The Rebirth

The Rebirth

Posted on June 25, 2020 at 8:08 am by Chris Kostoff

(Sitting in a chair taking in the Florida sunset, you see him soaking in the fading sun. Eyes closed and a smile on his face.)

Kostoff: I enjoy living where people want to come and take a vacation or where they want to retire to. Yea it has some downsides but there is no place I would rather be.

(He opens his eyes and squints some as the sun shines in his face.)

Kostoff: Again, I am at my house. I am not going to make some big production for a promo. No need to. I never liked that shit, it is played out.

Kostoff: Hell, we all know I can do a production of shit, but why? To show shit that I do not do? To show people that I don’t have what I do?

(He looks around and shrugs.)

Kostoff: I got a good fucking life. I got it real good. My houses have been paid off for years. My cars I buy right off the lots.

(He smiles)

Kostoff: See, like I have always said..I don’t need to do this . I enjoy this. I always have. A fight? Shit who doesn’t like a fight? I mean…fuck what is not to enjoy in a fight?

Kostoff: Yea some of the little fuckers here annoy the piss out of me, kind of like this kid the Miracle man person?

(He shrugs again as he gathers his shirt and bottle of water. He walks across his yard and enters his house.)

Kostoff: See kid, you are meaningless to me. My bigger plans just has you in my way for a little bit. I know I know…you are the new and upcoming big stud dick here in HOW. You are the next new flavor for a few months.

Kostoff: Make no mistake boy, you have done a couple things that have been good, but at the end of the day you are nothing more than a speed bump in the road.

Kostoff: In case you did not notice, my mind is on the Bossman here. Which now that a think about it…

(He nods his head as if a brilliant idea crossed his mind.)

Kostoff: I beat the shit out of Lee and now you are in my way. Seems to me that this might be part of a plan to slow me down some. Lee puts you in the ring against me to slow me down, to hurt me, to knock me off my path so he can’t fight me.

Kostoff: Hmm

(He leans against his counter top and looks at the ceiling fan. He nods his head.)

Kostoff: So Miracle boy, you are sent to slow me up. You are sent to hurt me? Ha!!

(He pushes away from the counter. He laughs a little bit as he begins to walk out of his kitchen.)

Kostoff: So, so now this makes a little more sense. Put these kids in front of me to slow me down on the way to No Remorse. Make so much fucking sense now.

Kostoff: So let me play this out for you Miracle kid. I do not give some single fuck about you. I am gonna whoop your sorry ass.

Kostoff: Listen, once this week is done and over with you can go talk to Lee about hazard pay because when I get my hands on you, it will be a precursor to what I am going to do to Lee. You will be my sacrificial lamb as I make my way to get my hands on Lee.

Kostoff: You are gonna be my Lee this week. With every punch, kick, powerbomb…everything, it will be a message to Lee. You will be the flesh canvas I use to display my art of violence.

(He laughs)

Kostoff: Like i said, talk to Lee later on. I am gonna hurt you Miracle boy. You are gonna fucking suffer. And it will be to my enjoyment.

Kostoff: I’ll see you in the ring boy…

(He walks off to his pool deck as the scene drifts to darkness.)