The Man and His Mouth

The Man and His Mouth

Posted on August 8, 2022 at 11:09 am by Chris Kostoff

Cloudy morning in Florida. Slight breeze as the palm trees sway. He walks slowly through his backyard. Running his hand over his bald head to remove the sweat, he shakes his head.


Kostoff: Lee. About time you spoke. Now, I get a good feeling of what we got going on. And see, the nice thing is…it is in my wheelhouse.


Kostoff: I’m not going to go into some long promo that looks like mini production of The Watchmen, where it drags on and on and on.


He shakes his head.


Kostoff: Now Lee, we both know that yes I have kept coming back, but why is that you ask? You call me not the other way around. It’s not some money grab by me, shit my dude I can walk away today, never step foot into a ring again and still be worth more than you, your son, and your grandson.


Kostoff: But let’s add to something…this isn’t a fight. This is a war that is going to end. This is going to be a blood bath. Weak at heart? Well those mother fucker’s better not watch. You are gonna do anything to win? Do you think I wouldn’t?


He shrugs his shoulders and keeps walking on in his backyard.


Kostoff: I’m going to explain this to you Lee so you can finally get the hint. You are only alive because I have let you live. No other fucking reason. Do you really think that when I tossed you from balconies that I didn’t aim for a landing to hurt you not to kill you? How fucking stupid are you?


Kostoff: Yes, I am the first time Hall Of Famer that went to war with you and anyone you put in front of me. And men that were much stronger, tuffer than you could not get that job done. What the fuck makes you think, a fed head that only has balls is when he has the cards stacked in his advantage will be able to?


Kostoff: Stonk juice? What you swallowing after he pops one off in your mouth?


He stops and looks up as the sun peeks itself out from the clouds for a moment. Letting the sun hit his skin, he sighs.


Kostoff: Lee, you can call me pathetic. You can call me weak. I lay down for the new era of talent, which if I was one of them I’d be pissed off that you said that about me and I’d confront your fucking ass. You can act all tuff and king stud dick, but at the end of the day, you are a fucking coward.


He lets out a long breathe as he tilts his head down.


Kostoff: All joking aside, Lee I’m going to hurt you. This time, it isn’t about enjoying a good fight. This time around, it is about me winning. All those times I said I enjoy a good fight? Yea that shit is true. But come Sunday, I’m going to enjoy having your blood on my hands. I’m going to enjoy each punch that slams into your fleshy face. I’m going to enjoy as I rip your skin open and watch as blood drips down your body.


Kostoff: This is about me winning. This is about me hurting you. This is about me, ending this shit once and for fucking all. I’ve toyed with your life more than once, I’ve let you live. This Sunday, I’m going to finish this the only way it could end.


Kostoff: I’m gonna burry you in the ground for good. Lee, you are going to die.


He looks up. His face stone cold. His eyes narrow as he sucks in the humid air.

Kostoff: Lee, I’ll see you real fucking soon.


He walks back towards his house as the scene drifts out