The Pride of HOW vs The Shame

The Pride of HOW vs The Shame

Posted on November 25, 2022 at 9:04 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Radio Station

Date: November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving, a time for spending time with family and loved ones, stuffing your face, and giving thanks for what you have in your life. Normally it is a day off for normal people, but when you’re the Demi-God of HOW you’re not normal as Scott Stevens is back to work hyping up his upcoming match with Christopher America for the HOW World Championship, that’s right, ole 97 Red.

It is around ten-thirty at night and it is chilly in the Windy City, but inside a local radio station it is nice and toasty. The radio station is nothing fancy as it is a normal sized room with a large wooden table surrounded by a few black chairs and microphones. We see a man in his mid to late twenties wearing jeans and a Mike Tyson t-shirt turn his attention towards his producer behind the glass as he signals they’ll be live in ten seconds. The producer counts down from five as the On Air signs flicks to red signaling that they are back on the air.

Eric Podsednik: Welcome back to Late Hits on Sirius XM and those following on the Twitch channel. We would like to give thanks to everyone listening with us here tonight and hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tonight, we have a special guest with us for our Fight Night segment of the week as we have none other than the Demi-God of HOW, Scott Stevens.

The producer hits a few buttons and “O Fortuna” begins to play along with audio recordings of fans cheering and booing as the Texan comes into the room wearing his normal business attire of black slacks, black button up, 97 Red colored vest and sunglasses. Stevens makes his way over to the empty chair and puts on headset as Eric sets up his microphone.

Eric Podsednik: Ladies and gentlemen, Scott Stevens has entered the building.

Eric informs his listeners as he points to the camera and Stevens waves.

Eric Podsednik: Thank you for being here on this holiday evening.

Scott Stevens: Pleasure to be here.

Eric Podsednik: First things first, how was your Thanksgiving? Did you even have a Thanksgiving?

Eric asks as Scott chuckles.

Scott Stevens: Of course I had a Thanksgiving.

Eric Podsednik: I was just wondering because you’re here with us instead of being home with your family.

Stevens nods before raising his hand.

Scott Stevens: Look, when you’re born into a wrestling family holidays are different for us especially when we have a big match coming up. I spent Thanksgiving with everyone at my father’s house in San Antonio where we stuffed our faces, and watched football before I headed to the airport to come here to promote my upcoming title match and when I’m done here I’m headed to the gym to get a workout in to shed my weight I gained today and prepare for Sunday.

Eric Podsednik: Looks like you never have a moment to slow down.

Scott Stevens: Honestly I don’t and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m one of the hardest working men in this industry and with my match against Christopher America coming up I can’t afford to slow down.

Eric Podsednik: Before we get to your big match this Sunday on Chaos, it seems like your family has been joining a bit of success as well lately.

Stevens shoots him a look of confusion.

Scott Stevens: Lately?

Stevens asks to make sure he heard him correctly.

Eric Podsednik: Yes. You’re family has been doing well in MVW…..

Stevens cuts him off.

Scott Stevens: Eric, my family has been DOMINATING MVW since we stepped foot in that company. My wife is a Hall of Famer and multiple time champion. Even though she’s been in a rough patch with how Jill Berg and Jill Berg Enterprises is conducting their business as of late I know my wife will be back on top once more in the women’s division. I know she wants to become a five time champion, but if she wants to smack Daryn Thompson around and become the Heartland champion again she could. Hell, she could pick any woman on the MVW roster and take them to tag team glory, but she’s focused on a fifth championship so that’s that. My brother and cousin continue to dominate the tag division and are on their way to winning the Carmondy Cup and will soon be the longest reigning tag champions of all time because there isn’t a team, trios, stable or faction that can stop them. My youngest brother is one victory away from becoming the new MVW Men’s champion. And me, well I’m one-half of the HOTv Tag Champions. Soon to be a three time Heartland champion and future MVW champion, but before that I will be reclaiming 97 Red.

Eric Podsednik: Sounds like The Stevens Dynasty is going to be on top for the foreseeable future.

Scott Stevens: Damn right we are. We even have one of our former trainees and my wife’s former bodyguard looking to make his return and when he does he’ll be Bergman’s Barn Men’s champion before climbing up the ranks and making us proud.

Eric Podsednik: Sounds like you are helping expand and grow the future of HOW.

Scott Stevens: Exactly. Unlike my little buddy, and my opponent on Sunday, they don’t see the importance of a place like MVW and what it means to HOW. They want to demean its value and other things but it’s people like Mike, Lee, and myself working behind the scenes with Ray McAvay to help grow the talent so HOW has a nice crop for the future. Why do you think Jace’s protégée is there? You think she’s going to be given a free pass into HOW? Do you think Jace is helping her train? Fuck no. She’s in MVW to prove herself and show that she has what it takes to be in HOW.

Eric Podsednik: I see. Will we see Scott Stevens Jr. step into a MVW or HOW ring in the near future?

Eric asks as Stevens gives him a sideways glance and slides his tongue over his teeth.

Scott Stevens: Not if he wants to continue to degrade the great Stevens name by hanging out with people like the Highwaymen. Every member of the Highwaymen is talented in their own way, but they aren’t as talented as my family. My family has a standard of greatness we have to live up to and my son doesn’t want to live up to it so he can become the next Steve Solex, Joe Bergman, Steve Harrison, or even Clay Byrd. He can become a midcarder for life just like them because my family doesn’t tolerate Midcard status.

Eric Podsednik: Harsh words.

Scott Stevens: Harsh reality Eric.

Eric Podsednik: That being said, Christopher America had some pretty harsh things to say about you ahead of your title match.

Eric tells Stevens who simply shrugs.

Scott Stevens: That’s what he does, but let’s see what twist he put on it.

Eric Podsednik: He made the parallels of you putting your faith in Lee Best and being rewarded just like the United States has rewarded him throughout his life.

Stevens shrugs.

Scott Stevens: If GOD himself thinks I should be rewarded and gives me title opportunities or other things who am I to turn HIS gifts down?

Stevens asks and Eric nods.

Eric Podsednik: America claims that he and Jace helped you win your first championship in years and you were just another pawn in the chess game between the Highwaymen and the former Board. He reiterated you were never one of them and that if you were you would’ve replaced one of the past members but you’re insignificant in the grand scheme of things…..

As Eric goes on and on, Stevens cannot help but shake his head.

Scott Stevens: America claims a lot of things Eric and if he wants to claim he helped me win the tag titles and fucked with Clay Byrd in the process that’s fine. If he wants to claim that I was never a member of the Board and if I was relevant I would’ve been in it instead of GREAT SCOTT, or Jatt Starr that is fine has well. America can claim all he wants, but everyone knows who makes the decisions when it comes to things in HOW and America claiming he did things for Lee Best is a thin line you don’t want to cross. Am I right?

Eric Podsednik: I wouldn’t want to cross Lee Best.

Scott Stevens: Exactly!

The Texan emphasizes as he slaps his hand on the table.

Scott Stevens: America does his job, he is entertaining as hell and makes GOD a shit ton of money, and when he is involved in War Games rest assured the man wearing the star spangled jumpsuit is probably going to win. America is the living dream that this country wants you to be. America is many things: Leader, Champion, Hall of Famer, but Boss he is not.

Stevens shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: America is the de facto leader of this group he belongs to because he is the World champion, but GOD and the Son are the true leaders of it. You informed me I’m only in their circle because they allow it. Who’s THEY America?

Stevens asks and Eric responds.

Eric Podsednik: Lee?

Scott Stevens: Exactly because there is no THEY only HIM and ever since War Games HE has allowed me in HIS circle not yours. I’ve said it from the beginning; GODs don’t sit on Boards because we run them. America sees it I wasn’t chosen, but a desperation pick and I beg to differ. If the greatest War Games competitor was so great then why did GOD choose to bring me in to level the playing field instead of keeping it uneven?

Eric Podsednik: Because Lee didn’t have faith in America and the Board?

Eric asks with hesitation in his tone and Stevens nods.

Scott Stevens: Exactly. As talented as the Board is he wasn’t going to allow Conor Fuse or the Highwaymen to gain possession of the world title. I was chosen to make sure we left with 97 Red by any means necessary.

Eric Podsednik: So you’re saying Lee brought you in as a mercenary so to speak.

Stevens shakes his head no.

Scott Stevens: No. I was chosen to be HIS right hand as HIS personal weapon of destruction. Think about it Eric. Let it sink in. HE chose me over all others because HE knew with me on HIS team they couldn’t lose and we didn’t. After War Games, the Board and the Highwaymen continued their rivalry which wasn’t my issue because I was informed by GOD that HE had other plans for me and that was to rid HOW of that stain I got rid of at Rumble at the Rock. I wasn’t called into the Board affairs that involved the Highwaymen until they recaptured the HOTv Tag titles because the eGG Bandits failed to keep them, but most importantly, the Board failed to win them in the first place!

Stevens hits the table with his index finger.

Scott Stevens: The King of Everything and STRONK Daddy couldn’t get the job done, but HE summons me into the fray and results happen. You see America, I don’t have to be present at every beatdown the Board inflicts. I mean does the United States drop a nuke on ever scuffle? I didn’t have to beat up Joe Bergman because HE had enough grunts to do the job. If ya’ll fuck that up I’m sure HE’LL give me a ring and you’ll see me side by side with Tyler and Mike to make sure the beating of Joe Bergman sticks because it seems like the only time I’m called in is when YOU and your allies can’t do their fucking job.

Eric Podsednik: You do kind of have a point.

Scott Stevens: Kind of?

Stevens shoots Eric a look.

Scott Stevens: The difference between America and I is that I did see what was coming, but I didn’t know how is was going to transpire because it’s not my place to ask. When I’m given a task I thank HIM for the opportunity and take care of it and I will do that this Sunday when I once again become the world champion.

Eric Podsednik: What about his claims that he’s seen the real you and that you’re broken?

Scott Stevens: Like I said America claims a lot doesn’t he? He can claim I’m broken, but I’ve been given a new perspective when the 97 Red light of enlightenment was shown to me. For someone that has eagle eye vision he is definitely blind to everything. He likes to bring up my past a lot like everyone else, but I have shed myself of that baggage that has dragged me down for years. America can question my fire, drive, and focus thinking I’m the Wish version of Clay Byrd, but the fact is I don’t give a fuck what America thinks. The only person who’s opinion that matters to me is HIS. You see, after I was blinded by the 97 Red light I had an epiphany. Losing is a teachable lesson. All those losses through the years and the most recent ones to GREAT SCOTT and my little buddy have lead me to becoming a champion once more and a World champion after Sunday.

A smirk begins to form over Stevens’ face.

Scott Stevens: America was right that I was broken and without direction because I clinged to the past and wouldn’t let go and that held me hostage from moving forward, but ever since I have embraced HIM whole heartedly I was finally set free. Now, I am whole.

Eric Podsednik: I see, but what about the claims that you’re the shame of HOW and are just another disappointing Hall of Famer that he is going to give fifteen minutes of fame before sending you back to where you belong and that’s beneath him?

Stevens sighs.

Scott Stevens: Like I said it for the umpteenth time, America likes to make claims. The real stain of HOW is when the current World champion struggles against people like Steve Solex and Steve Harrison. The real stain of HOW is when the walking triple champion can’t defeat the lowly Highwaymen with the former number one ranked wrestler at the time. The real stain of HOW is when the Final Alliance barely defeats someone like me to retain their titles. America implies I’m below the Highwaymen who are beneath him, but cheating to beat me? Pretty sad.

Stevens lays the sarcasm on thick as he slowly takes off his glasses and tosses them onto the wooden table.

Scott Stevens: You may think I’m another Hall of Famer who will disappoint and that is a stain on the legacy of HOW, but the truth is America I’m the only person on this roster past or present that doesn’t give a fuck what you think. I’m also the only one that doesn’t cower when the name of Christopher America is mentioned. I’m the only one who will step up anytime and anyplace because that’s who I am. That is why HE has chosen me. The difference between you and I is that if GOD wanted me involved in issues with the Highwaymen it would have been resolved already like the tag title situation. However, HE wants to see if you can do your fucking job and make the clean sweep of it because apparently HIS faith in his Final Alliance is wavering and HE’s bringing me in to make sure a mistake is corrected if necessary. I can promise you this Chris, I don’t need a million and one chances at the world title because all it takes is three seconds and I’ll win my third championship. All it takes is three seconds and your so-called greatest championship run in HOW history comes to an end courtesy of the disappointing Hall of Famer named Scott Stevens. I hope you keep your shoulders off of the mat or don’t tap because you wouldn’t want this stain to hold the pride of HOW once more, do you? I want you to show me what being a champion is about in 2022 because you didn’t show me that back in 2015 when I whooped your ass. I want you to try and tear me limb from limb. Gouge my eyes out. Humble me, I’m begging you because no one has done it yet and it won’t be you!

Stevens shouts as he points towards the camera for the Twitch.

Scott Stevens: The purity and innocence of your white skin will darken after I bludgeon it over and over. Your red blood that represents valor and hardiness will flow like the Red Sea when I part your face with my fists. Blue won’t signify vigilance, perseverance or justice it’ll signify the war I put you through and the pain of disappointment when you see me raising 97 Red high into the air.

Stevens motions as if he is holding the title into the air.

Scott Stevens: Today is Thanksgiving and I’m giving you the opportunity to say your final goodbyes before everyone thanks me for ending your championship reign and you’re eating the humble pie courtesy of Scott Stevens.

Stevens picks up his glasses and puts them back on.

Scott Stevens: Let’s be honest Chris, I don’t hide my sins like you try and hide yours. My sins are an open book unlike you who try and hide his failures and I know losing to me is going to feel worse than when you were made to be a white slave.

Stevens looks up towards the heavens and claps his hands together.

Scott Stevens: In the name of the Father, the Sons, and the Holy FC. Praise be to the House of Best. Praise be to Lee mother fucking Best!

Stevens finishes his prayer as the image slowly fades.