The Rhys and fall of a broken “legend”

The Rhys and fall of a broken “legend”

Posted on June 5, 2023 at 6:37 pm by Zach Kostoff

Licking his wounds from his wild card match at War Games, Zach sits on a bench in his home gym. He doesn’t look worse for wear, but you can see from his face, it taught him a tuff lesson. Swinging his leg over the bench, he reaches down and grabs the 2 65 pound dumbbells as he slowly lowers himself down. Laying flat he begins to do a slow, methodical set of flies. After his set of 10, he kicks his knees up, sits the weights on them and lifts himself into a sitting position. Grabbing his bottle of water, he takes a drink.


Zach: So, a decent showing I guess. I didn’t win the wild card match, but it taught me some shit.


Zach: But that is the past, now I get to keep moving. Rhys, I know some about you. My dad spoke half highly of you. He said you were a bad mother fucker, and a cunt all in the same sentence.


Getting up from the bench, he grabs a towel and whipes sweat from his face. He pulls his hair back into a ponytail.


Zach: Now, don’t get all lathered up big man, I’m just saying what my old man said to me as a kid. He did like you though. He did say you were one of the guys he got along with.


Zach: I’m not my dad though. I am though getting that blood going the way he did. So, this week is kind of my stepping out and away from his shadow and make my own stand here in HOW.

He walks across his home gym and sits inside of a Smith Machine. He looks to see he has a 2 45 pound plates on each side. Nodding at the weights he smiles.


Zach: Rhys, I am wanting to know what you are trying to achieve coming back? Is it a lack of identity? You didn’t really stick that landing outside of the ring? Money? You broke big man?


Zach: Why would a legend come back after all this time away?


He cracks a small grin.


Zach: See, growing up around this place, I heard all the jokes the guys made about my dad. Like how they said he always came crawling back. But let’s call a spade a spade right? He never crawled back for anything.


Zach: Now, someone like you…you probably crawled back. You probably had to make some deal to make yourself feel needed or wanted back in HOW.

Lowering himself on the bench of the Smith Machine, he tips his hands back and raises the bar from the slots. Doing a slow, deep negative he let’s out a big breath and pushes the bar back up. After a set of 15, he places the bar back on the slots. Laying on the bench still he lets out a small laugh.


Zach: Rhys, whatever your reasoning is come this week we will find out. I know that you are a legend here, but small secret I don’t give a fuck.


Zach: I’ve gained a new mentality. I’m not gonna be the guy that was nice and not as aggressive. I went back and watched a some tapes on my dad. His anger. His aggression. I need that. And Rhys, this week I am gonna see how that works out for me.


Zach: You are gonna be my test match, and from here we will see how far I can go, as I beat the living fuck out of a broken down legend here.


Getting out of the Smith Machine, he looks into the camera and grins.


Zach: See ya soon big man…


He walks out of his home gym as the scene drift to darkness