The Post Show Scrum

The Post Show Scrum

Posted on September 8, 2022 at 9:43 pm by Joe Bergman

High Octane Wrestling’s Post CHAOS 007 Show Scrum
Joe Bergman walks into the press room for HOW’s Post Show Scrum with the press.  He wipes off the chocolate residue on his face with a towel with one hand while carrying a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon with the other.  Joe reaches the table and slides in to sit down, placing the cans of PBR down in front of him.  Bergman tosses the now chocolate covered towel off to the side and cracks over a can of beer.

Joe Bergman: Anybody want one?

He holds a can up.

Joe Bergman: Anyone?

Joe looks at both sides of the room.

Joe Bergman: Any takers?  No?  Okay then.

Joe adjusts the HOTv microphone in front of him and gets settled before he begins to answer the questions.

Joe Bergman: Let me start by congratulating Bobby Dean and Doozer on their win.  I thought it was a fun match to be a part of and hopefully fun for our fans to watch too… pretty damn chaotic at times because all four of us were in the ring at the same time a lot tonight.  Unfortunately, Bobby got me with his chocolate mist and Doozer pinned Solex and Joel Hortega counted the one… two… three. That’s it. No excuses.  No complaints.  Doozer and Bobby Dean deserved to win this match tonight.  The only silver lining out of what happened tonight is that Steve and I aren’t out of this yet.  There’s at least two more matches to go.  Joe Bergman never gives up so… um… I’ll go back to the barn and get back to work and see if we can make up for what happened tonight next week at Madison Square Garden.  Questions?

Question #1: Joe, what happened tonight?

Joe takes a drink of the PBR and gently places the can down.

Joe Bergman: We lost.

There’s assorted laughter.

Joe Bergman: You’re laughing?

Joe goes full faux indignant.

Joe Bergman: What kind of journalism people are you?  What the hell? You guys are laughing at a guy who just lost a match?

Which of course provokes… MOAR laughter.

Joe Bergman: Fuck you guys, I’m outta here.

Joe stands up to leave but then snaps out of it and sits back down with a smile.

Joe Bergman: Gotcha, didn’t I?

Bergman takes another drink from his PBR and gets down to the business at hand.

Joe Bergman: Um, yes.  We lost.  That’s just about all you can say about it.

Question #2: Joe, were you surprised that you lost?  This was Doozer and Bobby Dean’s first match back.

Joe Bergman: Well, yeah.  You never want to climb into the ring thinking you’re going to lose a match so sure, it was a ‘surprise’ as you say.

Joe pauses to mull over what he wants to say next and then continues.

Joe Bergman: But this was Steve and I’s first tag match together in over two years.  Again, no excuses.  You forget that that behind Bobby’s rotund and often self-depreciatory demeanor is still a pretty damn good wrestler when he’s in the mood to be one.  Bobby’s the Roulette Championship holder over at the Sanctioned Violence Organization.  And Doozer is also a dangerous wrestler still… when he’s interested.  It’s pretty clear that tonight, both of them were very interested and the results speak to that so again, congratulations to Bobby and Doozer.  They’ve upped their game.  Now it’s time for Steve and I to up ours.

Question #3: Joe, you talked a lot about being focused going into this match.  You just went through a divorce and all that going through a divorce entails.  You also showed up at Chaos tonight with Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Victoria McGill on your arm.  Were you truly focused tonight and could that have been part of your downfall?

Chuckling, Joe takes another drink from his PBR.

Joe Bergman: No, I don’t think so. Laura and I have been divorced for a few months now.  The divorce stuff had drama… that’s for sure.  That comes in with the whole deal of untangling a fifteen-year marriage.  But I’ve been always pretty good about keeping that stuff away from the wrestling ring.  Even with our brief attempt to reconcile, that doesn’t even remotely figure in my training for a match.  If anything, it actually adds a little fuel to my fire and an outlet to take my frustrations.  So no.  The divorce is a non-factor here.

Question #3a: Steve Solex is also going through marital issues.  Did that play into what happened?

Joe Bergman: I don’t think so.  Steve’s pretty bad-ass and I’m sure the situation with his marriage wasn’t the reason we lost tonight.

Question #3b: What about Victoria McGill?

Joe shakes his head.

Joe Bergman: No….

Then he scoffs.

Joe Bergman: …absolutely no.

Question #3c: Why not?

Joe Bergman: Are you kidding me?  Tori McGill?  She’s the antithesis of drama. Tori gets it.  She knows what we go through to train for a match.  She flew down to Miami on her own to support me.  In a week and a half, I’ll be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to support Tori when she defends MVW’s Women’s title against Lisa Barbosa-Stevens.  If anything, Tori helps me stay on focus because she’s in the business and she knows how to separate personal time from work time.  She knows that when it’s time to go to work then it’s time to go to work.

Question #4: So, what did your new girlfriend think of your manager- Sunny O’Callahan- flashing Bobby Dean in the ring tonight?

Joe Bergman: She thought it was better than Bobby Dean hitting the Danshoku Driver on me.

Laughter breaks out.

Joe Bergman: So did I. Look, Sunny thought that the situation was dire enough that it warranted doing something… drastic?…  to stop Dean from hitting his finisher and to prevent me from getting pinned.  Sunny did her job.

Question #4b: How did Sunny O’Callahan end up your valet?

Joe Bergman: She asked for a chance and I gave her a shot.  I thought she might be a good fit with me joining the Highwaymen and she has.

Question #4c: Sunny has quite the reputation though, doesn’t she? 

Joe Bergman: So… Sunny gets a little bit of a bad rap because some of the things she did… and deservedly so.  Turning on Rah and supporting High Flyer… trying to run Dawn McGIll over with a SUV and putting her in the hospital.  She’s paid the price for her indiscretions and I believe she’s turned over a new leaf.   I think Sunny’s definitely matured from last year… she’s really worked hard since becoming my valet and embraced this whole seventies rock band background singer side of her.  She’s been great and she’s having fun.

Question #5: Joe, in the space of a few weeks, you’ve been linked to a news reporter in Chicago, your ex-wife, and now with Victoria McGill.  Does this mean you’re a ‘himbo’ now?

Joe Bergman: Huh?

Question #5a: A himbo?

Joe gives the questioner the ‘look of puzzlement’ and takes a few seconds to make sure he answers the question succinctly.

Question #5b: Do you even know what a ‘himbo’ is?


He has no frickin’ clue what a himbo is so Bergman answers…

Joe Bergman: No.

…and he moves on.

Joe Bergman: Next?

Question #6: So Joe, you’ve been pretty vocal on the issue of Adam Ellis defecting to go to PRIME-

Joe Bergman: Stop.  Adam Ellis didn’t defect to PRIME.  He was not under contract to HOW and when he wrestled here at HOW… he did so under a MVW contract.

Question #6a: …well, you’ve been very critical of Lee Best’s reaction to Ellis signing with PRIME. 

Joe Bergman: I have.

Question #6b: Why?

Joe Bergman: Because, Lee had every opportunity to sign and he didn’t.  PRIME made him a really good offer and he signed.  That’s it. If Lee wanted him, he should have signed him.  That simple.

Question #6c: Are you going to Las Vegas to watch him wrestle Friday night?

Joe Bergman: Yes.

Question #6d: Does that mean Joe Bergman could be potentially interested in a move in the future?

Joe Bergman: To PRIME?

Question: 6e: Yes.

Joe Bergman: No.  I’m actually pretty happy where I’m at right now.  I’ve got the Barn… I train and help out with MVW… and I do my wrestling at HOW.  That’s all I need.

Question #6f: And will Tori McGill also be there?

Joe Bergman: Be where?

Question #6f (continued): in Las Vegas.

Joe Bergman: In Vegas with me?

Question #6f (continued): Yes.

Joe Bergman: Not that it’s anyone’s business, but no… Victoria will not be with me in Vegas.  She’ll be training to get ready for her title defense on the 13th.   But I feel I owe it Adam to be there for his first solo big boy match since I don’t think John Sektor is going to make the trip out there to watch him wrestle.  So I’ll be in Vegas Friday night to support Adam.

Question #7: Is that a good idea?

Joe tilts his head to the side and makes a face.

Joe Bergman: Is what a good idea.

Question #7 (continued): Shouldn’t you be training for Sunday night’s match instead of flying to Vegas?

Joe stifles a snicker.

Joe Bergman: Oh don’t you worry, I’ll be… no… make that… WE’LL be ready… PBR will be ready… Steve Solex and Joe Bergman… The Highwaymen… we will be ready Sunday night at MSG to avenge what happened tonight and get back on track.  We aren’t going to forget what we didn’t do tonight, that’s for sure.  We lost.  We’re going to suck it up like big boys and big girls do after a disappointing match.  We’re going to get back to the gym and work even harder.  We’re going to do everything in our power to even the series up at one apiece before we head to Missouri Valley Wrestling for the next two matches.  I’m not going to come out and say that you’ll see a different Solex and Bergman next Sunday.  But I do believe you’ll see a more cohesive Solex and Bergman than the ones you saw tonight.  The Egg Bandits are dangerous opponents.  They got one over us tonight.  But Steve and I both want to keep the HOTv Tag Team title with the Highwaymen and we are both dedicated to retaining the HOTv Tag Team title belts and that’s exactly what we are going to do.

Question #8: So you’re saying that this was just a slight hiccup and you and Solex are definitely going to win next Sunday?

Joe Bergman: Well, I didn’t say that and I don’t do predictions.  I’m certainly not going to disrespect our opponents by making some grandiose oh yeah, we fucked up this one but we’re going to wipe up the mat with them kind of thing.  Again, I don’t know how many times I can make this point- Dean and Doozer when they are on… when they are focused… when they are interested… are difficult opponents.  Do I like the fact that they took Lee Best’s money to try and get the tag belts off the Highwaymen?  Hell no.  That’s pisses me off and it pisses Steve Solex off.  So, you can count on Steve Solex and Joe Bergman going to Madison Square Garden next Sunday to try and make this right.  We’re going to have to fight like hell against two quality opponents in Doozer and Bobby Dean.  Steve Solex and Joe Bergman are going to move heaven and earth to even up this best of five series and we both know it’s not going to be easy to do it. We have to wrestle a whole LOT better than we did tonight and I believe if we do, we have a really good chance of getting the win next week.

Joe looks around the room.

Joe Bergman: Any other questions?

He waits and takes another drink of the PBR.

Joe Bergman: No?  Okay.  Thanks to the folks in Miami for the hospitality.  See you guys in New York City next week. Thank you.

And with that, Joe stands up and makes his exit to the back.

Then he comes back and snatches the six of PBR off the table and then leaves again.


Monday Morning- September 5th– Joe Bergman’s Barn

8:00 AM

Joe caught a red-eye flight back home from Miami that landed in St. Louis about five in the morning.  He drove home… scarfed down a quick breakfast… took a quick shower… and got dressed for the first of what would be four grueling days of training.

Bergman didn’t like to lose matches.  But losing to the Egg Bandits stuck in his craw.  Joe knew that he and Steve Solex worked pretty well together but it was a far cry from how they worked two years ago when they wrestled Cancer Jiles and Bobby Dean.

They could do better.

With his duffel bag over his shoulder and drinking a cup of coffee, Joe pushed open and then stepped out the front door of his house and onto the wooden front porch… the boards making a slight creaking sound with every step Bergman took.

It was a cool morning in the Missouri countryside.  Joe noticed some dew on the ground reflecting the faint stray rays of sunshine that made it through the slight openings in between the trees surrounding his property.

He reached the Barn and unlocked the door… except the door had already been unlocked.


Joe opened the door and noticed the pitch darkness inside of the Barn.  Strange he thought.  Very strange.  With Bergman away in Florida for Chaos 007, the only other person who had a key and access to the barn was Dawn McGill.  It seemed inconceivable that Dawn would somehow forget to lock the door when she closed everything up Friday night.  That wasn’t her modus operandi.

Using his hands to touch the walls in search of a light switch, Joe finally found the switch and turned it on.  The lights immediately illuminated one side of the barn and he could see where he was going.  Joe started towards the ring… still in relative darkness as the lights above were attached to a different switch… but when he approached, the lights on the other side of the barn came on.

“So.  When were you going to tell me?” said the female sitting on a chair in the middle of the ring.

Joe sighed.  He knew the voice.  He also knew this moment was coming.

Dawn McGill… Joe’s number one assistant at the Barn… oh, and Victoria McGill’s mother… stood up from the chair.

“Good morning Dawn.”

Dressed in workout clothes, she looked down at him with her arms crossed and a withering glare that enveloped Bergman.

Joe had wondered what Dawn’s reaction would be when she found out that he and Victoria McGill were seeing each other.

Well?  He was about to find out.

“Well?” Dawn said, not quite in a demanding tone but awfully close.

“Dawn, to be fair, I would have preferred keeping things under wraps and out of the public view.”

“Oh?” Dawn tipped her head down so Joe got the full effect to the searing glare coming at him from her eyes.  “Is that why she came out last night with you?”

“I did not ask her to come out last night on Chaos 007,” Joe said in defense.  “In fact, I didn’t ask her to go with me to Miami.”

Dawn didn’t seem convinced.

“Oh really now?”

“No.  She did that all on her own.  I went down to Florida alone.  She caught a flight down herself and she showed up backstage right after the first match.  I was just as surprised to see her in Miami.”

“Just as surprised,” she repeated back to hm.

“Yes!” Joe said, the voice a little higher pitched as he tried to explain the situation.  “Dawn, that wasn’t the plan.  I just wanted to go to talk with Blaire and say snarky-ish things about the Egg Bandits and stick up for Adam Ellis again. I didn’t even consider for a even second that Blaire would ask bout the divorce and all that and she’d decide to come out and… say what she said.”

He sensed a little thaw in Dawn’s demeanor.  Not much.  But a little.

“I take it Tori hasn’t said anything to you about this whole thing?” Joe said, probing a bit to see what exactly Dawn knew.

Dawn rolled her eyes.

That was all Joe needed to know.

“So no I take it.”

Of course she didn’t,” Dawn replied.  “Are you kidding me?  Did my daughter tell me about that stupid one fling she had with John Sektor a few weeks back?  No.  I had to find out from a wrestling dirt sheet and WORSE… I had to find out watching HOTv.  Did I know that there might have been a possible thing between her and Adam Ellis?  Yes.  You could see it when Adam and her were together backstage.  But did she tell me anything about it?  No!”

Dawn sat back down, bent down, and buried her head in her arms.

“Victoria never tells me anything.”

Joe noted that the tone of voice she projected changed from pissed off to slightly hurt and upset mother.

“But…” Dawn sat back up and spread her arms out. “How did you and her happen?”

Joe hung his head for a second.  Then he looked up at her.

“Can we both sit down and I’ll explain everything?”

Dawn didn’t speak for nearly a half a minute… an excruciating long, half a minute for Joe.  He heard the sound of a couple cars passing by along the adjacent county road that briefly broke the tense silence.  But mainly, Joe just held his breath.

Then she slowly rose up from the chair.  Dawn climbed under the ropes and sat down on the apron with her legs hanging down over the edge.

Joe walked up… hopped up onto the apron and joined her.

“We were at the Fox and Hounds Tavern-“ Joe began but Dawn cut him off.

“The Fox and Hounds?  The tavern close by her apartment?” shie inquired.

“Yeah.  Same one.”

Dawn’s ‘mama bear protecting her young’ persona reappeared.

“And just what were you doing at the Fox and Hounds Tavern… close by to my daughter’s apartment complex… that Tori’s been known to frequent?”

“Long story.  But let me try to explain.  No wait.  Let me summarize…”

And so Joe told the story of how he returned back from Tampa from the Chaos 006 Saturday night show early in the morning and worked at MVW Headquarters all day.  Afterwards, not wanting to return to an empty house, Joe decided to hang out at the Fox and Hound for a bit that night before driving home.  He explained to Dawn his original intention was to have a couple beers… watch a little baseball on the big screen… and try to get focused on the first The Egg Bandits match.  Then Joe heard a voice that said “Well hello there” and originally thought it was the waitress.  It was Victoria McGill.  He invited her to sit down and she ordered a gin and tonic.  Then… they talked.

“You talked?” Dawn said.


“About what?”

Joe thought back to last week at the Fox and Hounds Tavern and relayed to Dawn how the conversation with Tori began…

Joe Bergman: So what’s on your mind tonight?

Victoria McGill: Men suck.

Joe Bergman: Ahhh.

Smirking, Joe takes a sip from his Bud Light. 

Victoria McGill: What’s up with you?

Joe shrugs

Joe Bergman: Women suck.

Victoria McGill: Yeah, I kinda heard about what happened. 

Tori put both elbows on the table and props her head up with her hands. 

Victoria McGill: Wanna tell me about it?

Joe Bergman: Only if you tell me about yours.

Victoria McGIll: Fine.  The bar closes at midnight and I’ve got nothing else going on tonight.

“So we talked,” Joe said, describing the events of what happened that night.  “Um… she told me everything about her misadventures with John Sektor AND Adam Ellis.”

“Nice kid,” Dawn interjected.  “But I don’t think Adam was really Tori’s type.”

“That was part of it,” Joe said.  “Tori was also chasing the Women’s Title at the time and that was her singular focus.”


“And the photos showed up in the dirt sheets and Tori didn’t like the heat that came from it.  Neither did Adam, if the truth be told.”


“So,” Joe went on, “then I told her all the crap about the divorce from Laura… the hideous mistake I made even thinking about trying to get back together with Laura… and the whole thing with Elizabeth Carlisle.  Then we just… talked.”

“Just talked?” Dawn said.

“Just talked.

“And… afterwards?”

Joe didn’t hold anything back.

“I took her back to her apartment…,” Joe paused when he saw Dawn’s eyes beginning to flash with anger.   “And I walked her up to her apartment and then left to go home.”

Dawn turned to Joe… not convinced that she believed him or not.

“You just left to go home.”  There might have been a slight bit of skepticism in her voice.

Joe let out an exhale “I went home Dawn.  Come on.”

Dawn thought about it for a moment.

“Okay.”  Dawn swung her legs back and forth off the apron’s edge.  “So… is this a thing Joe?”

“I don’t know.”  Joe then confided to her, “I really don’t know.  All I can tell you is I’m just going to go with the flow and see where it leads to. That’s all I can do right now.”

Dawn nodded and jumped down to the floor.

“All right Joe.  But I’m warning you… what I do to you in training today will be nothing compared to what I’ll do to you if-“

Joe held up his hand to acknowledge all the awful things Dawn will do to him if he did Victoria McGill wrong.

“Trust me.  I know.”

“Good.  Now.  Let’s talk about why the hell Sunny O’Callahan is managing you.”