you willing to throw caution to the wind and put your very life on the line to grab that brass ring? I have, I have thrown a man out of a third-story window. I was willing to eviscerate a friend in the name of a title. I don’t think you have the balls to go that far, I just don’t. I see a kid, this little girl trying to make herself look all tough and willing to do what she has to. The thing is when I look into those all I see is a scared little girl.


I have gone to war with some of the biggest names in this industry. I have fought legends, icons, and Hall of Famers, I have crisscrossed this country and been all over the globe. I tried to give you some advice from someone who has been exactly where you are. I have been the Globetrotter, I have been the one that has been in Fight One one night, North Atlantic Wrestling the next and Boardwalk Wrestling after that all while carrying three titles. The thing is holding three titles at the same time wasn’t enough, didn’t quench that thirst for more gold. I wanted more and I stretched myself so far that there were days I wasn’t sure what city or company I was working for at that time.


I am trying to save you from doing what I did. Trying to stop you from becoming a shell of the person they were before. And what do I get for trying to do the right thing? I get a superkick to the jaw, guess I will have to keep teaching you the hard way. A more hands-on approach will have to force your hand a bit. I’m gonna either fire you up or one of two things will happen. You’ll either open up the arsenal and you’ll fight here in HOW with everything you have, or you might just pack it all up and maybe go to one of those fisher price companies that you like. I am guessing that you’re a big star everywhere but here.


I was just like you, starred in every other company. Headlined shows, main events, pay per views and kept hearing about HOW, kept hearing how it was the best place to challenge yourself against the very best in the business. I was terrified of this place back then because I liked my fisher price companies. I liked being able to go out there and maybe not have the best night but most of my half-assed showing was enough to dominate. I got too big for my own and one day when a recruiter came to my door and said he was a talent scout from a place called High Octane Wrestling. I had finally worked up enough courage to make the big jump and it was a humbling experience. I saw all these big names, guys and gals from these big-time companies and here was little ol’ me who was mostly a regional star.


I never belonged here the first couple of times. Never should’ve signed with them but I was so stubborn I could see I was in over my head from day one. And it was such a huge mistake, I wasn’t ready for HOW back then. I was never able to adapt, I kept telling myself I was never gonna be like these degenerates. I was never gonna lower myself to their level. The funny thing is this time things are different; Pandora’s box has been left open and you people don’t necessarily like what you hear from your favorite punchline. Things aren’t as funny as they usually are now. People around here are used to having Noah Hanson being the one they can always poke fun at.


The tables have turned so to speak. Like I said, the days of walking over Noah to get what you want are over. The days of Noah Hanson being a joke are over. Lexi you should’ve just done the damn interview, you should’ve been a person that was good for their word. But you kept making excuses, you kept putting it off. All you were doing was pissing me off because I was hoping to work with you, not against you. Well, that ship has fucking sailed now. So, you want to poke fun at me? Do you want to mock me? Well, come Chaos we’ll see if yer gonna be in much of a mood. Cause I wanted to play nice just like with Bobbinette Carey, but what is it with people around needing to be vile all the damn time?


You people just disgust me. I have to scrub myself so hard to not end up like you. The stench of the Best Arena is something that just sticks to your nose hairs and just makes me ill with every breath I take in this place. Will that stop me from getting to my end goal? Nope. Not one bit Because of y’all, take a long, hard at the up-to-date rankings you’ll see just where yours truly is and that is right behind Mike Best. I told everyone that I was in this for the long haul. At first, I’ll admit that this wasn’t supposed to be any sort of long-term deal. This was just supposed to be a short-term thing, a few shows, reconnect with Hollywood and Zion, maybe have one more run with my friends.


Something happened though the moment I got here. Something changed inside of me. Talking to Jace, hashing out part of the bad vibes running my days. It rekindled a fire that hadn’t been stoked in a while. I know it sounds corny and I’ve said it before, but I feel more alive now than I have in a very long time. I haven’t felt this way since I fought Tytus Rost and man those were some great fights. And now the fight is back in me again but there is something else there and I can’t quite put my finger on it.


And Mike don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you, you steaming pile of monkey shit. Gotta love it when Daddy gives you a night off by scheduling you in this bullshit gauntlet match. What the hell kinda fucking shit is this? Daddy got you fighting Cecilworth, the fucking janitor and the ghost of John Pariah? Is this the kinda Mickey Mouse horseshit that we are subjecting these dipshit fans to? You might as well see if Krista Lewis can scrub her stinking fucking vagina back here. Is Darkwing not fucking available? Why not make a call to Cleveland and see if my old friend Bryan Garvin can get you the numbers of Valora and AWS MAN also known as Bill? Come on Lee, do better…


Why the fuck am I even trying to get through to that man? It’s frustrating to see this week in and week out and know that Mike is probably getting bored. He said that Witless pushed him harder than anyone recently, the man is either delusional or just plain dumb. Witless is just a turd that just won’t go down the shitter no matter how many times you flush it keeps riding around the outside of the bowl. Defying physics. “Pushed you harder” Can you at least try to not sound like you are trying to suck his cock? That is all I heard was “Oh witness let me fondle yer balls for such a tough challenge” Glug, glug…


People around are just the lowest of lows, just trash. I know I’m here and that doesn’t say much for me. Well, a small price to pay to march down my road to redemption. I will gleefully walk down this semen-covered road to get what is due ME. Win or lose, this is all I’ve ever wanted. Beating Lexi just moves me one step closer to Mike. Can you see me in yer review? That’s me fucking flipping you the middle finger back there in my truck. Keep looking back here buddy, I got my cruise set, got my Sirius tuned to Octane and I have a nice, big McDonald’s sweet tea in my cup holder. So let Daddy keep doin’ what he’s doin’ cause like Capt. America said best “I can do this all day.”. Tick, Tock Mike the clock is yer enemy now. Do you think that Wargames are the problem? Nope. I can only hope I get in on that clam bake but whatever the outcome of Wargames YOU are MY endgame, you are my final boss battle.


There is no other way for this to go. Keep ignoring, keep playing yer fucking games. All it does is piss me off even more and then when it all comes to a head, and I have to put my old, gray hair into a ponytail and take care of business. It will have come to this because of years of pent-up rage, years of thinking I was never good enough. Being told I was a good talent was never gonna be enough. I deserved more, I fucking deserved better treatment but that is all in the past now.


My future…my story…it’s not over yet, not by a longshot.


My destiny…is intertwined with Mike Best…


But Lexi you have my attention and so help me you try and superkick me again and you’ll find out just how big of a student of the theater I am.


Chaos 65

Chicago, IL

Best Arena

Medical Area


Noah walks in holding his jaw. The medic looks up, sighs and rolls his eyes.


“You again?” The medic asked as he grabbed a file with “Noah Hanson” written on the tab.


“She did it again…” Noah said as he pointed to his jaw.


“Nothing happened the last time…” the medic deadpanned, never looking up from his notes.


“My jaw hurts, she caught it flush this time.” Noah complained as he sat down on the table.


The medic sighed put the folder down walked over to Noah and noticed the redness some swelling and even a slight bruise. “Guess she did get ya.”


“I told you,” Noah said mockingly.


The medic looked over Noah, tested the flexibility of the jaw and then took some notes. He walked over to his cabinet, pulled out a couple of small bottles and then walked over to Noah. He handed Noah two small envelopes. “These should take a little bit of swelling down. Try to get some rest. If you are still having issues tomorrow go, see your family doctor.


Noah walked out and the medic stood, it was almost like he had something on his mind. He dialed the number of Noah’s doctor, Wendy Wollet. “Can we have a sit-down meeting?”


“Sure, I can be in Chicago tomorrow.” Dr. Wollet replied.


The next day.


The HOW medic his name we have learned is BJ is sitting at a small, secluded cafe. Coffee and gunfire are the order of the day. Dr. Wollet arrives and BJ stands and motions for her to join him.


“Thanks for meeting with me.” BJ said thankfully. “Just gonna get right to it.”


“Can I get a drink first?” Dr. Wollet asked.


BJ waved down a waitress and she took her order, simple coffee with two creams and two sugars. The waitress returned a few moments later with her coffee.


“OK now that you have some coffee. I think we need to discuss the real issue.” BJ remarked boldly.


“And that is?” Dr. Wollet asked and then took a sip of her coffee.


“How long has Noah had a split personality?” BJ probed Dr. Wollet.


Dr. Wollet looked confused by the question. “What are you talking about?”


“You mean you don’t know?”