The Road So Far Pt. 1

The Road So Far Pt. 1

Posted on February 10, 2024 at 3:17 pm by Noah Hanson

To be honest I don’t really recall why I left the business that gave me so many opportunities, so many breaks and so many times to shine in the limelight. I don’t hate it either, no bad blood, no curses people in the middle of the night. I guess that it was never really that important to begin with if I can’t even remember why I left wrestling in the first place. And make no mistake this isn’t like the last few times where I have gotten all pissed off and taken all my KFC gear and walked the fuck outta the place. This is probably going to be the last chapter in this long winded story that is my life for better or worse I won’t be coming back. See this body is being held together by gravy and glue at this point. I don’t how many matches I have in me. I don’t know if there is anything worth bringing to the table. This is just me coming back to my one real career failure and maybe trying t make a few things right.

See when I got back into all this, when feds started talking to me again I really didn’t want anything to do with any of them because I was perfectly happy where I was. Not doing a damn thing, maybe hitting the golf course every week or so just to keep the body somewhat limber. But then that damn recruiter dropped a letter in my front door and all I had to do was look at three fucking letters…three god damn letter…H….O….W and you wanna know what happened? I was instantly irritated. I can hear the bullshit, I hear the name calling and all the drama it all came flooding back into my head. I could feel my blood pressure rising, don’t forget I am probably older than most of you by quite a lot so yeah I have old man Hanson problems. But the more I thought about the more I calmed down because there are important things than worrying about who is saying and what people may or may not think about you. But when the recruiter showed up at my door it rubbed me wrong, didn’t piss me or anything but just had me wondering why now? They could have reached out to me or my agent anytime they wanted but why now? I mean I know Lee pretty well and there has to be a reason as to why he sent his minion to come looking for me again. I mean I look at the only way I can after all these years and that is with guarded caution. See nothing in the Best family is the way it is laid out in front of you. I don’t like smoke and mirrors, I can’t stand being played but I can’t help myself when I see anything with “Lee Best” or “HOW” at the top of thee page. I mean is this going to be the way things went the last couple times? I really have no clue, my gut says just go out there and throw caution to the wind but my mind doesn’t really know if the real Noah Hanson is able to crawl outta the dirt one more time. There is an old saying that goes something like this “the dead should stay dead because they can really stink up the place.” Now mind you I am paraphrasing but get the gist of it.

The LBI never thought I’d be considered for that but yet here we are first match back and facing someone as talented as Evan Ward is already going to be a tall order. I mean you look at the man and he is decorated and war torn just as well as anyone else on the roster. Do I stand a chance against someone like Ward? I don’t know, not gonna lie, this old man and these old bones they can’t go like they used to. He has probably been very active while I have been working the behind the scenes route, scouting talent, working in Hollywood and getting the connections for my own business. Ward is going to come at me with everything he has and that is exactly what I want, I want him to hit me, I want to feel alive again, I want to see the welts on my body, I want to sit in the whirlpool after the show and just try to get through the night with having to take a handful of pain meds and six pack of beers and hope and pray I don’t end up on TMZ for breaking news. Ward I don’t know much about you man you come from Wales so I can expect a tough fight and for now that will have to do, that will have to get me started for now. This is no reboot, no re-imaging of a franchise, this is something that is very simple. This is Old Man Hanson, going down the road of wrestling ONE….LAST….TIME and to HELL with wins and losses and titles. This is where if you have ever wanted a piece of this fucking old, wrinkled, sitting under a heat lamp, dried up like day old chicken tenders old fuck then this is the time to come and get some.

And make no mistake each and every person that I fight in this clam bake is gonna see what an old has been can do when he has nothing to lose or gain. So Ward, Witness, Zion, Hollywood and anyone else if you have ever wanted to do this come find find me. I might have a chicken bucket with your fucking name on it. Oh and just because I am here running my mouth issuing all these challenges there is one person that I want more than anyone else in this place and that man is MIKE GOD DAMN BEST. I want him as soon as possible. I don’t give two shits what he is doing if you think that bucket shot was the only thing I have planned for you, you have better get your eyes checked boy cause this old man is going to be in your fucking rear view for a while.

And Evan there is one thing I do know about you is that you were part of the old days of this great fed, you were part of the foundation of this company, for that you deserve some respect. See I can be a little nice when the situation calls for it. I don’t know much else beside that, I know you come from across the pond and that you are probably as tough as they come. I am sure you have heard all the jokes about me and that is all well and fine but do not make the mistake of underestimating me or thinking that the jokes are what I am really about. I don’t care about anything you’ve done pretty much like I am guessing you could give a shit about my past so let’s just move on. Pick your favorite weapon and meet me in the middle of the ring and believe me the chicken bucket is reserved for Mr. Best. I have my family gift passed down one generation to the next and that is my great grandfathers gold plated brass knuckles. See I want people to see what is coming at them as I dot their eyes for them. But remember death has looked for me before and has sent me back a few times so make sure you get the job finished this time because you could be the one that put this old dog down for good but then again you might just be the one that re-ignites the glowing embers of my career. You a betting man? You really believe in yourself as much as I have my whole career?

I’ve never needed anyone to watch my back, never needed anyone to do anything for me. I go out there and handle business the same way now that I did way back in nineteen ninety seven. I watched as Zion and Hollywood did their thing I could have come here any time I wanted but you know what the boys are able to handle themselves just fine without me. And that isn’t me saying that I am useless or washed up but me saying that sometimes people need to be able to stand on their two feet and do whatever the fuck needs to be done to hell with the consequences and the haters. So I am going to say this one time and one time only. Don’t make the mistake of making this personal, just come to the ring, bring your best, this old man will do the same. I always give people a chance to show me what type of person they can be and I am going to do it again on my first show back and that is this…

I will extend my hand to you at the beginning of the match and you can decide how you want to reply…good luck Evan and may the best man win….

Date: 8/24/2023

Place: Shaker Heights,Ohio

Time: 5 pm

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Last Song on Spotify: Hip To Be Scared by Ice Nine Kills feat. Jacoby Shaddix

We open to Noah standing in the middle of what used to be his home, reduced to rubble. He had lost everything in a disastrous fire. All his titles, his accolades are now only in his now fading memories. The once swooner of ladies and dropper of panties now looked more like someone that was struggling to find answers to a very simple question. Walking through the remains of his house and seeing all, he knelt down and picked up what used to look like a title belt burned badly. All he could read was three letter “PWX”. Noah shook his head and dropped the charred metal to the ground.

“You ok babe?” Noah turned and saw his wife Karen standing there. He looked at her and then at the house and sighed loudly. “I can’t believe it’s gone…”

“Did the fire chief determine a cause of the fire?” Karen asked.

Noah shook his head. “He said it would be a few weeks before he could make a determination and he would keep me updated. I mean I need the insurance company to decide how much they are covering. But I am probably going to see this property as soon as possible.”

“But we have done so much for the area, we have put so much money back into the community.” Karen looking a bit confused replied. “What about your gym?”

Noah looked over at the building and smiled. “The only building not destroyed, maybe the new owners of the land will be able to do something else with it. Besides all the stuff in it will be moved to the storage facility in Kansas City.”

“Oh I talked to a few people today…” Karen beamed with a bit of a smile. “Recruiters…”

Noah rolled his eyes at the mention of fed recruiters. “Did they say who?”

“HOW and WWH…” Karen replied as she handed Noah the notes.

Noah again shook his head. “I don’t need those headaches right now….”


Place: Kansas City,Kansas

Time: 8:30 pm

Noah is shown walking to a building on the very edge of his property. His four wheeler shown in the background. He pulls out a set of keys and unlocks the door and pushes it open. His hand fumbles along the wall for a light-switch and then flips it on. The lights flicker and then finally come on and a ring is shown, dusty, cobwebs everywhere, obviously Noah has not been in the building in a while. He looks around and there are a variety of work out machine, free weights and the such. Noah lets out a large exhale of breath and then rubs his hands through his hair. He pulls his cellphone out and dials a number…

“Can you send a cleaning crew out to my gym as soon as possible.” Noah asked the person on the other end of the call. “Great thank you…”

Noah walked over to the heavy bag and threw a couple half-hearted punches at it and walked over to the fridge and opened it. Rows of water and Gatorade lined the shelves. “Are they expired?” Noah turned to see his old tag team partner Demetrius Burrell standing there kinda like Apollo Creed. “Heard you were here, had to see how you were doing.”

“Been better bro…” Noah replied with a bit of a smirk. “I mean the last year has not been the best for me personally but I have managed to get things back to some bit of normality.”

“Rumor has it that you are thinking about getting back into the business?” D asked. “Wrestling Midwest is long since gone, PWX needs to stay dead and buried and Boardwalk is gone as well. So where you going?”

Noah looked like he really didn’t have an answer as walked over to the ring and climbed through the ropes. “What happened to the old days of PrimeTime Central and Global Wrestling? What happened to the days where we could walk into a company, work out a deal and just have a good time?”

D shrugged his shoulders as he climbed through the ropes. “We got old my friend. We are not the young guys that could run with guys like Garvin, Umbrage and AWS Man. The sport has passed us by, it has evolved in many ways and we are stuck in a time where telling a story, making a connection with the fans are not nearly as important as they were back in our hey days. Fans are probably more fickle now then they were back then. I mean everybody has a phone with a camera and a social media account and can make your career or end your career with one tweet.”

Noah shook his head in disgust. “Social media is such a double edged sword, hard to keep anything under wraps.”

“So what is the plan?” D asked.

“Plan?” Noah confusingly replied.

“Well yeah you wouldn’t be out here, wanting the old gym cleaned up if there wasn’t a reason. TV? Maybe you got the itch again?” D asked.

Noah looked almost disgusted at the comment. “Already been talking about a new vampire movie…”

“You know I ain’t talking about that…” D growled. “Heard that you might be looking to get back into the ring?”

Noah tried to play it off,shrugging his shoulders and leaning against the ropes. “What if I can’t do what I used to do? What if this old man’s time has passed him up?”

D smirked. “And so what if it has, go out there and prove them all wrong, all the haters, all the twitter nerds, the marks, prove them all wrong…”

“I dunno…” Noah said shaking his head. “…not sure if this business needs me anymore…”

Karen walks in with an envelope. “Wanna tell me what this is all about?” She throws the envelope at Noah and in big bold letters across the top it reads….

“High Octane Wrestling….”

“You have your psychiatrist on retainer right?” D asked.