The Monkey off of your back.

The Monkey off of your back.

Posted on May 1, 2023 at 12:16 am by Jace Parker Davidson

“And speaking of memory lane.”

The LSD Champion picked up where he left off.

“It’s those other titles reigns that helped me become the GREATEST LSD Champion in this company’s history. A belt that I, actually, beat you for to win once.”

Jace slaps his knee with his free hand.

“You remember that too, right?”

“That was the second singles match where I beat you. After all the bullying and trying to turn an entire roster against me. I took all of that bottled-up aggression and I unleashed it upon you in my promo. I know that you remember the promo.”

“That was the promo that after I dropped it, you immediately sought me out behind the scenes. You came up to me and told me how GOOD it was and sucked my dick in all the right ways. That is exactly when the ‘I have no idea why I ever hatred you begin with’ conversation happened. That’s when you admitted that what I said previously was true. You were jealous of my success. You referred to me as the monkey that you couldn’t get off your back.”

“Because before our match for YOUR LSD Championship, at the time, happened. You know I had your number. Reality began to set in between your ears that all the excuses in the world, that all your efforts to try and bully me out of HOW wouldn’t change the fact that not only could I hang with you in the ring. But that I could beat you in it too.”

“So, you didn’t want to be my enemy anymore, you wanted to be my friend.”

“You decided that instead of running into a brick wall repeatedly, that you wanted to get on the right side of the ass kickings. That’s how Project Ego came to be. That’s how Mike and Jace the dual Twitter shit stirrers came to be.”

“The only person that was riding dick between the two of us, was you.”

“Everyone knows how the story goes, Michael. You hate anyone that is a threat until you can convince them to be an ally.”

“That’s how this friends/enemies saga goes with us.”

“Naturally, HOW closed, I went and retired but then you and Scotty dragged Lee back kicking and screaming. And because the itch was there again, you decided to jump back into being an active wrestler. You went and herded all the worthwhile talent on the roster together and created ‘The Group of Death.’”

“Very original, dipshit.”

“You took Cecilworth, Max, Dan, Lindsay, and whoever the fuck else. You got them all under that Mike Best umbrella and you ruled over the competition. Cause I mean, fuck, who was even left to beat any of you?”

“Yet, like everything else you get involved in. UTAH, TEN-X, friendships, relationships, etc. It all fell apart, never to be put back together again.”

“And then I popped up random in 2021 to say hi. That’s when you and Lee put the full-court press on me and Tada. I returned to active competition. Of course, you didn’t want to be associated with me, not publicly, at first. You wanted to see if I still ‘had it’ or not.”

“And when you saw that I was better than ever, you were more than happy to invite me to The Board. And then, like most other times, Mike lost interest, Farthington disappeared, and it was up to me and America to keep the train moving. Until Lee killed the group.”

“And fast forward, here we are. You once again trying to bully me. Trying to ‘clown me’ because Mike Best only has two modes.”

“It didn’t work back in the day, Mike. Why do you think it’s going to work now?”

“You’re not going to destroy me. At best, you’re going to squeak by me in this HOFC match and then I’m going to roll into War Games as the LSD Champion.”

“See, you and HOFC? It’s not the end all be all that you make it out to be. You are your own greatest hype man but I’ve seen behind the curtain. I’ve seen how the hotdog is made. I’m not buying the hype because I’m not a Mike Best fanboy.”

“I’m not someone beneath you, that looks up to you and aspires to be you.”

“I’m on equal footing with you.”

“And dare I say? Possibly, even better than you.”